All Ladies Together
The Disciplinarian

Margaret knocked on the door. The house was set well back and the door was in a porch. Sandra, stirred beside her. Margaret squeezed her hand
"Don't be nervous!"
The door opened and a tall lady in a long black dress peered at them

"Hello Margaret! This must be your friend Sandra."
She opened the door wider and they entered.
"Welcome Sandra to our small group. Your partner, known here as Broom go and join the others while I take Sandra to my office and explain everything..
She took Sandra by the hand and led her to a small room set off to the side. When they entered she indicated that Sandra should sit in the chair facing her desk while she sat behind.
There was silence for a moment before she smiled and said;
"Again welcome Sandra. my name is Nightshade This is a necessary formality before we join the others. I assume Margaret has explained our little 'book discussion' group and now I need to go over some of the rules before you can join us.
* We only ever use our special name while here. This ensures that our real names are never revealed.
* The maximum number of ladies in the group is twenty. You are the tenth member - if admitted * To become a member you must be nominated by a member, Margaret has done this, confirmed by the Secretary, that is me and I agree BUT most importantly voted in by at least half the members present..
* We always wear masks when a prospective new member is present - this preserves anonymity until you have been accepted.
* You will be expected to read the book nominated so that you can discuss it
* While here you must be prepared to accept whatever is offered with no dissent. * Membership is 5 per year which covers refreshments at our meetings. * You will be expected to attend each monthly meeting unless you have informed me in advance

If you agree to these terms, and I assume you do as Margaret vouched for you then please sign at the bottom of the paper.
Your group 'name' will be Poppy.
Do you agree to everything and are you ready to sign. Before you do so I would just add one thing. Do not gossip about the group to anybody as it could make things unpleasant for all of us, including yourself.
But there ! If after all this you still wish to join sign and welcome to the group. Come we will now join the others.- good bye Sandra, welcome Florence"

She stood up and led 'Florence' along the passageway to a much larger room where a buzz of conversation was taking place.
"Ladies will you please welcome Poppy to our little circle. She has been nominated by Broom and I have seconder her. She will be with us this evening and then you will be asked to vote on whether she is admitted or not. May I suggest that we all prepare for the evening. Alice I believe has tonights book. I expect you back in five minutes.ready to start.
Broom took Poppy (I will now call them by ttheir group names while at the circle) by the hand.
"Come with me and we can change together. By the way I am Broom while here."
She led Poppy upstairs to a bedroom, where on the large double bed, two black gowns were lying. She began to undress removing her dress, brassiere, corset and pantaloons before untying her long stockings. Now she was naked and she picked up the black gown and shrugged into it trying a cord round the middle Florence followed suit and soon she was wearing just the black gown. She felt very free and excited as they headed back downstairs.
They walked into the large room and Florence saw that all the ladies were now dressed in the same long black gowns, tied at the waist with a cord.and wearing masks
Nightshade spoke
"Now ladies let us disrobe and commence the evening entertainment. Will you all take a counter out of the vase."
They stepped forward, one by one, and each drew a counter. Half of them were red and and the other half black. The reds held up their counter and called out the number on it and were joined by person with a similar number on her black counter. This was except for one which was yellow.
Again Nighshade spoke.
"Gardenia has drawn the yellow so she will deal with each member in turn. She will now go to the green and blue bowls and take one counter from each."
Gardenia drew the counters and called out the details
"Everybody receives six strokes of the black cane. Which means that afterwards I receive six strokes form each of you. Please prepare yourselves.!"
The rest all removed their gowns and placed them at the side of the room. Poppy saw that they were also naked like her. They went across to chairs which were lined up down the centre of the room and bent over them. Poppy bent over her chair and waited and waited. As a newcomer she was last in the line so that the rest could watch how she reacted.
