Bend Over Alison - Part 5 - Alison discovers her mother and madame

The Disciplinarian

Alison had left for school one morning and Madame and I looked at each other. There was no doubt about what we both wanted. and needed, and it was not long before I was stripped and bent over the kitchen table watching Madame returning with a thick severe looking strap and a cane which was longer than she normally used.
"John has asked me to test your limits as he has a special party evening for you in a fortnight. There will be a select group of men and you. Do you think that you are up to it as you will receive a severe caning?"

"I don't know so you must try me. Fasten me to the table so I can't move and then I leave you to decide when to stop."
Madame brought some rope and fastened my feet to the legs of the table so that they were spread wide and then as I bent over she slipped a cushion between my body and the table. As I gripped the far edge she slipped ropes round my wrists and pulled them tight leaving me stretched wide and unable to move. She then did something unexpected and fastened a blindfold over my eyes so that I could see nothing. I felt her fingers touch my pussy and then the edge of the cane running up and down my bum crack before she eased it into my anus. This was something new, but not unpleasant, and I dreamed away before "SWISHH!!", "THUDD!!" the strap landed across my bum. This was the first of many and soon I felt a burning sensation across both bum cheeks as the blows landed. Madame was an expert and the sound of the blows soon rained down across my bum. I enjoyed the thud and slap of the strap as it landed and had no idea how many she had given me before she stopped and caressed my bum. I felt her part my bum cheeks and then her finger penetrated my anus. Somehow it seemed right and when she opened it wider with a second finger I was feeling a special erotic pleasure which I hadn't expected. She removed her fingers as she saw that I enjoyed it and took up the cane. I waited with apprehensive expectation because I knew that I was going to receive thrashing far beyond anything I had received before.
My bum was already afire and I felt the first stroke whip home "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", it seared my bum. Play had ended and now my limits were to be tested. "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!",. Madame had no mercy and after stopping for a short time after the first twelve the "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!" began again. I began to retreat into that shell which surrounded me as I was being caned, the pleasure allied to the pain. The searing agony entwined with the ecstasy of sensations which bubbled up inside me so that the warmth became heat and come poured down the inside of my legs from my pussy. I stopped counting and let Madame decide the time to cease. Eventually it arrived - I had no idea whether she had given me fifty or a hundred strokes but I knew that I was ready for the next part of the adventure. Madame left the room and returned with the strap-on. I watched as she undressed herself and fastened it round her waist opening her legs to allow the small projection inside her. The cock stood out large and firm as she moved round behind me. She parted my pussy lips and I felt the dildo penetrate before sliding high inside me she pushed hard until it lodged firmly within me. She rested across me and I felt the harsh bush of her scouring my sore buttocks. Then with long slow strokes she rogered me. In,out; In,out she went again and again for what seemed forever before suddenly the kitchen door opened and Alison stood there.
She cried out:
"Mum what's happening?"
Madame stood up easing the dildo out from my wet pussy while for my tethered position I tried to explain to Alison.
"Darling I have spent many years celibate and suppressed as you grew up but now you are finding your own friends I have discovered that I enjoy sex. I also enjoy the cane and Madame and I give each other pleasure. If I have offended you I am sorry but I will not stop now. "
Alison looked at both of us for a moment before laughing and saying:
"Now I know where it comes from. I enjoy the cane and the strap and feel very sexy during and after. can I join you?"
She started to remove all her clothes until she stood in front of us naked. Madame and I looked at each other and knew that we had a willing partner in my daughter. She helped Madame unfasten me and caressed my sore bum where the lines were becoming hard ridges following the firmness of the caning and then said she wanted to take my place. She lay over the table and we fastened her down with her ankles fixed to the legs and her body stretched across the table.
