Businesswoman Requires Punishment Part 2
Businesswoman Requires Punishment - Part 2
The Disciplinarian

In Businesswoman Requires Punishment Samantha had visited me because she needed to be punished because of her agressive behaviour to her staff. In coming she had discovered an unexpected interest in both the 'pain and the pleasure' which the rod offers and on her second session we explored her sexuality together. Now she is in contact again

The telephone rang one Saturday about a month after Samantha's last visit.

"Alan this is Samantha. I thoroughly enjoyed my last visit but I am also aware that you held back in some areas. I have been reading some of your stories and see that submissives are unders the total control of their master. I am been thinking very carefully and would like to be a sub on my next visit. Is this possible?"
"Of course, but you do understand that in that case I have ABSOLUTE control. I suggest also that you should come for longer than a couple of hours. If you wish you can come next Saturday arriving at 2pm and leaving Sunday evening. I suggest that you think about it and call me back as you will be taking a large step from just being spanked. Now go away and think and then call me back tomorrow."
She agreed and the next day she called.
"Thank you Sir for giving me the time to think through my original request. I have taken the whole day but am certain that this is what I want. I would like to come next weekend as you suggest. What should I bring?"
"Bring yourself with a totally open mind free from any reluctance.For clothes I suggest a nightdress as well as the clothes that you wore last time. Remember you are totally in my control for the weekend. Are you agreeable?"
"Yes Sir and I will be with you at 2pm next Saturday."
Saturday afternoon and there was ring on the doorbell. I glanced at the time and saw it was exactly 2pm. I opened the door and let Samanantha in.
"Welcome Samantha for your first weekend as a submissive. Please understand that from now until you leave I may do with you as I wish. If you agree then I will show you your bedroom and you will remove all of your clothes and return to me in the lounge."
"I understand Sir and am ready for you to do as you wish. I will now strip and return to the lounge.
Five minutes later Samantha returned to the lounge naked. I told her to stand in front of me with her hands on her head until I was ready for her. There was no doubt that she had an excellent figure and I made her turn round once or twice while I admired it. After several minutes I told her to bring me a strap from the table move a chair into the middle of the room and bend over the back of it. When she was in position I gave her two dozen across her buttocks and thighs.
"W H I P P P ! ! !", "S P L A T T T ! ! !", "W H I P P P ! ! !", "S P L A T T T ! ! !", "W H I P P P ! ! !", "S P L A T T T ! ! !",
I then slipped my fingers inside her pussy and found that she was already wet in anticipation. I drew her across my knees and for the next twenty minutes hand spanked and massaged her bum. She lay relaxed under my hand. It was clear that she was offering herself to me freely.
It was now time to make tea and we went into the kitchen where she made some sandwiches and a cup of tea. As she stood at the kitchen table I told her to bend over. I took some KY jelly and putting it on the end of my anal dildo I parted her buttocks and found the puckered rosette of her anus. I used my finger first slipping it in using the jelly to smooth the passage and then inserting the dildo. It was thicker than my finer but entered easily and I turned the vibrator on. Samantha was calling out with pleasure. We had tea and then I sat on the settee in the lounge with Samantha naked beside me. I fondled her pussy and tried to explain to Samantha what being a submissive meant.
"Now you are here you need to understand that being a submissive means handing total control over to your Master. This may be spanking, sexual or any other request he makes. This is not being a maschochist with torture which is SM but does include tying you up and treating you as a toy. My first instruction now is for you to remove my clothes.
We stood up and piece by piece my clothes were removed until like Samantha I was naked. I told her to go down and play with my cock using her hand but NOT to bring me off. She knelt betwen my legs and using one hand she gently massaged my cock. She rubbed it up and down and then she was about to take it in her mouth when I stopped her.
"No I only told you to use your hand. For disobedience you will receive two dozen with the strap. Bring it to me and bend ove the back of the chair. She did so and I gave her twenty four sharp spanks across her buttocks. No hard but just a reminder.
"Come with me."
I took her into my bedroom where I had arranged a full harness. I told her to lay face down with her legs and arms spread and using the straps at the top and bottom corners of the bed she formed an 'X'. I then put a blindfold over her eyes. I then left her in position for twenty minutes while I worked on the computer. I then returned and naked knelt across her. I did not speak but gently massaged her back and shoulders before moving don to her buttocks and thighs. I careesed and massaged them for several minutes before I felt her pusy she was wet with her spend. I now took up the cane and
W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! ",
gave her a sharp cut across her bum. I then gently tapped the cane on ther calves and thighs before "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! ","W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! ",
two more sharp strokes cut into the flesh with the white lines soon turning red.
