I Expect Discipline- Part 3
The Disciplinarian

The Percival family were now united in their attraction to the rod and its aftermath. Although their father still beat them for misdemeanors they found the compensating pleasures in the aftermath even more satisfying.
It was not long after the girls had been introduced to sex by their parents that their father proposed a small party. He and his wife besides being keen spankers were also members of a small select club and they wanted to introduce the two girls to it. They had discussed the matter for several weeks and finally agreed that it would no longer be right to restrict the girls to their own family company. The best way to extend was by introducing them to the club and allowing them to join in the activities. Therefore at dinner one evening the Major told them that he had an important announcement to make.

"Girls, your mother and I belong to a small select group which indulges in spanking and other activities and we think that now is the time to take you with us to their next party. You will understand that this is a 'one off' visit unless the group wishes you to join. The next session is tomorrow evening and night and we shall be travelling about twenty miles to our venue. You will not be allowed to know where this is unless you are finally accepted. You have enjoyed the rod and sex with your mother and I but now you must make up your own mind whether you wish to go further. I do not order you to come and the final decision is yours. No answer now but please give me one after I have had my whiskey and cigar. Is that all clear?"
He stood up and left the room while the girls and their mother retired to the drawing room for coffee.
The girls were eager to quiz their mother about what happened and she said:
"Well my dears. As you have discovered we all enjoy the rod for its pleasure as well as its pain and we and a few like minded people formed a club I suppose you could call it where we could indulge and explore our fantasies. From the start we decided that the maximum would be twenty and that there would be no barriers. spanking in groups, or private and sexual activity in groups or private would take place without any jealousy from husbands or wives. Four of our party have been posted abroad and one member has two young men he and his wife want to introduce.With you two, if the four of you are accepted this will bring our numbers up to twenty again. However the final decision must be yours as our activities are not for everyone, although you seem to enjoy what you have participated in. The one warning I would give is that if you do join then there are NO barriers and you must have sex with any of the group man or woman and also you may be thrashed by any member as hard as he or she wishes. Of course you make the same choices. Finally I would add that although we meet as a group we also make private arrangements - this where I disappear when I go to London as so does your father. Think carefully and ask any questions but think quickly because your father will be back shortly for your answer. Remember though the choice is YOURS!"
The girls looked at each other and Marion quickly nodded her head soon followed by Frances. "Yes please mother. We will tell father we wish to go ahead."
Major Percival soon returned and looking at the three women he guessed that the girls had made up their minds in the affirmative but he still asked the question.
"Well girls what is your decision?"
In unison they chorused.
"Yes please father!"
"Good then you can join us tomorrow evening. Be ready at 7.30pm and make sure that you are well covered on top. You will not need much in the way of underclothes but I suggest you discuss these matters with your mother. Now I think that we will have our last family fuck before you test the wider world so everybody up to our bedroom naked!"
They all eagerly retired and enjoyed the night.
The girls were down waiting the next evening by 7pm and after talking to their mother they were dressed in long dresses and underneath they had knee length stockings, loose knickers with easy ties and a brassiere. There mother and father arrived just before seven thirty and the groom brought the carriage round to the door exactly on time. For tonight the Major would be driving them and as soon as the girls were settled inside their mother put blindfolds over their eyes. They chattered away all the time the coach was travelling but carefully avoided discussing what was to follow. When they arrived at their destination their mother and father assisted them out of the carriage and guided them up the steps and into the house. Their blindfolds were removed but instead they were given half masks to wear. Their mother explained that this was so that until they were accepted they would not be recognized and also not recognise the rest of the party. If they were accepted then the next time the blindfold and masks would be dispensed with. They were also taken to a side room where they all removed their clothes and dressed in a long enveloping habit with a hood and rope tie. They they went across the hall to a large room with a roaring fire in the huge fireplace. There were soft chairs and loungers around the sides and in the centre was an 'A' frame and a table close to it with a range of spanking instruments resting on it. They noticed several straps and canes as well as a birch and whips. They also saw a that there were several other people dressed as they were chatting and drinking. Their parents clearly recognised many of them and took the girls over to introduce them without naming names.
A door opened at the end and a man dressed as the rest entered. He welcomed them all:
"Today is unusual for us for, as you know, we have lost four of our number to overseas postings. To replace them with fresh blood two of our families are introducing their offspring. As we like to keep the numbers balanced two are ladies and two young men. I am sure that many of you can guess who they are but please refrain from commenting. As we all paid the entrance fee to this club is a session with the rod and pleasure afterwards with one of our members. This is all done with the group being here to ensure fairness. When the four have finished they will retire and you will be asked to vote on their suitability. If there are no questions we will begin. Each acolyte will take a number from the box and they will be dealt with in that order. The rest of you will draw for which ones they will deal with. Please note that you cannot deal with your own family and if you draw that number it must be passed on. We will thus have four for the spanking, two men and two women and four for the sex, two men and two women. Will the acolytes please draw their number and hold it up so that it can be seen by everybody. It showed that Frances had been drawn first and Marion last with the two young men in the middle.
