St Jude's Finishing School -Appropriate Punishment
The Disciplinarian

They were seniors all aged 18 years at St Jude's Finishing College in their first term. They had been sent there by their parents because they were considered intractable to complete their education and on arrival had found they were to share a study and dormitory area.
The College had been founded by a governess Miss Fletcher who had strong ideas on discipline and, when the ban on corporal punishment for juveniles had been brought in, had decided that she could no longer work within families. She and some sponsors had therefore set up the College for girls needing strong discipline. All parents and girls had to sign agreeing to the school punishment ethos which included corporal punishment.
The four girls Marion, Julia, Shirley and Fiona dressed in their college dress knocked on the door of Miss Fletcher's office. They were told to enter and they went in and stood in front of Miss Fletcher's desk. The Principal looked up and placed her fingers together.
"Well ladies wnat is it this time. You report Marion."
"Miss Fletcher it is like this. The four of us went into the town this afternoon and while we were there decided to have tea. Unfortunately instead of tea we asked for wine and had several glasses each. We also smoked at the same time. The local constable saw us and sent us back to the College saying we should report to you immediately on our return. I am sorry Miss Fletcher but when we arrived back we felt tired so went to our room and fell asleep. It was only when we heard the dinner gong that we remembered we had to report to you."
"Yes the constable has reported you and I wondered when you would do the courtesy of coming to me. I view this as a very serious breach of regulations and you will all be punished severely. You will return here after dinner this evening when I will decide on the exact punishment. You can be assured it will severe. Now go to dinner."
All four girls said
"Thank you Miss Fletcher."
They then left the room for dinner looking at each other as they contemplated the fate which awaited them. Although the rest of the girls chattered away at dinner the four of them sat and ate quietly. They really didn't feel like their dinner.. Eventually the meal ended and they returned to their study to prepare for the visit to Miss Fletcher. tidied up they walked slowly to the office. They knocked on the door and were told to enter.
Miss Fletcher stood in front of her desk as the four lined up in front of her.
"Good evening ladies. I have been thinking carefully about what happened today and feel that there is no option but the cane. "
The girls gasped.
"Yes you may well gasp but what you did today is disgraceful by any standards. You will each receive one dozen strokes of my punishment cane. All will be on the bare buttocks. You may choose whether you wish to remain together or be dealt with privately. You will come just in your dressing gown and knickers. Decide by lunch time tomorrow and then report to me at 2pm. You are dismissed."
The four girls left shaken but well aware that they deserved everything they were to receive. They returned to their study and after a long talk agreed that they would remain together for the punishment.
The night and morning lessons seemed to pass in a flash and in no time they were undressing and putting on their dressing gowns to cover their nakedness. The rest of the girls were aware of what was to happen and watched them as the passed down the corridor to Miss Fletcher's study. They arrived outside and knocked.
"Enter !"
They entered the room and found a flogging horse erected in front of Miss Fletcher's table.
"Good afternoon girls. I am glad you are prompt. Now before we start are you to be caned together or separately?
"Together please Miss Fletcher."
"Good. Now before we start just a few things. First you will be caned in the order Marion, Shirley, Julia and Fiona last. Next you will each receive the twelve on your bare buttocks and then return to the wall and stand with your hands on your head facing the wall. Do not touch your bottom at any time as this will mean extra strokes. Once I have started I will not stop until you have received your punishment. I will be using my punishment cane as this a very severe infringement of discipline. At the end you will each sign the punishment book where the details will be recorded. Finally this is between us and your parents will not be informed - unless of course you choose to do so. Do you all understand ? If so remove your dressing gowns and Marion also remove your knickers and over the bench. The rest of you to the wall."
The girls stripped off their gowns and walked to a side wall where, hands on heads, they faced the wall. Marion walked reluctantly over to the bench where Miss Fletcher was waiting. She bent over and Miss Fletcher fastened her wrists to the sides with leather straps and then her ankles which were spread wide.
"I do not expect to hear you crying out as you are punished."
caning Miss Fletcher took two paces to line herself up on Marion, rested the cane on her bottom and gave it a flick to establish the target area. Suddenly it lashed down with great force across both buttocks. At first Marion felt only a dull thud but then the shrieking pain set in as if her bottom was on fire. Miss Fletcher waited and then "CRACK ! ! ! !" the next stroke lashed in and this one was just above the first. Marion was in agony and wanted to scream, her legs lifted and her hands tried to pull away and cover her bottom but she was restrained.
"Do NOT move Marion or that stroke will not count" said Miss Fletcher.
