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The Memoirs of Mitzy, Volume 1

by M. Pelletils


It had been some time since Jim had promised that I would meet his wife. Since the first time we had made love together, he had on every occasion talked about her, and each time my interest in her had increased. I had asked him a couple of times when I was going to meet her but every time we made an appointment something else had come up and we had to cancel it.

But finally we seemed to succeed. The night after we had made another date, he picked me up at the hotel and drove me to his flat. On our way down to his place I kept bothering him so much about what we were going to do that night that we almost had a head-on collision. Jim told me to shut up if I still wanted to have some sex tonight. After taking the rest of the ride in silence we arrived at their place. His wife must have been waiting for us, for before he could use his key to open the door it was opened by one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen...

She must have been in her late twenties or early thirties—very lovely with her raven black hair. Nothing Jim had told me about this prick and cunt hungry bird had been exaggerated... and her eyes had the most perverted look I had ever seen.

The tight silken dress she was wearing clung to her body like a second skin and showed her voluptuous figure to its best advantage. Her high-heeled suede shoes made her beautiful long legs look even longer than they already were, and her lips were formed in a sulky little smile.

Jim introduced us to each other and throwing her arms around me she kissed me full on the mouth while Jim stood by, smiling at us. Right when she kissed me I could feel this woman getting under my skin, and I was certain we were going to have a most marvelous night. One of those nights where anything goes and only the sky is the limit of our sensuality. One of those nights one comes back from exhausted but fully satisfied. One of those nights I love...

Her name was Telma and the way Jim spoke it, it sounded like a caress. Although he wasn't exactly the most faithful husband one could imagine, he must still love her very dearly (and the same must have been true for Telma). When she looked at her husband it was with lust and love, and I almost envied their happiness, although I was certain I was going to get a good part of it.

Keeping her arm around my shoulder, Telma led me to the lovely living room, with Jim following us. Telma and I seated ourselves on the couch while Jim took an easy chair opposite us.

We all knew what we were here for, but for no particular reason there was a slightly embarrassed silence for some time, till Telma raised herself and switched on the hi-fi. Soft music filled the room, making us feel more at ease immediately.

“Anybody for a drink?” Jim asked, going to the bar.

“I think I could do with a nice cold drink... how about you, Mitzy?”

I agreed, and after telling Jim what we liked we settled down to enjoy our drinks and talk some more. Telma was the one to bring the subject of conversation around to sex; I would have been surprised if she had not been.

“You still know how to pick a lovely girl, darling,” she told her husband. Giving me a little smile, she went on: “I wonder what she will look like in the nude. I'm sure she will be extremely lovely, knowing your taste. Mmmmm... this music makes me feel all sexy. You know I used to be a dancer before I married Jim, Mitzy. Well, dancer is probably a big word for it. I used to be a stripper—and a good one. I was often asked for special parties... and at these parties I could really dance and strip the way I wanted to. You know... make it really something sexy... it's a pity one cannot perform like that when working in a night club... the police would close the place down in about two nights, but it still is a pity... most strippers would love to show off more than they are allowed to by the law. I think most of them are exhibitionists. At least I loved to feel all those hot eyes on me when I went through my act. It made me feel all randy. I can't even count the times I had to hurry from the stage to my dressing room to give myself a quick wank. Feeling all those lewd eyes on me during my act made me feel all randy and I just had to come. Sometimes I was so fucking hot my hands were shaking and one of the other girls in the club, knowing how I felt, helped me get my orgasm by frigging or sucking me. After I had come I did the same for her, of course... I think that's where I acquired the real taste for females, because before I started as a stripper I had never done anything like that before. But I don't regret it and I still love to make love to another female and Jim doesn't mind. In fact, he encourages me to have it as much as possible, and being the darling he is he even assists me in finding girls to have it with. That's how he found you, and I think I'm going to be very grateful to him for it. You really are a lovely girl, Mitzy, and we are going to have lots of fun! Do you want me to dance for you... strip for you? Not like in the clubs, but the way I love to do it...”

I was getting quite excited by what she told me and I nodded my head, dying to see her go through her act. Already I could see her undressed in my mind, but I longed to see her going through the various stages of undressing herself.

Telma raised herself and dimming the lights in the room, she began her stripping act. Picking up the hem of her dress, she slowly began to raise her arms and wiggled out of the tight sheath. Once out of her dress she stood in the middle of the room dressed in panties, bra, high-heeled shoes, garters and stockings. She looked absolutely delectable and Jim and I let our eyes rove over her gorgeous body.