"W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! ","W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! ",
I put the cane down and sliding my fingers into her pusy I finger fucked her until she orgasmed.
Now I changed her position. I removed the blindfold and turned her over so that she was looking up. I then refastened her in place. I knelt across he body and presented my cock to her pussy gently rubbing it around the puffy lips of her labia. She urged me to go inside but I moved up and kneeling offered my cock to her mouth. She eagerly accepted it and was soon sucking on it and flicking the end with her tongue. I now unfastened her arms and legs as I wanted to fuck her but there was to be no restraint so no compulsion. I went back down and this time when I presented my cock to her pussy I did not stop but slipped it into the warm wet interior. She groaned but urged me on and was soon deeply embedded. Now I began to fuckdriving in deeply and drawing out to the edge while she reciprocated bucking against my body in her efforts. I had been waiting for this and could not hold out for long and I soon felt a welling up and drew out so that I wanked myself empty over her body while she frigged herself off at the same time. We lay back resting
"Now for the pain. Go into the office and bend over the bench. "
Samantha stood up and walked into the office. She bent over the bench holding on to the far end. I took up the cane and: W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! ", "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! ",
I laid on the strokes hard. I was going to give her a full dozen and each would find a different spot
"W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! ","W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! ","W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! ",
each searing stroke drew a gasp from her but she did not move W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! ", "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! ","W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! ","W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! ","W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! ",
the final strokes landed and I told her to stand and retur to the lounge where she could rest face down on the settee. We then spoke and I asked her if she had understood what was involved. She admitted that she hadn't but was still pleased she had come and was sure that she would find out much more before she left tomorrow! For the rest of the evening we sat and watched a couple of vieos which showed subs in action and I promised her some of this in the morning. I then sent her to wait by my bed until I was ready for her.
When I arrived I told her to bend over the end of the bed as she was now to receive another dozen cane strokes. After it was finished I would then bugger her.
She bent over and
W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! ", "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! ",
this was to stimulate her rather than punish her so I rubbed the tip across her pussy after the first strokes making her cry out
"W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! ","W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! ","W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! ",
each stroke was designed to pleasure her
W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! ", "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! ","W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! ","W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! ","W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! ",
I finished with the cane and then parted her bum cheeks. I used my fingers to ease some KY jelly into her anus and then presented my erect cock to the puckered hole. I pushed slightly and found some resistance so I pushed harder and then the splincther muscles relaxed and my cock slipped into her dark interior. I waited and then began to fuck away with enthusiasm. THis time I was able to hold on longer and it was several minutes before I felt the inevitable welling and spurted my load of spunk into her while she brought herself off with her fingers.
I came out from her and we went and showered playing with each other as we did so before after drying ourselves we spend an hour playing with each other on my bed. Samantha was a very erotic woman and she orgasmed at least a dozen times. She took the chance to suck my cock while it was devoid of sperm and she enjoyed spending time making it become erect. Finally she told me it was her turn and she knelt either side of me and drew my cock into her hot pussy. She groaned as she slid down and the whole experience was sensational. She just sat and using her vaginal muscles she squeezed and released my cock until it was nearly ready and then riding me like a stallion she brought me to my climax when, as I spurted, she used those muscles to milk me to emptiness. She sat up and eased herself off. me
"Have you any instructions for the morning for me Sir?"
"Yes. I will be taking the dog out at 5.45am. At 6.30am I shall return. When I return I expect you to be wearing your nightgown in position over the back of the chair. The strap should be on the table beside you ready for use."
"Thank you Sir and goodnight."
In the morning I took Sasha out for her walk and returned at 6.30am. As instructed Samantha was in position but the strap was not where it should be.
"Where is the strap. I see it is not there so after you have fetched it you can expect double the number of strokes."
"I am sorry Sir, I will fetch it."
She went and brought me back the strap and handed to me.
"I understand that I deserve extra strokes."
She took up her position and I lifted her nightgown up to leave her bottom exposed.
"W H I P P P ! ! !", "S P L A T T T ! ! !"
the strap made a healthy sound as it flayed both buttocks.
"W H I P P P ! ! !", "S P L A T T T ! ! !", "W H I P P P ! ! !", "S P L A T T T ! ! !", "W H I P P P ! ! !", "S P L A T T T ! ! !",
I continued spanking her buttocks with the strap and the the red marks grew in intensity as the strokes landed with firmness. I gave her twenty strokes. I stopped and massaged her bum and congratulated her and told her to stand up. She was now to remove her nightdress and don an apron before cooking us breakfast.

