Business Decisions
The Disciplinarian

Sue was very sad as her father had just died, but she was also very excited as now she was taking over the handling of the family company and she was sure that she could turn it round and make it profitable again.
'Lakeland Specialities', a ceramics company, had been founded fifty years ago by Sue's father and he had turned it into a major player which had been at the head of its products until plastics had reared their head. Unfortunately a stubborn man Sue's father had refused to go along with the changes and the company had gradually lost market share until there was now the possibility of them being taken over by a rival. Sue was trying to arrange new finance and she had an appointment that afternoon with Les Bowman an entrepreneur who had unlimited funds and had indicated that he was willing to invest. If so they could retain their independence. The big problem was that time was short and she had to get funds by the end of the week.
Sue made sure that she was dressed smartly as she went to the offices of Les Bowman. She was impressed with the size of the building and, on arrival, went to Reception. She explained that she had an appointment with Mr Bowman and the girl, ringing her boss, showed her a room where she could wait.
She was kept waiting for half an hour before she was taken through to Les Bowman's office. As she entered he stood up walked round his desk to shake her hand and led her to a chair. He sat down and started:

"You want me to finance you. I have looked at your accounts and feel that we might be able to do business but it will be on my terms. I shall expect you to return to this office at 8pm and be available for whatever I wish for the rest of the evening. If you agree then I am sure that I can arrange for funds. If you do not agree then I am sorry but I cannot assist you. I do not ask you for a decision now but if you are not here by 8pm then I shall assume you do not need my help. Is that understood?"
Sue looked shocked as he had ben so b rusk and abrupt with no discussion but knew that she had little choice if she wished to save the company so said:
"Yes Mr Bowman, I understand."
"Then goodbye for now and I hope to see you this evening."
Sue left the office with her mind in a whirl and unsure what to do but and afternoon getting all the necessary papers together she went home and after a light snack and having a long soak in the bath she knew that she must go through with it if she wanted to save the company. She looked at her naked body in the long mirror in her bedroom and liked what she saw. She was tall and slim with perfect breasts and a prominent mons which was covered with an auburn fleece. Her pussy lips just peeked through the forest and led down to firm thighs and long legs which seemed to go on for ever. Her bum was well formed and the cheeks were white and firm with dimples on either side. After her inspection she dressed herself carefully putting on a lacy black brassiere and matching panties and suspender belt. She fastened sheer black stockings fastened to the suspenders and her high heel shoes set off her shapely calves. She took a final look before finally putting on her coat.
She left home and drove to the office of Les Bowman and saw that most of the lights were off but several still burned on some floors floor. She entered the building and told the Security man on duty that she was meeting Mr Bowman. He pointed to the lift and told her to go up to the penthouse floor. She entered pressed the button and was taken up. As she left the lift she saw that it opened on to the large penthouse floor which was thickly carpeted with a large desk against the window and a cocktail cabinet in the corner. The room had a number of soft chairs and sofas scattered around and soft lights shone from concealed fittings.When she entered it was exactly 8pm and Les Bowman looking up from his desk welcomed her and told her to shut the door. She did so and walked across to stand in front of him passing him the file of documents. He took the glanced at them and then put them aside. He then looked her up and down and told her to get undressed as she would not need her clothes again this evening.
She had expected this but it had come rather earlier than she had thought likely. She removed her coat and placed it on a chair then unfastened her blouse and removing it put it down beside her coat; then it was the skirt which slipped to the ground so that she was standing in just her underclothes. Les Bowman just sat and watched her and she continued first unfastening the clips at the back of her brassiere and shrugging out of it so that her firm taut breasts fell free. Already the nipples were hard and standing out from the breasts. She loosed the stockings and one by one rolled them down and off her legs before unfastening her suspender belt and releasing it. Finally with taking a deep breath she pushed her knickers down over her hips and bum cheeks allowing them to fall to the ground. She was now naked and stood there facing him with her hands at her sides while he sat back and looked her up and down.
He then came round the desk and opening a drawer took out a thick firm strap. He pointed to the side of the desk.
"Bend over the desk and grip the other side."
She looked at him. This what not what she had expected but to save her company she was prepared to do anything so bent over as instructed and prepared herself. She felt his hands caressing her bum cheeks before suddenly there was a flame of fire across her bum as he struck. She jumped up and cried out: "No, I won't take this!"
He stopped and said:
"Fine. You can get up, dress and leave and then find your own finance."
She said:
"No! I will agree to anything."
