Bend Over Alison - Part 4 Club Night

The Disciplinarian

I was very excited as it got round to Thursday again because I was going 'solo' to the club. Melanie had asked if she could go to another all-night party and I agreed as it left me free to explore what might happen.
I took a taxi to near to the club and then walked up to the door. As soon as I rang the bell John opened it and welcomed.
"I am pleased to see you Francine as I have had several enquiries about you following last week but I pointed out that they must wait until you came to a club night. Now you are a member you come with me into the room at the end which is out 'members lounge'. I will introduce you to one or two of the others "
He opened the door to a room which was bright and airy where four or five people were sitting or standing drinking coffee and chatting. They seemed very normal to me and I saw them turn towards me and smile and nod.
"Ladies & gentlemen may I introduce you to Francine. Those who were here last week will remember her initiation but this is her first club night and she knows nobody except Madame Le Clerc. Please introduce yourselves."
At this a girl in her twenties called Joyce came and two men Peter and David also introduced themselves. Others saw what was happening and just waved.
Joyce told me that she was to be strapped and caned by in front of the group by Peter that evening. She also whispered that she got so turned on that she had booked a room for the night so that she and Peter could enjoy each other afterwards. This seemed to me an excellent idea so when David asked if he could cane me after Joyce I told him I would be pleased if he did. He also asked if I was interested in remaining after as he had reserved a room in case he found a suitable partner. By now everybody was drifting into the lounge where the caning was done and with David I joined them. David told John that he would be caning me after Joyce had been dealt with and John added us to his list. We sat down as the lights dimmed and the only light was left over the 'A' frame as two men Frank and Julian stepped forwards. I was surprised at this as I had assumed that it was all man/woman but David explained that these were two homosexuals who were partners. They enjoyed caning each other and then going off to a private room.

Julian stripped off and bent over the the bench ready. There was no doubt that both of these knew how to cane and be caned and I was surprised with the ferocity of the strokes as Frank laid them on. He had no mercy as he thrashed Julian's bum. Julian must have received thirty hard strokes which raised hard purple ridges on him before Frank stopped. When he stood up it was clear that he had been excited as his cock stood out like an iron bar. I had not seen a man's cock since my husband left me and it certainly excited me and left me eagerly wondering what would happen with David after the caning.
Now it was our turn and I removed my clothes and went over to the bench. David smiled and I saw him select a thin whippy cane. I knew it would sting but leave few marks. I waited for it to land and then "WHIPP!!", SWISHH!!", it landed across both bum cheeks with a sharp but soft caress. "WHIPP!!", SWISHH!!","WHIPP!!", SWISHH!!" the strokes followed hard upon each other and I felt the sting in my bum. but I also felt the warm which ran through my body with the cane. A dozen and then a dozen more before he gave me the 'coup de grace' with a final stroke diagonally across the rest which stung the hardest but by now I was dying for my dildo to relieve myself. However relief was at hand!
David took my hand and smiling at the rest led me naked to the door. I followed him without thinking and soon found that I was walking upstairs to one of the bedrooms. David opened the door and I entered and saw a beautiful soft, wide bed which was ready to accommodate us. David carried me over to it and placed me in the centre before moving to the side and removing his clothes. I lay there and watch without saying a word as he finally removed his pants and I saw the lovely sight of his cock rigid with the purple head poking from its shield. He came back and stood in front of me. I took his cock in my hand and gently massaged it before taking it fully in my mouth. I just sucked it enough to make sure that it was well lubricated. We were both eager now to fuck and I opened my legs wide ready for the first man to enter me for over ten years. I was wet with spend and his cock after nudging as it searched for my opening found the entrance and gently widened it as it slid home as though it belonged. Although his cock was not long it filled me up and stretched my unused muscles to the limit before David gently thrust back and forth. I ached as I felt the ridge near the end of his cock moving inside me rubbing the sensitive interior. I soon picked up his rhythm and wrapping my legs round him I joined in so that at each stroke he reached the top of me. We were both in a state of euphoria and the bout could not last for long before I felt the billowing surges within me as he got faster and faster until with a cry and a final push I felt his come spurting inside me and warming my pussy with its cream. I meanwhile found an empathy which made me come at exactly the same moment so that we both came to a shuddering, panting climax together.
