A Busy Morning
written for The Disciplinarian by one of his Visitors

A BUSY MORNING Marcus was sitting at his computer, very busy to get a new page for his spanking advice website online on time.
He felt a little bit nervous having been interrupted several times this morning. He has received a lot of inappropriate emails from this 'tedious' lady writing every day. In fact she was a regular visitor of his and he liked her very much but sometimes she could be quite annoying. As she was also his sub he thought she should be spanked hard for challenging him like this and that it was too bad she would be visiting in four weeks only.
"Well, I should occupy her a little bit and give her something to think about" he said to himself. He clicked on "new" and began to write an email.

Dear Julia,
Finally you got me to write an email but I think you will be surprised at its contents. I was very busy this morning working and your many messages irritated me. You will receive punishment for this when you come next month. As a lawyer you agree that a misdeed doesn't prescribe in such a short time, don't you? As I don't fancy keeping an account on your misdemeanours you will do it yourself!

1. open excel or word on your computer
2. Prepare a table containing: DATE / MISDEMEANOUR / PUNISHMENT
3. Print out the list and bring it when you come
4. Show me the list as soon as you arrive
First entries:
* excessive email writing (you deserve at least 6 hard strokes with the cane for that) and
* A firm strapping for having been late with your phone call yesterday whereas I was waiting to talk to you.
I will decide when you are here HOW exactly and WHEN you are to be punished.
I expect these instructions to be carried out thoroughly. Any failure means extra punishment. I MIGHT control your list.


Marcus had just clicked on "send" when suddenly the door bell rang. He got up reluctantly to open the door.
"Obviously I can't do anything peacefully this morning. Who is this? I'm not awaiting anybody!"
At his surprise he saw a very attractive lady standing in front of him. She had fair short hair, blue eyes and a mischievous smile on her face. She must have been around 40.
She was wearing a short wide black skirt and a red blouse with so many very small black buttons that he couldn't have counted them. There must have been at least 250! Although it was quite cool she wasn't wearing stockings, just a kind of light black ballerina shoes with flat heels. On her shoulder she was carrying a black travelling bag.
"Good morning, can I help you"? He said smiling at her.
"Good morning Sir! She answered looking into his dark eyes. Yes, please can I come in? My name is Cecelia. I have a problem. I lost my knickers at the airport. Now my bum is really frozen can you help me?"
Marcus noticed that she had a slight French accent but that her English was perfect. He looked at her puzzled. Many ladies had contacted him throughout the years to get their bottom warmed up by a professional spanker but never a lady had knocked at his door by surprise.
"What a strange coincidence that you are knocking on MY door" Marcus said in mock surprise.
He wondered who among his ladies was so cheeky to divulge his address.
"Well, I think it would be irresponsible to let you out there, so welcome in. I'm sure we'll find a way to warm your bottom up. "
Cecelia entered the door, left her bag in the corridor and followed him to the lounge.
"Please, be seated. I'll switch my computer off and join you in a minute with a cup of tea".
He disappeared in the kitchen. Cecelia heard the noise of a water heater and the clatter of dishes.
She made herself comfortable on the settee and looked around. Everything was exactly like her friend Julia had described. The settee and the black leather chair, the books all over, the desk with the computer and all the papers. She couldn't believe she was sitting here. Julia had given away Marcus' address months ago. She had been dreaming of visiting him ever since, wondering how it would be but hadn't dared. Yesterday she decided on a whim without announcing her arrival, bought her flight ticket and there she was. Somehow she had outwitted herself.
Marcus entered the lounge, handed her a cup of tea and sat down in his big black leather chair in front of her.
"Where are you going"? He asked looking into her sky blue eyes.
"I'm coming from Paris and I'm on my way to Cambridge to see a friend" she said self-assertive.
"Oh from Paris! There we have another coincidence"! Marcus replied amused. "I know a lady who lives in Paris. Her name is Julia. She's a very good friend."
Marcus saw Cecelia's face blush. Her eyes looked up going first to the left and then to the right.
