I Expect Discipline - Part 1
The Disciplinarian

Dinner was a quiet affair with Major Percival at one end of the table, his wife Priscilla at the other and his daughters Marion and Frances sitting opposite each other. The silence was pregnant with menace and the apprehension showed on the faces of the females. They knew they had no excuse for their heavy spending while in London and they knew that the Major would take it out of their bums once he had finished his dinner and post dinner drink and cigar. He stood up and said:
"I am just going to have my drink and smoke and when I return to the study I shall expect to find you all ready for me."
He left the room and the ladies went upstairs to their rooms to prepare. They changed into their night clothes just wearing a long shift without anyithing underneath. When they were ready they returned to the study and stood lined up in front of his desk. They had been waiting for ten minutes when the door opened and the Major came in, walked to his desk and sat behind it.
"Ladies, I want to know your explanations."
Priscilla stepped forward.
"Sir I have to admit that we overspent our allowances but...."
He put his hand up:

"Madam you have admitted the offence and I want no excuses, the long and short is that you overspent. You all know the penalty and it will be carried out NOW. You can all prepare yourself. Madam it will be you first. Twenty four strokes of the birch on the bare. No crying, no moving or there will be extra strokes. Clothes!"
Priscilla stepped forward and unfastened her dressing gown, laid it on the back of a chair and then removed her nightdress which she slipped down around her feet. The Major looked at his wife and saw a beautiful woman with long elegant legs and a mons which was well covered with a thick black bush with her puffy pussy peeking through. She had a well developed bum with dimples in either cheek. Finally her breasts were full and luscious with dark brown aureoles and nut hard nipples. Major Percival stepped over to the corner and took a birch from the water bucket. This was a punishment birch with a dozen long twigs still with the buds in place. Priscilla knew its potential as she had been forced to collect the the twigs and bind them together. The Major tapped the end of the 'chaise-longue' and his wife stepped forward and bent over the raised end. When she was in position her white buttocks shone as they were exposed to the birch.
"Two dozen I think Madam!"
The Major stepped forward and "SWISHHH!!", "WHIPPP!!", the first stroke landed and left a network of lines across her bum. "SWISHHH!!", "WHIPPP!!", "SWISHHH!!", "WHIPPP!!" - more lines jumped out across her buttocks. At present the caress of the birch did not appear to create much effect but Priscilla knew that the more strokes that landed the more the pain would multiply. "SWISHHH!!", "WHIPPP!!", "SWISHHH!!", "WHIPPP!!", stoke by multiplying stroke the birch did its bidding and the red lines filled the bum while at the edges small blisters appeared which oozed blood. Major Percival stood back to look at the ffect on his wife's bum. It was a fiery red and the birch marks clawed at it but he was satisfied that it could take much more and he intended that the full two dozen would be administered. He looked at the birch and saw that it was breaking up so he sent his wife to the bucket for a fresh one. She walked gingerly across the floor and collected a fresh bouquet handing it to him in both hands. She then returned to her position and gripped the seat firmly. She knew that she must not flinch. Also in the back of her mind was the fact that the birching made her very randy and when her husband had dealt with her and the girls they would have a VERY passionate session which would last most of the night. "SWISHHH!!", "WHIPPP!!", "SWISHHH!!", "WHIPPP!!", damn she had been dreaming and she had nearly cried out. "SWISHHH!!", "WHIPPP!!", "SWISHHH!!", "WHIPPP!!", "SWISHHH!!", "WHIPPP!!", "SWISHHH!!", "WHIPPP!!",the strokes lashed down deadening the pain as they multiplied in number but at the same time arousing her to fever pitch with her pussy awash. The Major saw the juices running down the inside of her thighs and "SWISHHH!!", "WHIPPP!!", "SWISHHH!!", "WHIPPP!!", his last strokes landed.
"You will return to your room Madam and wait for me. I will be up when I have dealt with these young ladies."
Gathering her clothes up Priscilla left the room for her bedroom now forgetting the pain in her bum and dreaming of the aftermath in a few minutes.
Meanwhile Major Percival turned to his eldest daughter.
"Marion, please fetch me the my riding crop."