We lay there together breathing heavily before hugging and kissing. I told David that this was the first time for ten years and it was the best I had ever had while he said that although he had been with other ladies none had given him so much pleasure. He eased out from me and we lay back side by side panting and perspiring from our efforts. We did not attempt to speak more but just savoured the moment. David leant over me and as we kidded I felt his tongue enter my my and I thrust my forwards to touch his. His hand massaged my sore bum before it again felt out my pussy and rubbed my clitty. I cried out with another climax as he rubbed it harder. Now it was my turn and I gently rubbed his flaccid cock gradually bringing it to stand proudly again with the knob again stretched and purple. I looked at him and eased myself across him until my legs were each side of his body and I came down on his cock. I felt it enter as I lowered myself. Our pussy hair touched and mingled until he was finally lodged inside me. As I sat up and smiled down at him his hands caressed my breasts and my nipples stood out like nuts where he flicked them. I sat back and slowly moved up and down. I felt his cock spearing me each time I dropped and it seemed to reach to my throat as I gasped as my breath shortened. He just lay at let me work until I began to speed up when he thrust up in time with my downward strokes. I could see him squeezing his eyes and watching me carefully as he tried not to come before I was ready. Then I nodded at him as I felt the warmth of an orgasm coursing through my body and as I shuddered to a climax I felt him give a push upwards and the come welling out and inundating my pussy. I sat down on him while the come oozed down and out from my pussy lips and then gently lifted myself off as his cock shrunk back to its usual comatose state.
Again we lay back together and kissed and hugged before sitting up and returning down to the lounge where we saw another firm full bum being thrashed with the cane. By the marks she had already received at least twenty and we sat on a sofa watching as she received a further two dozen which left her buttocks scarred and purple. They didn't even wait to leave the room but she stayed in position parting her bum cheeks as her partner dropped his trousers and taking his cock out trust it in. I had never seen it before but saw that he drove up into her anus which received him with enthusiasm. He stood still for a moment before thrusting in and out with power and enthusiasm, which was actively reciprocated by his partner who was urging him to "Fuck me harder!!". He did as requested until finally with a scream of pleasure his final thrust brought her to orgasm. I heard his cock come out with a plop and then the two of them urgently left the room - I guess to continue their pleasures.
David looked over and asked me if I had ever had a cock in my anus. I told him that I had not but was willing to try it one day - although not tonight. He nodded and said that he hoped to work with me again another evening. I took up my clothes and went over to the room where I had first got undressed to dress myself. John came out smiling and asked if I had enjoyed myself. I told him that I had and that I would be returning.
I took a taxi home and my mind was in a whirl at what had happened and what I had seen. I was sure that this was the way forwards for me and I was already looking towards next week when I again hoped to meet David.
Next day I talked to Madame about my evening and how enjoyable it had been. She told me that although she was a domme she also enjoyed joining a lady for a session at the club. Alison came in then and stopped our conversation. Madame pointed out that she was late returning and she would deal with her immediately. Alison went and got undressed and returned naked. I looked at her but could see no sign of intercourse so left it to Madame.
"Melanie you may remember that you were told to return home by 8am and I note that it is now 9.30am. Bend over and you will receive two dozen strokes of the cane."
Melanie bent over and prepared herself. I looked at her white bum exposed to the air and the cane. "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", the cane lashed down "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", Madame lay the strokes across both buttocks with accuracy and force. Melanie didn't move and "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!". Still the cane rose and fell and the lines multiplied as the buttocks got redder and redder. The first dozen were with the lightweight cane where the sting was greater than the force before Madame took up the heavier cane. She told Melanie to stand up for a minute and then return to her position. "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", Melanie was smarting by now and the extra force of this cane caused her more discomfort "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", by now she was crying gently and by the end she was in considerable pain. Her buttocks were bruised and ridged with the marks very prominent and I helped her to her feet. I reminded her that spending the night out also had its own responsibilities and she MUST return at the allocated time. Alison sniffed and said she was sorry and knew that she deserved the punishment. I took her to her room and laying her down applied some cool cream to her bum to soothe it.
Several days later Alison had gone to school and I had broken some dishes. Madame told me that she would be caning me as punishment for the breakages and for swearing at the incident. I went to my room and removed my clothes returning to the kitchen where Madame had a cushion on the table and told me to bend over and grip the far side. I did as instructed and received a dozen HARD strokes across my bum. When she had given them I felt a soft hand on my bum as she massaged the cheeks. It felt very pleasant and I opened my legs a little wider. I felt her draw the cane through my pussy before she gave me another six strokes. I was not sure what was to happen as the pain of the cane was overcome with the erotic feelings engendered by Madame's fingers. I felt them stroking my pussy which was wet with come. Then she rubbed my clitty and I was bucking under her hand. She stood me up and led me into my bedroom where she removed her own clothes. I saw a well-formed body with firm buttocks and breasts. Her pussy was covered with a generous amount of black hair. Her legs were strong with firm thighs.