"What a lovely house you have, Sir. So cosy and friendly". She said innocently trying to change the subject.
Marcus put his empty cup on the little table near his chair and got up. He approached Cecelia and sat down on the settee at her side. Putting his right arm gently around her shoulder he pulled her carefully towards him.
"Come over my lap and let me see what we can do for your bottom."
Caressing her bottom over her skirt Marcus felt the tension in her body. He knew that he had to be careful and build up his special warm-up-treatment progressively.
"I think you know what comes next. Your bum is really cold. I can feel it through your skirt. What bad luck having lost your knickers at the airport! I wonder how this could happen. I'm afraid I'll have to spank you to warm you bottom up successfully. "
Cecelia felt her heart beat go up suddenly. She had been dreaming of being spanked all her life until she finally confined in her best friend Julia. Thanks to her she found herself bottom up on Marcus' lap now feeling a little bit nervous. She realised that dreaming is very easy but being confronted to the real situation was different. Suddenly she apprehended what was going to happen and thought that it was a little scary too but at the same time felt a tingle going through her belly and down her thighs. Apprehension in a safe environment had been part of her dreams. How wonderful erotic it was indeed!
She felt Marcus' hand going in circles over her bottom, caressing and massaging and so she was able to relax step by step.
""What a lovely bum you have! Round fleshy cheeks, just ideal for my hand". Then he started spanking Cecelia over her skirt, alternating sides. She lifted her back with the surprise and made little cries as Marcus's hand
"S P L A A T T !!"
slapped her bottom.
"Lay down Cecelia. Straighten your legs and relax. A good spanking, that is what you came for, isn't it? Relax and I'm sure you will enjoy yourself."
Marcus talked to her with his deep soft voice and she obeyed. Although a little confused about her dream becoming reality she felt totally safe in this position under the control of this man. His touch and his voice told her he wouldn't abuse of the situation. She began to understand why her friend Julia was coming back again and again.
"S P L A A T T !!" , "S P L A A T T !!" , "S P L A A T T !!" , "S P L A A T T !!" , "S P L A A T T !!"
A long series of slaps were raining down on her bottom over her skirt and she let it happen. It didn't hurt very much but she felt her bottom getting warm and her pussy started throbbing. Then Marcus stopped and his hand squeezed her cheeks slightly to message again.
"Let me see whether there are really no knickers under your skirt". He said patting her bum. His hand caressed down to her naked thighs and slowly up again under her skirt lifting it up to her hips delicately.
alan spanking cecelia "Oh dear, oh dear"! Look at that! "Strolling through a foreign country with a naked bottom"!
Marcus started spanking Cecelia again,
"S P L A A T T !!" , "S P L A A T T !!" , "S P L A A T T !!" , "S P L A A T T !!" , "S P L A A T T !!" , "S P L A A T T !!" , "S P L A A T T !!" , "S P L A A T T !!" , "S P L A A T T !!" , "S P L A A T T !!"
the slaps on her bare bottom sounded loud in the room. It hurt much more on her bare bum cheeks and her cries were a little louder now. Cecelia's lovely firm bottom was wriggling under Marcus strong hand and started to blush pink. She tried to lift up again but with his left arm he hold her firmly in position.
" You are discovering spanking, aren't you? He asked her giving her slaps on the left cheek and then on the right over and over."You wouldn't want me to let you get away without a good spanking now that you've come until my house, would you"? He said decidedly.
Cecelia barely managed to reply: "No, Sir"!
Marcus interrupted the burst of slaps to let her get her breath back. He massaged her pink bottom and caressed it again. He thought it looked beautiful and that this unexpected distraction wasn't so bad in the end at all.
Cecilia put her head on the cushions insisting:
"No Sir" I certainly don't want you to let me go now. It took me so long to decide for this journey I would feel bad about running away! Giving her up to Marcus' sensuous caresses she relaxed every muscle in her body and forgot about all the restraints preventing her from liberating her erotic passions. She handed herself over to him completely and so her mind and body were able to accepted and enjoy what was happening. Instantly this submission enhanced her erotic arousal and her sensations became more intense they had ever been.
