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The Disciplinarian Man with a Maid
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The Way of a Man with a Maid

Volume IV

Chapter Nineteen - Post Scriptum

Some few months after having penned those last lines in what I had believed to be the final volume of my chronicle of carnal courtship, I came to the conclusion that, just as my labors of love were far from being concluded even though I was a staid benedict, so my literary labors remained not quite fully achieved. For within the short span of six months, I have seen coming to pass not only the realization of my dream of a seraglio, but also the incredible reconciliation of one spiteful sister with another and the two vying in their eager natures to placate each other whilst pleasing me, whom they placed in the regard of a lord and sovereign over them! Moreover, upon due reflection, I felt I must tell you how my sweet wife Alice avenged herself on the Misses Molly Bashe and Julia Denton, and how also the charming young maid Wilhelmina became not only the amorous confidante of dear Connie Blunt, but also at her mistress's edict came to pay her debt to me in thankful gratitude for my having obtained for her so harmonious a situation.

Now Alice had, as I look back, all that secretly experienced rancor in her heart against her older sister Marion, for the good reason that since the parents of both delightful damsels had naturally favored Marion as the first-born and then passed to their own reward about a decade ago, Marion has assumed unto herself the status of a kind of superior tutress or governess, as it were. This was why, I have no doubt, she so strictly opposed Alice's union with me, quite apart from the envious spleen she would naturally bear against Alice's seeking to find a lover who would satisfy Alice whilst Marion's own little domestic world was collapsing about her. And so when Alice found herself suddenly in possession of the secret that Marion had somewhat tactlessly let slip in my presence on that occasion to felicitate us, she felt a kind of exultant triumph, which she later explained to me in full detail. And I had recourse once again to marvel at my dear young wife's remarkable inventiveness and the delightfully rewarding maturity of outlook which she had acquired since our first meetings and which I never would have suspected possible.

Not, I hasten to tell you, that I regard myself, the male of the species, as inherently wiser and more sagacious, but simply because in the epoch of which I have narrated these amorous festivities, the moralists have piously denounced how shocking it is to enjoy the union between man and maid at all, even under the holy sanctity of marriage, and thus imposed the doctrine - and a scabrous one it is, too! - which holds that a female who derives pleasure from fornication and who so expresses herself in that regard, or shows even in the marriage bed the least enthusiasm for this timeless sport, must needs be little better than a harlot, a vile strumpet, fit only for being lashed at the cart's tail and pilloried for all the greedy lechers of the populace to stare upon and to lust after, much in the manner of Susannah and the elders. No, I would give credit where credit is owing, and I would applaud here in these lines my wonderfully apt and loving Alice who, from those first days when she tried to vaunt her feminine superiority over me, the mere male mortal, came to this intoxicatingly gratifying advancement of her amorous faculties. One might say that not only did the pupil take a leaf out of the professor's own book, but verily wrote her own - or at least was inspired by another book to propose her own sweet chronicle of naughty pleasures!

Following the afternoon which I last related, when Alice gloatingly "punished" her sister Marion for having had to do with me whilst she was away, my dear wife found occasion to remember the incident of the missive from Molly Bashe which she had found in the pocket of my dressing gown.

So, about a month after this discovery, which was followed by Marion's astonishing revelation to her, Alice said to me one morning as we lay abed, sweetly kissing and clipping and dallying while luscious Fanny was dutifully preparing our connubial breakfast which she would serve to us in bed, "Jack, I promised that when I wed you I would be all things to you including wife, of course, but mostly favorite among the ladies."

"Why, so you are, my darling," I murmured as I caressed one swelling round full tittie and gently touched my lips to the rosy bud. "And I tell you frankly that I do not for a moment regret having abandoned my bachelorhood."

"But," she went on quite innocently, "you must understand that now that I am your wife and entitled to a share of your name I am equally entitled to a share of your pleasures, sir. Otherwise it would be too much as if I were simply your favorite slavegirl and not your legal consort."

I marveled at the sweet casuistry by which her mind was broadening, and so I remarked, "I will grant you that right, though in advance let me say that I am somewhat mystified as to its meaning."