I was not sure what was going to happen but Madame sat on my bed and took me over her legs. I felt her massage cream into my painful buttocks before she slipped her fingers into my pussy. At least two fingers entered me and moved back and forth. She then stood me up and laying me on my back on the bed opened my legs wide. Her fingers parted my pussy lips and came down with her mouth to my pussy. I gasped as this had never happened before but I welcomed it as her tongue brushed my clitoris. Then she spread the lips wide and her tongue went deeper in as she licked me out. I cried out and writhed on the bed. This was more erotic than anything which had ever happened to me and I felt wave upon wave of warmth course through my body as she expertly brought me to my climax. Madame smiled and kissed me as we lay back on the bed.
"Now it is your turn!"
She lay back and spread her lips. I was uncertain what to do but smelt the special women's smell as I found her clitty with my tongue. I felt her tremble as I touched her. I slid my fingers into the slippery opening and pushed them deep. Madame bucked under my fingers as she found her own passion. I worked away until I felt her rise up off the bed with her back arched while she cried out. I could not believe it as I felt her come spurt out all over my fingers and face. Licked it up and then went up beside her sliding my come covered tongue into her mouth. We kissed as she accepted it.
"I hope that you are enjoying yourself. You can take lots of pleasure in sex with a woman as well as with a man. Now I am going to show you something more. "
At this she went to her room returning with a bundle with straps wrapped round it. When she came in she unfastened it and I saw that it was a huge dildo with straps. The dildo had a smaller appendage at the back. She showed me and then started to fasten it on herself. I saw that she spread her legs and the small end slipped into her pussy. She then fastened the straps round her waist and between her legs. When she had finished she had a monster dildo sticking out from her thighs. She smiled and told me to bend over the end of the bed. I looked at the dildo and said that I didn't think that I would be able to take it. Madame reassured me and I took my place on the floor spreading my legs wide and bending over the end of the bed. Madame came forwards and I felt her hands spreading my pussy lips. She presented the tip to my gaping lips and pushed home. As the dildo entered it seemed to split me in two and I was gasping as it filled me to a greater extent than I had ever experienced. Although it was huge I wanted even more of it so encouraged her to push harder until finally the tip reached the top of my cunt. She stood behind me bending over my back as we both enjoyed the entry of the two legs of the dildo.
Now she started to move in and out and I lay their welcoming in more of the dildo with each thrust. Unlike a man the dildo did not need to reach a climax and I felt wave after wave of heat passing through my body while my legs trembled with the pleasure I was receiving. My come was pouring out lubricating the dildo and making its passage easier as Madame powered away. She seemed to be going on forever and the perspiration poured off our bodies before, after what seemed hours, She gave one final thrust and a loud cry before collapsing over my back panting and with her body heaving with her efforts.
"That was beautiful , I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did?"
I agreed and felt the dildo ease out of my pussy which soon recovered its proper state. Madame asked me if I would now do the same to her. I had never tried it but I was willing and after washing the dildo we fastened it around my waist. I felt the small 'leg' slip into my pussy and then the weight of the dildo sticking out from my body. Madame bent over and opened her legs wide giving me full access and with her help I slipped the dildo home inside her. I pushed and found that like me that her pussy was wet and slippery so that the dildo slipped easily into it. She groaned as I pushed it home.
"It's wonderful, push deeper!"
I thrust harder until it was fully home. I took her hips in my hands and began to thrust in and out first of all slowly but gradually speeding up as I found the right pace. Again I found that I was able to continue to fuck her for several minutes before I found that I was gasping and getting too tired to continue. Madame was crying out and beating her hands on the bed as I was working. Finally I gave one or two final thrusts before collapsing with exhaustion. We stayed in position for several minutes before I drew out the dildo, unfastened it and threw myself back on the bed pulling Madame with me. We lay there gently kissing and caressing before we stood up and went together to the shower.
I now discovered that I enjoyed sex with a woman as much as a man. As the shower fell so Madame went down between my legs and I felt her tongue exploring my pussy. She parted my lips and sucked on my clitty while I cried out with pleasure. her fingers thrust high inside me until they explored my very core. I was writhing in ecstasy before I came with a spurt of come which entered Madame's mouth and she swallowed with pleasure. Now it was my turn to pleasure her. I lifted her and caressed her breasts before dropping down and thrusting through the thick pussy hair I drew my tongue across her clitty. It was large and like a nut as I took it full into my mouth. I sucked and nipped it gently with my teeth before I used my fingers to explore her insides. Like me she was wet and slimy with her spend and my fingers found no obstruction as they slid in until I reached the top and they were gripped in a vice by her pussy muscles. She flexed them around my fingers gripping tightly so that I found difficulty in releasing them. Eventually she laughed and relaxed her muscles until my fingers could thrust in and out bringing her to her climax. We hugged and kissed before drying each other and getting dressed.
We had taken up much of the morning in our pleasures and now both madame and I went out and about our several businesses.

In the next part Melanie discovers her mother and madame