A Smoking Cane - Spanking Story
A Smoking Cane
The Disciplinarian

Samantha and Sharon were having a quick puff at a cigarette behind the sports pavilion when the PE Teacher Miss Green found them.
"What are you two girls doing?" she snapped sharply.
They had no chance to conceal their actions and admitted that they were smoking. Miss Green immediately put them on report.
"This is extremely serious and you will report to Mrs Bracknell immediately after school. It is quite disgraceful that two of the school seniors should let us down with this sort of behavior!"
The girls knew what a visit to the Headmistress at the end of the day meant - a caning .
The rest of the day dragged on as class followed class. Samantha and Sharon looked more and more sorry for themselves and found that they were getting detentions and impositions for inattention in class.. Eventually the day ended and they walked slowly along the corridor to Mrs Bracknell's office. The Secretary looked up as they entered the outer office with their red slips in their hands.

"Mrs Bracknell will see you in five minutes. She has one of the Governors with her at present."
The girls waited getting more an more apprehensive until finally the door opened and the School Governor came out shaking Mrs Bracknell's hand.
"Thank you for that I am sure the Governors will be very interested in your suggestions," she said as she left.
Mrs Bracknell looked at the two girls for a few moments before pointing to her door.
"Miss Strange", she said to her Secretary,"I think that you had better join us in case I need your help."
Miss Strange joined the Headmistress in her Study.
Mrs Bracknell looked at Samantha and Sharon.
"I am very disappointed that two of my senior girls should have let the school down by smoking. It sets a bad example to the rest of the school and I must deal with it very severely. You will each receive TWELVE strokes of the senior cane on your bare bottom."
As she spoke she got up and walking across took the senior cane from her cupboard. "This has not been used for three years and then only on the final boys classes who were here before the school became an all girls Academy."
The girls looked in apprehension at the cane which was over three foot long, nearly half an inch thick, dark brown in colour yet clearly retained its whippiness as the head demonstrated by slashing it through the air.
"You will now remove all of your clothes and stand in the corner with your hands on your head while I sign these letters for tonight's post. Meanwhile think on what is to happen and whether I am being unfair in the action I am taking."
As the girls slowly started to removed their clothes she sat down at her desk, took out her pen and signed the letters. First Sharon removed her skirt and then looking at Samantha her blouse, Samantha followed suit; then it was the brassiere before both girls slipped their hands into the waistband of their knickers and slowly, very slowly, as though it would stop their punishment dropped them to the floor and stepped out of them.
"Shoes and socks as well please," snapped Mrs Bracknell.
The girls bent down and removing their shoes and socks put them with the rest of their clothes. Completely naked now they felt very vulnerable as they stood before Mrs Bracknell.
"Samantha first I think," said the Headmistress," you will receive the first six strokes followed by six for Sharon and then the dose will be repeated. Bend across that table. Miss Strange will you please hold her hands so that she cannot move. Sharon meanwhile you will stand facing the wall with your hands on your head." Samantha walked to the table and bent over it. Miss Strange took her position on the other side holding tightly on to Samantha's hands. This was not the first time that she had had to do this and each time it raised erotic thoughts in her mind about being beaten herself.
Mrs Bracknell took two paces to line herself up on Samantha, rested the cane on her bottom and gave it a flick to establish the target area. dilemmaforthehead1.jpg - 7398 BytesSuddenly it lashed down with great force across both buttocks. At first Samantha felt only a dull thud but then the shrieking pain set in as if her bottom was on fire. Mrs Bracknell waited and then "CRACK ! ! ! !" the next stroke lashed in and this one was just above the first. Samantha was in agony and wanted to scream, her legs lifted and her hands tried to pull away and cover her bottom but she was restrained.
"Do NOT move Samantha or that stroke will not count" said Mrs Bracknell.
Now the cane lashed down for a third "CRACKKK ! ! !", then a fourth time "CRACKKK ! ! !" - the pain was excruciating and Samantha now began to scream.
"No more, No more PLEASE"
Miss Bracknell ignored her pleas and again "CRACKKK ! ! !" the cane whipped into the bottom, sinking into the soft cheeks which were presented to it. Her bum was now on fire painted with strong white lines which where rapidly turning to purple. The final stroke of the first session now connected "CRACK ! ! !", and nothing Samantha had felt before had prepared her for this. It was as though all the pain she had ever suffered was concentrated into that small area of her bottom and her cries got louder and longer.