"Then get back in position and do NOT move until I give you permission."
Sue got back down and prepared herself "WHIPP!!!", "SMACKKK!!" the strap rose and fell and it seemed to cut into her bum. "WHIPP!!!", "SMACKKK!!", "WHIPP!!!", "SMACKKK!!""WHIPP!!!", "SMACKKK!!". The blows came thick and fast until the whole of her bum seemed to be on fire. She lost count of the the times the strap rose and fell before he called a halt. Her bottom was stinging but, besides the pain, she had not found it as unpleasant as she thought she would. She tried to analyse what it was but before she could think further Les Bowman smoothed her bum and slipped his fingers into the fig of her cunt. He felt the wetness and then told her to remain in position and she heard him behind her unzip his trousers and then two fingers probed her wet pussy lips before she felt the prod of his cock as it entered her. Quite involuntary she spread her legs wider for him and knew immediately that after the strapping she needed this. He thrust higher until he completely filled her. He then began to move in and out gently at first and then faster and faster. Sue, who had not invited this invasion of her body, found that the pain from the strap and the assault of his cock had the effect of stimulating her to such a degree that she was reciprocating his actions and joining in the pleasure he was obviously obtaining. He thrust for several minutes until with a stiffening of his body his invasion became complete as his sperm inundated her. He withdrew and fastened up his zip. She was still spread across the desk coming to terms with her emotions when she heard Les invite her over to the bar in the corner for a drink. She walked across still naked and sat on a bar stool with her legs crossed and waiting to hear from him what was to happen next. He said nothing further while they were having their drinks but just chatted as though she and he were at a downtown bar - not a naked lady and a fully dressed gentleman.
When they had finished their drinks he reached behind the bar and took out a long whippy cane which he showed to her. He told her that she would now be caned and how many would be decided by the dice.
"Shake the dice one for the number and then shake it again for the multiplier."
She looked at him and shook the first dice which came down four. He then reminded her to shake again and this time it was a six. He then pointed to the desk again and told her to take up her position.
"Let me be clear. You have shaken and the number is four times six twenty four strokes with this cane on your bare bum. If you stand before you are given permission all bets are off. Is that clear."
She had gasped at the number and was not sure that she would be able to take that number but said in a small voice:
"Yes, I understand."
She gripped the end of the desk and prepared herself for the session. "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!", it was like a bar of hot iron as the cane landed on her sore bum and sank in. "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!" more strokes fell and, as they landed, she moved her bum to try and absorb the shock "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!" and as she did so her pubis rubbed against the desk. More strokes "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!""WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!" and within the pain she felt a warmth running through her body. She also felt liquid running down the inside of her thighs as she was beginning to orgasm. "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!""WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!" - by now she was in a state which she could not understand somewhere between pain and euphoria. She had no idea how many strokes she had received when suddenly it stopped. This time she felt his fingers feel the inside of her cunt and wetting the tips before opening her bum cheeks and, a probing finger, found her anus. Sex she understood but she had never been touched there. She tried to wriggle free but Les slapped her and told her to stay still. She felt him spread her bum cheeks to give him greater access to her anus. His first finger slipped deeper in before opening it to allow two fingers to widen it further. When he had widened it enough she felt his cock begin to probe and then a sharp pain as it penetrated her tight hole. She gasped as his cock spread her spincter but he continued pushing slowly until he was lodged fully inside. She wanted to cry out at first with the pain but, as he just lay still across her back, the pain receded and she felt a warmth and a new erotic sensation which she had never experienced before. He started moving in and out with firm but gentle thrusts and the more he worked the better she found it until she found that she was ready to orgasm. Les picked up the speed as though aware of it and suddenly he pulled her body towards him and thrust deep with a final push so that his cock impaled her to its depths. He jerked and she felt herself inundated with a second spend of the evening. Les eased himself out of her and stood back with the flaccid cock visible. He picked up the telephone and dialed a number.
"Release the funds for 'Lakeland Specialities'!".
He then put the phone down and turned to Sue.
"Are you ready to leave or will you stay for the night?"
He opened the door behind the bar and showed her his private quarters. She thought for a short time and then knew that this was a moment of truth in her personal as well as her business life. She had enjoyed the evening including the strap and cane and the sex mingled with them had lifted her to new levels of eroticism. She took his hand and gave her answer by, leading him into the bedroom, undressing him and drawing him to the bed.
Her business was saved and from now on she would also follow her own pleasures. This was the first night of her new life.