A Difficult Sale
The Disciplinarian

Samantha Stevens had just been appointed a partner in her firm and knew that to justify the position she had to get a major contract confirmed within the next week. Until now she had not been involved in the negotiations but knew that they were now at a critical stage. Her colleagues had handed the work over to her hoping that a new face and approach would 'clinch' the deal.

Samantha was a self made woman who had worked her way up through the firm by hard work and a genius for getting to the heart of the matter. She was unmarried and had no romantic attachments with anybody in the firm. In fact her colleagues knew very little of her private life. She was thirty-five years old with a penthouse flat in an exclusive area of London. She was slim with a superb figure and dressed herself to perfection. Her clothes were made to measure and worn with a 'chic' not usual in Englishwomen. Her private life was private. She was however intensely ambitious and keen to rise to the highest echelons of the 'firm'.

When she arrived at work on Tuesday morning there was a message asking her to call Mr Kingston, of PLF - Chairman of the company they were negotiating with. She called immediately and spoke directly him

"Miss Stevens, it is very nice to speak to you. We do need to discuss the progress of the contract and I was wondering if you would like to have lunch today at noon at the 'Savoy Grill'?

Samantha agreed immediately and set off in good time. She arrived at the Grill just before noon and was taken to the table where Mr Kingston was waiting to greet her. He stood up and held out his hand.

"Welcome Samantha, I may call you that, as I have heard so much about you?"

She saw a tall well set man of about 55 with a ready smile and a firm handshake.

"I am glad to meet you Mr Kingston."

"Please call me James. I hope we can have a pleasant lunch before discussing our business."

As hoped lunch went well and both were mellow after cocktails, wine and a final brandy when they got down to discussing the contract. Some progress was made at eventually James suggested that she come to his office that evening when they could go over the main sticking points. Samantha was in agreement as she was eager to land the contract and was prepared to do anything to achieve this end. They split up after their lunch and agreed to meet at his office at 8 pm that evening.

"Just take the lift to the penthouse floor where I have my office and I will have my secretary meet you."

Samantha went home and took a shower before looking through her wardrobe. She wanted to impress James Kingston so after a black lace brassiere, knickers and suspender belt she slipped on a sheer shot silk dress which showed off her figure to perfection. Black sheer stockings, high heels and a wide belt around her slim waist set off the whole ensemble. She was ready for anything!

She arrived at the offices of PLF and the night-porter showed her the lift to take and in seconds she was whisked up to the penthouse floor. The door opened and she saw that it led directly into a large office dominated by a huge desk in front of a picture window.. As she stepped out James Kingston came forward to welcome her apologizing for the fact that his secretary had to leave early as her child was ill.

He motioned her to sit down and went to a cocktail cabinet in the corner where he offered her a drink. She decided on a martini and he mixed and handed it to her before returning to sit behind his desk. He looked hard at her for several minutes before speaking:

"How much do you need this contract?"

She was surprised at the question but said:

"I would give anything to land it. It would mean that I was accepted as an equal partner in the firm. I guess that just about sums up my position."

He sat back and looked at her for a time. Then he made up his mind.

"You can have the contract on one condition. I want YOU tonight. By that I mean that you hand yourself over to me to do as I wish. You must accept this condition or the contract goes to your rivals."

Samantha gasped. She had never received such a proposition before but, she was not unaware of men, and James Kingston was attractive. She was sure that she could handle whatever he wanted. She thought for a few seconds and then decided.
"I agree to your terms."

"Well done for making a wise decision. Now we can leave the office and unwind!"
He opened a door at the side of the office and she gasped for it opened into a fully fitted lounge with couches and armchairs, a bar and a large picture window through which shone the city lights below and the moon and stars above He drew her over to one of the couches and then offered her a further drink. This time she asked for a gin and tonic and when he brought them back he sat down beside her.
"As you will see I had this penthouse specially designed for just such meetings and you will interested to know that you are the first to try it. Please understand that you are here at your own free will and I shall force nothing on you that you might find repugnant. Start by standing in front of me and removing your dress.."

