I Expect Discipline- Part 5
The Disciplinarian

While Marion had received an invitation which she fulfilled in Part 4, Frances had also received one for the next night.
Frances had also received an invitation, this time from a middle-aged man Charles Stanley who was 'something in the city'. She had seen him at their initiation but there had been no further contact before this request. When she had told her mother she said she knew the man and that although he was married she had no idea whether they were living together. However there was no reason to turn down his request. Frances therefore confirmed that she would be happy to meet him and they arranged that he would send his carriage for her at 8pm in two days time.

By this time Marion had returned from her visit to Lord Francis and had told her sister, in confidence, some of what had happened. Frances was eagerly looking forward to the same opportunity but, as with Marion, this was unknown although as all club members were vetted nothing unpleasant was likely to happen.
She dressed herself carefully and waited for the carriage to collect her which it did promptly at 8 o'clock driving straight to an imposing house in the best part of one of the Regent's Park, Nash Terraces. She was met at the door by her host who invited her in and took her coat. he explained that there would only be himself, his wife and her as the servants had been given the night off.
When he mentioned his wife Frances was apprehensive as she had assumed they would be on their own but he led her into the lounge where an attractive middle-aged lady was standing in front of the fire. She came forwards with outstretched hands.
"Welcome, my dear. I expect you are surprised to see me here but don't worry. I enjoy the visits of Charles lady friends and I am sure that we shall have a pleasurable evening. I understand that it is is your first experience beyond the club. We will do our best to ensure that it is a happy one. Now come and sit down and have a glass of wine. Charles is just making sure that the dinner is ready but he will be back shortly. By the way my name is Hilda, please call me that.."
At that moment her husband returned and also took a glass of wine. The three of them chatted for several minutes before they went into dinner. As with Marion everything had been prepared and left ready by the servants before they had left for the night and Mrs Stanley did the honours in serving them. Soon dinner was over and Frances began to tense as they had their coffee. Now she was going into the unknown. They took their coffee into the lounge where they sat and chatted for a few minutes before, finishing her coffee, Mrs Stanley stood up and smiling said:
"Shall we begin? I think it would be best if we all removed our clothes to start with."
As she spoke she was unfastening her dress and Frances saw that she was naked underneath. Looking at her Frances saw a very attractive lady who had large firm breasts and bum and her pussy was covered by a pelt of ginger hair. Her thighs and calves were well turned and firm. Her husband meanwhile had removed his clothes and again she saw an attractive man with a firm buttocks, She was unable to see much of his cock as it was well hidden by his black forest of pubic hair. Frances followed suit so they were all three naked. The two family members were looking closely at Frances. Hilda fingered Frances pussy and breasts, smiled, and said:
"A good choice by my husband . I am sure that we will have a pleasurable evening and night. To start the evening with a 'bang' you might say, I am going to be beaten by my husband and then I shall beat you before we both beat my husband. I doubt whether you have wielded a cane before so just watch us."
At this she handed her husband a fierce looking cane and bent over the arm of a chair.
"Now my dear three dozen well laid on if you please!"
"SWISHHH!!", "CRACKKK!!", the first stroke hammered down and soon the only sound to be heard was SWISHHH!!", "SWISHHH!!", "CRACKKK!!", SWISHHH!!", CRACKKK!!" CRACKKK!!", "SWISHHH!!", "CRACKKK!!", SWISHHH!!", "SWISHHH!!", "CRACKKK!!", SWISHHH!!", CRACKKK!!" CRACKKK!!" as the lines and ridges formed on her bum. Frances counted up to two dozen before she stopped and was amazed that except for a grunt there was no other sound from Hilda. She also noticed that as the strokes fell so Charles cock was getting more and more rigid and standing at an acute angle. "SWISHHH!!", "CRACKKK!!", SWISHHH!!", "SWISHHH!!", "CRACKKK!!", SWISHHH!!", CRACKKK!!" CRACKKK!!" the final stokes fell and then Frances watched Hilda draw her scarred bum cheeks apart and say:"
"Now Charles!"
Charles dropped the cane and taking his cock in his hand presented it to his wife's anus. With one thrust he pierced her while she cried out with the pain and pleasure. He then fucked her for several minutes before he stiffened and with a final thrust spurted into her dark interior. Hilda meanwhile rubbed her pussy and clitty to bring herself to orgasm.
They both stood up and Hilda sponged Charles softened cock from a bowl of water on the side table. She smiled at Frances:
"I hope you enjoyed watching. Now I am going to thrash you.. Are you ready?"