Now the cane lashed down for a third "CRACKKK ! ! !", then a fourth time "CRACKKK ! ! !" - the pain was excruciating and Marion now began to cry.
"No more, No more PLEASE"
Miss Fletcher ignored her pleas and again "CRACKKK ! ! !" the cane whipped into the bottom, sinking into the soft cheeks which were presented to it. Marion's bum was now on fire painted with strong white lines which where rapidly turning through red to purple.
Miss Fletcher was now into her stride and "CRACKKK ! ! !", "CRACKKK ! ! !", "CRACKKK ! ! !", the next three landed exactly on target driving the pain deep within her and setting up a throbbing which semed to make her buttocks feel twice their size. The lines were now well formed and regular as"CRACKKK ! ! !", "CRACKKK ! ! !" it never seemed to end.
The final stroke now connected "CRACK ! ! !", and nothing Marion had felt before had prepared her for this. It was as though all the pain she had ever suffered was concentrated into that small area of her bottom and her sobs got louder and longer. Miss Fletcher unfastened the straps
"It is over Marion, now go and stand in the corner. Do NOT touch your bottom and keep your hands on your head while I deal with your friends. Come here Shirley and assume the same position over the bench."
Shirley stepped forward and bent over the bench where Miss Fletcher fastened her down.
She brushed Shirley's buttocks and then took up the cane.
"CRACKKK ! ! !",
Shirley cried out as the cane sunk into her full, soft bum cheeks. The pain seared through her running down through her legs to her feet.
"CRACKKK ! ! !", "CRACKKK ! ! !", "CRACKKK ! ! !",
the next three landed with a staccato rhythm driving deep into her loins. She was gasping as she tried to accept the pain.
"CRACKKK ! ! !", "CRACKKK ! ! !".
Shirley was not sure whether she could accept the full amount as the pain of each stroke built upon the previous one and her bum seemed to be swelling all the time.
"CRACKKK ! ! !", "CRACKKK ! ! !", "CRACKKK ! ! !", "CRACKKK ! ! !"
Shirley was finding it difficult not to cry out as the cane continued lashing down. Miss Fletcher had the strong arm of a golfer and her aim was deadly so that each stoke filled in any gaps left by earlier ones. Shirley shut her eyes and braced herself against the excruciating pain as she awaited the final three.
"CRACKKK ! ! !", "CRACKKK ! ! !",
only one more but Miss Fletcher was going to make sure that this stroke reminded the Shirley of why she was there
"CRACKKK ! ! !",
she cried out with the pain as the searing stroke landed.
"Don't move Shirley I warned you not to cry out as it would not count so you have one more to come
"CRACKKK ! ! !",
somehow Shirley managed to bite her lip as she accepted this last , and extra, stroke. It was over and her bum was burning as though in a furnace and throbbing like a triphammer as she was released. She stood up gingerly and put her hands back instictively.
"No hands. Put them on your head and back to the corner."
She shuffled back to her place. while Julia walked forward to the bench and was fastened in place.
Miss Fletcher was not aware but Julia was a different proposition to the other three as her parents had caned her hard and frequently. For her this was just another interlude. She would be interested to see if Miss Fletcher could outdo her father and mother in the power of her caning. She prepared herself and switched her mind away from what was to happen. Although the caning was painful she found it little different from her parents and so accepted it stoically.
Miss Fletcher released her after the full twelve strokes and she returned to her place more annoyed with the policeman who had reported them than Miss Fletcher who had dealt with the four of them.
"Fiona it is now your turn come and place yourself in position. "
Fiona had led a sheltered life and had been swept up in the enthusiasm of her study mates and she had never been spanked , let alone caned, so was terrified. Miss Fletcher who was a wise, albeir strict, disciplinarian was aware of this and although she was going to make Fiona's bottom smart she was not going to beat her as hard as the others. Fiona knew nothing of these thoughts and prepared herself as she was fastened down.
Miss Fletcher bent over her fastening the straps and whispered
"Courage don't let yourself down."
She felt Fiona's buttocks and then took up the cane.
"CRACKKK ! ! !",
Not as hard as with the others it was still a painful shock and Fiona gasped.
"CRACKKK ! ! !", "CRACKKK ! ! !", "CRACKKK ! ! !", "CRACKKK ! ! !"
one by one the stokes landed on her soft white buttocks leaving red lines where they had touched. Fiona was sobbing quietly now as "CRACKKK ! ! !", "CRACKKK ! ! !", "CRACKKK ! ! !", "CRACKKK ! ! !"
the cane continued its inexorable rhythm
"CRACKKK ! ! !", "CRACKKK ! ! !", "CRACKKK ! ! !"
