The Misses Flaybums- Part 6
The Disciplinarian

After meeting Frances for an overnight session with her husband Hilda invites Frances to bring Marion for a daytime 'all girls' session .
It was a couple of weeks after Frances had met Hilda and Charles that she received a call from Hilda.
"My dear my husband is away and I was hoping that you and your sister were free for an 'all girl' session one day this week. Could you possibly come on tThursday at about 10am? I suggest you take no other engagements for that day as it will probably last into the evening and we could then have dinner together.
Frances confirmed that this would be OK for her and that she would check Marion's schedule and call back shortly. Marion confirmed that it would be fine and said that she was looking forwards to it.
Thursday morning arrived and they both dressed carefully as Hilda was a sophisticated woman making sure that our underclothes were attractive without being flashy. We took a taxi to Hilda's apartment and wnt up in the lift. When they rang the bell Hilda opened the door herselfand welcomed us.
"Hello Frances, and this is your sister Marion. Welcome my dear

She gave them both a kiss and drew them into the lounge. She guided them to a long sofa and suggested they sat while she fetched coffee.
"We are on our own today as my maid has the day and evening off while my husband is away for the rest of the week on business." We sat and sipped our coffee while we talked about shopping, clothes and anything but our visit. Then she collected up the cups and after taking them back to the kitchen she returned and standing in front of us started to unfasten her dress
"Shall we get ready and start."
as she slipped the gown off her shoulders and shrugged it too the floor. The girls saw that she was wearing nothing underneath and although Frances had seen her naked she was still in admiration of Hilda's figure and she was sure that they would have a good day. Marion who had not seen her before was also impressed. Hilda lifted Marion to her feet
"Let me undress you both it gives me a lot of pleasure."
She went to Marion and unfastened her blouse and removed it. She then unzipped her skirt and lowered it down and off her feet. She stood back and looked at Marion dressed in just her bra, panties, suspender belt and stockings. Now Hilda put her hands behind Marion's back and unhooked her bra. She eased it off Marion's shoulders. She saw a superb pair of breasts which Hilda handled and caressed. She kissed Marion's nipples and as she did so they stiffened under her ministrations.
"Mmm, I like these."
Hilda knelt down and slipping her fingers into the waistband of Marion's knickers and eased them over her hips, buttocks and thighs slipping the to the ground. She leaned forwards and using her fingers she parted Marion's bushy pubic hair. Her fingers discovered her pussy lips and the sniffed at them.
"beautiful, I do love the scent of a woman."
Finally she unfastened each stocking and slid them down and released her suspender belt. Hilda sat back and looked. "I like your sister Frances. Now it is your turn."
Her fingers caressed Frances as she stripped her clothes off until all three of them were naked.. Hilda stood back.
"I think that we can start with some play."
At this she led them into her bedroom where the double kingsized bed offered ample space for the three of them. Frances had not been here when she came before and was astounded to see that the room was surrounded with long mirrors which showed them all in their glory. Hilda drew them both down on the bed and, as they looked up, they saw that besides the mirrors surround the room the canopy of the bed also had a mirror which looked down on us.
Hilda chuckled as she saw us looking at this.
"I thought that that might intrigue you. Now Marion spread your legs, I want to go down on you while Frances serves me a muff dance. "
The girls were soon in position with Marion laying on her back with her legs spread and Hilda's mouth inside her. Hilda was experienced and soon had Marion crying out with pleasure as the eager tongue explored her insides and Hilda's teeth nipped her clitty while using her tongue to caress and flick it. Hilda dived her nose into the wet intererior scenting the musky womans arousal. Meanwhile Frances was behind Hilda parting the fleshy cunt as she explored herself with tongue and fingers. As she did so she soon had Hilda bucking and crying out as she came up for air from Marion. The three ladies were rapidly coming to their first climax.. After they came they lay bakc caressing and kissing each other each other as they intertwined. Hilda again took the initiative. She went over to one of the chests and from it removed several toys including large, small and strap on dildos. She strapped on one of the largest which, besides it main shaft, had a smaller one which Hilda fitted into herself. She then told Frances to bend over the end of the bed and spread her legs as Hilda was about to fuck her. Frances did as she was told and, watched by Marion, Hilda presented the tip to the eager cunt of Frances. It was a large dildo and Frances groaned as it slipped into her slippy pussy and the exposed knob and ridges along the sides stimulated her vaginal walls. Now Hilda rammed the dildo in and out telling Marion to spank her bottom as she did so and soon the slap of the bodies meeting and the crack of Marion's hand offered a merry tune. While Frances had orgasm after orgasm, Hilda hasd the stimulation of the smally 'leg' rubbing her clitty and bringing her to orgasm.