Samantha stood up, put down her glass and moved before him. She unfastened her waist belt slowly before placing it on the settee. She then unbuttoned the dress down the front and slowly slid it off her shoulders and with a whispering sound it slid down and off her legs. She placed the dress with the belt on the settee and then removed her sheer black slip. She stood proud and defiant in front of James. He looked her up and down and saw a very beautiful woman about 5 ft 8 inches tall and a slim but not thin. Standing in just her flimsy underclothes she looked a sublimely erotic figure. Her long legs seemed to go on forever until they disappeared into her black lace panties suggesting treasures to come. Her sheer stockings ended half way up her thighs and the taut suspenders held them to her lacy suspender belt. Her calves were firm inside her stockings and the whole ensemble was set off by the well filled black lace brassiere. He gazed with admiration then said:

"Follow me!"
Still in her underclothes she followed him through a further door which was concealed as a mirror. She gasped as she saw a fully fitted bedroom with a magnificent king sized bed, a table and chairs and one or two unusual accessories. He gently eased her through the door and following her, walked over to a chair and sat down leaving Samantha to take it all in. As she looked round the room she saw that it had long pier mirrors around the sides which gave an all round view of what was happening. She saw her flimsily clad body from all directions. James pressed a button beside his chair and she gasped as with a whirring sound the ceiling folded away leaving another large mirror looking down on them. Wherever she looked she saw herself pictured in all her glory and beauty but she found that she was not in any way embarrassed.
He turned the lights low and then stood up moving over to a long sofa and sitting down tapped his lap:
"Now across my knees. I am going to spank that delectable bottom."

She was shocked for a moment as she had never been spanked in her life but remembering her agreement she reluctantly lay across his lap. He gently caressed and massaged her bum and then "SLAPP!!" his hand landed on the left buttock. She gasped, as much with the shock as any pain. "SLAPP!! now the right buttock. Both bum cheeks were now tingling, fir"SLAPP!!", "SLAPP!!", "SLAPP!!", "SLAPP!!", "SLAPP!!", "SLAPP!!", his hand rose and fell first one side and then the other and his gentle caresses had an soporific and erotic effect on her. His hands were gentle and then again "SLAPP!!", "SLAPP!!", "SLAPP!!", "SLAPP!!", "SLAPP!!", "SLAPP!!", "SLAPP!!", "SLAPP!!", he spanked again and again. She felt a sting as his hand landed but no pain from his activities and her bottom was now beginning to feel warm. Besides the sting of his hands there was another tingle she could not place which invaded her body and centered on her pubic area. Now she felt him slip his fingers inside the waistband of her knickers and ease them over her buttocks. She made a small resistance before arching her back to help him remove them completely. Her mind was now in a whirl. She should be hating this but, when he stopped, she was waiting for him to spank again.

He gently massaged the inside of her thighs and she parted her legs to allow him access. Then his spanking gained in firmness and she noticed the difference but its effect as he spanked "SLAPP!!", "SLAPP!!", "SLAPP!!", "SLAPP!!", "SLAPP!!", "SLAPP!!", "SLAPP!!", "SLAPP!!", again and again was anything but punishing . Ten, twenty, thirty she lost count but each one seemed to add to the strange erotic feeling she was experiencing. The sting was still changing to a feeling that she could not analyse but found pleasurable. Then suddenly, as he massaged he reached the inside of her thighs and she felt his finger tips brush her pussy lips. She should have reacted but waited for what was to follow. "SLAPP!!", "SLAPP!!", "SLAPP!!", "SLAPP!!", "SLAPP!!", "SLAPP!!", "SLAPP!!", "SLAPP!!", his slaps got even harder but as they fell so the reaction within herself grew until she was as hot inside as was her bum outside! By now she was wet with spend and she felt it running down her thighs. By now she was eagerly awaiting his exploring fingers as he continued to spank, massage and caress her bum. From the inside of her thighs she felt the gentle caress of one finger as it began to explore through her pussy hair and to her labia. First one finger was gently inserted into her pussy. She was embarrassed but also eager and widened her legs further offering even greater access by widening her legs. "SLAPP!!", "SLAPP!!", "SLAPP!!", "SLAPP!!", "SLAPP!!", "SLAPP!!", "SLAPP!!", "SLAPP!!",still more smacking and massaging with his hands caressing her sore bum cheeks before he entered her with two fingers and gently explored the wet, slippery interior. She heard the sucking sound as he moved deeper into her hot wet insides and she groaned with pleasure.
He stopped, removed his fingers, and she almost wept with disappointment.
"Now stand and remove the rest of your clothes."
She stood in front of him. First she removed her brassiere unfastening the catch and then lowering it over the firm orbs with their proud erect nipples. She bent down and he saw her reddened bare bum as he enjoyed watching her stockings being rolled down over her thighs, calves and feet. As Samantha undressed wherever she turned she saw herself pictured in the mirrors the reflections highlighting the flexing dimples on her bum cheeks. Then it was her suspender belt..She twisted it round and unfastened the clasp before laying it on the settee. Now she was completely nude facing James. He sat back and looked her up and down. Her head stood proud upon her shoulders and her face was framed by her long golden hair. Her breasts were full and the dark aureoles topped with nipples which were ripe and hard. Her pussy was covered with a rich golden fleece which shielded her prominent pubic area and no effort had been made to trim or shave it. The engorged lips of her labia pushed through the hairy screen. She should have been angry and embarrassed as she waited for him with her hands at her sides but inside she was enjoying the experience and was eager to find out what would happen next.. As she waited she looked round and, for the first time, saw herself in all her glory as the mirrors offered a total view.
James stood up and went to a side table and took up a long leather strap. He pointed to a table at the end of the bed.
"Bend over the end of the table."