Fiona felt as though her buttocks had been flayed by a red hot iron and tried not to cry out as the burning increased in intensity with every stroke.
Miss Fletcher put down the cane and released Fiona.
"Come forward girls. "
The four of them stood in front of her. Marion spoke
"We apologise Miss Fletcher for letting the college down and know that the punishment we received was deserved."
The others nodded and murmured in agreement.
"Thank you girls. Now put on you dressing gowns, I suggest you leave your knickers off and return to your study."
She opened a drawer and took out a jar of cream
"I rather think that you might find this useful. I hope I will not see you again"
"No Miss Fletcher"
caned bottom The four girls retired to their study and when inside shrugged off their gowns and inspected the damage. They all found that Miss Fletcher had dealt fairly with them and the lines were well laid across their buttocks. The bruises were now beginning to turn a dark purple from the initial bright red. Marion said
"She certainly knows how to lay it on. Look at your marks Shirley not a centimetre between them.and I can still count each one. What say we start using the cream. Lay down Shirley and I will massage some into your bum."
Shirley lay down sprawling on the carpet as did Fiona and the other two girls began to massge cream into their buttocks.
It was soon clear that in spite of the pain Shirley was enjoying the feel of Marion's fingers and Marion noticed her reactions. Soon she began to massage inside Shirley's thighs and Shirley encouraged her by opening herself even further. Marion felt the warmth of the top of the inside of Shirley's thighs and also the wetness there. Shirley looked up and smiled and nodded. Marion explored even further and her fingers soon found Shirley's clitty. She gently massaged it with her thumb and soon found Shirley gasping as she felt an orgasm swelling up until suddenly she cried out with pleasure. The other two by now were watching and Julia looked quizzically at Fiona who still lay spead out. Fiona nodded and Julia feeling between her legs found her nub and began rubbing it vigorously. The caning had had an erotice effect for all its pain and soon Fiona bucked and cried out before she too came and the others watched her spend on to the carpet.

Although they had become friends and worked together none of them really knew much about the others and this was a new experience. None had tried sex in any form and they found an immediate bond in the caning and its effect on them. The two who had been massaging looked at their companions
"Will you?"
They quicky agreed and Marion locked the study door so that there should be no intruders. "Well girls we have discovered something today. That caning hurt badly and I am not keen for a second try. But we have found out that we all enjoy sexual plesures with each other. I don't think I am a lesbian but I enjoyed the play with Shirley. Luckily we have a bedroom to ourselves so we can do some more exploration tonight. What say we change partners tonight and see how it pans out."
The others all agreed and the girls returned to the extra work they had been given. Latin verbs are hard but even harder when your bum throbs and your pussy is getting wet as you dream about the night ahead.
They went down to the evening meal and the rest of the girls and staff looked at them to see if the caning had changed them but they did not react and soon everybody was chattering as they ate. After dinner was an hour of prep before free time and it was 10.30 before they went to bed.
As they undressed they were slightly self-concious looking at each other and smiling nervously before they put on their nightgowns and got into bed. They switched out the light and waited for the duty Mistress to check the rooms. When she had said 'Goodnight' , shut the door and left Marion crept out of her bed and went across to Fiona.. She joined Fiona in her bed and put her arms around her. The girls kissed and then Marion took the bottom of Fiona's gown and lifted it above her buttocks. She felt Fiona's pussy though her pubic hair and her fingers began to explore. She ran her fingers up and down the inside of Fiona's thighs while Fiona opened her legs to allow Marion to use her fingers and search her out. It was not long before Marion removed the bedclothes and slid down between Fiona's legs. She felt the soft pussy lips which peeped through her hair and the wet special scent of a woman who is aroused. She spread Fiona's legs even wider as she used her tongue to explore the interior and lick up the juices which were being discharged. Fiona cried out and bucked as Marion's tongue reemed her insides. Soon Marion reintroduced her fingers and sliding them in and out she brought Fiona to a climax. As Fiona came down from her high Marion shrugged out of her nightgown and lifted Fiona's off her. The two girls now lay together naked, breast to breast and pubis to pubis while they kissed and played. Now Fiona took charge and she soon found that Marion's pussy lips were puffy and sensative as she felt the head of her enlarged clitty. She rubbed away until she brought Marion to her climax
As they lay back to rest they could see that the others were also enjoying themselves. Shirley and Julia were already naked and hugging and kissing. As they watched they saw Julia spread Shirley's legs and go down between them. Shirley already had her legs on Julia's shoulders and they listened to the sounds of the two girls as Julia explored Shirley with her tongue. Her fingers were holding the puffy pussy lips of Shirley wide so that she could go deeper and Shirley was calling out
"Fuck me, fuck me"
until Julie used two fingers and brought Shirley to her climax.