"That is the first half over Samantha, now go and stand in the corner. Do NOT touch your bottom and keep your hands on your head while I deal with your friend. Come here Sharon and assume the same position over the table."
Sharon walked reluctantly towards the table looking at Samantha and her bottom as she did so. She knew that this was going to be a brutal punishment for her smoking. She bent over the table and Miss Strange took her hands. By now Miss Strange was so wet between her legs that she was sure that it was dripping down on to the carpet. She was determined after this to try to get herself punished and would take her time to think out how. meanwhile Mrs Bracknell was preparing to start on Sharon.
"CRACK ! ! !" The first stroke lashed down and Sharon tried to scream but the breath had been driven from her lungs and no sound came.
"CRACK ! ! !" the second and "CRACK ! ! !" then the third before she had a chance to let out a sound.
As the fourth stroke was smokingcane1.jpg - 14259 Bytesapplied "CRACK ! ! !" she finally succeeded in letting out a scream of agony for her bottom seemed to be swelling and the weals the cane was raising were puffing up.
"CRACK ! ! !"The fifth stoke seemed less but this was relative and only because her bum was in such agony that nothing more seemed to have any effect.
Then the final stroke "CRACK ! ! !" this one was planted diagonally across the buttocks to cross the previous five and again Sharon howled for mercy.
"That is the first half of your punishment completed" stated Mrs Cresswell", "now it is time for Samantha again."
Samantha cried and pleased, "No more Mrs Cresswell. I will not smoke again I promise you."
"I promise you EXTRA strokes if you are not across that table in ten seconds young lady!" snapped Mrs Cresswell pointing with the cane.
Samantha reluctantly stretched herself back across the table and prepared herself for the rest of her punishment. The cheeks of her bottom were red and the six weals already made were puffy and already changing to a purple colour.Her bum was throbbing with the pain.
"CRACK ! ! !" The pain this time was so immense that she tried to drag away from the grip of Miss Strange.
"CRACK ! ! !" the next stroke seemed to land on top of a previous weal and it became even more puffy and the sensation was of the area swelling like a balloon but this was soon dispelled.
"CRACK ! ! !" The next stroke landed between the two previous ones. This was superb placing of strokes by Mrs Cresswell who knew exactly how to make sure that the whole bottom area was adequately attended to.
"CRACK ! ! !" "CRACK ! ! !" The next two strokes seemed to land almost together so that Samantha's screams covered both incidents. Again the weals were being crossed by other marks. Now there was no area that was untouched.
Mrs Cresswell wanted the final stroke to tell so she waited until Samantha was quiet and still before she drew her arm back and land a ferocious blow which caused the girl to break free from Miss Strange and run around the room shouting, screaming and crying "No more! No more!
Mrs Cresswell quietly stated that there was no more and Samantha was to return to the corner while she finished with Sharon.
"Come Sharon, let us get this business finished".
Sharon cried,"No I cannot take any more!"
"I am afraid that you must young lady you were the one who was smoking and it is your punishment. Now get across that table or I shall forget that we have reached six strokes and start again."
Sharon came forward weeping all the time and bent across the table where Miss Strange took a firm grip.
Mrs Cresswell took a practice swing of her cane before lining it up on Sharon
"CRACK ! ! !" The cane whistled in and Sharon screamed at the top of her voice.
Mrs Cresswell decided t get the punishment over and the next two strokes whipped across the buttocks "CRACK ! ! !" "CRACK ! ! !" in rapid succession.
Sharon was now beyond screaming and just went on sobbing as "CRACK ! ! !" and "CRACK ! ! !" four and five landed.
Again Mrs Cresswell wanted the final stroke to be remembered so she took her time, measured her aim and then sent the cane deeply into the heavily wealed buttocks of Sharon.
"Right girls you can get dressed now and I am sure that we shall have no problem with smoking again. I suggest that you inform your friends of what has happened and that they can expect the same treatment for the same crime. The girls slowly put on their clothes but sensibly held their knickers in their hand so that they would not touch their raw bottoms. Mrs Cresswell then dismissed Miss Strange but looked thoughtfully at her before retiring to her private toilet. On arrival there she pulled down her own knickers and with her legs up her fingers drove up into her quim to give it a good working over as she relieved herself of the pent-up erotic feelings that the caning had aroused in her.
Miss Strange meanwhile had noticed the quick departure of the Head and was planning her next move. (See "The Secretary's Secret" our next story)