Smiling a luscious little smile she put her hand between her legs, resting them on her crotch for a while. Rubbing her hands over her cunt for some time, she spread her legs and raised her arms, reaching behind her back to undo the clasp of her miniscule bra. The whole affair barely covered the nipples of her bulging tits. Undulating her lovely body on the rhythm of the sexy music, her tits broke free of their prison and I could feast my eyes on the orbs Jim had so vividly described. The long nipples had already hardened... she must have loved to show off like this, even if she had a relatively small audience.

The bra dropped to the floor and her hands immediately went to her tits. Closing them over her breasts, she pressed and kneaded them for some time before she focused her attention on the erected nipples. Between thumb and forefingers of both hands she rolled the long dark nipples, and a sigh of contentment escaped her.

Looking at her, I longed to do this for her. No, I wanted to do even better and suck the sharp pointed things between my lips. Jim must have sensed what I was up to—he gestured me to stay where I was and enjoy her performance a little longer. Looking at him I could see he was just as affected by his wife's show as I was... his hardened prick clearly showed in his tight trousers. I decided to act against my own will for a change and not go over and frig his bursting prick, although I knew he would have loved my doing it for him. His big dong made me long even more for some sex, and between my legs I felt my cunt getting dripping wet. But it was nice to restrain oneself from the first temptation for a change. It had a very special thrill and I decided to play their game with them. Sooner or later I was sure to get all the sex I could handle, either from Telma or from Jim (but most probably from both of them) and if they could wait, I could. So I didn't even try to frig myself to a boiling orgasm.

Telma was still standing in the center of the room, but now her hands had stopped playing with her tits. Moving over her body in a slow and caressing way, then began tugging at the waistband of her panties. I hoped she was going to take them off; I wanted to see her glorious cunt, but instead of doing this and giving Jim and me the full sight of her dripping slit, her hand disappeared under the thin cloth. We could both see she was busily fingering her twat. I envied her, and it really took all of my willpower to stop myself from doing the same... pushing my hand under my dress and playing with my own swollen clit. All of my attention was on Telma now and she also had her eyes fixed on me, looking at me with a sensuous smile on her face.

“Don't you love seeing me do this, Mitzy? Do you like the way I'm fingering my dripping slit? Oh yes, I'm so terribly wet. I'm always wet when I do this in front of another girl. I'm doing this for you, my dear. For you I want to be a real hot bitch. Jim has told me how much you love to make love to another woman... so for you I want to be a hot lesbian bitch... with a cunt dripping and full of come-juice... come-juice for you to frig out of me... suck out of me! Oh no, don't come to me yet! Let me play with myself a little longer. I love your eyes resting on me... your hot eyes watching me doing this. It makes me even more randy, if that is possible. Look at me while I'm playing my solitary game, Mitzy. Look at me making love to myself. But take off your dress, darling... I want to see you in the nude, while I'm frigging myself...”

I raised myself hastily and in the same rush, I freed myself of my dress. Standing only a few feet away from her, I was still wearing my bra and panties. My panties were wet in the crotch with my flowing juices.

“You look really lovely, Mitzy. But please, take off your bra and panties as well. I want to see your tits and cunt. Sit down on the couch again and spread your legs as wide as possible. I want to see those dripping cunt lips of yours. Are you as wet as I am? Oh, I'm so sticky wet... so delightfully wet! Let me have a look at yours, darling...”

I did as she asked me to do and gave her full sight of my opened cunt. Telma followed me by almost ripping off her panties and quickly stepping out of them. My heart jumped an extra beat when my eyes beheld her cunt for the first time. She had such a lovely mound, covered with soft black curls, just as Jim had told me. Her cunt hairs had a very exciting red gloss over them and my longing to take her in my arms and make love to her became even stronger.

She stood there with her legs spread wide, and without the slightest trace of shame she brought her hand to her mound again, looking lovelier than anything I had ever seen before. Opening the rose-colored cunt lips with skilled fingers, she began to play with the fully erected clit and this was just that little something which made me lose control over myself. I couldn't help myself any longer, I just had to have something tickling my cunt as well! And what better than my own skilled hands? I also opened my dripping crack and a stiff finger disappeared between the hairy, swollen lips. Telma, seeing me do this, gave a delighted little cry, watching my finger slide in and out of the slimy lips and feverishly she frigged her own sopping cunt.