She was shocked but obediently walked across and, bending over, grasped the far side of the desk with her hands. She waited for what was to follow.

"SPLATT!!!", SPLATT!!!", two searing blows landed across her buttocks as the strap lashed down. She jumped to her feet.

"No!, No!,No! No more please!"

He pointed to the desk.

"Back in position or dress and walk out without your contract !"

Samantha took up her position again gripping the edge of the table tightly. She suddenly found that she was eager for him to continue wherever it led and she tensed herself to await what was to follow. "SPLATT!!!", SPLATT!!!", "SPLATT!!!", SPLATT!!!", "SPLATT!!!", SPLATT!!!", the strap lashed home. She felt the sting as the blows landed across both bum cheeks but, "SPLATT!!!", SPLATT!!!", "SPLATT!!!", SPLATT!!!", "SPLATT!!!", SPLATT!!!", as they rained down, their painful effect seemed to diminish and, although they still stung, she felt a pleasurable glow suffuse her body and bum. James stopped and massaged her bum cheeks with his fingers digging deep into the soft warm fleshy mounds raising a pleasurable glow in Samantha. He then slipped his fingers between her legs touching her pussy. She froze but she was so warm now and she felt her juices oozing down so that she knew she had to let him continue. Gently he inserted one finger and then two before he pushed them deep inside her. She felt them slip home and shuddered with pleasure as he eased them in and out. Finally he withdrew them and again "SPLATT!!!", SPLATT!!!", "SPLATT!!!", SPLATT!!!", "SPLATT!!!", SPLATT!!!", the strap lashed down. After a large number of strokes he stopped and told her to stand up. Slowly she eased her sore bum off his legs and stood and looked down at him. James stood up and said:
"I want you to undress me."
Obediently she went across and unfastened his jacket sliding it off his back. Then she removed his tie. Now she loosed the buttons on his shirt and slid it out of his trousers before easing it of his shoulders. He was now bare to the waist and she saw the upper reaches of his dark pubic hair above his belt line. Now she knelt and unfastened his belt, unhooked and then lowered the zipper and slid the fly down. She pushed them over his hips and buttocks until they dropped to the floor. He stepped out of them. She saw that his underpants were sticking out with the firmness of his cock. She tried to ease them over but had a struggle before she succeeded and slid them down. Now she was looking at his firm uncircumcised cock with the knob showing purple though the sleeve and his pubis and thighs covered with a forest of black hair. His cock was erect and was ready for action.
"Take it your mouth !"
She had never done it before although she was aware of what to do and gently touched it with her lips.
"Right inside and suck it !"
She did as he said and found that the soft walls of the cock filled her mouth as she tried to take it all in. Now she began the exploration of a new experience and with her fingers on the shaft began to move it up and down while sucking and licking the tip. He told her to rub faster and to be prepared and soon she saw that he was beginning to tense and suddenly he came and she found that her mouth saw filled with gouts of sperm which she tried to swallow but which were too much for her to takes so that it spread all over her face and breasts as she coughed and spluttered. Although she still had some in her mouth she found that the taste was not unpleasant. He stood her up and kissed her mouth.
" I hope that you did not find that unpleasant. Go and wash your mouth and face and then we will have another drink."
She did as he suggested and returned for the next labour that was to take place.
"Now I think I should pleasure you so lay back on the bed with your legs spread and I will french you.