The four sat together naked on one bed,Shirley exclaimed
"That was wonderful have any of you done anything like it before?".
Fiona replied
"No but now we are together we can have some fun. I have seen pictures of girls together. Playing with each other. I believe it was called '69'. Marion would you like to try it.?"
lesbian 69 Marion agreed eagerly and soon the two girls were on Marion's bed. She was laying on her back while Fiona knelt on top. She brought her pussy down close to Marion's mouth where she used her fingers to spread the puffy lips wide. She inserted two fingers inside and gently pushed them in and out. Meanwhile Fiona in her turn rubbed Marion's clitty before pushing her tongue into the eagerly awaiting coral interior. The scent of Marion's cum was almost overpowering but she sucked and licked the warm interior until she had taken a mouthful.
They were closely watched by the other two who soon copied them until the only sound was the moans of pleasure from the four girls.
They were still involved when the door opened and the light was switched on.
"Girls what is happening here. This is disgraceful behaviour get back into your own beds and report to me in my study in the morning."
It was the voice of the Deputy Principal Miss Harker a tall woman aged about 35 with a commanding presence. She had arrived without warning
The girls scrambled to their beds and dove down under the bedclothes. They were all very frightened about what might happen.

Morning arrived and after bathing and dressing the four reported to Miss Harker in her study. When they were in front of her she looked them up and down.
"I am not going to report you to Miss Fletcher but I will expect you to report my bungalow at 7pm tonight when I will decide what further action to take. Now go to breakfast and then to your work. When you come this evening bring the set book you are working on."
The four left the room and for the rest of the day they looked at each other wondering what was to be their fate. They knew that Miss Harker had the reputation of being a stern disciplinarian. She had her own bungalow in the college grounds which was secluded and several hundred yards from the main buildings.

The appointment Just before seven o'clock the four walked across to Miss Harker's bungalow not saying a word but all wondering what was to happen.. They arrived at the door and knocked quietly. Miss Harker met them and they were surprised to see that she was wearing a long pegnoir, not her school clothes. She looked sternly at them and invited them in. They entered her living room where a cosy fire was burning and were told to sit down. Their minds were in a whirl about what was to happen. The greeting had been most unexpected as they had thought it would be a fierce encounter.
Miss Harker returned with a coffee pot and cups and poured out coffee for them all. She then sat down herself and looked carefully at the four. She made up her mind.
"I was not surprised to find you in the positions you were last night. I have worked in several girls schools and discovered that it is the norm. Just tell me if this was the first time you had engaged in it?"
"Yes Miss Harker. We only met for the first time at the beginning of term last week and as we were put together and were the same age we have stuck together. This is what got us into trouble with Miss Fletcher and resulted in our caning. It all started from that as Miss Fletcher gave us some cream to ease the pain and .............."
"You need not go on I understand. Stand up and show me the marks."
The girls stood and lowered their knickers so that Miss Harker could see the bruises for herself.
"You can leave your knickers off if it is more comfortable then sit down again and I will tell you a story. It is about a young girl who came from a very strict family and knew nothing about sex and its pitfalls and pleasures. This girl - about your age - went to a party while at college and was brutally abused. She never told anybody and avoided anything associated with sex until she met a girl of similar age who had had a similar experience. The girls had mutual interests and shared a flat. They soon found that their experiences drew them together and, to cut a long story short, they also soon shared a bed and enjoyed pleasuring and being pleasured by the other. This might have been the end of the story with two spinsters sharing a house into old age until one day a man came into their lives. He was not good looking but attractive and they soon found that although they enjoyed sex with each other they were eager to spend a night with him and see what would happen. He was kind and gentle to both of them and the sex was good but eventually the young man had to choose. He made his choice and married one of the ladies. Because of his kindness and their friendship he still offered himself to the other lady, with his wife's agreement when she is on holiday.
I would like the chance to work with you and guide you to a pleasurable sex life without the horrendous start I had. If you agree we will meet regularly sometimes just one or two and sometimes all of you depending on circumstances and I will teach you all I know. You may find that you become lesbians or may want a hetrosexual relationship eventually or even become what is known as bi-sexual but I promise that you will be well equipped going forwards.