Seeing her jack off in this furious manner, I knew how much she needed it, and it only took me two steps to come close to her. We opened our arms to the other and in a tight embrace we kissed like two lovers meeting after a long absence. We stood like that for what looked like an awfully long time, kissing one another and pressing our bulging mounds together, devouring the tickling contact of our mingling cunt hairs. Juice was dripping down our legs and we knew we couldn't hold out very much longer. Our hands started to travel all over the other's body, resting on the tits and belly till they finally found a woman's most favorite spot. Our fingers were beginning to play sapphic rhapsody... cajoling the swollen clits, rubbing the moistened lips. We couldn't keep on standing like this, so we let ourselves down on the soft carpeted floor in order to easily devour the goodies we had to offer one another.

Lying on our sides, our faces turned to each other, one arm around the other's neck, one hand between the other's legs, working on the sopping slits under our fingers, we made love...

Our mouths sought out a tit to suck and taking turns we licked and sucked the hardened nipples. For some time we had forgotten all about Jim's presence, but looking up from our play we saw him still sitting in the chair he had occupied from the start. He had freed his cock from its imprisonment in his trousers and it looked hard and beautiful to our excited eyes. Both his hands were closed around the huge stem, and keeping pace with our fingers he jacked himself off. His eyes, focused on us, were shining with a look of wild lust and passion.

“Jim is enjoying himself tremendously. He loves to see me making love with another woman. And I love him for being like that. He loves to bring me new girls every so often... sometimes I have to break them in and that makes it even more beautiful. You must join me in devirginizing a girl one day. I use a huge dildo on them or get them so heated up that they almost cry out for Jim to fuck them, which of course he does with the greatest of pleasure... and I like seeing him do it. Up to now there hasn't been a girl who complained about it. They have always loved what we did to them, although they sometimes resisted for some time... but they always come after the first time and ask for more... and get it! Do you like what I'm doing to you? Your fingers are so nice in my cunt. You know how to frig, darling! I'm going to come gorgeously by your fingers. You ream me so deeply. Look at Jim... he is going to spunk all over his fingers any minute now. I love him for his lewdness. Oh, I hope he is going to spunk all over your lovely body. I would love to lick his slime from your body... clean you from his spunk. Please frig me faster, darling... make me come with your lovely fingers. I want to come! Faster... faster... frig me faster, you little darling... masturbate my cunt... it's itching me so... jack me off as fast as you can. Oh, my slippery cunt... it's so slippery, all for you... frig... frigggggg...”

She almost shouted this last, and at the same time her fingers were poking my dilating slit at a fantastic speed, bringing me to the verge of coming myself. Our fingers were flying in and out of our dripping slits, while Jim stood over us, masterfully jacking his gorgeous dong. Telma and I had our orgasm at the same time. Crying out in lust, we spurted our spunk over each other's fingers, and at the same time our writhing bodies were wet with long gushes of lukewarm whitish sperm, bursting from Jim's prick as he came. Long before the last drops of slimy spunk had left his cock we were at each other with open mouths, licking the lovely spunk away from each other's body with a fierce delight.

Shaking the last drops of spunk from his slackening prick, Jim let himself down in the chair again, leaving us to ourselves. After this first introductory round of lovemaking it took us some time to calm down enough to have another bout.

Telma and I took it easy for some time, only very lightly caressing one another. Kissing in a most relaxed and satisfying way, fondling our breasts and sexual parts, without really rousing the other to a pitch where one could not stop and just had to come...

Jim served another round of drinks and we talked about the hotel and the things some people do when they think they can't be seen. It's really amazing the way some people break away from their usual inhibitions as soon as they get away from home. Otherwise completely “normal” men give reign to their latent homosexuality and pick up the first pretty boy they see. Women go dyke hunting as soon as they are away from their legal husband or take the first bloke which offers them a stiffer or bigger prick than their husbands can give them. Sometimes I think it would be so much easier on a lot of people's lives if they shared their partners' wishes a little bit more and talked about their needs and longings. If everybody just did that, a completely new society would develop and a lot of unhappiness would be avoided.

Take for instance Jim and Telma. If they didn't each have the understanding of the other, they could be very unhappy indeed, but they have solved all their problems by giving and taking. By allowing the partner all his or her whims they are a lot better off than some people I know.

Telma told us about the time she worked as a stripper and some of these stories were so exciting it slowly worked us into our next activity. She sure had her proper dose of premarital loving, and her activities included men as well as women. As soon as she had married Jim she had told him her penchant for lesbian love, and although he had not liked the idea of his wife making love to another woman at first, he had told her to go ahead. The first time she had taken a girl friend home to have some tribadic pleasure she had told him about it and they had arranged for him the possibility to look in on them. She had done everything possible to give him the maximum in amusement, and after the girl friend had left she had gone over to the other room and found him busily jacking himself off. Traces of spunk on the floor proved it wasn't exactly the first time he had come, and they had made love in a most satisfying and furious way. After that day Jim never regretted giving Telma consent to have lesbian affairs on the side. In fact; he was very grateful for her to have introduced him to this sort of thing, and when she had let him take part in these affairs their love life had become even more exciting and pleasurable.