She lay back as he suggested with her legs spread wide and as she looked up at the ceiling mirror she saw herself exposed in all her glory. Breasts erect and her pussy eager for its meeting she waited eagerly. James went down between her legs and widened her legs. He then parted the lips of her labia and his tongue gently touched the sides. He then found her clitoris and his tongue flicked and sucked it until she was crying out with pleasure. She writhed on the bed while she spent profusely. James saw how aroused she was and drew back. His sword was unsheathed and standing between her legs he thrust it home in her waiting scabbard while she was still crying with pleasure. They were both so ready that it slipped deep inside her warm slippery cunt with no resistance and ,as he did so, so she used her vaginal muscles to draw him even deeper. She wrapped her legs round him to draw him even farther in and soon they were both performing with eagerness with her driving against him as he thrust in and out. She looked up at the overhead mirror and saw him rising and falling while her legs were wrapped round him and her body thrust against his.. She felt James' hard coarse pubic hair rubbing against her pudenda but this was even more erotic. Both of them by now were gasping with their efforts and it could not go on for much longer before James gasped:
"I'm coming !"
and with two or three final thrusts she felt his warm semen inundate her while she arched her back with pleasure as the warm wave of pleasure engulfed her. The both stopped moving and gradually she felt his cock soften and ease out from her pussy drawing some of his cum with it. They were both spent and James joined her on the bed and gave her a kiss.
"Glad you came?"
"Mmmmm. Yes !"
They rested for a few minutes before James told her to stand and bend over again and spread her legs. She did so and soon felt his fingers opening her up like a flower before she felt the warm firm tip nudging at her pussy. She spread her legs wider to accept it. Then the warm hard shaft eased in,through the slippery tunnel that was waiting for it and going deeper and deeper until she was filled. It was a perfect fit. He rested on her back for several long moments as they adjusted while she eagerly waited. He took her hips in his hands and still silent began to fuck her. Slowly at first be moved in and out with their bodies slapping together as his stomach met her buttocks. and she felt the coarse pubic hair rubbing against her sore bum. The more he thrust the greater was her enjoyment and his urgency transferred to her and soon she felt a warm glow within which was rising to a climax. She heard his breath coming in pants with his effort but his steady thrusting continued. Soon he moved with greater urgency. She was eager for the end and found that she was driving back onto his cock and urging him on in his efforts until finally he with one final driving thrust he came to a shuddering, climactic moment, his sperm inundating her insides and washing out and down her legs while her muscles tensed and drew the last of it from him as she milked him to a finish - an action which left them both drained and exhausted..

James withdrew and helped her to her feet. He led her to the settee were she collapsed. He fetched drinks for both of them and, as he walked over, she saw what an attractive man he was. He sat and watched her as she recovered.

"I think that you enjoyed that,and I know I certainly did but the evening is only just beginning so have your drink and then we will continue."

Samantha listened and wondered what there could be to follow. Her bum was sore and she had been royally fucked yet he had said that the evening was just beginning.

"Now my dear we come to the real tester. Remember that at any time you can withdraw but if you do then the contract will be torn up."

When they had finished their drinks he reached behind the bar and took out a long whippy cane which he showed to her. He told her that she would now be caned and how many strokes would be decided by the dice.

"Shake the dice - first shake for the number of strokes, and then shake it again for the multiplier."

She looked at him and shook the first dice which came down four - good only four strokes. He then reminded her to shake again and this time it was a six. He then pointed to the desk again and told her to take up her position.

"Let me be clear. You have shaken and the number is four times six which equals twenty four strokes with this cane on your bare bum. If you stand before you are given permission all bets are off. Is that clear."