"Mum I want twenty from you before Madame finishes me off. Then I want to feel that dildo slip into my pussy. I am still a virgin but I am sure that you can help me." I looked at Madame who handed me the cane. This was the first time I had chastised my daughter and it felt strange to be using a cane on the tender buttocks I had smoothed. cleaned and powdered as a baby. But I decided to do her justice as she requested and "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", I lashed the cane down. Alison moaned gently as each stroke fell but I knew that she was taking pleasure from it. "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", I made no attempt to let up until the end of the twenty strokes. I then looked at the red bum lines with the weals from the cane and rubbed it once or twice before handing over to Madame. "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", she was at least as firm as I had been and laid on another two dozen before stopping. By now Alison's bum was swollen and a bright purple colour as the bruises came out and I gently rubbed it to take some of the pain away. We unfastened her from the table and Madame told her that she needed to be on her back for her firs fucking.
We went into her bedroom where she lay back, wincing with the pain in her bum. I spread her legs wide looking into the coral lips for the first time as an adult. They nestled in a dark bush which would grow thicker with age but they were already pouting as they waited and I saw the cum oozing out from them. Madame stood between Alison's legs and presented the head of the dildo to the entrance.
"This will hurt", she said,"but I will try to be quick." I held Alison's hand and watched the dildo gradually entering and spreading her insides. She seemed able to cope with it until finally it reached her hymen. Madame stopped for a moment and then with a jerk she thrust home. Alison bucked and cried out with the pain before laying back again. Madame stayed still until she saw that Alison was ready and then gently eased the dildo out to the edge before thrusting it firmly home again. Alison told her to continue and soon Madame had got into a rhythm thrusting and releasing while Alison cried out and writhed on the bed. I knew that although a little was still pain most was the pleasure she was receiving from the dildo. Madame continued for several minutes before giving one final thrust and withdrawing. Alison lay back gasping with emotion.
"That was wonderful. Now I know what sex means and I love it, especially in conjunction with the cane. "
Madame unfastened the dildo and after washing it handed it to me. I fastened it round my waist and while Madame bent forwards I thrust it home into her pussy. She was so wet with cum that it slid to the top without effort and while Alison lay back and watched I gave Madame a fucking to remember with multiple orgasms for us both. Then I withdrew and we all collapsed on Alison's bed hugging and kissing each other.
"Oh mum I am so pleased that this has happened. I have been wanting to lose my virginity but girls have told me how men hurt them and then collapse after a minute or so. After the entry madame was fantasia and kept me on top of my pleasure for such a long time that I am only just coming back to earth. Can we three stay together for tonight as I want to see you fuck Madame..
Madame smiled and we both agreed.
Madame spoke:
"Alison I want your other to fuck me in a different way. I can promise you it is enjoyable but first I am sure you want to see me caned. If you get the cane I will bend over and your mother can deal with me. "
Alison quickly returned with the cane and while she watched I dealt with Made me as she wished. I gave her thirty hard cuts which marked her bum with dark lines and Alison went over and felt the weals while I got the dildo. Alison helped me fasten it in place and then we were both surprised when madame said that she wanted it in her anus.
I was shocked because I had never though of this before but Madame brought some cream from her room and parting her bum cheeks asked me to push some into the puckered orifice. I did so and felt the muscles flexing as I pushed the cream home. Then I pointed the dildo at the rosette and pushed gently. It was hard to enter and Madame was crying out as it went in splitting her wide open.
"Don't stop!"
Madame cried
I pushed harder and she relaxed her muscles to help me until she was filled with this superb dildo. I lay across her back for a few moments before moving. As I thrust in and out I was fascinated at the reactions of Madame who was calling for more and grabbing the cover of the bed. She thrust back until we were going deep and then withdrawing almost to the tip. I was perspiring with my efforts and Madame was bucking with emotion until she gave a loud cry and stiffened almost rigid before collapsing on to the bed. I gently withdrew the dildo and wondered what the pleasure could be in this. However I knew that before long I would be trying it for myself.
We stood up and all agreed that it was time for a shower. It was not designed for three so I suggested that Alison should shower with Madame while I waited. They left the door open and I could hear them laughing. I guessed that Madame was teaching Alison some of the pleasures I had experienced with her. Eventually they came out and Alison smiled at me as she led Madame to her room. They closed the door and for the next hour I heard sounds of pleasure but nothing else. I showered myself and went back to the lounge to await their reappearance. Finally they came back fully dressed and Alison rushed over and kissed me.
