A Friend in Need
The Disciplinarian

I had known the couple for thirty years and we had been close, although not intimate, friends for most of this time when after a long and debilitating illness her husband died. Louise was nearly sixty but still an attractive woman slight of build with the body of the dancer she had been in her youth. She came several times to talk about her husband and her future plans and although we talked around everything under the sun I could see that she was very tense and was trying to articulate without being able to get the words out. One afternoon she came and we made small talk before she stood up ready to leave and, as she turned to go, she pulled me to her and hugged me.

"Thank you for the way you have comforted me since John's death and your support when he was alive!"
I held her in my arms and she whispered that she so needed an active man having been around her husband?s illness for so long. I suggested that we sat down again and we moved over to the settee together. We talked for several minutes before I put my arms around her and kissed her. I took her in my arms and kissed her harder slipping my tongue between her lips. She offered no resistance and I felt her tongue come to touch mine. She looked into my eyes and I saw there a great trust in what was now inevitable. Lifting her I gently pulled her over my lap. She made no objection but looked up and I explained that I was going to massage the tenseness out of her. She lay face down along the sofa across my knees with her head resting on some cushions while I started gently massaging her shoulders and back. I then moved down to her calves and feet before moving on to the thighs and buttocks.
I gently massaged over her dress before lifting it up her back to allow me access to her thighs and buttocks. She gasped as I touched her bum but made no other move. I saw that her small black knickers covered a well fleshed bum and I began to massage on top of them using both hands and making sure that I covered the whole area before pulling them into the bum crack and massaging and gently spanking her bare bum. She giggled a little at the spanking and I then put my fingers into the top elastic of her knickers and eased them down over her thighs. As if she was meant to do it she lifted herself to let me slide them down and she allowed me to remove them without any query.
I began kneading the thighs and calves. Gradually I gave a few playful spanks on her bottom as I massaged and I could tell as she nestled down that she did not object and was gradually relaxing into herself. I moved on to spanking a little harder while my left hand rested beside her head. I felt her mouth close over my thumb and she was soon sucking it as I massaged and spanked. Her bum was now bare and the cheeks flexed as my fingers caressed the inside of her thighs which she started to spread wider offering me greater access. Finally my fingers fluttered at the entrance to her quim. She moaned and spread her legs even wider offering me greater access. I pushed one finger inside, removed it, and then gave her three sharp slaps; then I slipped my finger in again and I could tell that she was already wet with cum. She still offered no resistance so I whispered to her:
"Do you want me to continue?"
She nodded:
"Please I have missed so much over the past two years with my husband being so ill.?"
I started spanking harder and I heard her squealing as I did so. Her body was moving in unison with my hand.
"Don't stop. Spank me harder."
I continued so that the sound of my hand rang out and then with a firm thrust I pushed my fingers up into her cunt thrusting back and forth into the wet slimy interior.
She gave a great cry and arched her back as she had a massive orgasm and squeezed my fingers between her thighs.
She turned round, put her arms around me and kissed me softly crying gently as she did so.
"Oh God, I would never have believed it possible. I have never been spanked before and I loved it. Can we try more??
I smiled and took her hand walking her into my spanking room. She didn't notice that she was wearing nothing below her blouse - or if she did she didn't seem to care!
"I felt so guilty over my husband and that I had these needs which he coudn't?t fulfill and now he has passed away I want to be able to purge them and start a new and more active life.?"
"What you need is a good spanking and I am going to see which of my instruments you will enjoy."
She looked shocked as I unfastened my collection of spanking instruments but then watched as I explained each one. I set up my flogging bench and told her to bend over it promising that I would not hurt her but just give her a feel of them. She bent over the bench and I looked at the firm red cheeks that were exposed. I told her to spread her legs, massaged the inside of her thighs and then took up the soft paddle. I slapped it down on first the left and then the right cheek several times before I stopped and massaged. I felt down between her legs and although she tensed as my fingers touched her pussy she spread a little further to give me access.
I told her to stand and removed the rest of her clothes without any dissent. I unfastened the buttons on her blouse as she looked at me trustingly and then slid it off her shoulders. Next it was her brassiere and this came away leaving small but perfectly formed breasts. She may have been nearly sixty but her nipples stood out and there was little sagging. I rubbed the nipples as she smiled at me. She had no worries about me seeing her naked and when I told her to bend over again she did so.