Eventually it had to cease and removing the dildo from Frances Hilda collapsed on her back gasping.
"After that I think a rest and coffee is called for."
She unfastened the dildo and the three of the went back into the lounge where Hilda has coffee simmering. They sat and chatted for half an hour about how they had got into spanking before Hilda said.
"Now it is time for the cane. I know that we are all expert in giving and receiving and my husband did tell me that when he returned home he wanted to see my well marked bottom. I think he would probably like to see yours as well ! We will start off with two dozen each. Each of us will give one dozen and receive one dozen from the others. Then later we will repeat the dose with two dozen each. Remember that we are all able to take so do not hesitate to lay the strokes on. Now I will cane Marion, Marion canes Frances and Frances canes me. Then we switch Marion canes me, Frances canes Marion and I cane Frances. This afternoon is the same except that the tariff is two dozen each. Shall we return to the bedroom where we have a horse and all the instruments."
They all went into the bedroom and from one of the cupboards Hilda slid a spanking horse. Like the school humping horse it was ideal for bending over and offering the best presentation of the bottom. Opening another cupboard Hilda showed an assortment of instruments with dozens of canes of all thicknesses and length. She found three of identical length and thickness and handed one each to the girls while retaining one herself. They were thick rattans with good handles and perfect balance.
"Shall we start? Over the horse Marion !"
Marion took her position and waited. She guessed that this would be hard session for all of them and
"W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !",
as the first stroke fell she knew that she was not wrong.
"W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !",
she had never met Hilda before but knew that she was being searched by a mistress of the cane. Each stroke fell within a millimetre of the previous one and they gradually worked their way up her bum "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !",
Hilda handed over to Frances and Marion knew the skill of her sister and sure enough each sroke found those areas that Hilda had left
"W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !",
Frances put the cane down and Hilda told her to stay in position. She felt a finger exploring her anus and then the coolness of jelly being inserted. Soon her sore bum cheeks were parted and she felt the head of a dildo nudge her anus as Hilda presented it to her. Gradually it was eased home and then she felt a body over her back and then thrust after thrust as the dildo was hammered in. Her ravaged bum felt the thick pussy hair of Hilda as she rammed away and soon both girls were feeling the pleasurs of the contact. Marion then felt her pussy being rubbed as Frances crouched in front of her and it was not long before Marion and Hilda came to their joint climax. Hilda eased the dildo out of Marion and unfastened the harnes holding it to her. She lifted Marion up and taking her in her arms they kised with open lips.
"Well done. Now it is my turn to receive and i will want you to bugger me at the end. Remember do not spare the rod either of you.
She bent over and waited patiently. The two girls looked at each other and as Marion was able to use the cane equally forcefully with either hand they decided to shake Hilda by taking it in turns from each side. Expeeience had shown that when a left hand caner stikes the pain is greater because usually the right hand buttock receives most of the treatment.
"W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !",
when Hilda felt the left hand stroke she gasped but the girls still presed on
"W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !",
this time the twenty four strokes were being delived without let up and Hilda was in some discomfort by the time the session ended. She lay there gasping while Frances donned the newly cleaned and greased dildo and parting Hilda's scarified bum cheks she used two fingers to open her anus up. She presented the dildo to it and slid it home. Hilda gried out as Frances pubic hair rubbed her but stayed in position. Marion meanwhile went down between her legs and slipped two fingers in her pussy. Frances drove in and out while Hilda urged her on to greater efforts while Marion rammed her fingers in and out of Hilda's cunt. Hilda cried out
"Now ! Now !"
and with three final thrusts the two girls lifted her to a high so that she screamed with pleasure.
Both of the girls withdrew and Hilda lay face down on the bed gasping here bum scarred with the strength the two girls had put into their caning and her libido ravaged by the pleasure the totality of the experience had offered. The red butocks were turning to purple and several weals were already showing. Hilda felt her bum
"It 's not possible ! Wow ! That was a thrashing ! ! The way you took me both sides at once was incredible. The fucking was the icing on the cake. I need more of both next time round and I know my husband would enjoy watching as it as well as participating. Now it's Frances turn so let us deal with her."