"Mother it has been wonderful. I didn't know that women could make love like that. Can we try sometime?"
I was taken aback with the request but agreed as I did not want to damp her enthusiasm. I was not sure how she would find a woman as ripe as me after her session with Madame. After dinner we all went to bed in our own rooms to sleep the night away after an exhausting day.
Little new happened over the next week or so as we came to terms with the new sexual interests we had found. My mind was taken up with my visit to the Club the next week for the special party at which I was to be the centre of interest. The day arrived and I became more nervous but was still eagerly looking forward to the experience. Madame made sure that I did not get involved with spanking so that my bum was in prime condition when we set out that evening. We arrive shortly after seven o'clock and John welcomed me in. He showed me to the side room and I went and got undressed putting on a loose gown. John then led me to the other room. When I walked in I found that there were just three men all naked there an in the centre of the room was an 'A' frame. My gown was removed and I was led to the frame where I was fastened in position. The three men came and played with my body caressing me all over and feeling between my legs and sliding fingers inside my anus. By now I was ready for anything and I watched as one of the men lifted a cane. "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", there was a searing pain in my bum as the cane reached its target. "Wow" this was harder than David or Madame and I knew that I must be prepared for a long painful session. "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", the cane fell "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", he continued to drive the strokes home with ferocity until I had received about twenty. He then stopped and I felt his hands on my bum and the coolness of cream as it entered my anus. At the same time another of the men came forwards and presented his rigid cock to my mouth. This really was new to me and I found it difficult at first to take it in. At the same time I felt myself split with the cock of my caner as he entered my anus. He slipped fully home and I felt a warm glow of pleasure as it became lodged to its limit. He then began to thrust in and out slowly before accelerating. Meanwhile I was sucking on the thick cock which had been presented to me and used my tongue to caress the tip. Suddenly his had went to it and with a rapid motion he brought himself off. His cum spurted in great gouts all over my face and I swallowed some as my mouth and eyes filled with his generous donation. My anus was glowing with the pleasure of the other cock and I felt a stiffening of him as he rammed home a final thrust and I felt the cool cum inundating my insides. He stayed in position for several moments before withdrawing with a 'plop' and as he withdrew I felt the cum sliding down the insides of my bum cheeks onto my thighs. They released me and I stood up but I saw that the evening had not yet finished.
As soon as I was released the third man took my place and bent over the frame. His two friends fastened him in position and each took up a cane. Standing one each side of him the lashed his bum unmercifully. Twelve, twenty-four, fifty they went on until the whole area was a mass of bruises which were turning purple and swelling. They then stopped and , after giving their cocks a few rubs to bring them to a full stand, they coated his anus with cream and penetrated him in turn fucking him for several minutes each before mumming themselves. Finally they unfastened him and he walked over to me with his massive cock erect like the pole of a flagstaff. He lifted me up then spread me out in the middle of the room with my legs wide and with his massive ten inch cock penetrated my pussy stretching that to its limits. he then fucked me with great vigour following his caning until he rogered me to total exhaustion as I thought. But it was not finished yet as while his cum was oozing out from me the other two took it in turns to show their virility. I found that this session heightened my pleasure in a way I had not believed possible and I was eager for more.
The three men stood and gave me a kiss and then we went up to various bedrooms to repair the excesses of the evening and returning downstairs I found them waiting in the lounge fully dressed. We had a glass of wine before parting and going our different ways. John was waiting to see me and thrust an envelope into my hand.
"Would you be prepared to return for a similar session if requested?"
I had enjoyed the evening but it had taken me far beyond anything I had experienced before or indeed understood so I suggested that he called me in a couple of days time when I would have been able to think it through. He nodded and called a taxi to take me home.
As the taxi took me home my mind went over the evening and I had to admit to myself that I had enjoyed everything. The caning had left me very sore, as was my pussy and anus but I knew that this was only temporary and the pleasure I experienced far outweighed the discomfort. Yes I would return.

The next part tells of her further experiences both with her daughter and at the club.