I Need Discipline
The Disciplinarian

She called me because having seen my website the though it was the perfect answer for her. Her name was Hayley and because of her senior position in her company nobody had any control over her. She knew that she had been unjust a number of times with work colleagues and she needed to be punished for these actions. Could I help her to purge her guilty feeling?
I explained that I had several ladies who visited me with similar concerns where they were too senior to be reprimanded themselves but were aware of the way they dealt with others. I could certainly deal with her as requested if she would make arrangements to visit me.
We decided that she would come next Friday evening and the session would continue as long as was necessary.
It was seven o'clock on Friday when the front doorbell rang and, when I opened the door, I saw a middle-aged lady of medium height standing nervously in the doorway.

"Hello, I am Hayley. Are you Alan?"
I confirmed rhat I was an invited her in.
She came inside and I suggested that she removed her coat and sat down while I made us a cup of tea and then we could chat before anything else happened. She sat down and waited as she sipped her tea. I asked her to explain her problem so that we could deal with it together.
"You must understand that I am in a very senior position in my firm and am only subject to sanction by the company board. This means an enormous responsibility and I sometimes feel that I need to hand control over to somebody else for a time. I know that I am guilty of being rude to staff who cannot respond and I believe that I have sacked staff for reasons which, in retrospect, were trivial. I have decided that I must be punished in a tangible way which I shall remember for a considerable time and corporal punishment seems to me to be the answer. Will you take me in hand?"
I replied saying: "I will certainly deal with you but you must understand that while you are here you totally in my control and must do EXACTLY as instructed. If you cannot accept these terms then now is the time to say so and leave. Finally please understand that I will not give you a 'safe word' as it will be my decision alone when you have received enough. Do you agree?"
She thought for a minute or two then nodded and said:
"I accept and am ready to begin."
I went the settee and settled myself before telling her to come across my knees. She lay down and I started spanking over her skirt. After a few minutes I lifted the skirt and saw that she was not wearing knickers but a thong and her bum cheeks were already red. I continued spanking, this time harder and sometimes faster while at other times with a slow stroke. Her bum cheeks were getting a fiery red and I thought that now was the time for the first test. I started to lower her thong and, at first there was a slight resistance before she raised herself and allowed them to be slipped off her legs. I ncontinued the spanking making it harder than before so that she really felt the sting of my hand. By now I had been spaking for more than twenty minutes and I told her to stand up and remove her skirt completely and then retire to the corner facing the wall with her hands on her head. She stood, unfastened the waistband and let the skirt fall to the floor. She stepped out of it and walked to the corner with her hands on her head. I could see that she had well formed calves and thighs with a generous bum which glowed with the heat from my spanking. She wore stockings and a garter belt.
I left her for several minutes before taking her into my office where she gasped when she saw the intruments set out on the table and the flogging bench in the centre of the room.
I stood in front of her and told her to remove her blouse,brassiere, suspender belt & stockings as she would receive the rest of her punishment naked. She unfastened her blouse and I saw that her bra was well filled and when she unfastened it her nipples stood out like nuts. Her suspender belt and stockings came off and she was now naked.
"From now on you will call me Sir. You will bend over the bench with your legs apart and your hands at the far end. You will not move unless I tell you and if, and when, I tell you you will count the strokes 'One, thank you Sir, Two, thank you Sir' and so on. Is that clear?"
"Yes Sir."
"Bend over then and take up your position."
She bent over the bench and I saw that her cheeks had now returned to whiteness so gave her two dozen with my hand to warm her up. Now I took up my tawse. This is an excellent thick strap with plenty of 'meat' which stings when it lands. I brought it up and "CRACKK!!" it lashed down. I think that Hayley was surprised as clearly she had never been dealt with like this before."CRACKK!!", "CRACKK!!", "CRACKK!!" I continued with the strap. Six, twelve, eighteen - by now her bum was back to its fiery red appearance and the lines from the edge of the strap were raising across her bum. I had no intention of stopping however and laid on another dozen before I stood back.
"You can stand up now but do NOT touch your bottom."
As she stood I could see that there was the odd tear in the corner of her eye but otherwise she had eceepted everything in silence. I waited for five minutes chatting to her before telling her to take up her position and bend over again. This was to be the REAL punishment and I would be using my light cane at first followed by the long punishment cane.
She eased herself in position and I reminded her that that she must not move or the stroke would not count and that when I told her she should count the strokes. I then took up the governess cane and "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!" brought it down once. "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!". At the end of the first six I told her to count and "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!" "One, thank you Sir", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "Two, thank you Sir", rang out until she reached "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "Twelve, thank you Sir" when I told her to stand again this time with her hands on her head facing the wall. I inspected her bum and saw that no damage had been caused and there was little bruising from the strap and cane.
By now I knew that she would be feeling the full effects and that the wait gave her bum time to absorb the full impact and make the pain harder. I told her to take up position and stroked the bum as she bent over the bench. I took up the punishment cane which was three feet long and as thick as a middle finger. This was the testing time and I was going to search out her stamina and determination. "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", I lashed the cane down so that it suk into her bum cheeks and rebounded from the spongy mass. I waited a full ten seconds for her to absorb it before "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!" two more strkes right across the line of the first. Again a pause before at ten second intervals "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!". I watched the bum as I could se that some of the earlier marks were beginning to turn purple."WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!". At last she was beginning to react wriggling slightly.
"Don't move or the stroke will not count!"
I was getting through to her but knew that at least a dozen more would be needed. "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!".
She stood up and cried out:
That is enough Sir, I have had enough!"
"Get back in position. I will decide when you have had enough."
"WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!". I was not out to break her spirit but she must remember her humiliation and the punishment in full "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!","WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!". This last set of strokes were the hardest yet and my now she was weeping and crying out with each one but otherwise had not moved again. "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", the final cut crossed all of the rest of the lines and although there ws no blood the bruising would show for days and be flt for at least a week. I stood back.
"Stand up, face me and apologise for your behaviour to your staff. Also promise that you will return if the need arises. Then you may walk into the lounge and back across my knees, no not for more spanking, but to have oil rubbed into you bum cheeks."
She followed me in and I gently massage some baby oil into the tortured cheeks. I was in no doubt that she would remember the experience although whether her behaviour would change only time would tell. She stood up and got dressed.
"Thank you I know I deserved everything I received but it was a very painful experience. I am sure that I will remember it when I sit down for severel days to come. I am also sure that I will return!"