A Friend Still Needs
A Friend Still Needs
The Disciplinarian

It was about six weeks later when I had a telephone call from Joanne. She was hesitant as though she was not sure of how to put it:
"Hello Alan, I wonder if I could visit you again?
"Of course," I replied, "come whenever you wish.
"How about this evening at about 8 o'clock?"
"Certainly I have nobody else visiting. I look forward to it."
The conversation had been stilted and I guessed that she was not sure of mine or her own reactions following her first visit.
I heard her car pull up sharp on time and opened the front door for her. I saw that she was carrying a small bag but said nothing as she gave me a quick kiss and a tentative smile as she entered.
I took her coat and bag and saw that she was wearing a loose skirt and a blouse. We sat and had coffee chatting about what she had been doing since we last met. Her hands were twisting together and at last I could wait no longer. I walked over and taking her hands took her in my arms. I kissed her gently and asked:
"Are you sure about this?"

She looked into my eyes and smiling nodded.
I sat down and took her over my knee. I smoothed her skirt and massaged her bum while she settled her head in the cushions. "SMACKK!!" I started and for several minutes the only sound was that of my hand "SMACKK!!", "SMACKK!!", "SMACKK!!", as I spanked her bum. I watched her legs stretch and flex as I spanked and caressed her bum. I lifted her dress over her back and saw that she had on black stockings with garters and her knickers were black silk and fitted her bum cheeks perfectly. I knew then for sure that she needed, and wanted, my ministrations. I massaged over the knickers and, as I massaged, I felt the silk caressing her bum. "SMACKK!!", "SMACKK!!", "SMACKK!!" I then spanked for several minutes more before tightening her knickers into her bum crack so that her cheeks shone red and rosy. She was wriggling with pleasure and moaning into the pillows.
I slid my fingers inside the elastic top of her knickers and gently eased them down over her buttocks. She eagerly raised her body so that I could slide them down her legs and off her feet. Now I started on the bare bum which was already rosy red from my ministrations. As I spanked, I watched her legs parting as she encouraged me to feel inside. I began to explore and, from the soft warmth of her inner thighs, my fingers soon strayed to the heart of her needs. She tensed and widened her legs even more and my fingers entered and felt the hot wet interior. She cried out and opened even wider. "SMACKK!!", "SMACKK!!", "SMACKK!!" I spanked even harder and then thrust two fingers high inside her pussy. She arched her back and again cried out sobbing as the emotions of her shuddering climax flowed through her.
I lifted her up and took her in my arms while she sobbed on my shoulder.
"Oh God, I needed that. I have been dreaming of it every night since I last saw you but I have been afraid to come back. I wish I had come back sooner but I was unsure of my feelings. Undress me and I want to play like we did last time. Can I stay tonight - I have brought my nightgown in case you said yes?"