Frances nodded in anticipation and bent over the arm of the chair. She heard Hilda take up her position and then the searing "SWISHHH!!", "CRACKKK!!", as the cane fell. She had no idea how many she was to receive but was determined to stay silent as Hilda had. SWISHHH!!", "SWISHHH!!", "CRACKKK!!", SWISHHH!!", CRACKKK!!" CRACKKK!!", "SWISHHH!!", "CRACKKK!!", SWISHHH!!", "SWISHHH!!", "CRACKKK!!", SWISHHH!!", CRACKKK!!" CRACKKK!!" by now she had lost count but, just as she thought she could take no more so the punishment ceased. By now she was aroused and her juices were seeping down the inside of her thighs. Hilda lifted her up:
"Now Frances I am going to suck your pussy and then I shall want you to do the same to me. My husband will watch and play with himself."
Frances lay back with her legs parted wide and soon felt the experienced tongue of Hilda doing things to her which she and her sister had never dreamed of. She cried out as her clitty was sucked and spat out, Hilda's tongue then licked and caressed the tip and then the insides of her pussy. Frances wept as she was reamed by tongue and then bucked and writhing in passion as Hilda's fingers found her anus at the same time as her tongue found the SPOT. Eventually it was over and her total pleasure subsided to a warm glow. Hilda stood up and then took her place.
"Now it is your turn. Explore me! Pleasure me! Do to me anything you wish! I am now yours!"
Before Frances dropped between her her legs she saw Charles sitting back playing with his cock which was growing as she watched and then she plunged into the fox fur bush parting the engorged lips of a fully mature woman. She found her prominent clitty and sucked and flicked it with her tongue while Hilda cried out. She slid her finger deep inside Hilda's soaking wet pussy , slimy with her spend. She spread Hilda's legs wider to give her greater access to the engorged pussy with its woman's scent. She used her tongue around the lips to explore those areas which would yield the most pleasure. Finally she thrust deeply in with her tongue and was rewarded by a cry of delight and a buck of appreciation before Hilda drew her up.
"The best I have ever had. My dear you are a natural and we shall have such fun! Now for my husband. he needs a good thrashing and between us he will receive it. We will give him twenty strokes each and then again until I say stop. Watch me and you will soon learn. Into position Charles." Charles took his place over the chair arm and prepared himself for the onslaught. "SWISHHH!!", "CRACKKK!!", his wife lashed the cane home.SWISHHH!!", "SWISHHH!!", "CRACKKK!!", SWISHHH!!", CRACKKK!!" CRACKKK!!", stroke after stroke fell and Frances could see the pain as his red cheeks because purple. Then it was her turn and, by watching she had learned, and although gentler than Hilda still made her strokes tell."SWISHHH!!", "CRACKKK!!", SWISHHH!!", "SWISHHH!!", "CRACKKK!!", SWISHHH!!", CRACKKK!!" CRACKKK!!" twenty was up and she thought that this was the end but Hilda told he husband to remain in position and "SWISHHH!!", "CRACKKK!!", SWISHHH!!", "SWISHHH!!", "CRACKKK!!", SWISHHH!!", CRACKKK!!" CRACKKK!!" continued until his bruised bum cheeks could take no more. She put down the cane.
"Now Frances on your back legs apart - she is all yours Charles!."
Frances did as she was told and watched Charles with his rampant cock approach and with his wife's assistance slide it into her wet pussy. She was ready and eager for it and as he entered she thrust against him to make sure that he was lodged deep inside her. She wrapped her legs round his back so that he was locked in and he then fucked her with a fury which astounded her her. He pounded away while she tried to help him by pushing back but he needed no help and after several minutes while she blew hot and cold alternately she found that she was reaching a climax with him. He gave a final thrust and she squeezed her cunt muscles and milked him of all he could offer. He withdrew and fell back at her side.
His wife clapped:
"Wonderful Frances the best we have ever had. Come and sit back and have a glass of wine."
Frances joined her on the settee while her husband took the flagellant's armchair. Hilda put her arms around her and kissed her on the mouth with her tongue exploring inside. Their tongues touched and Frances felt Hilda's hand caressing her pussy. She was eager for more so she touched Hilda in the same place. They looked at each other and then slid to the floor to intertwine. The experienced lady and the novice had found mutual satisfaction while Stanley watched their pleasure.
"You and I will now go to bed while Stanley joins us in an hour. Take your time Stanley as the night is still young."
Taking Frances by the hand Hilda led her upstairs where they went into Hilda's bedroom a place of beauty and Hilda was sure that this young lady would be a perfect playmate for herself and her husband.
She took Frances over to the bed and lay down drawing Frances with her.
"Now my dear we have time to enjoy ourselves. I am going to teach you that two ladies can have all the pleasure they need whether there is a man available or not.."