"Then it's simply this, Jack darling," replied my beautiful bride. "I too should have the right to plan our little entertainments and not leave all the initiative to you, sir. I am still not sure that I have forgiven you for making up to Marion, though I will admit," here she giggled and put her hand upon my cock and gave it a fond squeeze, "I would never in all my life have dreamed that my autocratic sister would have so unbent as to permit you the slightest indignity with her person. Why, Jack, when we were very young girls, she was constantly putting on airs and telling me that I must do this and I must do that or else our parents would be greatly vexed with me. Oh, how I really hated her then, and must have all these years without knowing it, until you opened my eyes to what was really the cause of my disturbance."

"And what was that, pray tell?" Now my forefinger began to tickle the pink rims of her sweet cunny, and Alice wriggled and squirmed closer toward me, her little palm cupping my cock whilst her soft fingers moved up and down along the shaft as it were the keyboard of a pianoforte.

"It was that I wanted a man like you," she blushingly confessed, "a man who would be my lord and master and take me away from Marion's domination, but at the same time generous enough - as you are, Jack - to grant me the exercise of sweet little prerogatives which make me forget the upper hand which Marion always took over me."

"I fear," I laughingly retorted as my forefinger now entered the sweet portals and found the dainty nodule which was the very threshold of all her deepest emotions, "that I have been a kind of perverse Pygmalion who has brought to life not so much a Galatea but a Circe, an enchantress who has deceived even me by the ruse of her own cunning innocence. Why, then, dear Alice, say what you mean and do what you say, and I shall abet you in all things."

And thus I granted unto my delectable spouse the same privileges as I would myself assume, save that, to be sure, I would not allow my fair Alice to entwine her luscious body with that of any other man. And this I told her, to which she laughingly made answer, "So long as you continue with me as you have always done, my very darling Jack, you need have no fear of that. But you will not hold it amiss of me if I tell you of a passion that I have for those of my own sex, like dear Connie and my own sweet Fanny and even naughty Marion."

"What? I gasped, "You harbor Sapphic affection for your own sister?

"And why not, you rogue? She's very lovely, and you know that yourself. See how your cock grows hard and angrily red at the mere thought of her?" she teased while she squeezed my cock until my juices surged up like the sap in a springtime-budding tree.

"But now that that is decided between us," she went on gaily, "I must as your wife stand fast against any danger to our union, which Molly Bashe now appears to present. This little love note which she sent you indicates that she craves a return to the Snuggery, but this time as your adoring and subjugated slave-girl. Well, in a Turkish harem, Jack, the first wife has the power to punish even a lovely favorite, does she not?"

"To be sure she does!" I said laughingly.

"Very well!" Alice wriggled away from me, folded her arms across her swelling titties, and tried to look very serious and stern like a magistrate. "Then she shall have her reckoning, but this time with me, sir. Oh, have no fear that I will forbid you any further amusements with that naughty vixen, but only after I have had my own."

And so, incredible though it may seem, at the bidding of my imaginative and passionate Alice, I sent off a note to Miss Molly Bashe to be delivered by none other than Fanny herself, asking the delicious brunette to visit me along with her companion Julia Denton, and mendaciously indicating that my wife would be absent in the country for a week and thus we might in our own sweet privacy renew the pleasures we had experienced that afternoon when Molly had shown herself to be a willing loveslave.

Fanny brought back a note hastily penned, and commented to us that Molly's mother, the voluptuously opulent Lady Betty Bashe, had gone to Hastings to take the baths in the company of a mature gentleman friend, so that Miss Molly would be quite free to accept my gracious invitation.

Alice then had Fanny take a carriage to Marion's dwelling and invite her sister to take part in the frolics which were scheduled for this late afternoon. Marion returned in the same carriage, and both sisters fell into each other's arms, blushing and kissing as if they were the dearest of friends.

So the stage was set. I wore only my dressing gown and slippers, while Alice and Fanny and Marion hid themselves in my bedroom to await our guests.

At the appointed hour, Molly and Julia appeared at my door and were ushered in most ceremoniously. Julia Denton blushed violently as I took her hand and kissed it; and then Molly, slipping an arm around her friend's waist, giggled, "Oh Jack, you don't know how long I've waited to see you again. It's been like an eternity since that last wonderful afternoon! And my darling Julia feels the same way, don't you, pet?"