She listened as she heard the "W H I P P !!, C R A A C K !!", of the cane as the strokes landed on bums. She listened to the different reactions from a slight"Hiss" to "Ow" until Gardenia reached her. She felt Gardenia stroking her bum cheeks to ready them before
"W H I P P !!, C R A A C K !!",
the cane landed. Not as hard as he had thought but still painful enough. She waited for the rest and gardenia proved that she was not tiring as the next five beat a tattoo on her bum cheeks
"W H I P P !!, C R A A C K !!", "W H I P P !!, C R A A C K !!", "W H I P P !!, C R A A C K !!", "W H I P P !!, C R A A C K !!", "W H I P P !!, C R A A C K !!",
She stood up and looked round. All the rest of the group were watching and as she smiled at them so they clapped her and congratulated her.
"Now it is time for Gardenia to receive her dues. As this will be longer and harder she will be fastened over the bench."
Gardenia stepped forward to an apparatus shaped like an 'A' with a bar with straps at the bottom of each rail and a padded top. Gardenia stepped across to it and bent over it. Her ankles and wrists were fastened so that she was stretched with her bum standing proud and ready across the top. The ladies lined up. This time instead of the black cane, which was quite vicious, Nightshade handed the first one a lightweight whippy cane.
"W H I P P !!, C R A A C K !!", "W H I P P !!, C R A A C K !!", "W H I P P !!, C R A A C K !!", "W H I P P !!, C R A A C K !!", "W H I P P !!, C R A A C K !!", "W H I P P !!, C R A A C K !!",
There was a long time to go before the last stroke landed and one by one each lady assaulted her bum. It stung but not unbearably until it came to Poppy. She was handed the cane and seeing the reddened bum she struck each stroke with compassion so that at the end Gardenia knew she had been caned and her bum was very sore but she was ready for the rest of the evening.
"Now ladies we are well stimulated so I suggest that we get down to the rest of the evening. Find your partner from your counter and then enjoy yourself.
Quickly and middle-aged lady with a firm body and large breasts and buttocks came over to Poppy. She introduced herself
"Hello I am Pansy and we are teamed up. I know this is your first evening so shall I take the lead?"
"Thank you."
Pansy went across to the cupboard and came back with what Poppy saw was a dildo with straps.
"I will fuck you first so can you help me with the harness. "
Pansy handed the dildo to Poppy , who had never seen one with straps before, and helped her fasten the narrow bands between her legs and the main strap round her back. Now she had the dildo rearing up in front of her. Pansy bent over a chair and parted her bum cheeks and pussy lips to help Poppy
"Put it in, push it well home and then FUCK me. I love it so much!"
Poppy guided the dildo into the wet eager lips and, as she drove it deep, Pansy gasped "Fantastic - now roger me"
Poppy braced her legs and taking Pansy's hips in her hands she began to fuck. As she did so she saw that they were not the only couple indulging and the grunting, urging and crying out came from all parts of the room.
Poppy found that she was getting increasing pleasure from the rub of the straps on her clitoris and she felt a warm glow suffusing her body as she powered in and out of Pansy's willing cunt.
Pansy meanwhile was urging her to even greater efforts using her own body to assist. She thrust back into the dildo so that the head rammed ever deeper into her.
The session went on for several minutes while in other parts of the room the calls were as loud and urgent as their own. As one couple finished they came over and clapped Poppy's endeavours urging her on. Finally Poppy was gasping with her efforts and with a final thrust that seemed to split Pansy in two she collapsed over her back. The two of them lay like that for several minutes before Poppy finally withdrew. As she did so Pansy remained in position and called to one of the ladies standing and admiring them.
"Rosebud three dozen with the black cane NOW please !"
Poppy watched with surprise as on of the voyeurs brought a long whippy black cane across. She lined it up on Pansy's eager twitching bum and
"W H I P P !!, C R A A C K !!",
The cane homed in on it mark with unerring accuracy and left a white line across Pansy's buttocks.
