Can You help Me?

The Disciplinarian

June had been spanked by her various boyfriends who had used their hands on her superb bottom with enthusiasm and found that she enjoyed the experience. The tingle as the hand landed on her buttocks and the sting which lasted after the end of the session she found very pleasurable. BUT and it was a big but she always felt 'unfulfilled' when he was fucking her after the spanking was finished. Yes, she enjoyed the fuck but was sure that she was missing something and when she saw an advertisement offering a session with a professional spanker she decided to telephone and make an appointment. She had no idea of what would happen but was willing to take the chance. The telephone call to The Disciplinarian was informative and June decided that she would visit him and see what transpired and they had agreed she would come next Sunday.

Sunday came and June took a shower before dressing in a black bra and pants, suspender belt and stocking covered by a blouse and skirt. She looked at herself, liked what she saw and set off for the home of The Disciplinarian. Her car journey took about an hour before she drew up at his door. As she had driven to his house her mind had been in a turmoil as to whether she should cancel. Did she really want to be spanked by a stranger, would she enjoy it as much as she thought she would? The questions spun though her mind but by the time she had come to a decision she had arrived.
The Disciplinarian met her at the door and she found that he was of average height pleasant face and probably in his fifties. He met her at the door and as soon as she had entered welcomed her, took her hands and looking into her eyes said: "Welcome. Please remember that from now I am in charge but NOTHING happens that you don't want to happen. Do you understand?"
June smiled and nodded.
"Yes I understand and agree."
She walked into the lounge where The Disciplinarian offered a cup of tea and asked her why she had come. June tried to explain and they agreed that she would leave herself in The Disciplinarian's hands to go as far as he though she needed. Again it was emphasied that nothing more would happen if she wanted to stop or The Disciplinarian decided it was not working. The Disciplinarian sat down on the settee and June lay across his lap. The moment of truth!
"Crack" the first blow fell and then for several more minutes his hand targetted her bum over her skirt before with a gentle movement she felt the cool air on her buttocks as her lifted the dress. He massaged and caressed her buttocks before continuing spanking. She found the sharp pain was more than outweighed by the pleasurable sensations engendered. She had felt these when her boyfriends had spanked her but that had been just the urgent preliminary to sex and not a long drawn out spanking. Still the blows fell and the massaging and caressing of her bum raised a glow, and a warmth, which made her pussy itch and the inside feel wet and warm. She felt the edges of her knickers drawn in and for the first time her full bum cheeks were exposed to his hand.
The blows continued and she found herself in a very confused state as she found that the pain and the pleasure were mingling into a state of repose and relaxation. Then The Disciplinarian stopped and she felt that he was easing her knickers down over her buttocks and thighs until they were drawn over her feet and slipped to the floor. She was aware that a seminal moment had arrived and that she had now committed herself to continue. The smacks on her bum were falling first on one buttoc and then the other and at the same time there were soft smacks on her upper thighs. His hand massaged her thighs and gently caressed the insides while without any volition on her part her legs parted. His fingers explored the upper part of her thighs and she opened wider offering him access to her wet pussy. He went on spanking and she urgently wanted some relief to the constant pulses which surged through her. She needed him to touch her and offered him even greater access. Then it happened as he paused and she felt his fingers rub her labia. He found her clitoris which by now was erect and covered with the sticky cum which she felt oozing down onto her thighs.
A dozen more hard spanks shocked her but took her to a higher level of awareness as she felt his fingers ease into her pussy and gently explore inside. First it was one finger which wriggled in, then two which thrust higher before they began to move in an out. She raised herself to offer greater access as she flushed wish pleasure and she knew that an orgasm was close. He spanked hard six more times and then thrust his fingers into her making her climb of his lap with the ferocity and pleasure of her climaxing. She collapsed back again and lay for several minutes before sitting up and then laying backed talked through what had happened. Soon she was ready for a further session and she had several orgasms which always came after the final hard spanks and the fingers until she was drained.
Now The Disciplinarian took some baby oil and anointed her bum smoothing it in while she relaxed across his lap. She remained there for a long half hour just laying and dreaming before finally sitting up and saying that she must return home. As she left she said what a wonderful time she had had and next time she wanted to explore some of the other instruments as she now knew that spanking was for her.
Next day there was an email on The Disciplinarian's computer:
Thanks Alan I hadn't expected it to be so relaxing. I slept very well last night. I would like to come back. I can't say when right now because its difficult to get away for such a long time. However when I can I'll call June

Another satisfied client!