I Expect Discipline- Part 2
The Disciplinarian

In Part 1 of this story the girls and their mother were beaten by their father and the aftermath and questions raised. Again dinner was a quiet affair with Major Percival at one end of the table, his wife Priscilla at the other and his daughters Marion and Frances sitting opposite each other. Again the problem was overspending but this time the Major and his wife had decided to introduce an element of erotica into the event. How far they would go depended on the reactions of the girls but in spite of this he was genuinely angry and intended to take to take it out on their bums.
"Ladies you know what is to happen and you will retire to your rooms and prepare yourselves before you return. I shall expect you in half an hour."
His wife and daughters went to their respective bedrooms and changed into their night clothes before coming back to the study. When the Major returned they were all standing in front of his desk waiting for his decision. He entered the room and spoke:

"Again you have disobeyed me and overspent your allowances. This cannot continue and I will make your bums smart. Priscilla you will receive two dozen strokes with the crop, Frances and Marion eighteen each with the punishment cane. Girls your mother will be last this time and will remain in the room as I deal with you. Frances you first. Prepare yourself and fetch the cane.
Frances removed all nightgown and again her firm figure made her father feel randy as she walked to the table and collected the cane before handing it to her father. He pointed to the end of the table and told her to assume the position.
She bent over gripping the far end tightly with her hands and her father could see not only the taut white buttocks but also the fig which nestled between her thighs. "Take up position. Eighteen strokes and no crying or standing up."
She prepared herself. "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!", the first stroke lashed home leaving a white line across both buttocks, "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!", this was half an inch above the first, "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!", right across the crown of the bum "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!","WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!", the early strokes were turning a bright red. Six, seven, eight, the stokes landed without mercy. Frances wanted to scream in agony but knew that this would mean extra strokes. She was beginning to breath heavily "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!",, "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!", nine and ten fell and now were landing on earlier marks. "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!","WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!", the last two were the heaviest and after twelve he decided to make the next move. He lay the cane down and moved behind her gently massaging her sore bum. As he did so his fingers strayed between her legs and his thumb gently massaged her clitty. She was already wet with the erotic feelings the cane produced and she spread her legs wider opening herself to him. The other two watched closely with Priscilla pleased that it was working while Marion was puzzled. The Major took his position again and "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!","WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!", the shock of further strokes with the final one dealt diagonally to cross all the rest leaving her almost swooning.
The Major now turned to Marion and dealt with her in exactly the same way as her sister and found the same result. He then turned to them and said:
"This last session has shown me that besides the punishment that the caning also has another effect on you. There is nothing wrong with this and after I have dealt with your mother you will join us upstairs."
He tapped the table and picked up the crop.
"Two dozen for you my Lady. The next infringement will call for double. Over the end of the couch and stretch so that you are on tiptoe."
Priscilla did as instructed and took up her position laying over the end of the sofa so that her calves and thighs were taut while her arms gripped the cushions. She knew that this would be a very painful session but was eagerly awaiting the aftermath. He kept her waiting and then the crop came down "WHIPPP!!", CRACKKK!!" just two inches above the crease. A white line soon changed to red. "WHIPPP!!", CRACKKK!!", "WHIPPP!!", CRACKKK!!" two more and the third touched the line of the second. The first was now turning purple standing like a rope proud from her bum. She gripped tighter "WHIPPP!!", CRACKKK!!", "WHIPPP!!", CRACKKK!!" - now she was well into the session and the pain was being absorbed in to the erotic pleasure each stroke gave her. "WHIPPP!!", CRACKKK!!", "WHIPPP!!", CRACKKK!!". Halfway now and the girls watched as he did the same to Priscilla as he had done to them and as her explored between his wife's legs they heard her groan. It was obviously of pleasure and not of pain. Her legs widened to aceept more fingers and the girls watched fascinated as he slipped his fingers in and out faster and faster. They heard her cry out with pleasure. Now he stood back and as she bent forwards again she could feel the tightening in her bum as each stroke swelled to form a thick line within seconds of it landing. "WHIPPP!!", CRACKKK!!", "WHIPPP!!", CRACKKK!!", she tried to think of other things as the crop flailed down but the pain was now so intense that her mind could absorb nothing except the agony of each stroke. She strove to think of the aftermath of pleasure which this flogging was the painful presage to. "WHIPPP!!", CRACKKK!!", "WHIPPP!!", CRACKKK!!". She was absorbing the strokes "WHIPPP!!", CRACKKK!!", "WHIPPP!!", CRACKKK!!", "WHIPPP!!", CRACKKK!!", "WHIPPP!!", CRACKKK!!". The last strokes powered home before she heard him telling her to stand. As she stood the pain was overcome with the erotiticm a flogging always created.
"To your room Madam, and girls you will join us there."
The girls looked surprised but, still naked, followed their parents upstairs to their bedroom and the girls stood watching as they saw their mother throw herself on the end of the bed and lay back. They had never seen her like this fully exposed with her black bush surrounding the thick puffy pussy lips. They saw her spread them wide with her fingers and watched as their father removed his clothes. He had a firm body and his chest was covered with hair while from a thick pubic bush they saw his cock emerge. They gasped as they had never seen a cock before and the long thick pole standing out from a black bush between his thighs with its dark purple head fascinated them but they had not much longer to inspect it before he pointed it between his wife's thighs and entered fully into her. T They watched as he was rawn deeper and deeper inside his wife and then he rested when fully lodged. They were enthralled as their father thrust in and out as he pistoned between his wife's thighs. They could see that both of them were getting great pleasure from the experience. They saw their mother was helping her husband as she wrapped her legs around him bucking and squealing as she helped him. Eventually he could wait no longer and, with a great heave of his body, he spurted his cum into his wife. The two girls watched the whole experience in awe as the couple separated and they saw their father's cock was now only a miniature of its earlier state.
