St Jude's Finishing College - Fiona Introduced to Sexual Pleasures.
The Disciplinarian

The four senior girls, Marion,Shirley, Julia and Fiona had been caned by Miss Fletcher for a breach of discipline and that night while playing with each other they had been discovered by the Deputy Principal Miss Harker. Miss Harker had invited them to her bungalow in the school grounds and offered to teach them about there own bodies. They accepted and spent the evening with Miss Harker. She explained that she would give them extra Latin tuition and when they visited they would learn.....................!!!!

Tonight it was the turn of Fiona to visit and after a shower she went across to Miss Harker's house with her books. When she arrived she was surprised to see that Miss Harker was dressed informally but entered into the lounge. Miss Harker offered her coffee and then they got through the Latin translation. When it was finished Miss Harker stood up and looked down at Fiona.

"As you know I found you four girls indulging in sexual play which is strictly prohibited but knowing that this cannot ever be stopped I have decided to take you four and teach you the pleasures which can be had. Marion has beeen and, I can tell from your expression, said nothing of what transpired. Would you like me to help you?

"Yes please Miss Harker. Like the others I enjoy what we are doing but I know that there is much more to it than this and would like some help. It may seem strange but when the girls talk about boys I am not interested but when we are with each other i seem to come out."

"You may call me Mary for the rest of the evening and I do understand. I rather thought that when I first saw you and there is nothing unusual in girls being attracted to each other. There are many pleassures which men cannot offer but ladies together can. Before we start let me say that nothing which happens here leaves here. Just has Marion has said nothing you must do the same. It will be difficult at first but when I have seen Shirley and Julia then we can act differently. Is that clear."

"Yes Miss - , I mean Mary,

"Good now we will begin. Let us go up to my bedroom where we can be much more relaxed. "

They climbed the stairs to Mary's bedoorm and Fiona gasped at the size of the bed. She stood and waited before Mary walked over to her.

"Let us undress you for a start."

Fiona felt strange as Mary unfastened her blouse and pushed it off her shoulders. For a girl of her age she already had well formed breasts and once her brassiere came off it was clear that she was already aroused with her nipples firm and ripe. Mary caressed them and gently licked them with her tongue making them even harder. Fiona gasped.

"That's right enjoy the pleasure. It should not start with sex but be in everything we do.

She took Fiona's head in her hands and gently kissed her using the tip of her tongue to explore inside Fiona's mouth. Fiona soon reciprocated

Then Mary knelt down and unfasted Fiona's skirt which dropped to the floor. She was now wearing just her pants and socks and Mary slipping her hands into the waist band lowered them over Fiona's buttocks. She caressed the buttocks before easing the knickers down and off.. Finally it was the socks which were removed.

"Lay face down on the bed my dear and I will massage you. "

As Fiona lay there she felt the soft warm hands of Mary caressing her body and legs until she was completely relaxed. Slowly she ran her hands over Fiona's back and buttocks. First the right buttock and then the left making Fiona tingle all through. Then she felt Mary massage inside her bum crack and gradually down to her core. She felt the touch of her fingers on her pussy but she was now so relaxed that when Mary turned her over she did so willingly. Mary massaged Fiona's breasts and brought her mouth to cover the left nipple. Her tongue flick the erect nut and Fiona moaned with pleasure. Mary changed to the other breast.

From her breasts Mary moved down to her belly button and licked and breathed on it before arriving at her pubis. She gently massaged Fiona over her sparse pubic hair before gently parting the outer lips until finally her mouth reached Fiona's quim. Fiona was even tighter than Marion had been and her pussy was tight but very wet but she had a hard clitoris which was almost like a small cock and poked out from its cover. As Mary licked around the rim, her discharge had become more obvious and her cum dribbled over Mary's lips. She sniffed at the arousal juices. She spread Fiona's legs wider so that she could explore deeper and her fingers slid inside the eager vagina. Soon she found an obstruction and knew that Fiona had an unbroken hymen. Mary went on playing until Fiona was beside herself with pleasure and then told her that she was going to see exactly what pleasure was possible. Fiona sat up and looked at her. Mary smiled:

"Trust me !"

Mary stood up and drew Fiona to her feet. "Now I want you to undress me. Just remember what I did and try it."