I was shocked but pleased at her remarks.
"Of course you can stay. Now let us get the rest of those clothes off"
She stood up and I gently released her skirt so that it dell to the ground. I then unfastened her blouse and slid it off her shoulders dropping it on the settee. Then it was her brassiere which covered two firm breasts and nipples which were hard and surrounded by the dark brown aureoles of a mature woman. Finally I knelt in front of her hairy pussy with its musky 'woman's' scent while I slid down her stockings. Whilst doing this I could not resist the temptation to slide my tongue inside her pussy and play with her and she stood there pressing my head in as she was pleasured. I stood up in front of her and now it was time for her to undress me. First she unfastened my belt and removed my trousers and then my shirt so that I now stood in my underpants and vest. It was clear that I was ready for she had to ease my pants over my rampant cock. As she did so she rubbed it gently and giggled. Then it was my vest and finally my shoes and socks until we were both in that condition which allows for no deception. She went down in front of me and took my rampant cock into her mouth. This was a new experience as until she met me she had never tried it and she worked valiantly to take the whole size in. I lifted her up kissing her as I did so.
I took her hand and led her into the bedroom. As we entered she smiled at me and drew me down onto the bed. We had all night so there was no hurry and we lay side by side caressing each other. I licked and sucked her erect nipples while she gently massaged my cock. I slid my tongue into her mouth and we kissed holding the position for what seemed an eternity. Now my cock was ready and I looked at her an lifted my eyebrows. She smiled and nodded.
"When you are ready!"
I drew her to the edge of the bed and spread her legs wide kneeling in front of her so that I could enjoy the sight of the coral interior and the puffed lips with the juices already flowing. I lowered my head and thrust my tongue inside making her squeal with pleasure as I lubricated an already eager passage. Now it was time and I stood up while she guided the head of my cock to her magic kingdom and slowly and firmly I pushed farther in. She was tight from lack of use but the spend meant that she was well lubricated and I slid home easily until I felt the tip of my cock reach the top of her passage. She squeezed her vaginal muscles around my cock and I was in a vice like grip.
She wrapped her legs round me and I began that in and out, heel and toe, action which gives maximum pleasure to both partners. As I thrust so she squeezed her legs drawing me, if possible, even further in while I continued to steadily thrust home. While I was fucking her she had at least four orgasms before I could hold no longer and warning her I was cumming with one final push I spurted my cum into her while I felt her spend yet again mixing our juices together for potent blend. We stayed in position for a few moments before I eased out and she threw her arms round me crying and weeping.
"Oh Alan, what I have been missing all these years during John's illness and now the two years since he died."
We lay back together again gently kissing and caressing while we recovered form our exertions. Then she sat up and looked at me. "Can I have a taste of the strap and the cane. I feel that I can take more than last time. Don't stop when I cry out. You decide when I have had enough."
I lifted her to her feet and led her into my study where the flogging bench was set up. I bent her over this and fastened her down. Her bare bum was soft and white with well formed cheeks and dimples in each buttock which flexed in anticipation. Now she was ready for the further treatment. I used the leg spreader to part her legs and then felt inside her pussy to make sure that she was ready. She was again wet and told me to start.
I took up the strap and "SPLATT!!" lashed it across both buttocks. "SPLATT!!", "SPLATT!!" again and again the strap fell. After ten strokes I massaged her bum and parted the cheeks watching as the wrinkled rosette of her anus flexed. I decided to test her readiness for this new experience and I applied some jelly on the tip of my finger and gently slid it in. She drew breath but made no other movement and I slowly moved my finger in and out. She seemed to enjoy it but said nothing.
I then restarted with the strap "SPLATT!!", "SPLATT!!" , "SPLATT!!", "SPLATT!!" , "SPLATT!!", "SPLATT!!", giving her two dozen more so that her bum was well marked. As the blows fell so she began to feel them painfully but she never flinched and I knew from her body reactions that she was enjoying it. Again I slid one finger into her anus which was more receptive and then, taking a small vibrating dildo, I slid it inside her anus while letting the motor run. She moved her bum backwards and forwards to the tempo of the dildo. I whispered in her ear: "You are enjoying it?"
I removed the dildo and massaged her bum cheeks again. I then took up the cane. I was going to give her one dozen ending with a hard stroke to test her. "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!" the first stroke of the cane landed leaving a white line above the redness of the strap.. "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK" then the second. She had not moved but the white lines were turning to a deep red. Three, four, five and now she was reacting, bucking under the strokes. I was not going to stop and she took the next six without flinching before I lashed home the last. This made her cry out but there was no other reaction or complaint. I looked at the marks closely. Perfectly placed and all within the correct area. The ridges were beginning to form as I ran my fingers over them. She drew her breath in at the pain as I touched her. I drew back the cane and "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK" brought it down for the final time. She cried out with pain.br> "That is the end now I am going to enter your anus."
She did not protest and again I first used a finger to enter the dark path. She resisted at first but then accepted it. Then I took some anal jelly and using two fingers to lubricate and open the passage further and ready it. I presented my cock which was as hard as a rock to her entrance.
"This may hurt at first but help by relaxing your muscles."
I touched the puckered hole with the tip of my cock and then gently and steadily pushed it forward. She cried out gasping that she couldn't breathe but I didn't stop and soon she found there was pleasure as well as pain and moaned gently. Finally it was home and I rested to let her gain her breath back. She was ready and I thrust in and out. She cried out for me to go faster.
"I love it. Don't stop!"
I worked away until I finally came and shot my cum into the dark interior. We rested for a few moments before I eased my cock out with a 'plop' .I then unfastened Joanne. She stood up and we embraced and kissed each other.
"I did not believe it was possible and the experience was wonderful but different."
We went into the bathroom and showered each other playing and exploring as we did so. We dried each other before retiring to bed. She had not slept in the same bed as a man before as John and she had had separate beds and so she found it strange to be in my arms. We cuddled and kissed before going to sleep, I with my hand on her pussy and she holding my cock..
I woke up in the middle of the night and felt a soft hand gently massaging my cock. I turned round and saw that Joanne had lifted the bedclothes and her face was close to my cock as she pulled the foreskin back. I gently pushed her head down:
"Take it in your mouth!"
"I couldn't."
I pushed her head farther down and I felt her tongue caressing the tip of my cock and then her warm lips took it in. She gently sucked away and I felt myself getting harder. I was fully awake now and told her to turn round and kneel above me. She turned and I smelt that special musky women scent that only comes from an aroused pussy. I spread her lips wide and rubbed her clitoris before I spread her pussy lips and pushed my tongue deep inside. She bucked under this treatment . While I was working she was rubbing and sucking my cock until I was so aroused that I could wait no longer. I lifted her off me and made her kneel with her bum in the air. I gave her a dozen hand spanks and then thrust my cock into the warm interior. I went deep not stopping until I had reached her uttermost limits.
"Fuck me Alan! Fuck me!"
These words roused me and I fucked harder and faster until with a final heave I spurted inside her while she beat her hands on the pillow in her ecstasy, crying out as she collapsed under me.
I threw myself on my back with exhaustion and she buried her head and cried into my chest.
"Oh Alan I didn't know it could be so beautiful. You know I was very happy with John but we had separate beds and we used to fuck in such a clinical way. He would come to my bed and lower the duvet and then lift my nightdress. I opened my legs and he fucked me and then returned to his own bed. We never spent the night exploring each other's bodies. I loved playing with your cock while you were asleep and then when you woke and discovered me what happened was even more wonderful."
She gave me a hug and a kiss and then we turned over and went back to sleep.. I lay there for a few minutes considering how lucky I was to have this lovely lady for a playmate.
In the morning I woke first and looked at her. How far she had come since that first meeting. My cock was already erect and I wondered if she was prepared for another session when her eyes opened. She looked at my cock, smiled and grasped my erection:
"What a lovely way to be greeted in the morning. Now I am in charge."
She kissed the tip of my cock before throwing the bedclothes back and laying me on my back straddled me smiling all the time. She parted her pussy lips and gently slipped down impaling herself on my cock. She rocked back and forth and twisted before beginning a ride to fulfillment. I lay holding myself so that she got the maximum pleasure from the experience. Eventually however I had to give best and warned her that I could hold no longer ,so with two quick thrusts, she finished us both off and again I felt mine, and her, cum mix as we spent together.
It was the end of a wonderful night, and morning. We showered together before having breakfast.
Joanne left - but not before promising to come again.
Part 3 is We learn to Switch