St Jude's Finishing College - Pleasure After Pain
The Disciplinarian

The four senior girls, Marion,Shirley, Julia and Fiona had been caned by Miss Fletcher for a breach of discipline and that night while playing with each other they had been discovered by the Deputy Principal Miss Harker. Miss Harker had invited them to her bungalow in the school grounds and offered to teach them about there own bodies. They accepted and spent the evening with Miss Harker. She explained that she would give them extra Latin tuition and when they visited they would learn.....................!!!!

About a week later Marion received a message from Miss Harker that she should bring her Latin to the bungalow at 7.30pm, after dinner, that night. Marion told the others and prepared herself. She had a shower earlier than usual and made sure that she wore clean underwear as she had no idea what would transpire. The others wished her good luck and she left for her assignation.
When she arrived at Miss Harker's bungalow she rang the bell and waited. Miss Harker came to the door her hair loose and dressed in a long flowing kaftan. Smiling she invited Marion in.
"Welcome let us have some coffee and a chat before we start. Firstly you will have do do extra Latin so that Miss Fletcher has no cause to think otherwise. You will each bring it with you and we will make sure that it is correct before we play. You understand that we must be very careful and do not allow any discussion outside of you four and myself. Now that has got the awkward part out of the way and I see that you have finished you coffee."
"I understand Miss Harker."
For the next half an hour Miss Harker went over the latin prose with Marion until, putting her pen down she said
"I think that is enough Latin for the night. The rest of the evening is ours. You may call me Mary while we are together but NEVER outside."
"Thank you Mary."
"We are going to become lovers and the first thing you need to know is how to undress, and how far to undress your partner. I want you undress me. Remove my Kaftan Leave me in my underclothes for the present. "
Marion walked over to her and Miss Harker put her arms around her and kissed her.
"Don't be afraid because soon you will enjoy doing it."
Marion went to Mary's neck and unfastened her brooch and then loosened her collar. She then unfastened the buttons at the front of Mary's gown before sliding it off her shoulders and down her back. She put it on a chair. Mary stood and watched smiling encouragement. She stood in her underclothes and Marion saw that her breasts, which were full and Mary was now in a her brassiere knickers and tights. Marion looked up at her.
"Now the rest starting with the tights.Marion slipped her hands inside the elastic of the tights and pulled them down and removing Mary's shoes she eased the tights off her feet. She stood up and putting her hands behind Mary's back unfastened her brassiere before easing it off and away. Finally she knelt down and drew Mary's knickers off. She stood back and again saw a superb body with long legs, perfectly formed calves and thighs leading to a prominent pubis which was covered by a full dark thatch. She saw the flesh of pussy lips which just peeped through. She stood up and looked at Mary.
"Not bad Marion for a first attempt. Now I am going to do the same to you but watch the difference.
She stood in front of Marion kissing her mouth nose and ears while unfastening her blouse. As she lowered and eased it to her back she caressed Marion's back and shoulders. She then lay it down. Next she went to the skirt. Here she played with Marion's calves and thighs slowly lifting her skirt in the process before removing it. Now Marion stood in her brassiere and pants. Mary unfastened the brassiere and, as she allowed it to drop, she gently played with Marion's breasts and sucked and tongued her nipples taking several minutes to do so. Marion was finding an erotic pleasure from it but had no time to enjoy it as Mary then knelt before her. She slipped down Marion's socks and eased them off her feet before playing with her fingertips over the inside of Marion's calves and thighs. Eventually she moved higher until she reached Marion's pants. Here she eased her fingers into the sides and then lowered them gently over her buttocks. Once there she stopped to play with Marion's buttocks before finally easing them completely off. Now Marion was naked and she was very aroused a situation Mary noticed as the warm cum oozed out from her cunt. She felt between Marion's legs and withdrew her fingers covered with her spend.
"Excellent my dear. Do you see how it should be done?. Pleasure your partner and make sure that they enjoy everything starting with undressing them and being undressed. Now let us go up to the bedroom where we can play."
She led Marion upstairs and into the bedroom where she drew her down on the bed. She lay her back and kissed her ears and throat before kissing her mouth. Marion was inexperienced and, as Mary slid her tongue into Marion's mouth, she lay there supine. It was only as Mary began to flick her tongue that she understood and joined in and soon they were french kissing with a will. They hugged and kised each other eagerly before Mary moved down and massaged Marion's breasts. Her breasts were still developing and although pert were not yet fully formed and the aureoles had not taken on a mature state. Mary flicked her tongue over Marion's nipples and sucked on them until they were iron hard. Mary saw Marion move her hands down to touch her pussy. She moved them away
"Don't touch and leave everything to me."