She lay Frances back and bending over she took each of her nipples in her mouth in turn gently sucking on them till they were standing a firm as nuts on her pert breasts. She then slid down her body kissing first her belly button and then working down until she reached her pubis. Now she gently opened her lips forcing Frances to widen her legs. Hilda looked into the coral coloured opening which already glistened with her spend. She drew in a deep breath smelling that special scent which only an aroused lady produces. Her tongue just touched Frances clitty which was already firm and prominent. Frances flinched but felt the pleasure that the touch produced. She felt the tongue exploring deeper and then returning to her clitty. her body was alive with sensations which she could not explain although her whole body glowed with pleasure. She tried to draw her legs even farther apart to help Hilda find her quick and gave a scream of delight as she felt Hilda drive something into her. She looked down and saw that she had been impaled on a long dildo which Hilda was drawing in and out of her and was shaped like a man's phallus. As it went in and out she felt the ridges on it rub the sides of her vagina stimulating it until she was driving herself back and forth in time with it. Suddenly with a deep, deep rolling rhythm she shuddered with pleasure and cried long and loud with her ecstasy. As she collapsed she knew that she could never experience anything like this again how ever many times she played with another person.
Hilda removed the dildo and showing it to Frances explained what it was. She told her that they were all sizes and shape but this was one that satisfied her and she pointed out that the ridges offered extra pleasure like the ridge on the end of a man's cock.
"Now I want you to do the same to me and then my husband will be up to join us."
She lay back and opened her legs. Frances was ready and eager to pleasure her friend and was soon down opening the engorged lips. She spread them wide so that she could see inside and again the woman's smell drew her tongue to the moist warm interior. She rubbed Hilda's clitty with her thumb while her tongue explored the interior depths. As Hilda moaned with pleasure she then took the dildo and slid it between the slippery lips where it was welcomed by Hilda. Frances began to move it in and out thrusting high inside Hilda. Just as Frances had earlier so Hilda bucked and cried out as the dildo searched her insides until she called
and Frances gave one final push so that Hilda arched her back and called out with pleasure. Frances removed the dildo and lay back beside Hilda.
"Oh Frances, that was perfect. Now it is time for Charles to join us."
She reached out an rang a small bell which she picked up from a table at the side of the bed. Within a couple of minutes Charles entered with a bottle and three glasses.
"I heard you and thought that you might need some refreshment before we continue."
They all sat naked on the bed and sipped the wine. Frances was wondering what else was to happen but waited quietly for their plans to unfold when Hilda told her.
"We all receive one final caning - 20 strokes - you can cane me this time, I will cane Charles and he will cane you. We each receive twenty strokes and then Charles tries to fuck both of us. He has to stay for ten minutes or else he receives further strokes of the cane. Are you ready"
Frances said she was and they slid of the bed and Hilda bent over. The marks from the earlier caning had not disappeared as Charles handed Frances the cane. She took it up and measuring up "SWISHHH!!", "CRACKKK!!", she brought it down across the centre of Hilda's bum. SWISHHH!!", "SWISHHH!!", "CRACKKK!!", SWISHHH!!", CRACKKK!!" CRACKKK!!" she continued "SWISHHH!!", "CRACKKK!!", SWISHHH!!", "SWISHHH!!", "CRACKKK!!", SWISHHH!!", CRACKKK!!" CRACKKK!!" the strokes fell across Hilda's bum until the full twenty had been applied.
Now it was her turn and, although she was still sore, she was confident that she would be able to take the full twenty. Charles took the cane and "SWISHHH!!", "CRACKKK!!", SWISHHH!!", "SWISHHH!!", "CRACKKK!!", SWISHHH!!", CRACKKK!!" CRACKKK!!" one by one they fell while she counted them sighing with relief when the twentieth landed. Even at home she had not received so many strokes.
Now Charles took her place and received full measure from his wife. By the time she had finished his bum was well marked but more important his cock was rigid and ready to do its duty. Hilda placed Frances and herself on the edge of the bed with their legs apart and told Charles they were ready. He started with Frances and she felt his hard cock pierce her before he began to fuck. In and out, in and out he went while she felt waves of pleasure and then she felt him withdraw and saw him enter his wife. Still he was able to act the stallion while she pushed backwards to help him. Again he withdrew and entered Frances fucking her for all he was worth until she was exhausted and finally he returned to his wife where he fucked and fucked rattling the bed until both were exhausted and he finally came.
Hilda congratulated them and said that this had been the best evening they had had and would like to do it again soon. She also added:
"And by the way my dear I would like you to come and join me when Charles is at work so that we can have a 'girls' session. I believe you have a sister? Will you come?"
"I would love to join you both and you on your own. I have never been on my own with another lady except for my sister and I found the experience wonderful."
"Good and now we will all go to sleep. You can remain with us for the rest of the night but I am sure that all we need is sleep now."
At that the other two smiled and they slid under the covers into the bed and with Hilda's arm around her Frances slept the sleep of an exhausted but replete person thinking as she drifted away how lucky she had been with finding this couple.
In the morning she was driven back home and like her sister gave a very short explanation to her parents which however seeing her satisfied them that she had been well looked after. She also spoke to Marion in more details and said that Hilda wanted the three of them together for an 'all girls' session and Marion confirmed her interest.