Dear Sir
Dear Sir
The Disciplinarian

Dear Sir,
I am a business lady who has problems with my temper when I am working with my staff. I have lost two recently because of by being rude to them and I feel that I need a series of disciplinary sessions to help me. Are you able to assist?
If so please reply with a telephone number so that I can call and discuss possible visits. Please understand that this is for punishment and does not include sex.
Yours faithfully

I wrote back to her and left my telephone number with her and awaited her call. It was a few days later before she responded and called me. We spoke for several minutes and established exactly what she required and we agreed a date and the costume she should wear. I waited her arrival with interest.
On Friday at 6pm there was a knock on the door and an attractive lady who looked to be about forty was standing there twisting her hands and obviously very nervous.
"Hello I am Avril, are you Alan?"

I confirmed that I was and invited her inside. She came in looking around and clearly wondering whether I would leap on her and rape her until she came into my lounge and my dog greeted her. She told me later that was what relaxed her. My dog was clealy so happy that she could not believe anything untoward would happen to her. I took her coat and we sat down and had a cup of tea and a chat. It seemed that Avril lald a very senior post in her department and was responsible for a large number of staff and a budget running into millions. Recently there had been errors made and because of the pressure she had been difficult with her staff and had sacked two of them. She felt guilty for her actions and as there were no sanctions which could be applied to her she felt the need of being punished from an outside agency. This was why she had come to me where she could receive condign punishment without in any way affecting her position. She expected it to be humiliating and painful and was willing to accept this. She also felt that she would probably need further sessions in the future. I agreed to everything but explained that all punishments were carried out on my terms and once she had started it would be my descision when to stop. Again she agreed and I told he we would begin.
I sat down on the sofaa and told her to lay across my knees. When she had done this I started spanking her bottom over her dress. I did not spank hard but continued for several minutes. I then lifted the dress and continued spanking on the buttocks over her knickers. It was now time to lower her knickers and as they came down she kicked them off leaving her butocks bare for my hand. My treatment was now harder and faster and before long her bum was becoming a fiery red across both cheeks. Her head was buried in the cushions at the end and it was difficult to know what she was feeling. I explained that we would now take a break and she was to remove her skirt and stand in the corner of the room facing the wall with her hands on her head until I was ready for her. I kept her in this position for ten minutes before telling her to follow me to my office for the rest of her punishment.
We walked into the office and she gasped as she saw the line of instruments on the table and the flogging bench in the middle of the floor. I told her that she was to lay over the flogging bench legs spread and her hands firmly grasping the other end. If she preferred she could be fastened down. She decide against this and took up her position. I finally warned her that the decision of how many strokes she was to receive rested with me and I would not accept any pleas from her once we had started.
It was now time to begin and when she bent over I saw that she had full fleshy buttocks which were ideal for the cane. However I decided on the strap first and taking up a new strap I had recently oiled I "WHIPPP!!!" "SPLATTT!!!" lashed home the first stroke. The strap sunk into her bum cheeks but drew no further reaction. "WHIPPP!!!" "SPLATTT!!!", "WHIPPP!!!" "SPLATTT!!!", "WHIPPP!!!" "SPLATTT!!!" I lashed the strap down watching as the ridges formed where the edges of the strap landed. "WHIPPP!!!" "SPLATTT!!!","WHIPPP!!!" "SPLATTT!!!","WHIPPP!!!" "SPLATTT!!!" by now the bum was taking on an attractive rosy colour but I knew that this would not last long after I used the crop and the cane. After a dozen with the strap I stopped and massaging her bum I told her to stand. She stood up and, as she walked round, I could see her pubis was covered by a thick growth of dark hair and her fleshy pusy lips just shoed through.