At this point in her vivid description Telma and I were fully rested and more than ready for some more lovemaking. Jim was still slumped in the chair. He was still fully dressed, only his drooping prick hanging from his trousers. The poor thing was covered with his spendings and it looked so pathetic in this state of complete rest. The first thing we did was help him undress so we would be able to enjoy ourselves all the better. Once having him naked we started to make love to him like two prick-hungry bitches, trying to bring his cock to erection again. Telma fondled his balls while I tried to bring on his hard-on by sucking the head of his dick.

I don't know what he had done during the day, but he must have been fucking another woman, for no matter how much we tried, letting our hands play with his prick and balls in the most skillful way we could muster, taking the most seductive poses while we did it, we couldn't get him erect again. I was just about to focus my attention on Telma again and have some loving with this delightful girl when she decided to take matters in hand and go to more drastic means in getting him hard again.

“It's no use like this, Mitzy. I don't think we will succeed like this. My darling must have worn himself out during the day and now he needs a slightly stronger means of getting roused again. You just wait till I come back and keep on frigging his prick... I know what he needs and I won't be a second...”

Telma left the room and I continued to play with Jim's prick and balls. Looking up when Telma came back to the room again, I saw she had brought a heavy leather belt with her and my eyes lit up in pleasure when I understood what we were going to do with it. Jim's eyes also lit up with the same sort of pleasure and he looked at his wife with understanding.

“You're so very thoughtful, Telma. Nothing will bring this cock of mine back to life faster than a couple of lashes from you... especially when Mitzy keeps on playing with my prick and balls the way she is doing. But don't forget to frig yourself, because you know you will need all the wetness you can manage when I get hard again and want to penetrate your cunt. You know how hard I get with this sort of thing...”

Telma smiled at him, and standing beside him she began to flagellate him with all her might. Like Jim had requested, her hand was between her legs, busily working on her cunt lips and swollen clitoris. Seeing her go at it I became highly excited and doubled the speed of my hand frigging his prick, wondering how long it would take him to get it hard again.

I could hardly believe my eyes when his cock, so soft and useless only a couple of minutes ago, started to swell in my hand, growing bigger and bigger with every stroke of the lash Telma wielded. I couldn't believe the proportions his dong was taking... it was a plain miracle! Never before had I seen his prick take the size it had now, and it still seemed to grow!

The bulging glans had a fiery red glow and drops of pre-fuck appeared from the tiny slit. The throbbing stem became slippery with every drop of pre-fuck running down it... my hand was sticky wet with the stuff and the whole thing excited me terribly. I was getting to be quite an addict to this sort of mild sadism, and I knew I had to do something with my burning twat.

The moistened cunt lips were open to my fingers and when I pushed two of them between the hairy swollen lips Telma threw the lash away with a groan, while Jim freed himself from my hand. Pushing Telma in the chair he had been sitting on, he went down on his knees in front of it with his rock-hard prick in his hand. Telma had thrown her legs over the armrests of the chair and Jim directed his whopper to her opened crack, pushing it in to the hilt with one mighty lunge.

Without stopping the fingering of my cunt I came close to them, watching their mad lust through slitted eyes. Jim's gigantic cock was buried in Telma's hairy crack to the hilt when he moved forward, almost pulling it out all the way when he moved back. The veins on the throbbing stem were swollen, traces of Telma's juices clinging to it, streaking the thing with a marvelous wetness. Bringing my hand between their bodies I wet my fingers with the sticky stuff... it tasted like honey when I brought my hand to my mouth and licked it clean of their spendings; seeing me do this, Telma and Jim doubled their fucking speed. They went at it like a mare and a stallion. Telma had thrown her legs around Jim's back and their fucking filled the room with a sopping noise.

Standing beside them, fingering myself and playing with Jim's prick when it burst free of Telma's dripping cunt, became too tiring for me and I let myself down on the floor beside them, squatting on my heels with my legs as wide open as possible.

Looking at Jim's dangling balls banging against her, I couldn't resist the temptation to reach for them with my free hand. Playing with his balls gave his fucking something extra, and the whole thing was so exciting and lewd it made my head spin. My finger in my cunt was giving me so much pleasure I had to close my eyes for a second, but when I opened them again a new idea came to me.