Marion dreaded this knowing that it was the crop he used for his horse and had a whalebone interior. She walked to the cupboard and took out the crop which was about twenty five inches long and tapered from a handle through its length to almost a point. She handed it to her father.
Marion removed her gown and nightdress and stood before her father naked. She was not as fully formed as her mother but was willowy with buttocks more suited to a man. Her pubic area was well covered but it was still growing as she developed into womanhood. Her breasts were pert but small with nipples which were only partly developed.
"One dozen with the crop for you young lady and I hope that it will teach you a lesson. The next infringement will call for double. Over the end of the table and stretch so that you are on tiptoe."
Marion did as instructed and took up her position laying along the table so that her calves and thighs were taut while her arms gripped the other side of the table. She waited and then the crop came down "WHIPPP!!", CRACKKK!!" just two inches above the crease. A white line soon changed to red. "WHIPPP!!", CRACKKK!!", "WHIPPP!!", CRACKKK!!" two more and the third touched the line of the second. The first was now turning purple standing like a rope proud from her bum. She gripped tighter "WHIPPP!!", CRACKKK!!", "WHIPPP!!", CRACKKK!!" - now she wanted to cry out but knew that her father would only repeat the stroke "WHIPPP!!", CRACKKK!!", "WHIPPP!!", CRACKKK!!". Halfway now and she could feel the tightening in her bum a each stroke swelled to form a thick line within seconds of it landing. "WHIPPP!!", CRACKKK!!", "WHIPPP!!", CRACKKK!!", she tried to think of other things as the crop flailed down but the pain was now so intense that her mind could absorb nothing except the agony of each strokes. "WHIPPP!!", CRACKKK!!", "WHIPPP!!", CRACKKK!!". She was almost fainting when she heard her father telling her to stand and return to her bedroom. As if in a trance she stood for a few moments before gathering her clothes and hobbling to the door and upstairs with her ravaged buttocks turning to a dark purple mass.
Frances had stood watching her mother and sister appalled with their punishment and she was crying softly to herself as she awaited her father's punishment.
"Undress and prepare yourself."
She unfastened her gown and nightdress and stood in front of her father.
"Now young lady I do not hold you as responsible as your mother and sister so your punishment will not be as fierce. However you must learn that disobedience will not be tolerated. Fetch me the cane from my desk."
She walked to the desk and saw that it was not the punishment cane but the lighter governess cane, still very painful but not as vicious as the punishment cane. She held it in both hands as she passed it to him.
"Take up position. Twelve strokes and no crying or standing up."
She bent over and prepared herself. "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!", the first stroke lashed home leaving a white line across both buttocks, "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!", this was half an inch above the first, "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!", right across the crown of the bum "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!","WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!", the early strokes were turning a bright red. Six, seven, eight, the stokes landed without mercy. Frances wanted to scream in agony but knew that this would mean extra strokes. She was beginning to breath heavily "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!",, "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!", nine and ten fell and now were landing on earlier marks. "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!","WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!", the last two were the heaviest and the final one was dealt diagonally to cross all the rest leaving her almost swooning.
"I hope that you have learned your lesson. Replace the cane, gather your clothes and return to your room."
Her bum burning with the pain Frances went upstairs to join her sister in her misery and mutually cream and massage the soreness away.
Meanwhile Major Percival wasted no time. One quick whisky and he rapidly climbed the stairs to his wife's room. As soon as he was inside he shed his clothes until he was as naked as his wife who was laying back with spread legs. His cock was already ready and she parted her puffy lips and guide his rampant cock to help as he drove straight home through the forest of black hair into the wet warm interior. She squealed with pleasure as she felt the thick long cock drive up into her pussy searching for the top where it semed to invade her womb.
"Quickly darling I need it so badly. That birching has really turned me on."
The Major needed no urging and he was soon ramming away while his wife pushed against him in her passion. Before long her legs were locked round his back and the two of them were moving with enthusiasm as they rose to their climax. This was familiar territory for both of them and they timed their individual climaxes so that they came together. Priscilla felt the warmth as his sperm spurted into her and she arched her back as she came herself. They collapsed back side by side.