Now it was time for the crop and I told her to return to her position. I picked up the crop and whipped it through the air once or twice before "WHIPPP!!!", CRACKKK!!!" it landed. I watched as it sunk into the firm rounded bum cheeks and left a white line about three inches above the junction with the thighs. "WHIPPP!!!", CRACKKK!!!""WHIPPP!!!", CRACKKK!!!". These two were just above the first and their marks stood out livid on the buttocks."WHIPPP!!!", CRACKKK!!!""WHIPPP!!!", CRACKKK!!!" two more lashed down with the thin strip of whalebone in the crop singling i with deadly intent. "WHIPPP!!!", CRACKKK!!!""WHIPPP!!!", CRACKKK!!!" by now the lines were beginning to form a set of tramlines across the bum, and when I made the next two cross the previous strokes the pattern was complete. The lines were thin and beginning to turn a dark red from their brilliant colour before. After ten strokes I told her to stand up and cross to the corner with her hands on her head. She was under no circumstances to touch her bum. She moved into the corner and stood there with her hands on her head and bum cheeks turning more puce by the minute.
After ten minutes for the pain to soak in I told her to return to her position as it was now time for the cane. Before doing so she should remove the rest of her clothing so that she was dealt with naked. She was reluctant at first but after I warned that failure to obey would mean extra punishment she unfastened her blouse and brassiere. I saw that her nipples were fully erect and knew that she was sexually aroused in addition to the pain. I confiemed that she would receive as many strokes as I decided were necessary and that any request for me to stop would mean extra strokes. I decided to use one of my thicker canes and taking it down swished it through the air as I waited for her to finally take her position. "WHIPPP!!!", CRACKKK!!!" the first stroke crossed every line from the previous cropping and thudded into her buttocks. "WHIPPP!!!", CRACKKK!!!", "WHIPPP!!!", CRACKKK!!!" I now started a steady rhythm of strokes each one divided by about six to ten seconds to allow the impact of the previous one to be felt. These were now creating bruises on the lines already there and I saw ridges forming and earlier marks changing from puce to purple. "WHIPPP!!!", CRACKKK!!!", "WHIPPP!!!", CRACKKK!!!" "WHIPPP!!!", CRACKKK!!!", "WHIPPP!!!", CRACKKK!!!" at least a dozen had now landed and she was in some discomfort. I stood back and watched as the ridges on her bum swelled and the purple area greww by the minute. She had asked for punishment and this is what she was receiving. I stopped again and told her to stand. She had tears in her eyes but other than that had shown no reaction and stood up very gingerly. She stepped back a gave a tentative smile before returning to her corner with her hands on her head.
Again she had a short break while I drank some water before I told her to return to her position. Very slowly she took her place again as I took up the cane. This was to be the final six strokes, although she didn't know this so I intended to deliver them very hard and with my thickest and longest cane. I took it out of its holder. It was three foot six long with several bands along its length to make it even more effective. I returned to my position and "WHIPPP!!!", CRACKKK!!!", lashed it home across the purple cheeks sinking deep into them. "WHIPPP!!!", CRACKKK!!!" as this one landed she cried out in pain "WHIPPP!!!", CRACKKK!!!", "WHIPPP!!!", CRACKKK!!!" I continued and she cried with each stroke asking me to stop. I told her I would decide when and "WHIPPP!!!", CRACKKK!!!", gave her a diagonal stroke so that it crossed all the rest. She was weeing loudly now but remained in position and "WHIPPP!!!", CRACKKK!!!" the final stroke was delivered with all the power I could command and, as it fell on the scarified cheeks, she rose up crying out and fell back across the bench. I put down the cane and lifted her up giving her a hug as she fell across me. She lay on my shoulder sobbing softly as the pain began to take hold of her buttocks.
I took her hand and led her into my lounge where I she lay across my lap while I applied some soothing baby oil to her buttocks. It would not affect the pain but would stop the cheeks tightening as she drove home and the massaging would help to relax the tension. I knew that doing this would not affect the result of the punishment she had received and she would remember it for weeks after she had left me.
She dressed herself and walked to the door shaking my hand and thanking me.
"I know it made me cry but I needed that and I am sure that I will return."