> From her breasts Mary moved down to her belly button and licked and breathed on it before arriving at her pubis. She gently massaged Marion over her pubic hair before gently parting the engorged outer lips before her mouth reached Marion's quim. Because Marion was still young her pussy was still tight here but her pussy lips were still responsive and, as Mary licked around the rim, her discharge had become more obvious and her cum dribbled over Mary's lips. She spread Marion's legs wider so that she could explore deeper and her fingers slid inside the eager vagina. Soon she found an obstruction and knew that Marion had an unbroken hymen. Mary went on playing until Marion was beside herself with pleasure and then told her that she was going to see exactly what pleasure was possible. Caressing Marion's bruised buttocks she said even using the cane was erotic . Marion sat up and looked at her. Mary smiled:
"Trust me !"
She then parted Marion's lags and spread them wide looking deep into the coral slippery interior. Her lips gently kissed the rim as her tongue explored Marion. . Marion gasped as waves of pleasure ran through her body. This was beyond anything she had expected. Mary inserted two fingers inside Marion's eager pussy and, with her tonguing, sonn brought the student to a shuddering climax.
Mary came back beside Marion and hugged and kised her with their breasts rubbing and offering even more erotic pleasure. Mary kissed and 'frenched' Marion before whispering
"Now do the same to me!"
She parted her legs and, as Marion went down, she saw through Marion's pubic hair that her pussy lips were thick and elongated. She parted them and saw the interior of an aroused woman for the first time. Marion's interior was oozing with cum which glistened and turned the interior a bright pink. Her prominent clitoris was sticking out like a small cock and she was fully aroused. As Marion investigated it she scented that special aroma that only an aroused woman produces. Mary told her to use her ongue on her clitoris and Marion flicked it back and forth while Mary groaned with pleasure. Soon she bucked under Marion's ministrations and Marion's face was suddenly covered with a huge spend as Mary ejaculated. Marion came up spluttering with her face covered with it. Mary pulled her up and licked it from Marion's face.

"Wonderful darling. There is nothing like a woman's spend. Now you are going to try something new. You were caned for punishment but we will be caning for pleasure. I want you to take that cane from the chair and then thrash my bum. Two dozen for starters ! Do you think you can do it?"
Marion was shocked but then said she would try.. Mary went to the side of the bed and bent over showing her superb milky white buttocks to Marion.
Marion picked up the cane and went to her side. She lay it across Mary's buttocks and massaged her bum and then taking a firm grip
"W H I P P ! !", "CRACKKK ! ! !",
Marion was shocked as she watched the stroke lash down and sink into the soft white buttocks. She still thought of the cane for punishment
"A good start darling but I need it harder than that."
"W H I P P ! !", "CRACKKK ! ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "CRACKKK ! ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "CRACKKK ! ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "CRACKKK ! ! !"
one by one the stokes landed on Mary's soft white buttocks leaving red lines where they had touched. Marion saw the lines building and Mary was encouraging her to cane harder. She did so
"W H I P P ! !", "CRACKKK ! ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "CRACKKK ! ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "CRACKKK ! ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "CRACKKK ! ! !"
the cane continued its inexorable rhythm
"W H I P P ! !", "CRACKKK ! ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "CRACKKK ! ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "CRACKKK ! ! !"
A dozen stokes had landed on Mary's buttocks and when Marion stopped to inspect Mary's bum she urged her to continue
"Come on Marion you can do better than that"
"W H I P P ! !", "CRACKKK ! ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "CRACKKK ! ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "CRACKKK ! ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "CRACKKK ! ! !","W H I P P ! !", "CRACKKK ! ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "CRACKKK ! ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "CRACKKK ! ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "CRACKKK ! ! !"
It was finished and she put down the cane and helped Mary to her feet. They stood together and hugged and kissed.
Marion saw that the whole of Mary's bum was covered with thin lines which were turning from red to purple as she watched.
"That was superb. We will have lots of pleasure together. Now I need a good fucking and again you can do it. Don't look surprised."
She went over to a drawer and Marion saw her remove a long prong attached to a harness. She brought it across.
"This is a dildo and it allows two women to have sexual intercourse without a man present. Don't get me wrong I enjoy a man but sometimes one is not available and the dildo is an excellent substitute. Let me strap it round your waist and between your legs.
She knelt in front of Marion and fastened the waist and and strapw between her thighs. Marion stood there and looking down saw a long thick prong shaped like a man's cock with a large bulbous head sticking out in front of her. Mary lay back on the edge of the bed and spreading her legs wide she used her fingers to open her pussy lips ahe guided the head up inside her. She was obviously used to this dildo and wrapping her legs round Marion she drew it deep inside her. Marion stood until Mary said: "Push it in and out nice and steadily - don't let it come right out but push as deep as you like. "
Marion stood and pushed in and out while Mary reciprocated and both ladies were soon gasping with their efforts. Minutes passed and then Mary cried out: "I'm coming !"
With three or four rapid thrusts she brought herself to her climax and gasped her pleasure. Marion witdrew and heard the squelch as the dildo eased out of Mary's pussy. Mary lay back for a couple of minutes before sitting up and unstrapping the dildo from Marion.
"Soon you will be able to have these pleasures but before we need to remove you virginity. Next time you come we will see what we can do. Now let us have shower before you return to the college.
The two took a leisurely shower together caressing and stroking each other before it was time for Marion to go. She left with the promise of more to come.
When she arrived back at the college her friends were eagerly waiting to hear what had happened. Marion shook her head.
No I promised Miss Harker I would not talk until you have all ben initiated. Then I promise you it will be different. At that they had to be satisfied and returned to their beds.

There will be further episodes in the story of the girls and staff of St Jude's