Bend Over Alison - Part 3 Joining the Club

The Disciplinarian

Mrs Pearson, Alison's mother had been invited by Madame Le Clerc to a private club and Madame had warned her to be ready by 7pm that evening. I was not sure how to dress but decided that black lace brassiere, knickers and suspender belt with a white blouse, black skirt and high heeled shoes should be suitable. My bum had recovered from the ministrations of Madame le Clerc last week and I was eager to see what would happen.
As we drove to the venue Madam le Clerc explained that this was very exclusive club with only two dozen members. The members were fairly evenly split between men and women and some were submissives, some dom and others, like herself, enjoyed switching. There were public rooms where any member could watch others being spanked and private rooms for one-2-one sessions. Sex was not obligatory but clients were welcome to indulge if the mood took them. It was possible to stay overnight but most members left after their session. I would not be told the address until I had been accepted as a member. She then told me to put on the blindfold provided as we would soon be reaching our destination. I did a instructed and after a few more minutes felt us swing into a driveway where we stopped. Madame helped me out and into the house where she removed the blindfold.

"Welcome to The Club - it as no other name - may I introduce you to John who owns the house and is our leader."
John came forwards and shook my hand.
"Welcome to 'The Club'. While you are here you will be known as Francine as we never use the real names of people to protect their privacy. I don't know whether Madame Le Clerc has told you but tonight is a test for you. You will strip naked in this ante-room and go into the room opposite which is our lounge. When yhere you will be caned by Madame and I. We will push you to your limits to see whether you are suitable for the club. When it is finished you will take no further part tonight but return homewill return home with Madame and she will tell you our decision tomorrow. If you have failed then 'Good bye' but I hope that the experience will have been interesting enough. If you are accepted, and I expect as madame recommends you this will be the case, then you will be given the address and may attend any club night. We have bedrooms upstairs where, if you are accepted for membership, you may remain the night after a session. Is everything clear and do you agree to our terms?"
I thought for a moment as I began to understand what I was letting myself in for but I knew that the rod was my future so said:
"Yes John, I understand and accept the terms."
"Good. Go into that room and remove your clothes. When we are ready I will call you."
I went into the side room indicated and started to undress. First my dress and then my bra before slipping my hands into my knickers and lowering them over my buttocks. As they slipped over the firm buttocks I wondered what they would feel like after this session. Finally I removed my suspender belt and stockings. Now I was naked and my big moment was approaching. What would it do for me to be caned in front of others, would I enjoy the experience and how hard was the caning to be. I decided that I could answer none of these in advance so just waited for the call. I donned the gown laying across the chair and, taking a few deep breaths, prepared myself for what was to follow. A knock on the door and John entered: "Are you ready? Good I see you are. Now we will go across to the lounge. Once you are inside remove the gown and place yourself over the 'A' frame you will see in the centre of the room. You will receive a minimum of four dozen strokes half delivered by Madame Le Clerc and the rest by me. Do you wished to be fastened down for them?"
I shook my head:
"No thank you."
"Good, then let us go."
We walked across the corridor to a room which I saw was dimly lit except for a single light hanging in the centre. Except for the 'A' frame which was illuminated it was impossible to see who was present. I walked across to ithe frame and removed my gown handing it to John. I stood by the frame for a minute before bending over it and grasping the lower bar firmly. My feet just touched the floor and by pubis rubbed against a soft pad while my stomach rested on the padded top. My bum was now completely exposed to whatever was in store for me.
John spoke:
"Ladies and gentlemen I would like you to welcome Francine to our little group. She is now to undergo her initiation and afterwards it will be your decision whether she is accepted into the club or not. Tonight Madame le Clerc and I will each give her twenty-four strokes of the cane to test her fitness. Madame will now begin."
As I looked up I saw him disappear into the gloom before I felt a tap on my bum and then "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!" the first stoke burned its message across my bum. Madam had started. "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", this one was even more potent and I knew immediately that this session was quite different from any I had received at home. Now my limits would really be tested ! "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!" one by one the strokes of the cane fell across my unprotected bum each one leaving its own personal mark and feel. I could tell that her aim was creeping up my bum from the lower to the crown making sure that it found new territory to set ablaze. "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!" Eleven, twelve, thirteen the blows fell and I now began to notice the effect in a different way as I withdrew from the pain and concentrated on the erotic feelings which the the rubbing of my pussy against the soft pad engendered. I began to feel warm inside and my cum was oozing down the inside of my legs as my cunt became wet. "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!".
By now I had lost count but I suddenly found that the cane was coming from a different direction and then guessed that John was striking from the other side. His strokes were as firm as Madame and I knew that my fortitude would be tried to its limits as "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!" he whipped it in, by now crossing Madame's lines and causing extra pain. I grasped the bar even tighter and went back to my 'dreams' gradually sliding into a state where the line between the conscious and unconscious had disappeared and the murmurs from the audience and the crack of the cane faded into the background. Eventually the strokes of the cane stopped and Madame and John helped me to my feet. I was too stiff to move easily and the pain was now raging though my bum. The rest of the members were murmuring in the darkness and I heard some clapping and 'bravos' before they gradually came forwards to feel my bum. Some just touched it while others caressed it but they all shook my hand and congratulated me. My gown was put round my shoulders and I returned to my unrobing room. Madame and John both joined me and congratulated me.
"Madame le Clerc will now take you home and the company will decide on your suitability. Without pre-empting them I think that it will be favourable as we were all impressed but you will hear tomorrow. If you are accepted Madame will inform you and give you one of these badges and a private list of club members with their 'club' name. Club nights are the same as this every week and we usually have between eight and a dozen members of both sexes here. If a member wishes to meet you privately then they contact me here at the club and I telephone you to see if you are available and whether you want to meet them. I suggest that if you are accepted you join us for one or two club evenings before making private visits. Now goodnight and I hope we shall have the pleasure of your company in the future."
I thanked him and went with Madame to her car where I lay in the back to avoid resting on my bruised buttocks. We said nothing more about the evening as we drove home but when we arrived Madame made us a drink and we retired to bed.
The next morning Alison came back from her first all-night party full of herself and we spent the whole to breakfast listening to her chatter. She had obviously enjoyed it and appeared to have come to no harm so Madame and I looked at each other, smiled and let her carry on. After breakfast she told us she was meeting her friends to do some shopping and soon left.
She had not been gone many minutes before there was a telephone call and, looking at me, Madame answered it. She nodded, said yes once or twice and then hung up. She looked at me, smiled and went to her handbag taking out a small wallet and a diary sized book.
"As you may have guessed that was John. You passed your initiation with flying colours and I am to give you these and welcome you to the Club. This is the club badge (and here I saw a small circular badge showing a bum with a cane across it). The book contains a list of names, the address of the club and John's telephone number. We meet every Thursday and, as John told you, there are usually from eight to a dozen on any one evening. You can go just to watch or join in. There are bedrooms upstairs so that any members who wish to stay the night may do so. When you are established some of the members may give you private numbers where you can call them but for the present if you see a man, or woman, you would like to meet then call John and he will contact them and make an appointment between you. Of course until you have been several weeks at the club you will not be able to use this method as you know no one. One final piece of advice is do NOT meet anybody not connected with the club until you are very sure of their 'bona fides', they may be honest but maybe not. Welcome to the club!"
At this smiling broadly Madame Le Clerc offered me her hand and kissed me on the cheek. Read Part 4 "Club Night"