I will leave you together while I write some reports and return in half an hour for your answer. All I ask is that whether we go ahead or not this is totally confidential. I will arrange for you to take extra Latin with me and although you will sometimes visit alone at other times we should be able to have two and all four together. Now it is up to you. "
Miss Harker stood up and left the room with the girls looking at each other stunned at the revalations and the offer. Marion looked at the other three
"I think we take her up on her offer. We are a close group now and this is a chance to find out more about sex. I must admit that having very strict parents my chances have been limited - as you may have guessed last night !"
Shirley was the first to agree and was soon joined by the other two.
Miss Harker returned and the girls said that they had agreed and were eager to join her.
"Right I think that we need to start simply. We will all remove our clothes and just look at each other for a few minutes. Exporation is part of what it is about. OK let's strip.
At this she removed her pegnoir and the girls saw that she was naked underneath. She stood in front of them and they saw a tall slim , but not thin, lady She had long legs which seemed to go on for ever ending in a prominent pubis well covered by a dark bush. Her bum was well developed and larger than the girls which still had growing to do. Her breasts were large with dark aureoles headed by hard nipples. She had a lovely head of dark hair which fell to her shoulders.
"Now you girls. "
She watched each one as they stripped and saw that they had attractive bodies. Their buttocks were heavily bruised from the cane but each pubic bush was developing with Marion having ginger hair covering hers, the same as her head, while her breasts were already large and prominent; Shirley was darker and her pubic hair was already thick while her head was covered with dark shiny hair halfway down her back. Fiona was probably the least developed of the four as her blonde bush was only just sprouting and her pussy was almost bare of hair. Julia was the most advanced of the four with her pussy lips already displayed through her dark pubic hair while her breasts were showing a slight darkness in the aureoles. Her nipples were hard.
"Excellent girls now we will go up to my bedroom and start your lessons."
lesbian threesome They went to the bedroom and the girls gasped as it had a king sized bed which allowed plenty of room for play.
"I want two of you to pleasure me so that we can get and idea of where to start. Marion and Fiona I think while the other two watch."
She lay back on the bed and spread her legs wide and Marion and Fiona started. They parted the pussy lips which were ripe and full on a mature woman and Fiona went down on her while Marion watched and prepared to assist. Fiona soon found that the thick lips offered the perfect entrance to the wat warm slippery interior and it was not long before she had her tongue deep inside. Miss Harker's arousal was complete and the scent of her discharge was a pleasant one to the girls. She then offered her place to Marion who slipped two fingers deep inside the warm wet pussy. She moved her fingers in and out and Miss Harker was soon gasping and encouraging the girls to greater efforts as they worked away until with a groan she arched her back and they saw her cum shoot out onto Fiona's face.
"That was fantastic girls and I am sure that we will have a wonderful time.Now it is time for me to pleasure you. Julia come and spread yourself and I will demonstrate how cunnilingus, which is what this is called, should be done to maximise the pleasure of the recipient. remember that normally you have plenty of time for what we must do fairly quickly tonight. First make sure that her legs are well spread so that her pussy is available. Don't start on the thighs. play with her feet and rub the inside of her soles.. Draw your fingers gently up her calves and thighs."
Julia was already reacting
"Then you gently rub you thumb backwards and forwards over her clitoris so that the pleasure builds. Take your time so that your partner gradually begins to get warm and then tingling - too fast and you ruin it. "
Julia was already bucking and squealing with the treatments she was receiving
"Now it is time to use your mouth and tongue. Take the clitoris which is now enlarged into your mouth and suck and flick it with your tongue. Marion you try this with Shirley as I am talking. By now as you can see Julia is already on a high and I gently insert two fingers into her pussy. This is the difficult bit until you know. Turn you fingersto the right and there you will find the 'g' spot. "
Julia squealed and cried out as she arched her back 'More, more please!' as the expert finger found the magic spot and she came with her spend covering Miss Hacker's fingers.
Meanwhile Marion and Shirley were trying to follow her instructions as Shirley bucked under Marion's ministrations.
"Search for the 'g' spot to finish her off. Go slightly right and the soft area there is what you want. "
Within minutes Shirley joined Julia in her climax and lifted off the bed as she orgasmed. She gasped out
"Nothing, nothing equals this it is incredible. "
Now girls you must clean up and return to the College. Leave your work and I will mark it before tomorrow. I suggest you rest tonight as Miss Fletcher is on duty."
The four girls dressed and left. As they walked back they whispered to each other that it had been a fantastic evening and they were looking forward to their next visit. On reaching the College they went straight to bed and slept the night through
There will be a further episode in the story of the girls and staff of St Jude's