I left her in peace after breakfast for an hour after breakfast before telling her that she should now visit the office with me. When we arrived I led her over to the ladder and told her to stand on the bottom rung and grip the top bar. I fastened her hands and feet tightly and told her not to move. I then took out my flogger which has fifty chamois lashes and began to beat her from the feet to her shoulders. This does not hurt but stimulates the blood vessels and turns the person randy if used enough. I felt between her legs and found that the juices were unning with a vengance so continued the flogging for a few more minutes. Then it was time for the cane. I pushed a cushion between her abdomen and the ladder to force her buttocks out. I went behind and gently massaged her bum and then put my hands up to cares her breasts. her nipples were already erect and she turned her head to kiss me.
"Now I have discovered I need it hard, and lots of it, so please make sure that you give me a good thrashing."
I took out the punishment cane and prepared myself at the side of her bum
W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! ", I cracked the cane down and it sunk into her bum. In spite the caning and strapping yesterday and this morning they were still soft and just reddened
"W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! ", "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! ","W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! ","W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! ",
each searing stroke dug deep into her buttocks. The white lines laid down wee now becoming a medim red and soon they would deepen
After a dozen strokes I went behind her and massaged the burning bum. I also felt her pussy and she was so wet that I gave her a fast finger fuck which brought down more spend. Now it was back to the cane
W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! ", "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! ","W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! ","W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! ","W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! ",
I watched her stiffen and then relax and I knew taht she had reached that Nirvana of the flagellant where the pain and pleasure mingle to produce a drug more potent than cocaine or crack. This was a natural drug within the body which in some women is stimulated by this natural pleasue/pain mingling. The only question is the threshold.and this I hoped to find out.
W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! ", "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! ","W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! ","W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! ","W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! ", W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! ", "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! ","W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! ","W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! ","W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! ",
stroke after stroke landed and I heard Samantha beginning to pant as she drew deeper into herself and allowed the ecstacy to build and build. I knew she need just a few more and she would reach the peak all ladies aspire to so gripping the cane
"W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! ", "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! ","W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! ","W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! ","W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! ",
and then it came as with a cry she shuddered to her final climax and then fell forward in her bonds. I put down the cane and unfastened her and took her into the bedroom where I lay her face down on the bed. She was still on a high so I fetched some baby oil and began to rub some into her ravaged buttocks while she rested and began to breathe naturally. She opened her eyes and turned her head:
"That was incredible. I cannot explain it but as you caned me the pain went to the background of my mind and i was wanting more. As each stroke landed I seemed to fill up more and more with a warm glow until it overflowed and I came with a crashing orgasm which sent me into orbit. Is it possible?"
I laughed and told her that I had several ladies who found the same. These were genuine flagallents who enjoyed the rod.and you have joined that special group.
She stretched and laughing said:
"Now I need a good fucking so I hope that caning me has prepared you. I think in the back please - don't worry about my bum the pain will be part of my pleasure"
She took my cock in her hand and gently massaged it to full stand and then turned round on the bed. She knelt and presented her bum with her legs spread and used a hand to open her puffy pushy lips. I pointed my cock and slipped it inside . When it was in I drove it deeply through the warm interior until it reached her depths. Samantha grunted as my pubic hair scraped her sore bum but soon accepted it. I began to move and Samantha was bucking up and down encouraging me to fuck her harder and I grasped her hips driving my hard cock in and out until eventually I could not restrain longer and warning her I spurted loads of spunk into her vagina. My load was so full after all the caning that it overflowed and oozed out the sides of her pussy .
I withdrew my cock and Samantha scooped up my cum and spread it over her breasts and face also licking some off her fingers. She then lay back and smiled up at me.
"I still can't believe this is happening to me. I came two months ago for a punishment spanking and now finding that far from punishment I need it for my sexual enjoyment. You have brought me out farther than I ever believed possible. I hope that I can return every few weeks. Do you mind if I have a sleep for an hour or so before we finally finish up as I am so tired with all the emotions I have experienced.
"I am glad for you. You rest while I get us some lunch."
After lunch I took her across my knees again to massage some baby oil into her buttocks and at the same time gve her a final finger fucking. She stood up dressed and prepared to leave. She gave me a final kiss and
"Till we meet again. Can I come from Friday until Sunday next time. I wanted the weekend to go on for ever and I know I need even more caning , and more fucking, than I have had in the last twenty four hours.
I promised her she could and she drove away.