"W H I P P !!, C R A A C K !!", "W H I P P !!, C R A A C K !!", "W H I P P !!, C R A A C K !!", "W H I P P !!, C R A A C K !!", "W H I P P !!, C R A A C K !!", "W H I P P !!, C R A A C K !!",
More landed each leaving an indelible impression on the bum cheeks. Rosebud handed the cane on to her partner who Poppy saw was left handed and she continued the assault
"W H I P P !!, C R A A C K !!", "W H I P P !!, C R A A C K !!", "W H I P P !!, C R A A C K !!", "W H I P P !!, C R A A C K !!", "W H I P P !!, C R A A C K !!", "W H I P P !!, C R A A C K !!",
The cane was handed on as more ladies completed their own pleasures and soon Pansy was surrounded by and eager gathering who urged her assailants on
"W H I P P !!, C R A A C K !!", "W H I P P !!, C R A A C K !!", "W H I P P !!, C R A A C K !!", "W H I P P !!, C R A A C K !!", "W H I P P !!, C R A A C K !!", "W H I P P !!, C R A A C K !!",
By now Pansy was well marked with the white lines turning to red and the red lines to purple and her superb bum was covered by a forest of marks which were darkening minute by minute.
Nightshade came across and took the cane. She took her place and everybody knew that her arm was strong and accurate and the last strokes would tell all.<,br> "W H I P P !!, C R A A C K !!", "W H I P P !!, C R A A C K !!", "W H I P P !!, C R A A C K !!", "W H I P P !!, C R A A C K !!", "W H I P P !!, C R A A C K !!", "W H I P P !!, C R A A C K !!",
Pansy screamed her pleasure as each stroke landed covering those that were already raising ridges and offering her the sublime pain she needed to complete her final sexual orgasm. As the last one fell she rose up and using her fingers brought herself to her own massive , shuddering climax.
For everybody watching this was the call for one partner to bend and the other to use a strap, paddle or cane on her other half. For Poppy who had been most affected by this she found herself being led to a chair by Nightshade and bent over ready for her own beating. "W H I P P !!, C R A A C K !!", "W H I P P !!, C R A A C K !!", "W H I P P !!, C R A A C K !!", "W H I P P !!, C R A A C K !!", "W H I P P !!, C R A A C K !!", "W H I P P !!, C R A A C K !!",
This was almost tender and the six strokes she received just brought her to the edge of a climax. Then Pansy took her and laying her on her back parted her legs and went down on her. As Poppy began to react to the pleasure of a tongue exploring her pussy and clitoris so Pansy turned round and presented her own rip dripping cunt to Poppy. The scent of arousal from Pansy as she came down over Poppy's face was enough for Poppy to eagerly explore the wet interior offered. She saw the ravaged buttocks in front of her now dark purple in their pain but the coral of the labia drew her and soon her tongue was lapping the juices from Pansy. As she did so her finger eased into the puckered anus and Pansy nodded and cawed as poppy explored the dark interior.
For both of them the total erotic pleasure coupled with the pain had left them totally exhausted and as they reached their climax so Pansy collapsed on Poppy and the two ladies were left in their own Nirvana.
Finally they stood up and watched as other couples also finished their pleasures. Poppy had not before understood that pleasure between two ladies was as possible as with a man, and in some ways, may even be better.. Nightshade came across with Poppy's gown and handed it to her.
"If you will return to my office for a few minutes we will vote on your admission to the group - however I do not think you need to worry about that."
Poppy went into the office and stood waiting. The wait was only short but the time seemed interminable as she knew this was for her and it was a relief when she was called the main room. Nightshade clapped her hands
"Ladies I would like you to welcome Poppy our newest member, voted in unanimously by you. We hope to see her at all of our meetings and I would just remind you, and she, that like each of us we enjoy private visits with one or two other members so do not hesitate to contact her." Poppy was clapped and surrounded by the other members some of whom said they would soon be in touch.Nightshade again spoke "Now it is time to have our refreshments in the lounge before we leave for our homes." At this they all dressed and supped tea and cakes before, with their library book in hand, left for home.