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private school spankings

Private Schools Spankings

At this private school for girls, SPANKING is a way of life. But one teacher likes to fondle the girls while she spanks them! When the PRINCIPAL finds out, it's the teacher's turn to get spanked!! And this female PRINCIPAL really knows how to SPANK another woman!! Watch this strong woman SPANK the older woman so hard and so long that she starts whimpering with real tears in her eyes! And THEN, the same naughty 18-year-old student gets an over-the-knee .

Jasmine Jolie receives corporal punishment

Whipped Ass

Locked up in an asylum, Felony over-powers helpless orderly, Jasmine Jolie, who fails to follow procedures. Revenge is taken on Jasmine in the form of corporal punishment, bondage, sexual humiliation and hard strap-on fucking.

three mature women being spanked

The Spanking Party

This video shows REAL EROTIC SPANKING and SEX!! When three women, all in their forties, get together with no men around, they decide to have a spanking party! They get so turned on by spanking and being spanked that they start playing with their wet pussies!! They KISS and LICK each other all over while they keep SPANKING their RED HOT BUTTS!! Watch and hear ALL THREE women have REAL ORGASMS while their bottoms are BURNING and STINGING from all the caning.

three black girls get spanked by their grsmps

Three Spanked Black Girls

Well, the title says it all doesn’t it? Three hot and sexy black girls have been naughty! They need a spanking. Well gramps lays on the corporal punishment and spanks all three of them!>div>

she submits to her playmatr for spanking and sex

Yvette Costous's Perverse Lust

Join Yvette Costeau in her private slave games with her new girlfriends. Experience how the unsuspecting girl Yvette is made to submit to her playmate. It was never expected that her seemingly weak-willed victims could turn the tables. Uncensored German original!

the sexual and spanking traing of 'O'

The Training of 'O'

The Training of the Pretty Girl, Day One: My initial assessment of this tramp: she needs to feel pretty. Let me count that ways... Day One: make her pretty in heels. Day two: make her pretty in lipstick. Day three: Make her pretty in a corset. Day four: make her pretty in a leather collar. Put it all together and we have a four day curriculum in basic slave elegance. Day one: Pretty in Heels In my world, the standard issue slave footwear is simple black.

naughty young girls getting the bottoms spanked

Spank Me Please Vol 3

Naughty young babes getting their backsides paddled and warmed. There are 6 hot spanking vignettes in this video. Each of these girls are punished for their bad performance and recalcitrant behavior. Paddles, hands, crops and canes flurry and fly striking bare bottoms till they turn from creamy white to blotchy red. There is plenty of whimpering and whining as smack after resounding smack connects with each wiggling bottom. They plead to be let off with

english spanking classics with spanking with hand and paddle

English Spanking Classics

Three sexy women decide to open an agency for spanking, paddling, and caning for guys with a bizarre taste. The agency was very successful. Sometimes the guys would like to take punishment, but for the most part, the women took the spankings, paddling and caning with grace!

action with girls of the caning club

Six of the Best

The girls of the Caning Club certainly earn every penny of their richly deserved high wages. Kathy, one of the Club's barmaids was receiving a caning, and remarked coyly, "We both deserve and like the spankings!" And her partner, Jay, a well stacked, gold ring nippled beautiful blonde, grinned cheerfully and was quick to agree. You'll agree that these spankings are delightful to watch!

bend over and be spanked is the order

Horses for Courses

Charlotte, the daughter of a wealthy landowner, hates it when her two cousins come to visit their country estate. It seems that they have no respect for her. Soon Sue and Sara steal her prized jumping horse and take a quick ride to town. On their return Charlotte advises them that will have to leave immediately. It seems however the girls have arranged for a nighttime meeting with some local boys and they beg not to be sent home. Charlotte agrees instead they will all bend over and be spanked

Failure to deliver pleasure means firm discipline

Customer Satisfaction

Madame Inge's House Of Pleasure has a solid reputation to protect, and when their girls don't deliver they must suffer the consequences. Her hand spanking leaves it's mark on soft, white skin. The girls know it is useless to kick, squirm or cry. The terms of the contract were explicit. Failure to deliver pleasure means firm discipline!

Spanked Wives & Cuckolds

Spanked Wives & Cuckolds

I believe in interventions. In Case 1, featuring slutty wife Sandy Simmers and her pathetic husband is a perfect example of sluts out of control. But I have to tell you, she has got a TIGHT pussy and a vacuum mouth. I almost felt sorry over spanking her slutty ass... Almost!!!