"You really searched me with the birch and I don't know how I stood those last half dozen. Look at my bum and put some cream on it. She turned face down and her husband rose over her looking at the ravaged buttocks where the birch had scarified it. He gently touched them and then taking a jar of cream from the side he began to apply it. As we worked away she asked:
"Did you enjoy dealing with the girls?"
"It was interesting to see their reactions and I must say I would have enjoyed touching them up as I dealt with them. I could see that both of them were getting randy. I imagine that at present they are helping to relieve each other. What would you think if I played with them next time?"
His wife turned her face in the pillows so that she faced him:
"I would not mind as long as I was there to see you but NO sex without me mind to guide them. That is my only proviso."
"My dear I wouldn't have it any other way. Now I need you sucking my cock before I come in your bum."
He lay back and she bent over his cock. She knew how to bring him to stand. She ran her tongue around the head before slowly running down the length of it up and down the underside before taking his balls in her mouth. His cock gradually came to full stand again and she opened her mouth covering the head and enclosing the glans with her warm soft mouth. He groaned but pushed her off.
"On your knees quickly"
She turned her back and knelt on the bed gingerly parting her bum cheeks. She put her fingers in her soaking pussy and transferred the juices to the tight anus before guiding her husband's cock to the puckered hole. He pushed gently at first while she helped by relaxing her anal muscles and soon he was firmly lodged. He rested across her back while she prepared herself. His pubic hairs hurt as they rubbed her sore bum but she knew that this was a small price to pay for their pleasure as even this friction would added to her erotic pleasure.
Slowly and steadily he gave measured thrusts to her interior accelerating at her urgings. After their earlier fuck he was more relaxed and was able to hold on longer as she pushed back against him. The springs creaked and their bodies slapped together. After their previous exertions they were soon sweating but as experienced partners they were able to pace themselves so that again their climaxes came together as with, three final thrusts, he went rigid and he ejaculated into her insides. Again they collapsed on the bed but this time pulled a cover over themselves and settled down to sleep for the rest of the night.
Meanwhile the girls had retired to Marion's room and had a large jar of cream to ease their wounds. Marion lay face down while Frances gently massaged some cream into the sore bum. As she lay there she gradually relaxed and her legs parted while Frances allowed her hands to stray from the bum to between her thighs until diffidently she touched Marion's clitty. Marion gasped but said nothing and spread her legs wider. Frances continued her ministrations but explored further and when she was not rebuffed her fingers slid into Marion. She waited for a reaction.
"Don't stop that is fantastic."
Frances now continued her exploration and found that Marion's cunt was soaking and the slippery interior welcomed her fingers. She had played with herself before so knew what to do and so gently, using two fingers, moved them in and out of Marion. Marion was bucking and kicking as she felt the pleasure of the fingers take over from the pain in her bum and it was not long before she had massive orgasm. Frances felt a spurt of cum on her fingers as Marion came and her juices ran down her fingers. She withdrew her fingers and, after offering them to Marion to smell, licked the cum swallowing it with pleasure. She turned herself over and asked Marion to do the same to her.
Marion started by tracing the lines of the cane strokes and then rubbed in lots of cream using her fingers firmly but gently. Frances parted her legs and Marion began her exploration finding that, like herself, her sister was wet and randy. She started with Frances clitty rubbing with her thumb while Frances writhed and wrapped her arms round her head as the pleasure bud sent erotic shivers through her. Marion though then turned Frances on her on her back and spreading her legs wide went down between them using her tongue to search out the special spots for Frances. To Frances this was new and a pleasure beyond any she had experienced before and she thrust the pillow in her mouth to prevent her cries being heard. She wrapped her legs round her sister and heard Marion slurping up the juices as they poured from her pussy. Eventually it was too much so she pushed Marion away but hugged and kissed her.
"Do you think it was the punishment which made us so sexually aroused because we have never done this before?"
"I don't know but I am sure that this is just the start for us."
At that the girls kissed each other and Frances retired to her room where she dreamed of the pain and the pleasure the cane had caused her and how it had affected the rest of the family.

Part Two of I Expect Discipline tells of how the family explored their sexuality further.