Bid for your Wife
Bid for your Wife
The Disciplinarian

Brown's Club card room jjust had four men sitting round the baize table playing a card game. The chips and IOUs were piling up beside the the Honourable Martin Fisher while the Duke of Lambeth was losing heavily while the other two seemed to be about even. A last drink and Lord Francis Ruthin and Honourable Kenneth Wilson both stood up and announced they were finished for the night and taking up their winnings left the room.
The two members left sat smoking their cigars The Duke was sweating heavily as he had lost much more than he could afford to and did not know how he was going to pay off his debts. To fail to do so would mean that he would be blackballed in every club in the country as well as being warned off Newmarket Heath (and he knew that meant being banned from all racecourses in the country). Kenneth Wilson sat back and said : "I have a proposal to make if you accept then the money and IOUs are rerurned to you; if you don't accept............................I need not expand I think."
"Well Sir what is your proposal?"
"I will require you to hand the Duchess over to me for seven Saturday nights in the next six months with the first visit next weekend. What happens while she is with me is at my discretion and, if the Duchess refuses, then our agreement falls."
The Duke spluttered and mumbled but he knew that he had no way out if he was going to get out of this mess. He would barter his wife for relief.
"I think that this is a disgraceful proposition Sir but you have me over a barrel. You promise that at the end of the time the money and IOS will be returned to me?
"We will seal them in an envelope, hand them to the Club Secretary with instructions that they are released only to you in six months time. "
"I agree Sir on one condition that the arrangement is totally private and not divulged to a third party. You must leave me to explain to the duchess and you can expect her at 7pm next Saturday. Now let us get this to the Secretary."
They sealed the envelope, wrote the necessary instructions on the front and handed it to the Secretary. Club Secretaries were used to unusual requests so easily agreed and put the envelop in his safe.
Now the Duke had to return home and explain to his wife. The Duchess Matilda was a tall statuesque lady, beautiful in feature and form but very aloof. She was however also aware of the vulnerablity of her position if the Duke's debts were to be called in. When the Duke arrived home that night he called on his wife in her bedroom. He knew that this would be difficult but had decided to get straight to the point.
"Maltilda I have some bad news for you and only you can retrieve it. I lost very badly this evening to Kenneth Wilson and he stands to own this house, our racehorses and 15,000 if I don't settle. I am afraid we will have to live very quietly if he claims everything as we will be nearly bankrupt. He has however offered one way out he wants you to be handed over to him for him do do as he wishes for seven Saturday nights and Sundays over the next six months with your first visit next weekend. You must make the choice."
Matilda was shocked. She had almost no relationship with her husband but she was well aware of their status and what would happen if the debts were called in. She thought for a short time and then delivered an ultimatum.
"Very well I accept but from now on all the property and money will be put in trust with me so that there is no possibility of it happening again. We will also not share a bed again. I know we have not shared a bed for several months and I am sure that whatever happens it cannot be less appealing that our present relationship. Please ask the Honourable Kenneth to expect me at 7pm on Saturday. "


Matilda was a very beautiful woman but because of her upbringing and the interests of her husband to gambling andthe turf she had had few contacts and even less experience of men than was usual for her time. She thought carefully as she dressed and prepared herself. She was apprehensive but determined to go through whatever was required.
At 6.30pm on Saturday she and her husband left in their carriage and drove to Kenneth Wilson's house in Albermarle Street. Matilda alighted and, as she did so, the front door was opened and a discreet light shone out. Kenneth Wilson drew her in and as he shut the door the carriage drove off with the Duke.
" Welcome to my house Duchess, I hope I may call you Matilda now you are here. Let me take you coat as I have allowed all the servants except my cook and valet the night off. I am sorry you have arrived this way but I suggest we eat before proceeding further.
"Mr Wilson what happens is up to you. I have handed myself over to you for tonight and I believe six more Saturdays in the next six months. I don't know what you demand but I will fulfil my part of the bargain. I hope that you will do so also. Shall we continue."