Spreading Jim's buttocks, I brought my tongue between them and started to lick his asshole. With all my ardor I licked his brown, puckered hole, shivers of pleasure running down my back, turning my skin to goose pimples. Not wanting to come right away, I had stopped my frigging and from my opened cunt the juices freely flowed down my legs.

Suddenly a spasm shook both Telma's and Jim's body, and it wasn't hard to tell they had been creaming at the same time. Pulling his prick from her cunt, some spunk trickled from her gaping slit, the sight of it making me feel awfully hungry. I longed for it, and Jim must have sensed what I wanted.

“Lick Telma's cunt, Mitzy. Lick it for her... have some spunk if you want to... she loves you doing it...”

He didn't have to tell me a second time. Immediately I went for her hot-box with opened mouth, sucking away at their mingled spendings. Telma, throwing her legs over the armrests of the chair once more to give me better access to her dripping slit, took my head between her hands and pressed my mouth tight against her cunt.

“Go at it, darling... suck me... there is nothing I like better than having my cunt sucked after I have been coming the way I have been now. Just pretend it's all my juices you're sucking up. It's for you I had my cunt filled with spunk. I knew you liked it! Oh, how lovely your tongue feels on my inflamed slit! It's so nice and soft and at the same time it enters my quim so deeply. Oh yes, my darling... tickle my clit with the tip of your tongue like that. It's like a tiny prick seeking my most sensitive spot. Suck it, love... bite it. I want you to let Jim fuck you so I can have the same pleasure with you. Let him fill your slit with spunk for me to suck... to devour. Oh, it's so gorgeous the way you do it. My other girl friends will love you, like I love you... you have such a marvelous tongue... so long... so lovely... go on, darling, suck me some more... faster... faster!”

I couldn't have asked for more. Sucking her cunt was just what I wanted at the moment, but I also wanted Jim to fuck me and leaving her cunt with reluctance, I threw myself backwards on the floor and opened my legs wide for Jim to fill me with his prick.

I was so fucking randy I could have come by just thinking about a prick. Making me raise my knees, Jim knelt between my open legs and his prick was just as hard as it had been before he fucked his wife.

Telma, playing furiously with her own cunt, raised herself from the chair, taking his prick in her hand and guiding the stiff poker to my dilating slit. Having pushed it up my twat all the way he began fucking me in a slow and teasing way, but he soon began to fuck me faster when I moved myself up and down to meet his thrusts. Bending over me, Telma closed her mouth over my tit, sucking the hardened nipple delightfully with a sort of rolling motion of her lips. Soon they had me floating on a cloud of pleasure. Waves of passion were going through my body, making me shudder in lust and delight. Jim's dong seemed to swell and throb in my cunt, filling me to the brim with its aggressive hardness. Never before had he fucked me like this. The present atmosphere, Telma and me making love together, the lashing he had undergone must have inspired him to unknown heights.

My hand went for Telma's twat and taking her fingers from it I replaced them with mine. There is nothing so good as fingering a slippery cunt when one is being fucked good and properly.

My cunt was stretched to its maximum by Jim's whopper! My tit was sucked and played with in a way only another woman knows how to suck and play! My fingers were buried in a lovely cunt, delightfully wet with the juices flowing freely from it! The room was filled with the smell of spunk and come juice! What more could a girl wish for? I felt happy and exalted and all my vices were coming to the surface of my being.

I loved my mother for giving me those strong sexual feelings! And one of these days I must visit her again and try to seduce her into making love together.

I suddenly remembered I still had a younger sister at home. She had been far too young to seduce when I left home, but she was already a lovely girl, and I wondered if she was inclined the way I was. I could almost picture the three of us together, making love... doing all those things I love so much and the thought of it brought on my orgasm.

My spunk spurted over Jim's prick and Telma followed me by once more wetting my fingers with her juices. Buried deep in my cunt, Jim's prick freed itself from its sperm as my cunt was filled with its lukewarm stickiness. Telma didn't hesitate for a second in keeping her promise. As soon as Jim had pulled his wet prick from my slit, she went for my opened cunt with her open mouth. Her lovely mouth cleaned me of all traces of spunk, and even when she had me all the way clean she kept on sucking and sucking till she once more had me swooning in a creamy spend.

When I left them I was very unsteady on my legs, but fully satisfied and happy, having given Telma my promise to come over one day when she had some girl friends in for a real lesbian orgy...