Frances went over the bench and Hilda and Marion dealt with her faithfully making sure that she felt every inch of the cane. When they had finished caning her Hilda offered Marion a double 'U' shaped dildo which Marion threaded into herself before presenting the other leg to Frances pussy. It slid in easily and soon encouraged by Hilda they two sisters were giving each other a good rogering. As the dildos swooped up and down so they cried out with pleasure until finally they both came at the same time. Hilda clapped
"I enjoyed that and I could tell you both did. Now let us have a bath and then some lunch."
She took them into a side room where they saw a shower and a large circular bath. Hilda filled it with steaming water and all thee entered massaging, caressing and washing each other. Fingers flew and cunts were ravaged as they laughed and played. Eventually after resing for a few minutes they dried each other off and putting on loose bathrobes went into the kitchen where Hilda had prepared a cold collation. As they ate they chatted about their experiences. Hilda started and explained
"My husband and I used to go to swinging parties but we found that these became less and less to our taste and then we discovered the Club. We found privacy among a small group of like minded friends and the more we explored the more we discovered that we were into corporal punishment. For us it is not the short hand spanking but lots of hard thrashing which leaves the bum sore for days. We also found that we enjoyed watching the other being beaten and mutual sex was part of it. This is the best thing which has happened finding two employees of the club who are available for us both there and here. This is the first time I have tried a threesome such as we are having and I must admit I was apprehensive before it started as to whether it would work but it has been fantastic. As I said earlier next time we must involve my husband as a good cock is always better than a dildo !" The three of them continued chatting for an hour or so before Hilda stood up.
"Now my dears it is time for the second session. "
She bent over.
"If you look at my bum you will see that most of the marks are fading. This is because I have been caned so frequently that I need a really good thrashing before I feel it and to mark me.That is your task this afternoon. Similar to this morning but double rations. You have not yet reached that point but I am a flagellant and, in case you do not know what this means, I need and expect not just marks but REAL punishment. I promise you that whatever you do will not be too much. Shall we start with sixty strokes I "
She took up her position over the bench and the two girls fastened the leg spreader and took up a cane each. Marion tapped Hilda's bottom followed by Frances from the other side then ..............
"W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !",
right , left, right, left the strokes whistled in.
"W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !",
Hilda's bum now began to show the effects of the caning but she urged the two girls on to even greater efforts. They wiped their hands before gripping the cane handles again
"W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !",
By now the girls were persipiring freely and had lost count of the number of strokes but Hilda was still encouraging them to even greater efforts.
"W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !",
Eventually she called a halt and stood up stiffly Her buttocks were battered and bruised and besides the purple areas there were also lines which oozed blood.
"Now girls I want to see you give each other twenty strokes of the cane well laid on before finally you give me the birch. Frances you bend over first and Marion will beat you. When she has finished I will bugger her.
Frances bent over and there was no play as her sister began
"W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !",
Frances knew that Marion could lay on but she was still surprised at the ferocity of the strokes which seared her already tender bum.
"W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !",
The last stroke landed and she remained in position. Hilda came forwards with a large dildo protrudung from her Using two fingers she eased jelly into Frances tight anus before presenting the dildo to the puckered hole. She pushed forwards gently and Frances gasped, as much from the pain in her buttocks as the entrance of the dildo. Eventually it was inside filling her dark interior and Hilda moved. Soon the pleasure of the dildo overwhelmed the throbbing in her bum and she warmed from her feet up and her head down until she was crying out with pleasure from the experience. A final couple of thrusts and Hilda lay across her back gasping.
"I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did. "
She eased out and stood up before unfastening the dildo.
"Now let us see what Frances can offer Marion."
Marion bent over, she had never yet felt the full force of her ister but she knew that as a tennis player her aim and execution would be spot on.
"W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !",
This was as hard as Marion had ever been caned but she knew that she must not show any discomfort so
"W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! ", "C R A C K K ! !",
she accepted the rest before being relieved at the finish. She stood up and found that Hilda now had a larger than ever dildo which had a bag at the bottom like a man's ball sac.
"Lay back on the bed with your legs wide spread. This will fill you in every way."
Marion didn't understand the references but lay back and Hilda guided the dildo hope into her sopping pussy. As it filled her Marion was being pleasured by the ridges which excited her vaginal walls. Eventually it was home and Hilda drove it in and out she kept up the movements for several minutes while Marion cried out with orgasm after orgasm until as she arched her back for her final massive orgasm Hilda squeezed the bulb at the base of the dildo and Marion felt her insides inundated with a warm liquid which drove to even greater heights of pleasure. Hilda gently withdrew the dildo and kissed Marion between her legs.before standing up.