They went into the dining room where a light dinner had been left and for the next hour sat and ate making small talk and waiting for it to end. Finally they had a glass of wine and Kenneth stood up and said it was time for him to lay out his terms.
Mr Wilson, I am in your hands please let me know your wishes and I will comply. I cannot say that I like the arrangement but you and my husband have agreed that I am to be the 'sacrificial lamb'.
"You are a very beautiful woman and, I must admit, that I have wanted the opportunity to sleep with you for a long time. I know your husband takes little interest in you except as a hostess and I think that I can offer you pleasure and pain which you will enjoy. I am very angry with your husband for placing you in this position but I intend to take full advantage of it. We will now go upstairs to my bedroom."
Matilda stood up and Kenneth led her upstairs to a large bedroom. As she entered she blinked because the walls were covered with glass mirrors which reflected the two of them. It had a four poster bed at one end and various dressing tables and chairs but in the centre was an unusual item which was an 'A' frame with a padded top and straps hanging down. She looked at it but could not see its purpose.
As they stood there Kenneth cleared his throat and said
"Matilda your husband does not know anything about what is to happen here but let me explain. I enjoy the cane! I enjoy caning women and being caned myself. After I have undressed you you will bend over this bench and I will give you three dozen strokes of the cane. These will be hard so if you wish to be fastened down I will do so. Afterwards we will retire to my bed where I hope that I can pleasure you as you have never been before."
Matilda felt herself blushing and a frisson of fear ran through her.
The cane !
She had never received corporal punishment and ws not sure whether should accept this but then she knew she had to go through with it as promised." "Very well I am in your hands." She stood in front of him and Kenneth began to undress her. He removed the brooch at her neck and then loosed her collar. He unfastened the buttons down the front of her dress He unfastened the sash at her waist and then eased the dress off her shoulders and down to the ground. Then her petticoat came down leaving her in a brassiere and pantaloons. He fumbled as he removed the brassiere but soon saw the well shaped breasts with with their firm nipples lifting from the dusky aureoles. Nipples which offered a promise of delights to come. he knelt in front of her and unfastened the bow of her pantaloons and lowered them. In frront of his face he e saw a beautiful mons covered with dark curl of hairs screened the pussy lips which peeped through. As he knelt there he scented the eroic scent of an aroused woman, albeit aroused by fear as well as erotica. He stood, took her hand and she stepped out of the dropped clothes and he led her over to the 'A' Frame.. "I am now going to cane you. This will hurt and I will fasten you down to the bench. Bend over, hold the bar in front and spread your less wide. Matilda bent over the bench and felt her ankles strapped to the sides. Kenneth moved to the front and fastened her wrists so that she was locked into position. He then put a strap across her waist so the she could not move, went to a table in the corner and took up a cane which was about 40 inches long and moved to her side. He looked at her bottom which was soft and white and well fleshed while between her legs he could see the fig of her pussy.peeping out. He gently smoothed the bum cheeks before
"W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !,
The pain was exquisite and seared her bum like a burning brand. Matilda was shocked with the pain and tried to rocket up but she was restrained by the bands..
Her bum already throbbed with the pain from the first stroke.
"W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !, "W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !, "W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !, "W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !, "W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !,"W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !,
Every strokes was landed on a new area and for somebody who had never even been spanked by her parents her bum throbbed in agony and seemed to get bigger and bigger. One dozen, had fallen before he stopped and inspected her bum. he massaged her buttocks and, even though he had not held back, there were few marks although she was in agony.
