Dilemma for the Head-Mistress
The Master of Discipline

The duty prefect came into the Senior Common Room where Lindsey Davenport was playing table tennis. She called Lindsey over and told her that Miss Rogers, the Headmistress, wanted to see her immediately in her study.
Lindsay's heart skipped a beat. She could guess what the call was about. She had already received hints that she was to be the new Head Girl and she was sure that this call from Miss Rogers was to confirm the appointment. She quickly made her way down the corridor to Miss Rogers study and knocked on the door.
"Come in" was the answer.
Lindsey entered and Miss Rogers looked up from the letter she was writing. " Ah Lindsey. Come in and sit down. I am sure that you can guess what I want to talk about".
Lindsey nodded and said "Yes Miss Rogers, about the post of Head Girl for next term.
"Exactly" replied the Headmistress," But I do have one problem. Looking at your record while here I notice that you have had no demerits and never even been spanked for a misdemeanour. A very unusual accomplishment."

"That is correct Miss Rogers," Lindsey answered, "but I am sure that will not stop me handling the responsibilities."
Miss Rogers sat back and put the tips of her fingers together.
"I am not sure that I agree and that is what I want to talk to you about. Let me give you my own experience. When my sister and I were young we had a strict governess who believed that 'sparing the rod, spoiled the child'. We were both spanked with her hand, the paddle strap and finally the cane. I am certain that these experiences help me when I have to punish the pupils at this school. I am therefore going to ask you to take part in an unusual experience. I want you to allow yourself to be punished so that you can understand what the girls will be thinking and feeling when you have cause to discipline them. What do you think?"
Lindsey was flabbergasted and for a minute did not have an answer. Eventually she replied "I can understand your reasoning Miss Rogers and of course I appreciate the responsibilities involved. I will be advised by you."
"Well done. Please come to my house after dinner tonight and we will deal with the matter. Please arrive dressed as you would expect any pupil coming to you for punishment."
Lindsey stood up and left the room in a very thoughtful frame of mind. When she met her friends they noticed she was rather quiet but assumed that it was what had been said at the meeting the Head about the Head Girl's post. Dinner finished and Lindsey went up to her study and dressed herself in her school uniform, including the blue knickers, which were part of the prescribed clothes. She then walked slowly across the quadrangle to the Miss Rogers house thinking all the time of what was in store.
She rang the bell and Miss Rogers came to the door to welcome her in." I have given the maid the evening off tonight so that we will be alone."
They entered the main room with its book-lined walls. Lindsey was shocked to see on a table in the middle a range of instruments of punishment. The paddle was beside the tawse and there were several canes. Miss Rogers now told Lindsey that she was to be subjected to a full punishment using several of the instruments on display. She also explained that if Lindsey were ready she would treat her exactly as a girl coming to her, the Headmistress, for punishment. Lindsey nodded.
"Move that chair into the middle of the room and then get across my knees. I will give you some hand-spanking to warm your bottom."
Lindsey did as she was told, and laid herself across the Head's knees. Suddenly she felt a blow on her bottom as the hand struck. One by one the blows fell and after twenty or so Lindsey was shocked to feel her skirt being raised and the blows continuing to rain down - now with increased power. Finally in this stage the knickers were pulled down below the thighs and Lindsey had to accept the full force of the spanking.
Miss Rogers then sat down in her armchair and told Lindsey to remove the rest of her clothes and stand in the corner. A shocked Lindsey did as she was told. First the skirt was placed on the table, then the blouse slowly removed and placed there as well. Finally, and reluctantly she removed her brassiere moved into the corner and stood with her hands on her head as instructed. A skilled teacher and disciplinarian Miss Rogers wanted Lindsey to be aware that the humiliation was part of any punishment.
After a few minutes Miss Rogers told Lindsey to move to the chair and bend over the back holding firmly to the bar. Lindsey doing as she was told saw Miss Rogers pick up one of the canes and swish it through the air. Miss Rogers explained that she would give six strokes with the same cane as Lindsey would use when she was Head Girl and then a final six strokes with the cane she, as Headmistress, used on girls referred to her. Lindsey should now prepare herself.
SWISH! CRACK! Nothing Lindsey had prepared for was as bad as this. After a second when she felt nothing there was a burning, fiery sensation across her buttocks such as she had never experienced before and she felt her legs kick out at the pain.
A short wait and then WHIRRR! SWISH! CRACK! The second stroke slashed down within an inch of the first and Lindsey wanted to scream with the pain. This was worse than she had anticipated when she had agreed to undergo the experience and there were still ten more strokes to come.
The next three stokes WHIRR! SWISH! CRACK! SWISH! CRACK! SWISH! CRACK!dilemmaforthehead5.jpg - 7246 Bytes Followed quickly one after the other before, after a slight pause, the final stroke with the lightweight cane slashed down. Lindsey cried out, this one had landed just below the last stroke, exactly where the skin was most sensitive. She could not stand the pain any longer and had to call out in her agony. Miss Rogers then told Lindsey to stand up and told her that this was the cane she would be authorised to use and she must understand its full effects.
By now Lindsay's bum was a brilliant fiery red with lines spread from top to bottom and she was rubbing the area with both hands.
"Stop doing that Lindsey. dilemmaforthehead1.jpg - 7398 Bytes I am going to give you final six cuts with the Headteacher's cane - any girl you send to me will receive this. It is longer and heavier than the one that you carry and thus is more punishing. When you are ready we will begin."
Lindsey moved back reluctantly to the chair and assumed her former position leaning well across the back so that her buttocks were fully exposed. The Head told her to spread her legs so that her feet were level with the legs of the chair and took her position a pace to the left of Lindsey and raised the cane. If Lindsey had thought the lightweight cane was painful this was nothing to what was to follow. The first stroke CRACKED across her buttocks KAPOW Lindsey screamed in agony and gripped the chair a little harder. The pain of the stroke seemed to travel through her body and make her nerve endings tingle. Five more to come. After a short break the next stroke lashed down THWACK! Her legs kicked high and her hand swooped back to try to relieve the fiery pain in her bottom. She gasped and gathered herself THWACK! THWACK! The next two blows landed with excruciating agony on top of the previous ones. Intending to treat Lindsey exactly as she would a girl sent to her for punishment Miss Rogers prepared herself to deliver the final two strokes. These would make sure that Lindsey never forgot her responsibility when using the cane herself. The Headmistress flexed the cane, raised her arm and sliced it down for the first stroke. It seemed to find the one space on the buttocks that had not been touched and the weal it raised was only exceeded by the scream from Lindsey as the pain coursed through her body.
"Last one Lindsey", warned Miss Rogers quietly and looking carefully she moved her position slightly before slashing the cane down to cross the rest of the weals diagonally.
"All over now" said the Head and Lindsey stood up clasping her tortured bottom and rubbing the fiery red area. "Congratulations on they way that you have accepted the punishment I gave to you. This was a test and a warning. Whenever you propose to cane a girl yourself or send one to me you will remember today and ask yourself whether the punishment is deserved. If it is so-be-it but if you are in doubt then think twice! "Now put your clothes on, I expect you will want to leave your knickers off, sit in the armchair and we will have a drink together and discuss the rest of your duties.