Julia blushed and nodded, and I saw her extend a hand to sweet Molly, who squeezed it lovingly while the two young beauties sent each other a glance that could not have been described as other than amorous. My risibilities were greatly tickled, believe me! Yes, it was true! In the Snuggery I had apparently wakened the lascivious appetites of both these fair damsels, so that in the interim between that memorable visit they had both paid me and this hour, they had found consolation in each other, played the delicious games of Lesbos so dear to Bilitis and to the high priestess Sappho!

"Do you know, sir, that I have received a letter from Arthur and that the rogue has taken himself a bride in India?" Molly advised me. "I am quite cured of him, sir, thanks to you. Oh it is a pity, though, that you are wed now, for Julia and I both wish you could have made a choice between us!"

"You greedy little minx," I smilingly chided her, "I thought you had been cured of husband-hunting in my direction when your mother and you first visited my Snuggery. But since I am beyond your grasp, all that I can do is seek out my eligible friends and refer them to you both as candidates for wedlock, and bedlock too!"

They shamelessly stood side by side, each with an arm around the other's waist, casting each other cloying glances. If that was the case, I told myself with amusement, they would surely not be averse to the attentions which my spouse, her maid, and her sister longed to pay them.

After some more meaningless conversation and glass or two of sherry, I finally led them both into the Snuggery.

"Oh, are you going to tie us both up and be wicked to us?" Molly giggled.

"This time, I rather think," I said, "I shall tie you both down, but it is not I who shall be wicked."

At this cue, the door of the Snuggery, which I had purposely left ajar, was flung open, and in strode Marion and Alice and Fanny.

Molly uttered a cry of alarm and turned to me, "Oh, Mr. Jack, you have betrayed us! Have you not said your wife was in the country?"

"It is true that I did, but you see she must have returned," I laughingly retorted. Then to my sister-in-law and my wife and her luscious maid I called, "I cede to you the scene of action, fair ladies, though my services are at your disposal."

Alice and Fanny fell upon Miss Molly Bashe and dragged her struggling and squealing over to the settee-couch, and in a trice had her spread-eagled on her back and held down by the ingenious pinions with which that piece of furniture was equipped. Marion meanwhile had advanced upon Julia Denton, who actually tried to defend herself by hair-pulling and kicking, but Marion was much too wily and agile for the young lady. Moreover, I came to the rescue to equalize matters.

Since Julia Denton had fared so well in an upright pose in the Snuggery, we repeated it; in a few moments, her wrists dragged up by the pulley by ropes, her ankles fixed widely apart by means of cords tightened round them which in turn fixed to floor rings, she found herself being consummately stripped by Marion while I stood on with sparkling eyes, enjoying the scene of these two delicious friends about to attest their friendship in the most elemental way.

Julia Denton was reduced to her drawers, stockings and garters, her pumps being slipped off her feet by Marion, who pinched her toes wickedly and promised her an exacting afternoon. Fanny and Alice meanwhile, using scissors, had shorn off Molly Bashe's garments until the opulent young brunette squealingly and tearfully found herself reduced to just her vest and stockings and shoes, naked from the midriff down the middle of her ivory thighs.

Alice turned to me with sparkling eyes and exclaimed, "You may do what you wish to Miss Denton, sir, but Molly is to be mine and Fanny's!"

"Oh, save me, Mr. Jack, don't let them have me, I want you!" Molly squealed.

"Do you now, darling?" Alice slyly purred. "But you can't have him, you vixen! I have him by law, and I shall have him by right of possession, too. However, I would not have you visit here without some little gratification for that naughty burning pussy of yours, my girl, so Fanny and I will give you all that you can ask for, and something more, too!"

Whereupon Alice and Fanny took feathers and began to tickle Molly's titties and cunt, till the squealing brunette nearly had a paroxysm. Her vest unbuttoned to expose the swollen, darkened tips of her nipples, her face twisted and anguished, her body jerking and spasming as the feathery fronds passed over the lips of her plump cunny and exacerbated the tender buds of her bosom, she was inexorably drawn toward a climax which lacked for her, perhaps, the vigorous penetration which only the male rod can inflict, but which for Fanny and Alice constituted a most delicious entertainment.