"W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !, "W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !, "W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !, "W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !, "W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !,"W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !, "W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !, "W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !, "W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !, "W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !, "W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !,"W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !,
the next dozen fell with the same searing pain but by now her buttocks were so traumatised that she now longer felt the individual strokes
"W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !, "W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !, "W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !, "W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !, "W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !,"W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !, "W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !, "W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !, "W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !, "W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !, "W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !,"W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !,
this was the final dozen laid on with a firm hand while she cried our with the pain. He threw the cane down
As Matilda cried out with the pain Kenneth first removed his trousers and underpants and then the rest of his clothes until he stood naked before her. Matilda looked at him and saw that his cock was long and well formed. It was rigid and erect and, as she knelt there his hands parted her ravaged buttocks. She cried out with pain but then she felt his fingers guiding his cock to her entrance. In spite of the pain she was ready to enjoy this ending as it was years before she had been fucked and her pussy was wet and receptive. He widened her pussy and she felt his cock nudge in. Eagerly she opened her legs wider. She was desparate for sex which had been missing from her life for two long and she was so wet and ready that he had no problem in sliding deep inside. She waited and then felt his hands come round and find her clitty before he began to thrust in and out with increasing speed. He was deep inside and her pleasure was only increased by the pain as his pubic hair scoured her bum. The pleasure and the pain mingled until after several minutes she found that her pleasure was increasing and, as he drove in and out, of his pubic hair scarifying her buttocks she was getting warmer and warmer and her legs started tembling until as he fucked deep she found that the pleasure became more than she understood and a shuddering orgasm rent her apart. As she did so Kenneth gave a final thrust and inundated her. He lay across her back for a minute of two while they both panted with their exertions. He withdrew and unfastened her from the bench and led her over to the bed.
"You did fantastically well and I think at the end you began to enjoy it. Now I want you to lay back on the bed, I will close the curtains so that you are not seen and watch."
He rang the bell and his valet came into the room.
"Yes Sir"
"Now please John three dozen I think and lay it on!"
Matilda was amazed as she saw him bend over the frame and grip the base. She saw his valet take up the cane and as John took up the cane and Kenneth bent over the end of the bed. As he took the cane Matilda gasped. She had thought that the cane used on her was long and strong but this one was nearly four feet , black rattan with bands every six inches up the cane John
"W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !,
the first blow landed and Kenneth felt the cane sear a burning line into his bottom but his mind also sprang into action. He was a flagallant who enjoyed being caned..
"W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !, "W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !, "W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !, "W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !,"W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !,
more strokes landed but now Matilda found that she was excited watching what was happeneing and it had a strange effect on her.
"W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !, "W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !, "W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !, "W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !, "W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !,"W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !,
She felt the cum oozing down the inside of her thighs and she let her fingers play with her clitty as she watched, the pain of her caning had blended into a state where she wanted his next stroke to be the final one but perversely she eagerly awaited the next.
"W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !, "W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !, "W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !, "W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !, "W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !,"W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !,
Finally it ended and John put down the cane and left the room. Matilda gasped as she saw his cock for the first time in full flood. It reared between its hairy surround. The purple head was glistening with his precum and Matilda, who had been watching eagerly playing with her pussy opened her legs and beckoned him towards her. As he climbed onto the bed she drew him down and guided his cock between her eager pussy lips. Both of them were full aroused and for Matilda who had not had sex for over a year until a few minutes ago the moment was ripe and as Kenneth drove home she thrust against him to lodge him deep inside her. He rested for a moment and then with slow steady thrusts he powered in and out. Matilda cried out with pleasure and thrust back until they were both in a frenzy. For both of them this was a defining momnt. For Kenneth who had fucked many women in his time this was proving to be special, while for Matilda who had been startved of sex for years this gave her the pleasure she knew was possible but had never achieved before. Minute my minute their emotions climbed to ne heigts and matilda tried to draw him in deeper by wrapping her legs around him and drawing farther in. Eventually it had to stop and with a dozen quick digs they came at the same time. For Matilda this created a orgasmic discharge which poured down and mingled with Kenneth's and the result not only filled her but oozed out.
They lay back on the bed kissing and cuddling before Kenneth sat up and poured them each a glass of wine. As he handed her one he looked at her
"Was it what you wanted.?" "Mmm ! I I still can'r believe it has happened. I was frightened when I came to you but I know that what has happpened has offered me a new,exciting world. I believed that six weekends would be a purgatory but now I am eager for the next visit."
Kenneth took her in his arms and kissed her.
"Let us sleep now. In the morning we will be fresh and ready to play again."
They slipped under the sheets and slept !

Part 2 will finish this weekend