"I hope you enjoyed this. It is a new dildo which has a bulb for warm milk and after finishing you squirt it as though you are a man ejaculating."
"It was wonderful and I must get one for myself. "
Hilda went to the corner and opened a cupboard.
"Right ladies here is the final. We will rest for half an hour and then I want you to birch me and two ladies from our flagellant circle. I will just call them and I can promise you that however hard you lay it on they will be eager or more. Let me call them and then we can shower and rest."
Hilda made two phone calls and then the three of them had a shower and played while they dried each other. They then went and rested on the bed - face down it must be added. They had been there for half an hour when the doorbell ran with an unusual thythm.
"Ah that will be Margaret and Judith. I will just let them in. Now remember girls that these are flagellants and come especially to be flogged."
She went to the door and two ladies entered the main room smiling at the girls .
"Glad you could come. This is Marion and Frances and they are going to birch the three of us. You will find it very interesting as one is right and the other left handed. If you will get ready we will begin."
At this she led them into the bedroom and drew out a long bench. She then went to the opened cupboard and brought out two pails with birches soaked in brine in them. She withdrew one to show Marion and Frances. The girls took it in their hands and saw that it was a wicked instrument indeed and that it would certainly hurt and marks the three ladies.
"I think that Margaret will start so if she gets herself on the bench we will fasten her in position."
Margaret unfastened her dress and slipped out of it before removing her brassiere and knickers. The girls saw that she still had marks across her buttocks showing that she had been punished recently. She wa tall and well built with a large bottom on thick firm thighs and caves and her breasts were large and firm. She took up her position laying along the bench flat out her abdomen across the padded centre whilch raised her buttocks up. The girls and Hilda fastened her arms and legs to the enda and placed a wide strap across her waist to cover the small of her back. She was now ready and Hilda tilted the bench until it was at an angle of 60 degrees so that Margaret's bum was exactly placed for the flogging. Hilda took two birches out of the brine an, after shaking them handed them to the girls.
"Now take up you positions. As you will see girls these are proper punishment birches. They each have ten to a dozen twigs and are four foot long. The twigs are graded from thin to medium and designed to curl and produce the maximum pain. We have left some buds on. I want you to give each of us twenty strokes and then the other two ladies forty more to make up for the caning they have missed. Begin !"
Marion looked at Frances and nodded to her too start. Frances raised the birch and brought it down with force across both buttocks.
"W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T ! !",
it had started. now it was Marion's turn and soon the two girls were laying on the strokes with a will "W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T ! !","W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T ! !","W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T ! !","W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T ! !","W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T ! !","W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T ! !","W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T ! !",
stroke after stroke struck marking the buttocks with thin red lines which crossed and curled round the sides as the birches landed. Soon the who of her bum was alive with the thin wippy lines which only the birch produces.
"W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T ! !","W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T ! !","W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T ! !","W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T ! !","W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T ! !","W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T ! !","W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T ! !",
Eventually the twenty finished and stopped by Hilda they unfastened Margaret. She smiled at them and stood back before helping them with Judith. She was shorter and stocker than Margaret but had a more massive buttocks and thighs. She was fastened down and the girls dealt with her as with Margaret until her buttocks were purple with the criss crossing lines. Then it was Hilda and the same treatment was given to her.
The three ladies congratulated the girls and on their expertise and then turned to the girls.
"Now is the tester for you. I did say forty each but in fact you will continue until I tell you to stop. For us the ultimate in pain is required to bring us to that magical point and it can only be decided as the flogging continues. We will fasten Margaret back to the bench and Judith to the horse so that they can watch each other being flogged. Again I want you to deal with one and then the other. Remember you do NOT stop until I tell you to."