Meanwhile Marion and I were amusing ourselves with Julia Denton. Marion threatened her with a good smacking for being such a naughty wanton. "It's not, my girl, that I find your desire for Mr. Jack unseemly," she harangued the victim, "but to flaunt yourself with that Miss Molly in the most simpering way, and to announce to him so shamelessly that the two of you have an amour between you, is most libidinous. Since it is that way, Miss Denton, I shall do my best to chastise you for you naughtiness."

She pulled Julia Denton's drawers down as far as they would go, since her legs were hugely straddled, and then finally cut them off altogether with the shears. All three of these delectable ladies of my household wore only a peignoir and slippers, and now Marion doffed her robe and stood in all her olive-skinned tall statuesque nakedness. Julia Denton turned scarlet and closed her eyes. But my sister-in-law stepped close to her, cupped Julia's titties with her slim hands and began to grind her pussy amorously against Miss Denton's mount of Venus, whilst calling to me, "Jack, give her a fine sound thrashing, so she will make love to me!"

I needed no second invitation. I used the palm of my right hand to spank lovely Miss Julia Denton's backside as I might a child's, and her cries and sobs and wriggling twists and lunges made Marion's avowal all the more telling. Soon I could see, judging from Miss Denton's gasps and the spasmodic squirmings of her hips and loins, that she was responding to Marion's tribadistic overtures and completely forgetting the real reason she had come to call upon me this day!

Meanwhile, over on the settee-couch, Alice had flung herself down atop Miss Molly, emulating her sister with Julia Denton, while under the threat of a good whipping forcing the distracted Molly Bashe to service sweet Fanny with her lips and tongue, Fanny kneeling astride the brunette's flushed and contorted face.

Molly was not let up from the couch until Fanny also had tribadistically made love to her while Molly in turn gamahuched sweet Alice. And then it was Marion who went behind Julia Denton while I took over in front and at last gratified the panting and moaning brunette with the staff of life in whose quest she had come to this adventure.

We paused to have tea, while our two victims, still tied in their bonds, sobbed and moaned but seemed not yet to have been cured for their carnal passions. So at last I freed Miss Julia Denton, and then led her over to the couch and bade her fling herself down upon her dear friend and show us that she had learned in the time since her first visit to my household. And while she fused her mouth to Molly's and her cunny to that plump sweet crevice whose hymeneal seal I had been first to take, Marion and Alice, now in a joyous liaison of sharing pleasures, took two battledores and proceeded to smack Julia's bottom, Alice taking the right cheek and my lovely sister-in-law the left. This smacking so stimulated the ardent Julia Denton that she ground herself frantically against Molly in an effort to distract herself from the burning heat in her luscious bottom, and both young women were drawn to several furious climaxes.

But when they were released, they showed themselves to be good sports enough to blush and giggle over their misfortunes, and for Julia to confide somewhat breathlessly to me that she was now seeing a young gentleman whom she hoped would be as ardent in his manifestations toward her as I had been and taught her to be herself. I could only wish the same happiness for lovely Molly Bashe, whose Gorgon of a mother probably stood in the way of true love; and I advised the blushing Molly to go her own way and to flirt with eligible gentlemen in the hope that she might be able to lure one on her own terms to her legal bed.

They dressed and bade us farewell, but somehow I had a suspicion that this was not the last we should hear from Molly Bashe and her lovely companion.

And now finally, dear reader, I have to tell you of the diverting surprise which my own Alice planned for me just a week ago. It is still so fresh and vivid in my memory that even when Alice and I are aged and infirm, our eyes will sparkle at the thought of it.

Connie Blunt had been invited to tea, unbeknownst to me, by my lovely spouse, and Wilhelmina had come with her mistress. I had been in the town on an errand, and returned at about four o'clock to hear giggling and whispering in the salon. When I entered, what was my surprise to find lovely Alice and Connie in their peignoirs, surrounding the blushing Wilhelmina whom they had reduced to only her chemise, a long garment which fell over her loins just sufficiently to cover the sweet mound of love. Her long legs were bare and she was not even shod, and she looked like the beggar maid of King Copetua of the legend. Lost in admiration, I stood there gawking till Alice espied me and gasped, "Oh, Connie, he's come back sooner than we thought, just as we were going to make Wilhelmina walk the plank!"

