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The Disciplinarian Man with a Maid
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The Way of a Man with a Maid

Volume IV

Chapter Six

Now I stood behind Miss Molly Bashe to observe the elegant sculptuary of her bare white back and the adorable dimpled shoulders, as well, I confess, as to observe at closer range the magnificent jut of her bottom, encased in as it was in only the snug fitting drawers. I could not resist patting those sumptuous, resilient cheeks, and the brunette gave a startled little cry, arching forward while at the same time she turned her flushed face back over her shoulder to determine what I intended to do.

By now, I thought I had detected more genuine than simulated modesty in her reactions, and I had no doubt that the emotional excitement of the moment had begun to carry this secretly eager masochist into an actual involvement with her role, one that far transcended the feigned pretense which she had thus far conveyed. Also, since I was behind her, I no longer blocked the view from the horrified and scandalized eyes of Miss Julia Denton, who remained imprisoned in the chair of treachery. Seeing her friend half naked and tied up and already showing the effects of my initial attentions now so absorbed this prim virgin's interest that she had quite forgotten about the likelihood of sharing the fate of Miss Molly Bashe… which I fully intended for her to do.

I took the manicure tweezers now in my right hand while transferring the ostrich plume to my left, and I playfully took hold of the plumpest cranny of the brunette's right buttock between the little silver jaws and pinched delicately. An enchanting squeal promptly followed, as Miss Molly Bashe jerked her loins forward.

Nothing daunted, I put the tweezers to the left buttock and applied a nasty little pinch which produced an even louder and longer squeal: "OWWW! Ohh, that hurts! For heaven's sake, what do you mean to do to me?"

"I believe that I earlier mentioned," I said coolly, "that it would be up to you to beg me to remove your drawers. I am simply amusing myself until you find it possible to pronounce those very words which you said, I believe, that you would rather die than utter. If that truly be the case, then you must make up your mind to endure a great many more pinches on this insolent backside of yours."

And with this, I fell to pinching the cheeks of her bottom alternately, first left and then right, nipping here, pinching there, attacking first the base of the left globe, then the outer slope of the right hip, then the lower right summit perilously near that widening furrow which separated both succulent hemispheres, and so on, so that Miss Molly Bashe would never know exactly where the wicked little jaws would bite next and hence was kept in a frantic and perpetual state of wriggling.

As she lunged this way, twisted that, squirmed and gyrated, her bare breasts danced in the air, demonstrating all their firm elasticity and jounciness. From time to time I cast a covert glance at Miss Julia Denton's face and was pleased to find that it was flushed, that her eyes were very wide and almost stupefied, and that her lips parted in an ambiguous expression which might be taken as readily for outraged virginal modesty as sensual excitement. For if what Miss Molly Bashe had told me about her friend was actually true and Julia Denton desired to lose the onerous burden of her virginity but without herself taking any forward step toward that naughty and unladylike conduct, then my plan must include utterly terrorizing her until she would have to admit that she was overcome entirely by force and so could not help ultimate capitulation. That was the way she would rationalize it in her complex psyche, I was certain.

I must confess that I was vastly impatient to be able to compare the reactions of both beauties whilst undergoing the same lingering and uncomfortable treatment. But that too must come later. For the moment, it was a question of drawing Miss Molly Bashe to the very end of her pretended "resistance" so that she could indulge to the full her sly naughtiness and procure for herself the salacious thrills which being "forced" by me as her "heartless ravisher" should accord her.

For a time, therefore, I stopped the wicked little pincers, and I resumed the feathering all over her back and shoulders, the nape of her neck, even the lobes of her dainty ears. Squeals and sobs continually emerged from my half naked captive, and I could see her slim little fingers claw the air as she called upon herself for a supreme "defiance" of my "wicked and ruthless villainy." But the singular thing was that I was as lecherously excited now as if in point of fact Miss Molly Bashe was still actually a virgin and holding out to the very limit of her true endurance to preserve her cherished hymen to the bitter end. I really was grateful to the little minx, the more so for having brought me so tasty a new plum for my passion pudding!

I paused for a moment now and stared boldly at Miss Julia Denton, whose eyes met mine. Her face was flooded with crimson as our glances exchanged, and then she blurted in a hoarse and unsteady voice, "It is wicked, what you are forcing me to watch, sir! To torture a helpless girl like this so shamefully, to gloat over her helplessness, and to force me to watch without being able to aid her, all this is unworthy of a true gentleman!"

"I quite agree with you, Miss Denton," I said most cheerfully. "If, however, you have any complaints now that you find yourself in a most trying situation, you have only your friend to blame for having brought you here. The tricky little baggage knew perfectly well that I still had a score to settle with her, and it would have been wiser for her and less risky for you, believe me, Miss Denton, had she come alone."

"Why, what do you mean by that, sir?" the prisoner in the chair of treachery exclaimed, her eyes growing very wide and incredulous as just a hint of the horrid truth was made evident to her.