Frances was called forwards and told to remove her gown and bend over the 'A' frame she would not be fastened but expected to remain in position throughout. Any jumping or crying out would mean disqualification. Frances shrugged off the gown while her assessor stepped forwards and took a cane from the table. He whipped it through the air once or twice and then "WHIPP!!", "CRAACKK!!" it lashed down on her bum. The cane sunk deeply into her well fleshed cheeks and she was shocked although she had been expecting it and gripped the bar tighter. "WHIPP!!", "CRAACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRAACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRAACKK!!" he dealt fairly with her and she felt each one as it appeared to cut her in half. She withstood the two dozen strokes he delivered without flinching. Her father's arm she thought could teach him a thing or two. She was told to stand and replace her gown while the second acolyte took her place. He was a slim youth with tight well formed buttocks and a cock which peeped from a well covered pubic bush. This time it was clearly a woman who did the spanking and again she used a cane. "WHIPP!!", "CRAACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRAACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRAACKK!!" - his buttocks soon showed the marks and they flexed with the rod but again he took the two dozen without murmur. The second youth and then Marion were dealt with in the same way and then returned to their places.
Now the frame was removed and in its place was set a bed. Again lots were drawn by the acolytes for the order and this time it was one of the young men who was called forward. A middle aged lady came and joined him. She removed her gown and everybody could see that she was well built with full breasts which moved up and down as she took her place. She took her place on the the bed with her thick dark fleece parting to show the well fleshed cunny lips as she parted her legs. Two of the girls led the man forwards and gently worked away at his cock. One massaged while the other took it in her mouth and soon he was rigid as a pole. They presented his cock which was thick and long to her pussy lips and he thrust home. She murmured to him and he began to fuck her . His cock was thrust deep and then even deeper until she was fully impaled on it . He remained still for a moment before thrusting and they could see her grunt as he drove to her very roots. This was a fuck to end all fucks and he certainly had stamina. They watched and applauded as hissing between his teeth and with the sweat standing on his back and thighs he drew her hips towards him to give more purchase while she wrapped her legs around his back and drew herself on to him. They fucked for a full ten minutes before he stiffened and gave a final thrust driving home for a final time and spurting his juices into her. They clapped him as he withdrew and his partner gave him a hug and a kiss before she donned her gown.
Now it was time for Marion and it was clear that her body was ripe and ready. She was eager to be fucked by a man other than her father. She was led forwards and positioned on the couch. One of the girls went down on her to make sure that she was ready while the man who came forward was also prepared. He was gently rubbing his cock and as she parted her legs for him he thrust home. She was surprised at the thickness which spread her pussy to its limits but her pleasures at home meant that with the juices which filled her she had no difficulty in accepting him. Again he made a good job keeping up and reaming away for at least twelve minutes while she cried out with wave after wave of pleasure as the orgasms rolled through her body before grasping her hips he shafted her and finally spurted inside her with such an amount of cum that it oozed out from her quim as he withdrew.
They both rested together and she gave him a quick kiss as they lay for a moment before standing and regaining their gowns.
The other young man came and was joined by Priscilla and the girls were pleased to see that their mother was to be the recipient of his cock and spend. She found that her partner had a long but slim wand which searched her depths without quite filling her. Her experience allowed him to extend both of their pleasures and she was able to come at the same time as he did. The girls knew that she would do her best to make sure that the young man did not come to soon and again they lasted several minutes before withdrawing. It was all over and the four were told to return to the anteroom and await the group verdict. It was not long in coming and soon they were asked to return to the main room. Their host held up his hand.
" Welcome back and I am pleased to say that you have been unanimously accepted into our small gathering. In a moment we shall unmask and you will have a chance to see who we are. The rest of the evening is a chance for everybody to spank, be spanked, to fuck and be fucked and I am sure that your earlier sessions will not mean that you are exhausted. I will leave your parents to tell you afterwards the rules of our group but suffice to say that you are welcome to join with anybody here and 'anything goes'. So a glass of wine and then to business.
At that he removed his gown and mask and took a glass from the table where the wine was poured. they all joined him and soon there were a dozen naked bodies looking for like minded partners.