Marcus was aware of this change. He was an expert in understanding women's body language. He knew that he could push her a little further now and "S P L A A T T !!" , "S P L A A T T !!" , "S P L A A T T !!" , "S P L A A T T !!" , "S P L A A T T !!" , "S P L A A T T !!" , "S P L A A T T !!" , "S P L A A T T !!" , "S P L A A T T !!" , "S P L A A T T !!" , "S P L A A T T !!" , "S P L A A T T !!" , "S P L A A T T !!" , "S P L A A T T !!" , "S P L A A T T !!"
gave her a final twelve very hard slaps. "How does your bottom feel now? Is it still frozen? "
Julia gasped "No, it isn't. It's burning and it stings a lot but I feel so good!"
Marcus started massaging again. Then he let his warm hand glide softly over Cecilia's hot bottom. She closed her eyes enjoying the pleasant sensation releasing her a little from the pain. A minute ago this hand had been so strong and now it was so soft again. Marcus noticed her calm but deep and heavy breath. The soft skin on her cheeks felt warm as he ran his hand slowly over the curve of her bottom. Then he went down her thighs until he reached her knees and then up again caressing the inside of her thighs.
"Would she want a little more than a "warm-up", he asked himself?
Cecilia felt more and more excited. She couldn't resist to this touch and spread her legs first slightly and then wider to invite Marcus to explore further.
Marcus wasn't surprised to feel the dampness between her thighs. Carefully his fingers touched Cecilia's soft swollen pussy lips and run them over her vulva. For a second Cecilia felt confused again. She hadn't planned to go into a real sensuous spanking she had read so many examples about on Marcus' website. In fact, she hadn't planned anything at all; she had just followed her instinct. Still feeling his fingers tickling her pussy hardly touching it she began longing for more. Her legs widened even more and she pushed her bottom up. The invitation was clear for Marcus and so his fingers started rubbing a little deeper and stronger. Cecilia wriggled with the pleasure and tried to push her vagina against Marcus' fingers to help them in. Marcus knew she was coming close to a climax but then he stopped.
" Oh no, please don't stop it feels so good "
"No, not now! I think you need a little bit more spanking first. For intruding into my house without having made an appointment you deserve a good strapping, don't you agree?
Cecelia was shocked at his words but again she felt these ants going up and down her body. She had never been spanked with a strap before and found it a little bit frightening.
Marcus helped her up and said:"First I want you to take your clothes off".
"All my clothes, even my top and my bra? "
"Yes! EVERYTHING! "Let me help you. Marcus started to open her buttons. They were so small and so many and very difficult to push through the button holes.
"These buttons are a disaster!" He uttered impatiently. They will earn you six strokes with the cane in addition! You must understand that you are not to visit me with complicated clothes. A wide skirt and a simple blouse or a flimsy dress is sufficient.
"Je suis désolée, je ne savais pas. "She riposted defensively speaking French.
Still remembering this beautiful language from his many journeys to France he understood her plaint and replied:
"Ignorance is no excuse in law! This little punishment will make you understand why you have to contact me before visiting. "
"A caning hurts, doesn't it? I've never been caned in my life! I'll have a sore bottom!"
"Well, punishments are supposed to hurt. Half a dozen strokes are perfect to meet the cane for the first time. "
Although Cecelia dared what was to come, the strap and the cane, she was eager to make the experience and felt even more aroused than before. She knew from her friend Julia that Marcus would never seriously damage a ladies bottom. He was a professional and trustworthy and knew when it was time to stop
. While Cecelia continued opening the buttons by herself, Marcus was leaning back in his black leather chair observing her. She didn't seem bothered at all taking her clothes off. Bit by bit the blouse opened over her breasts and a very sexy black lacy see-through bra appeared. Marcus got up, put his arms around her and helped her open it. Cecilia stood still enjoying to be taken in hand. At work she was responsible for everybody and everything. She realized that she had forgotten how it felt to be looked after. She would have liked to put her head on Marcus shoulder and close her eyes but she didn't dare. She didn't even know him and felt so safe and protected. Marcus stripped the bra off over her shoulders and she helped him with her arms. Then he opened the zipper of her skirt and let it fall down on her feet. She stepped out of it picked it up and put it on the settee's armrest.