I shrugged. "Simply, Miss Denton, that since you have already labeled me a beast and a heartless monster, I shall now have a score to settle with you, once I have dealt with Miss Molly as she so richly deserves. Ponder on that whilst I resume my vengeance on her charming person!"

Now I took the feather and began to tickle Miss Molly Bashe's bare sides and armpits, whisking the white plume around the generous curves of her firm panting naked titties, rasping the tip against the swollen darkening nipples, tracing the circles of those exquisite areolae, drawing the plume back down the hollow of her spine and visiting all of that lovely expanse before me, from the nape of her neck to the tight elastic waistband of those drawers which were her only veil. Her twistings and wrigglings increased, as did her frantic little wordless wails and sobs and gasps, but there were times when her paroxysms almost threatened to put an end to my vaunted self-control. For by now my prick was raging inside its prison and it demanded satisfaction of sweet Miss Molly Bashe's most intimate sanctuary.

Somewhat hoarsely, as I lowered the plume, I demanded: "Perhaps you are ready now, Miss Molly, to ask a favor of me?"

Her body stiffened, her head tilted back, and as she closed her eyes she gasped, "Oh, never! I won't, I won't be so shameless as to let you see me all naked, Mr. Jack! Do your worst, I would rather die a thousand times over than offer myself to your wicked ways!"

"Oh, you poor thing, you brave darling," Julia Denton almost hysterically exclaimed, "Don't give in to that awful brute! Oh, I wish I were a man, I would avenge the shame he has brought upon you!"

"And I, conversely, Miss Denton," I retorted, "give thanks to the Creator that you are what you are and not, heavens be praised, a man." Then I went around to face the palpitating, flushed and squirming half naked brunette and resumed: "Well, Miss Molly, so it is a duel between us a l'outrance? We shall see who proves the stronger. Prepare yourself for some new and unusual sensations!"

With this, I held up the tweezers before her dilated and humid eyes, and I placed the tiny steel jaws against her left nipple and gave it a sly little tweak.

"OHHH-AHHH, Oh, sir, sir, not there, oh for heaven's sake not there!" Miss Molly Bashe sobbingly panted as she arched herself forward to make certain that the cruel jaws did not grip her tender lovebud too possessively, "I can't stand such torment, truly I can't, sir! Oh sir, this is unworthy of you, Mr. Jack!"

"You find the tweezers too painful for those lovely breasts of yours, Miss Bashe?" I mockingly taunted. "Then I shall see if I have something less capable of defacing the loveliness of your naked bosom. Really, Miss Bashe, you have no idea how fetching you are naked to the waist and with those pert and saucy nipples of yours dark and stiff as if you were in heat for a lover!"

This remark brought an aghast, "Ohhhh!!" from Miss Julia Denton in her chair, and made Molly Bashe close her eyes and shiver voluptuously as I now walked back to the desk, put away the ostrich plume and the tweezers for the time being, and took up a silver envelope cutter. Returning to face the half naked young woman, I held the point of the envelope cutter between my left thumb and forefinger, bent back the broad handle with my right thumb and forefinger, and, aiming it at the under curve of her right breast, let fly with a most emphatic "Smack!"

The effect was magical! I could see at once a bright red splotch on the fair white skin of that bare tittie, while at the same time Miss Molly Bashe dragged at her wrists, lunged backwards with a strangled "Oww-OhhhOOOOH! Ooh, please, it stings, it hurts, not there, not there, sir, I implore you!"

"What is this you ungrateful little wretch?" I cried, feigning vexation. "You are not satisfied with either the tweezers or the envelope cutter? But you will just have to put up with it, unless you wish me to take the tweezers and pinch your nipples till they are excruciatingly sore."

"Oh dear, oh heaven, oh let me off, I did not believe you would go so far with me, sir," Miss Molly Bashe now wailed, and there was just a trace of convincing sincerity in her tone which led me to believe that she had not quite expected so rude and prolonged a prelude to my actual "rape" of her delicious person. Yes, I began to see through her naughty little plan all too well. But she had not earned favor enough with me to escape a little annoyance and discomfort before she was provided with the erotic assuagement which she sought.

I moved now to the other breast, once again held my envelope cutter as an attacking weapon between left and right thumbs and forefingers, took careful aim and applied a sharp "Spattt!" against the very center of her left breast, just below the areola.

"Oww! Oh don't," Miss Molly squealed, as she made a wild lunge backwards, her splotched bare breasts dancing and jouncing in the most salacious way. But I followed that first attack on her left breast with two more stinging flicks, one on the outer left curve of the luscious white-skinned globe, the other exactly on the other side towards the valley which separated those two plump firm love-globes. Her head fell back and her eyes rolled, and her mouth gaped in strident wails as she twisted her hips this way and that in a desperate attempt to avert the chalorous smack.

"This has a much lovelier sound than the tweezers, don't you agree, Miss Bashe?" I caustically inquired.

"Ohhh-ahh-oh my Lord-oh, sir, sir, it's not the sound, it's how it feels-oh, you are killing me, you are certainly killing me!" she moaned.