St Jude's Finishing College - More Learning
The Disciplinarian

By now the four girls, Marion, Shirley, Julia and Fiona were regular visitors to the Deputy Principal Mary Harker and there were discussions at several levels as to what would happen when the term ended. Mary had sounded out the girls about remaining at the College for a week for 'extra tuition'. She suggested that Fiona, a confirmed lesbian, came at a different time and should return home coming back in a fortnight when they would be on their own. Fiona understood immediately and was frankly relieved that she would not be involved with the others in what was hinted. Mary told them that the Principal was happy for them to stay as long as they did not need any support such as meals and that they would keep their own room clean and tidy. Although Mary had not specified what the 'sextra tuition' would be the girls were sure that it would go well beyond Latin Verbs !.
Term ended and everybody left and the girls were on their own. The Principal had left for a cruise lecturing on Classical Rome and Greece, the teaching, clerical kitchen and cleaning staff were away and the latter were not due back until a week before the College restarted. The girls were very excited and kept asking each other what might happen.
The first morning Mary came and fetched the girls. She told them that they were very privileged as they had been selected for special training. She explained that they would not in fact be remaining at the school but would be going to a very private venue where she would be supervising their training. They quickly packed their bags and piled into Miss Harker's car very excited as to where they were going. They travelled for about an hour through the countryside until they came to a set of double gates with a notice which said

St Margaret's Retreat for Distressed Gentlewomen
Admission on Referral ONLY

A porter at the lodges at the entrance checked their credentials and then allowed them through. The girls giggled as they drove in but gasped when they saw the stately home in front of them. It had high Gothic Pillars and a grand staircase up to the entrance..As the car pulled up they saw Dr Michael Green waiting to greet them. He led them inside to a small room where tea had been prepared for them and then left them telling them that everything would be explained later. After tea they were taken to their rooms and they found that they each had a huge room to themselves. They had no time to inspect the rooms as they were quickly called back to the main lounge. There they found besides Dr Green and Miss Harker and three men looking about mid twenties and VERY fit and athletic. Miss Harker cleared her throat
"Welcome to 'The Retreat' ladies. Over the last few weeks I have been following your progress with Michael and myself and it has seemed to me that you are perfect material for our new project. I will outline it and you are then at liberty to say NO and we will return you to the College. For those who remain this will be an intensive week of training.
Now to the details. Pleasure, pain and sex are very valuable assets when dealing with businessmen and what might be called 'movers and shakers'. This has to be carried out carefully and with finesse. The ladies we are looking for must be young and nubile, as this draws men. They must also be well trained in all the arts of seduction. They will be expected to integrate and be part of a team which already operates worldwide. If you wish to join us then just remain seated but if you wish to leave now is the time as from now on you are sworn to secrecy about everything that happens. Is anybody leaving?"
All three girls smiled and shook their heads. The die was cast and from now on their training would begin. Miss Harker smiled:
"I am pleased and now it is time to begin. Each one of you will be allocated a trainer"
She pointed to the three young men.
"These are they. To be absolutely fair the selection will be random. Here are three cards. Pick one up and when you each have a card state the number and you will be joined by your partner. Once you have your partner they will be in TOTAL, and I mean TOTAL, control of you and you will follow their instructions immediately and without question. This may be difficult at first but you will soon see why this must be. You will not see Dr Green or me until tomorrow evening at dinner when we will review your first day but I can assure you we will be around monitoring your progress. Good luck and now join your partners."
The three men came across to their allocated partner. James introduced himself to Marion; Peter to Julia and Charles to Shirley. Each took his partner by the hand and led them away. For the girls it was a parting of the ways.
I will deal with each couple separately for the present to avoid confusion