Now she was standing in front of him totally naked. Marcus saw her mature breasts hanging loose with the nipples standing out. Her pussy hair was shaven and he could see the pussy lips shining from the wetness of her excitement.
Marcus was constantly paying attention to the ladies reactions, their sign - and body language. He wanted to give them a special moment of pleasure when they were visiting him, an unforgettable instant in his bubble where time stood still and all restraints of daily life could be flung off. It was a great pleasure for him to know his visiting ladies were enjoying themselves. So he was very satisfied to see how much all this excited her and he smiled for a second.
Marcus opened a drawer and took a long brown leather strap out and showed it to Cecelia.
"You will receive several strokes with this strap. Are you ready?"
"Yes, Sir". I'm ready. But not too many! "
"This is not for you to decide. Wait and see! "
Then he ordered her to approach: Bend over this chair, here is a cushion to make it more comfortable and spread your legs".
Cecelia did as she was told and gripped the seat with her hands. Marcus gave her a few slaps with the hand to make sure her bottom was still warm and then the strap landed on her bum with a loud" crack ".
"S W I I S H H !!, C R A A C K K !!",
Cecelia shot up and put her hands on her bum. "Aï!"
Marcus looked at her. "Get back in position, please; I don't want you to move". He said with a stern voice that would make her commit to any of his wishes. She obeyed and gripped the seat tighter this time to make sure she'd stay in place.
"S W I I S H H !!, C R A A C K K !!", "S W I I S H H !!, C R A A C K K !!", "S W I I S H H !!, C R A A C K K !!", "S W I I S H H !!, C R A A C K K !!", "S W I I S H H !!, C R A A C K K !!", Five more strokes followed. Cecelia was moaning with each stroke. She felt her bottom sting and burn like never before.
Marcus stopped and massaged her crimson cheeks.
Actually, it wasn't as bad as she had expected. In fact it hadn't been bad at all. It was more the unknown that made her moan than the pain. This long large leather strap felt almost soft and although her bottom had never stung so much she had become very randy. Or maybe it was just BECAUSE her bum felt so alive she felt so excited.
Marcus started massaging again and his hand went slightly over her pussy. He felt the wetness between her legs. Cecelia was so aroused and almost ashamed knowing that it was visible for her spanker but then she remembered all the stories and examples she'd read on his website and thought: "He knows what he is doing and what he can expect".
Then she heard him say:
"We are not finished yet. You can take some more. We'll start another half a dozen!"
"S W I I S H H !!, C R A A C K K !!", the strap left another red line on her bottom. She cried out but held her position bravely and
"S W I I S H H !!, C R A A C K K !!", "S W I I S H H !!, C R A A C K K !!", "S W I I S H H !!, C R A A C K K !!", "S W I I S H H !!, C R A A C K K !!", "S W I I S H H !!, C R A A C K K !!", Marcus laid on all the six strokes with strength. Marcus touched slightly her bottom to check the damage. Apart from the colour, a fiery red, her bottom was in a perfect shape. He said to her:" Get up now. Stand near the chair and wait. I'll go to the office to get the cane for your caning"
Marcus left the lounge and Cecelia put her both hands on her bottom. It felt so hot and she was so randy! She turned her head back and tried to look down on it to see whether there was any damage. She noticed some large red lines on the side of her cheeks but nothing serious. She was very satisfied with herself. Reality was much better than a dream!
She waited several minutes before she heard Marcus' steps in the corridor. He entered the lounge holding a long rattan cane in his right hand. Suddenly the scary feeling took over again. She looked at the cane with trepidation but as usual accompanied with excitement and tingles in her belly
. "Bend over again, spread your legs and grip the seat tight. We'll start your well deserved punishment"
. Cecelia tried to negotiate.