I worked through the paddles, straps and cane before I finally finished.
"Which did you prefer?"
"I feel I need the cane but I want it harder than you have done before. Can I have six strokes and then I want to know what I can do for you.?"
She bent over again and I took up the cane resting it across both buttocks before sweeping it up and down. ?CRACKKK? she cried out ?OW ? that hurt?. I stopped as she felt her bum. She told me to continue as she was now better prepared than before. I gave her the rest of the strokes massaging after each couple until she had received the full twelve. I then took her in my arms and lifting her carried her into the bedroom where she lay back on the bed with her hands behind her head and her legs slightly raised. I stood at the side as she watched and gradually removed my clothes. She gasped as my pants came down over my cock exposing it as being fully ready.
She took it in her hands massaging it gently and saying:
"I have waited for this for so long. Quickly I want it between my legs!"
I drew her to the edge of the bed so that I could widen her parting them and expose the fully glory of her ruby lips through the thick dark thatch of her pussy hair before guiding my cock up into her. She gasped because she was so tight from lack of use but she told me to carry on and pushed towards me. I entered gently as I pushed home until I was fully lodged inside here. We stayed still for what seemed an eternity before I began the to and fro movement which ends in the ultimate result. Louise was as excited as I was and before long we were thrusting at each other to make sure that my cock reached her extremities. Then I saw her hands clench and her back stiffen and I knew that there was not long to wait and speeding up I reached my own climax exactly on cue. I welled up and spurted my cum high up into her while she called to me without language squeezing me with her legs and we both subsided at the same time. We rested with my cock still inside her before I gently pulled out and moving up beside her. We lay together, our arms around each other satiated.
Louise raised her head and looked down:
"You know I don?t feel guilty. I seem to know that my husband would have wanted this to happen with you when he was dead. Now I have found release I want to come back again and again. Can I?"
I smiled and nodded and we rested again.
Eventually I felt her hand caressing my cock and asked if I thought we could try again. I agreed and suggested she used her mouth and tongue to get me aroused. She had never tried this before but with encouragement was willing to try.
I lay back and she came down on top of me while I made her turn so that her pussy was over my mouth. She gasped as she felt my tongue caressing it but she was busy herself and gently licked round the tip of my cock. She then tried it in her mouth and with her mouth, tongue and fingers soon had me standing again. I told her to come on top of me and spreading her legs either side of my body she came down and looked down at me as she eased my cock into her taking her time as she did so. She then sat there for a minute or two her head arched and her fingers on her breasts playing with the erect nipples before beginning to move - rising and falling in rhythm - while I lay back and watched. It was a beautiful sight with the full bush of her pubic hairs surrounding my cock lifting and falling like the surround of a piston. Her body surged and her breasts bounced above me. Both of us were more relaxed now after our first bout and I was able to hold my position for several minutes as she continued to move. Gradually she got faster and I could feel myself welling up until I gasped that I had to come and she pushed down with a final thrust so that I could feel the top of her cunt as my sperm welled out. She lifted herself and cried out with her own pleasure before she collapsed on top of me kissing my mouth face and eyes.
"It was beautiful. What other surprises have you got in store for me?"
I told her that now it was her turn to be pleasured and just to lay down with her eyes shut and legs apart. She lay there with her knees raised and I could see the cum oozing out from her cunt as I went down on her again gave her the full treatment while I flicked her clitty with my tongue. She shuddered and flipped her legs. I held them as I slipped my tongue in and licked her out. The soft inside was warm and sensitive and was ready for me as I moved farther in. Louise was restless by now and was bucking up and down in ecstasy as my tongue and fingers became ever more searching. Finally the dam broke and she had a massive orgasm before dissolving into a burst of weeping.
"What have I been missing all these years?"
We both lay back and looked at each other promising that although she was leaving the area this would not be the last time we met.
Reluctantly we stood up and after a final hug had a quick shower, got dressed and picking up her car keys Louise left to drive away.
Was this the last time we would meet and enjoy each others bodies ? only time will tell!