Marion left the room with James who led her up to her bedroom. When they arrived he confirmed that he was James and he was her mentor for the next week. During that time it was his job to prepare her in every way as on the final day there would be a full oral and physical examination. He told her to unpack while turned on the shower and then she was to undress and take a shower. As she unpacked she heard him turn the water on ready for her. Although she has had sex with Michael she was still inexperienced and nervous of what was to happen. When he returned, although she had unpacked she was still fully dressed. he pointed to the end of the bed. "You are disobedient so must pay. Bend over the end of the bed."
Shocked she did so and
"S P L A T T ! !"
his hand landed on her buttocks. He lifted her dress and "S P L A T T ! !", "S P L A T T ! !"
this time his hand had stung her and she cried out. James said
"When I give you an order you do it immediately without querying it.. Undress and have a shower."
Marion was too shocked to resist and gradually removed her clothes before getting naked into the shower. James stood and watched as she soaped herself. She felt embarrassed as he watched her soap her breasts, her pussy and her bum. She felt her cheeks burn as his eyes roved over her.
"Now dry yourself and lay in this chair. Spread your legs as I will be shaving your pussy hair. "
He put a towel on the seat of the chair and Marion sat down on it spreading her pussy lips . James came over with a bowl of water, shaving soap, scissors and a razor. he used the scissors to remove the longer matted hair. He then sprayed shaving cream over her pubis. He gently rubbed it in bringing frisson of delight to Marion. James took up the razor and with a gentle 'zizz' began to draw it down her pubis. First the right, then the left and finally the centre. He used a wet towel to clear the area and then cleaned up the pussy hair which had strayed between her legs. He wiped the whole area clean and Marion was astounded to see the clean bare area looking for all the worlds like a baby's bottom. James told her to return to the bed and lay back with her legs spread.
As she lay back Marion watched as James took a comfortable chair about six feet away and watched her. His next instructions shocked her.
"I want you to play with yourself as you would while on your own. You must continue for at least ten minutes without coming to orgasm or you will be punished." Marion followed his instructions and her fingers began to play with her clitoris. Soon she put two fingers inside her pussy and began to ream then in and out. She was already so aroused that she had forgotten her instructions and soon she was panting with pleasure and it was only minutes before she felt a welling inside her and with a shuddering cry she brought herself to a panting climax.
James sat there watching and then said
"What were your instructions?"
" I - I was to play for at least ten minutes before I came."
"Did you?"
"No Sir I was too excited."
" Go over to the bench at the side and bend over. Disobedient girls are punished severely."
Reluctantly she stood up and walked over to the long padded bench at the side. It was surrounded by mirrors. She bent over and gripped the sides. She saw James take a cane from a rack and touch her bum before she felt a searing blow across both buttocks as
" W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K ",
the cane lashed down. She cried out with the shock and pain.
" W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K "," W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K "," W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K "," W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K "," W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K ",
five more times the cane landed each stroke harder than the last until her bum was on fire. She was crying, as much with the shock of what was happening as the actual pain.
"Don't move."
anal sex She looked up and saw him step out of his trousers and shirt so that like her he was naked. His cock was erect and as she looked in the mirror she watched him covering it with a condom. He took up a jar and applied some jelly to his cock and then using two fingers he pushed some into her anus. He parted her bum cheeks and taking his position behind her he guided his cock to her rear entrance. She felt it nudge the puckered lips before James began to push forward. Her anus spread with his cock which was long but not too large in circumference. He held her hips in his hands and pushed further in. She gasped and for a moment could not breathe before she began to enjoy the experience. It was different to a cock in her pussy and as he moved slowly in and out she found that she was beginning to enjoy the new sensation. James powered on for several minutes before with a gasp he gave a final thrust and she felt his cock throbbing inside her as he discharged. At the same time his fingers found her pussy and driving them home brought her to her own climax.
He eased out and told her to stand before leading her to the bed where he told her to lay back and listen to him. He removed the condom and cleaned himself before dressing and sitting in the chair.
"I need to tell you about this week. As I explained I am your mentor and I with Muriel will guide you through the week. Here we teach you to become real 'courtesans'. As part of our circle you will target men, and women, we will name and get them into compromising positions. At the end of this week we will decide whether you are suitable and, if so you will have a salary of 50,000 a year, a luxurious flat and a large expense account . For this you will entertain whoever we send to you. You may be expected to travel with him (or her) as a companion so make sure that your passport is up-to-date.
The purpose of this week is to make sure that you are suitable, want the job and also to teach you everything you need to know to pleasure a man or woman. Marion has tested you and she has brought you here. From now on everything will be done to turn you out as a perfect 'courtesan' .
Do you understand and are you happy with this proposal.
Remember though that if you do wish to join then it is important that you pass this week's tests otherwise I am afraid that you will be considered unsuitable."
"Marion thought for several minutes. She was not academic and had been very excited with what had happened at Mary's house and the chance to explore her sexuality even further interested her even more. Of course there was always the pay incentive as well.
James waited patiently as he could see how her mind moved. Eventually she decided.
"Yes I would like to try it."
"Good. Now go to bed and rest as from 7am tomorrow you will have a busy time. Breakfast is at 8am in the lounge. Goodnight."
At this he got up and left a bewildered Marion who thought he would be staying with her overnight. She settled down to sleep thinking how fast things had changed. This morning she and her friends had been visiting Mary for the day and now .......................................................

This is last St Jude's story and from now as the girls are at St Margaret's Retreat discovering their new life so the NEXT story will be named St Margaret's Retreat - Part 1