"I do understand the button issue and I agree but please, Sir, my bottom is already so tender. Can't you take your hand, or give some more strokes with the strap?"
Marcus wanted her to push her further in the experience. He knew she was far from her limits and she seemed to have enjoyed everything until now. He wanted her to go back home fulfilled and proud of herself and so the cane was necessary.
"What a clever ploy but you won't get far with it! You can be glad you are not receiving one stroke for each button on your blouse!
"In position, please"! Marcus said firmly.
Cecelia bent over and pushed her bottom up, offering it for the cane. She wasn't aware of it but Marcus understood that she was also offering her pussy.
Marcus tapped her bottom with the cane. Then Cecelia heard the swish and
"W H I I P P !!, "C R A A C K K !!",
felt the stroke burn across her bum. He held back with his strength not to frighten her but the cane left a light pink line across her cheeks.
Cecelia cried out. She lost her grip for a second but managed to stay in place. Then she waited to feel the next sharp stroke.
"W H I I P P !!, "C R A A C K K !!",
caning and pussyMarcus gave the cane strokes slowly "W H I I P P !!, "C R A A C K K !!", "W H I I P P !!, "C R A A C K K !!", "W H I I P P !!, "C R A A C K K !!",
letting Cecelia feel the impact of each one and then the hot burn that followed before he continued. After having laid on the cane six times as announced he stopped and caressed Cecelia's bum and checked her pussy. She was still wet and gasped loud. Marcus told her to keep the position to receive a final two strokes as a reminder for the next time if she would like to visit again.
Marcus tapped her bottom with the cane slightly several times before
"W H I I P P !!, "C R A A C K K !!", "W H I I P P !!, "C R A A C K K !!", It burned across her cheeks again. These two last strokes were the hardest and this time crying out loud Cecelia couldn't help it and jumped up and rubbed her bum to take off some of the pain.
Marcus looked at her bottom satisfied with his work. It was a deep pink crossed with the light parallel welts of the cane.
"Well done Cecelia! I think you deserve a bonus now ". He led her to the settee again and pulled her over his lap
. "Oh Sir, I think I've got enough now" Cecelia said troubled".
Marcus smiled at her. "Don't worry I guess you will like this" and started caressing the inside of her thighs and her pussy. Cecilia felt so excited that her legs spread as wide as possible to guarantee access into her most secret entry. She arched her bottom up again to help him on. This time Marcus accepted the invitation glided his fingers inside her slippery vagina and thrust forth and back, first slowly then faster and slowly again. Cecilia gasped loud moving her hips up and down to get the maximum out of it. Marcus looked at her lovely red, welted bum and felt her vagina muscles tighten, getting firm and gripping his fingers. He gave a few harder thrusts and Cecilia had the most intense orgasm she'd ever had.
She rested on Marcus lap for a minute totally exhausted waiting for her strength to come back still feeling her burning bum. Then Marcus helped her up asking
: "How was that?"
"It was wonderful, incredible! I've never been able to open myself as much to my own erotic feelings. A secret part of my personality has just been set free, thanks to you. Although I had always known it was there it had been closed up and I haven't been able to let it out. Thank you, Sir! Thank you so much!
Marcus offered her a huge vanilla-strawberry ice cream and they chatted for a while. She confessed that after having begged for days Julia had given away his address. Cecilia said that she would like to come again promising to call first and to be dressed as required. Then she took her black travelling bag hugged him and said:"Au revoir!"and left for Cambridge.
"What a busy morning"! Marcus said to himself. Then he switched his computer on and opened his webmail:
Dear Julia,
Although I've had a lovely morning with your friend Cecilia here is an addition to your punishment file:
-a hard caning for giving away my address without asking me
Julia loved to be spanked, played with and fucked. Marcus knew she would be anticipating her next visit and he too was already looking forward to seeing her in four weeks.
The prospects of their next weekend together were very promising!