She had gasped at the number and was not sure that she would be able to take so many but said in a small voice:

"Yes, I understand."

She gripped the end of the table and prepared herself for the session. "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!", it was like a bar of hot iron as the cane landed on her sore bum and sank in. It felt as though he had seared her buttocks. he did not give her time to react as "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!" more strokes fell and, as they landed, she moved her bum to try and absorb the shock and pain "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!" still more and each one felt like the same burning brand as the first. her bum was throbbing with the agony of the cane, a new experience for her, but as she did so her pubis rubbed against the desk. More strokes "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!""WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!" and within the pain she felt a warmth running through her body. That magic moment when pain and pleasure join for the ultimate experience was nigh although she was unaware of it. She again felt liquid running down the inside of her thighs as she was beginning to orgasm. "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!""WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!" - by now she was in a state which she could not understand somewhere between pain and euphoria. She had no idea how many strokes she had received when suddenly it stopped. She opened her eyes and saw in the mirrors that the many lines across her bum were turning red and then purple. There was a throbbing pain which mingled with the pleasure of multiple orgasms

This time she felt his fingers inside her cunt and wetting the tips before spreading her scarified bum cheeks. She gasped and then a probing finger found her anus. Sex she understood but she had never been touched there. She tried to wriggle free but James slapped her and told her to stay still. She felt him spread her bum cheeks to give him greater access to her anus. His first finger slipped deeper moving in and out with a sensation she found strangely satisfying before opening the wrinkled rosette to allow two fingers to widen it further. He fetched a jar of cream which he applied to his cock and then pushed into her anus. First he nudged until he found the entrance where he rested for a moment Then he began to push while she gasped with the pain. When he had widened it enough she felt the hard point of his cock begin to probe deeper and deeper - and then a sharp pain as it penetrated her tight hole. She gasped as his cock spread her sphincter but he continued pushing slowly until he was lodged fully inside.

She wanted to cry out at first with the pain and she could hardly breathe but, as he just lay still across her back, the pain receded and she felt a warmth and a new unusual erotic sensation which she had never experienced before. He started moving in and out with firm but gentle thrusts and the more he worked the better she found it until with a welling inside her she was ready to orgasm. The sensation was different but the pleasure was the same. James picked up the speed as though aware of it and suddenly he pulled her body towards him and thrust deep with a final push so that his cock impaled her to her depths. He jerked and she felt herself inundated with a second spend of the evening. She lay dreamy and strangely satisfied before James' cock subsided and he eased himself out of her and stood back with his cock just visible through his pubic hair.

He picked up the telephone and dialed a number.

"Confirm the contract !"

He then put the phone down and turned to Samantha.

"Are you ready to leave or will you stay for the night?"

She was inside his private quarters and, in spite of the shock had enjoyed herself, and she had no hesitation in agreeing to stay.. Besides the huge king sized double bed in the corner was a bathroom with a shower unit. She knew that this was a moment of truth in her personal as well as her business life. In spite of herself she had enjoyed the evening including the strap and cane and the sex mingled with them which had lifted her to new levels of eroticism. She took his hand and gave her answer by, leading him across the bedroom, and drawing him into the shower.

"I think that we both need this first !"
As the water poured down she soaped his cock and brought it to a stand. She had never gone down on a man before tonight but, as the water cascaded off him, she took his cock in her mouth for the second time and began to suck on it. Although the territory was new she was able to use a wise tongue to bring him to his peak She felt it harden before she took it in her hand and brought him off over her face and breasts. Although he had already had two sessions that evening he was able to summon up enough cum to cover her mouth and nose as well as dribble down on to her breasts.

He stood her up and washed the sperm from her face and body before carrying her into the bedroom wrapped in a large bath towel. They dried each other off before he told her that now it was his turn and laying her back he spread her legs wide and offered his mouth to her pussy.. He tongued her reeming her insides until she cried out with pleasure and jerking and stretching cried out with a massive orgasm which left her completely drained. Both ready to rest they pulled the duvet over them and rested.

Her contract was saved and from now on she would also follow her own pleasures. This was the first night of her new life and she intended to enjoy it as the whole spanking was unfolding before her.