Before they started Hilda brought forward a large dildo which she slotted into the bench just below the raised section. Margaret lay down on the bench and as she did so the dildo she parted her legs so that the dildo slotted into her eager pussy. She was finally fastened in position. It was time to start and the girls drew new birches from the bucket in the corner. They shook off the drops of water and took up their position on either side gripping the handles firmly. Hilda nodded and it had begun. No counting of strokes now but just a steady rhythm as the birch landed across the bottocks
"W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T ! !","W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T ! !","W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T ! !","W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T ! !","W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T ! !","W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T ! !","W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T ! !",
twenty, thirty, forty fifty at a guess and all the while Margaret's buttocks were blistering under the treatment. The white had turned to red and the red to a deep purple. The bruising was making her bum swell while the buds were raising blood blisters which popped as they watched. Her buttocks were now smeared with blood but Margaret was bucking and calling out for harder. She was thrusting back and forth on the dildo
"W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T ! !","W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T ! !","W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T ! !","W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T ! !","W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T ! !","W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T ! !","W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T ! !",
after what smed an eternity she tried to lift herself, her head went back and she drove down on the dildo screaming and shuddering in a massive orgasm which saw her spurt gouts of cum down round the dildo and onto the bench. Hilda lifted her hand and the girls stopped. They inspected her buttocks and the girls were shocked with what they saw as the whole area was puffed up and scarred with the bleeding more profuse and the dark bruised areas almost black.
The four of them released Margaret and as they helped her to her feet she looked at the two girls. She hugged them in turn
"Don't look so shocked this was exactly what I needed, If you do as well with Judith I think we must call you the 'Flaybum Sisters' and invite you too our next circle meeting. How abot it Hilda?"
Hilda nodded
"I think they would do very well. Now for Judith."
Judith now took up her position and once the dildo was in position she was fastened down. She also had a large but plug the soulders of which spread her buttocks even wider. To the girls this was even a better proposition than Margaret as her buttocks were junoesque in proportion and the initial flogging had hardly left a mark.
"W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T ! !","W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T ! !","W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T ! !","W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T ! !","W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T ! !","W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T ! !","W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T ! !",
just a taster
"W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T ! !","W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T ! !","W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T ! !","W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T ! !","W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T ! !","W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T ! !","W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T ! !",
the girls watched as the large soft buttocks absorbed the strokes. Soon Judith's bum was alive with the red lines across it.
"W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T ! !","W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T ! !","W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T ! !","W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T ! !","W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T ! !","W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T ! !","W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T ! !",
as they birched so Judith's bum was beginning to show the results. Her buttocks were a deep purpls and the blisters beginning to form where the buds had struck. She still urged them on
"W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T ! !","W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T ! !","W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T ! !","W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T ! !","W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T ! !","W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T ! !","W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T ! !",
by now the two girls were perspiring freely and there arms were beginning to tire but they still continued lashing down across the target area presented. Like Margaret Judith strated bucking and reacting as they turned her buttocks into an area like the Somme trenches with large bruises and long straight blood soaked weals. Again they saw the ecstacy which this flogging brought to its aficionados as Judith bucked and writhed bfore screaming out with pleasure before stiffening and then with sigh relaxing completely. They looked to Hilda who lifted her hand and with two final flaying stokes the session finished. They helped Judith up and the she and Margaret admired each other's bums as well as looking closely in the mirrors. Hilda produced a large 'U' shaped double dildo for them and as the others watched they inseeted it into themselves and lying on their sides they fucked, kissed and fondled each other for several minutes.
It was now time to cease all activity and and after everybody had had a shower the ladies congratulated Frances and Marion on their expertise. Hilda explained about their group and that they would need the girls to assist them.
"Just a little history of us. We started as three ladies who enjoyed being beaten and found profound erotic and sensual satisfaction from it. We used to meet regularly and beat each other and for a time this gave us satisfaction. However we found that other ladies were also interested so our group gradually grew to ten. We have set that as a maximum and once a month we all meet together for group sessions. As you may guess this includes lots of sex as well as beatings. We draw lots to decide who will be beaten and three are chosen. Those three cannot then be selected for two more sessions so that everybody gets their turn. Our main problem is that most of us are into the pain and pleasure but are not experts with the instruments and cannot always give the totally satisfaction we need. You two who will be known as the 'Misses Flaybums' are invited to be our personal beaters. I have spoken to Margaret and Judith and they both agree. This will not affect your present duties but you will receive a retainer for joining us at our monthly meetings and using your skills to satisfy us. You will also find that the ladies may well want individual visits but this you will arrange with them. Do not give your decision now but think it over and give me a call in the next few days. By the way our next monthly meeting is in a fortnight and will be a full day session at a private home."
She escorted the girls to the door and saw them out. Marion and Frances were amazed at what had happened but after a short chat they agreed that they had enjoyed the day and decided to accept the challenge.
The first part of this ladies goup stories will be shown under the heading "The Misses Flaybums"