"What in the world are you girls talking about?" I exclaimed.

"Shall we tell him, Alice?" Connie giggled, with an arch glance at me.

"I think you had best do so, Connie, or you may find yourself back in the Snuggery squirming under the kisses of a birch," I threatened her.

"Oh very well, sir, since you take that injured tone," the lovely golden-haired widow retorted saucily. "Alice and I found the most wonderful book at Mr. Royce's. He was loath to let us even glance at it but Alice and I insisted, and we told him that we were both married and that our husbands enjoyed the stimulus of a spicy volume."

Now I had often visited the shop of Josiah Royce, a venerable old gentleman whose zest for life had not vanished with his mounting years, and I had from time to time obtained certain entertaining works on the theme of love in its manifold and multiple phases and facets. "Pray tell, what book is this?" I demanded.

"Oh, Jack, it's the most exciting naughty book ever!" my lovely bride exclaimed as she ran to a tabouret and brought to me a buckram volume, with the title handsomely tooled in gold letters: Walk the Plank, My Beauty! by Jean de la Beque.

"I vow I had not heard of this title, though I know the author well," I exclaimed as I leafed through the volume. The line illustrations at once made my blood boil. And the very first illustration I saw explained the title: it was on the deck of a pirate ship, with a long narrow wooden plank thrust out over the side and above the stormy waters. A lovely dark-haired girl, her eyes blindfolded, her wrists tied behind her back, clad only in a short shift and her legs bare, stood on this plank with two bearded pirates below grasping her hips on either side, apparently readying her for her walk into eternity. One saw also the greedy faces of the crew avidly watching the spectacle. I could conjure that this fair maid had been captured on some galleon in the hands of the bloodthirsty pirates and, preferring death to dishonor, was about to walk the plank.

"It's magnificent," I felicitated my wife, "and I am delighted that you found such a treasure. But what surprises me most and delights me too is to find you about to enact a scene from this book. Alice, you continue to surprise me with your inventiveness."

"Aren't you glad now that you didn't marry Marion? After all, she had a husband once, and lost him, whereas I never had one until you," Alice smilingly rejoined as she came to me and kissed me hotly on the mouth. "Yes, my love, we were going to blindfold Willy and make her walk the plank."

"Because she would not yield?" I laughed.

"Oh no, because she is going to," Connie laughingly responded, at which Wilhelmina blushed and gasped and lowered her eyes.

"It is an anniversary present for you, my love," Alice whispered into my ear, "Wilhelmina is so grateful that she wants to give herself to you. She is sorry that she can't bring her virginity, sir, but you know what happened to her at the orphanage. So we are going to make her walk the plank right into your arms."

Oh fortunate mortal, he whom the goddess Venus blesses with her divine favors! And briefly I will tell you what this "plank" turned out to be. After blindfolding sweet Willy, Connie and Alice led her like a sacrificial lamb into my bedchamber, where indeed they had laid a wooden plank which ended at the very side of the bed itself, and they made barefooted Willy march along this plank whilst I sat on the edge of the bed with open arms to take her finally into them and to lift her tenderly upon the bed, remove the blindfold and then silence her sweet gasps with a long and passionate kiss.

But they had yet one final surprise for me. Even as I felt myself thrust into the tight sweet confines of Willy's cunt, I felt a stinging and yet not unpleasant heat attack my bottom, and when I glanced up, I saw that my wife was playfully switching me with a supple birch, whilst Connie held a battledore.

So, dear reader, in a sense the tables were at last turned upon me, the conquering male. I who most enjoyed smack-and-whip-fucking was given a taste of my own medicine, but I vow I found it almost as exciting as my own improvisation on the theme!

And this must conclude my saga. If the years ahead are as exhilarating as these first few months as Alice's consort, I shall have have nothing to reproach the goddess for. I shall burn a candle to her each day to be spared my virility, so that I may zealously perform in her honor!