She stood and waited while Fiona looked at her. Then Fiona went to Mary's waist and unfastened the belt at her waist. Mary was wearing a dressing gown and Fiona opened it up before sliding it down. Mary shrugged out of it. Fiona saw that she was just wearing a black lacy bra, suspender belt and loose panties. Her stockings were held up by the suspenders. Fiona went on her knees and saw that the gusset of the black lacy knickers was already wet and the scent of Marion was already showing her arousal. Fiona unfastened one suspender and rolled the stocking down and off her foot. As she did so she felt an impulse to gently caress Mary's calf and foot. Then she did the same with the other stocking. She bent down and kissed Mary's feet.

lesbian sexNow she went to Mary's waist and unhooked the suspender belt dropping it on the ground. Then she eased her fingers into the waistband of Mary's knickers and pulled over her ripe warm buttocks and slid them down to her feet. Fiona could not understand why but she put her nose deep into Mary's pussy enjoying the special aroma of an aroused woman. She found that what she was doing was natural to her and gave her pleasure. She lay Mary on her back and spread her legs. Mary's legs were wide and Fiona explored, parting the engorged lips with her fingers and gradually drawing them apart until she could see the coral interior wet with the spend Mary was releasing. She used her tongue to scoop out the spend from the interior and then easing herself up she drew Mary's face to her. They kissed and Fiona transferred some of Mary's cum back to her.own mouth.

Mary gasped

"Oh my darling I had no idea it would happen so quickly for you. It is wonderful. Now massage my back and bottom and then spank me. Then I want you to do something very special for me."

Again she turned face down and, using her hand, Fiona began to gently spank her soft warm buttocks. She saw that there were marks across them which had not quite disappeared:

"Splatt!!", "Splatt!!", "Splatt!!".

Her hands delivered a steady tattoo to Mary's bum. Soon the cheeks turned red again and it was clear that Mary was enjoying herself. Her legs parted wider and Fiona stopped spanking long enough to explore the mucus filled interior. So warm and wet she nuzzled her nose inside and used her tongue exite Mary's clitoris. Her fingers slid deep inside and Mary groaned in pleasure as Fiona moved them in and out. She pushed Fiona away and said:

"Wait just a moment."

She stood up walked across to the cupboard where she took out a large dildo. Fiona had never seen one before and as Mary brought it over she gasped. It was long and thick with a ridged rubber shaft which was shaped exactly like a penis. Mary handed it to her

"This is a vibrating dildo and will give you pleasure without the need for a man. At present you are too small to take this but I want you to put it inside me and turn the vibrator on to full. "

Mary turned over on her back and lay back with her legs wide spread. Gingerly Fiona presented the tip to Mary's pussy before easing it inside. She found that the spend had lubricated Mary's interior so that the the dildo went deep. She then turned on the vibrator and moved the dildo in and out. Mary bucked and cried with pleasure as she did so and soon Fiona could see that she was having a masive orgasm. As Mary collapsed gasping with pleasure Fiona stopped the vibrator and removed the dildo.

"Now for the special favour. I need to be caned and caned hard. I know you are shocked but for some people such as me it offers pleasure as well as pain. Will you do it?"

"I will try but I am not sure what to do."

"Don't worry. There is a cane on my dressing table and when I bend over I want you to give me two dozen strokes. REALLY hard. I expect you will find it difficult at first but you will soon learn."

She handed the cane to Fiona and bent over the end of the bed. Fiona, who had been a top cricketer when at school, had strong wrists and gripped the cane firmly. She lay the cane across Mary's buttocks and

"W H I P P ! !", "CRACKKK ! ! !",

Fiona was shocked at what she had done as she watched the stroke lash down and sink into the soft white buttocks. She still thought of the cane for punishment
"W H I P P ! !", "CRACKKK ! ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "CRACKKK ! ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "CRACKKK ! ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "CRACKKK ! ! !"

one by one the stokes landed on Mary's soft white buttocks leaving red lines where they had touched. Fiona saw the lines building and Mary was encouraging her to cane harder. Se did so

"W H I P P ! !", "CRACKKK ! ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "CRACKKK ! ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "CRACKKK ! ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "CRACKKK ! ! !"

the cane continued its inexorable rhythm

"W H I P P ! !", "CRACKKK ! ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "CRACKKK ! ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "CRACKKK ! ! !"

A dozen stokes had landed on Mary's buttocks and when Fiona stopped to inspect her bum. Mary urged her to continue

"Come on Fiona you can do better than that"

"W H I P P ! !", "CRACKKK ! ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "CRACKKK ! ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "CRACKKK ! ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "CRACKKK ! ! !","W H I P P ! !", "CRACKKK ! ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "CRACKKK ! ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "CRACKKK ! ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "CRACKKK ! ! !"

By now it was then end of the two dozen strokes and Fiona stood back. Mary stayed in position for a few moments before standing up. She looked at the flaming marks in the dressing table mirror admiring them.

"Well done Fiona I do not think I have anything to teach you about using the cane. Maybe next time we can try it on you. Now I think a shower and then it is time for you to return to the college.

The had a shower together before Fiona dressed and was taken to the front door by Mary.

"Remember that this is between ourselves and you must not say anything to the other girls. Shirley and Julia will be coming next week and once they have been then we can be more open with each other. There will be a further episode in the story of the girls and staff of St Jude's