Their mother sat up and called for them to sit on the bed:
"Now girls your father and I both know what a great pleasure sex can be between a loving couple and we are concerned that you should have your introduction in a controlled situation. Your father therefore will give you both your first experience while I supervise. Tonight you will have a chance to enjoy sex. Marion your father will start with you. Frances you and I will watch. You will notice that before anything can happen we must get your father's cock to a full stand. Marion watch as I take the end in my mouth and gently caress and suck it. This is wonderful and gives both participants great pleasure. Now I take the shaft in my hand and rub the skin up and down."
As Marion watched she saw her father's cock grow and grow until it was long and hard. There was pre-cum at the tip.
"Right Marion on your back with your legs well spread."
As she did so her mother licked her fingers and lubricated the entrance to Marion's vagina - although when she felt it she could tell that Marion's secretions had already made the inside slippery. Major Percival stepped forward and she took his cock in her hand guiding it to Marion's vagina. He gently thrust forward spreading the tight vagina as he worked his way inside. She felt he cunny gradually spread wider and wider as he slipped inside. He stopped when she flinched as he reached her hymen.
"This is it my dear."
Pricilla watched as her mother took up a thick cane and standing to the side of their father gave one "CRAAKK!!" across his bum. He involuntory jerked forwards And split her hymen causing her to cry out. But it was finished, she was now a woman. He lay quietly while she recovered from the pain and then she said:
"I am ready Daddy. Fuck me !"
He took her at her word and moved in an out gently trying to give her pleasure without increasing her pain. As he moved so she felt the warm flush which the junction of a cock and vagina create when in motion and she soon picked up her rhythm from him and their bellies slapped together with their exertions before at the last moment he pulled out and using his hand shot his spunk all over her belly. Marion watched him cum all over her belly and pubic hair then scooped it up and smelt it before tasting it."
"It was wonderful daddy. I loved the whole experience and the smell of your cum is so sexy."
Her mother came over and kissed her. She brought a damp cloth and gently wiped the blood and cum from Marion's thighs and pubic area.
Marion turned to her sister:
"Come on Frances you will enjoy it as much as I have done. Mummy can Daddy do it again?"
Her mother laughed:
"I promise he can if you give him time. I will show you what I do. Over the end of the bed my dear it is YOUR turn for the cane!"
The girls looked astounded as their father slid off the bed and bent over the end with his bare bum showing. Priscilla took up a cane which was leaning against the wall in the corner and swished it once or twice."SWISHH!!", CRACKK!!", she lashed it down across his buttocks "SWISHH!!", CRACKK!!", "SWISHH!!", CRACKK!!", "SWISHH!!", CRACKK!!". She stopped and looked at her daughters:
"Don't look so surprised your father enjoys the rod as much as I do. You should see how many strokes he can take. Tonight it is just a dozen to get his cock to stand ready for Frances. "SWISHH!!", CRACKK!!", "SWISHH!!", CRACKK!!", "SWISHH!!", CRACKK!!" the strokes continued "SWISHH!!", CRACKK!!", "SWISHH!!", CRACKK!!", "SWISHH!!", CRACKK!!" until the twelve had found their mark leaving red lines across his bum but, more important, as he stood up they saw that his cock was again erect and ready to do his duty.
"Into position my dear so that your father can start."
Frances took her position at the end of the bed with her legs wide apart while her mother wet her pussy with her saliva. Again she knew this wasn't really needed as she could feel the slippery interior as she slipped her fingers in. As before she took her husband's cock and guided it to the small entrance. He pushed and Frances pulled back frightened that she would not be able to take it. Marion sat by her head whispering into her ear as her father tried again. This time he got a lodgement before pausing. He waited and then pushed further in until he reached her hymen. Her mother knew that this was the moment and picking up the cane again gave one might slash at her husband's bum and as he reacted so his cock breached the membrane. Frances cried out with the pain but when it was not repeated lay passive. She ached for a few minutes but her father made no effort to go further for the present and he just lay there. Major Percival waited and then eased forward again while Frances opened her legs wider for him. Soon he was fully inside and resting while she smiled up at him. Her mother was kissing her and Marion was fondling her breasts as her father began the in and out motion which brings such wonderful sensations. At first she felt the soreness but it soon wore off as her sexuality became aroused and she pushed back against his strokes.
"Well done my darling. Feel me as I fill you. Soon you will be ready and, just as with Marion, I will pull out before I cum in you."
He thrust in and out as she was now helping him and his wife was beside them so that as he felt ready to come and removed his cock she took it in her hand and mouth and let him come down her throat. Even though this was his third bout he still had enough sperm for her to gag with the volume he ejaculated.
"Well my darlings the introduction is over and I can tell that you enjoyed it. Now back to your own rooms now and leave your mother and I to ourselves. I am sure that we will have many more sessions in the days to come."
The girls returned to Marion's room where they went to bed and hugging each other exchanged their own thoughts on the evening. In the end before they slept they both agreed that they would suffer the canings if they could join their parents for the aftermath.
Their parents meanwhile were also happy and felt that the introduction had gone very well. The major was ready for one more bout before retiring and this time his wife's bum was the target as he probed her anus. Satisfied and replete they went to bed and slept the night away.
Part 3 - A Party continues the story