Enjoy Your Spanking
The Disciplinarian

Tracey, Amada and Lucy had been out for dinner at the "Golden Pheasant Restaurant" as a reunion after completing their university courses a year before. They had been good friends while at university, albeit that they had also had other friends. Now their reunion was proposed by Travey to bring them closer together again.
The meal had been excellent and they had been moderate in their drinking except for Lucy who had had two glasses of wine for the one the other girls drunk. When the evening was ending Tracey suggested that rather than catch late night trains they should go back to her flat where they could continue their chatter and reminiscences. They collected a taxi and drove back to Tracey's flat.

It was an attractive flat with a lounge, kitchen, bathroom and a bedroom with a large double bed. The girls admired the flat before collecting more drinks fom the fridge and sitting down to chat. As they talked Lucy became more aggressive and the other two girls looked at her. Tracey stood up, walked over to a hard chair and sitting down she patted her lap and called to Lucy.
"Lucy present yourself. You are becoming silly."
Lucy looked stunned for a moment or two and then walked across to Tracey and draped her self across her lap.
"I am afraid that we will have to deal with you severely. Your behaviour is becoming obnoxious. Remember how we dealt with it at college? Are you ready?"
"Yes Tracey I know that I deserve it.
Tracy raised her hand brought it down sharply on Lucy's bum "CRACKKK!!!". Lucy winced but Tracey knew exactly what was required and spanked over her skirt for several minutes before lifting the skirt and lowering Lucy's knickers. Her bum was still white but Tracey soon changed that as she continued to spank first on one cheek and then the other. Soon Lucy's bum was glowing a bright red and she was squealing for Tracey to stop.
"No my girl, Amanda and I are going to spank this out of you. "
She continued "CRACKKK!!!", "CRACKKK!!!", "CRACKKK!!!", "CRACKKK!!!"
This spanking went on for several minutes while Lucy squealed and wriggled under the stinging slaps. Then it was time to hand over to Amanda who was waiting close by. She took firm hold of Lucy and turned her over her knee. Soon
"CRACKKK!!!", "CRACKKK!!!", "CRACKKK!!!", "CRACKKK!!!" she was adding her share to the glowing bottom.
For Tracey delivering the spanking had had an erotic effect and, as she watched the other two, she lifted her legs into the chair and spreading her pussy lips massaged her clitty slowly and gently. The spanking proceeded steadily and Tracey soon flt her pussy oozing her spend. As she played so her outer lips became engorged and very sensitive and soon she was easing her fingers into her pussy and working them in and out . As the spanking reached it climax so did her pleasure and she went faster and faster asshe felt the warmth around her vagina spreading up through her body and as Lucy cried out so she came to a climax. Her whole body suddered with the pleasure which suffused her and she lay back gasping.
The spanking of Lucy ended at the same time and the three girls just lay and rested. Lucy then stood up and lifted Amanda to her feet. She llooked at Amanda and began to unfasten the buttons on her blouse. She removed it and saw that Amanda was not wearing a brassiere and that her nipples were hard as they stood out from her firm breasts. She gently kissed the tips and ran her tongue over them before kneeling and unzipping Amanda's skirt dropping it to the ground. As she knelt there she scented the unique aroma from an aroused woman and her finger went inside Amanda's thong to the heart of pleasure. She felt the warm wet interior and explored it with her fingers before removing the thong altogether. Lucy pushed Amanda to the settee and laying her back parted her legs. She then knelt again and her mouth and tongue burrowed through the Brazil shaved hair into the slippery interior. She licked and kissed lapping up the cum as she did so until Amanda was gasping with pleasure.
Meanwhile Tracey walked across with a huge ribbed vibrating dildo and presented it to Amanda's vagina. Helped by Lucy they slipped it home until it was deep inside. Lucy turned on the power and moved the bucking dildo in and out slowly at first and then as her actions began to have an effect so she went faster until Amanda was bucking and crying with it. Minutes went by and then the other two watched as Amanda tensed, arched her back and gave a howl of pleasure as wave after wave engulfed her. Tracey eased the dildo out and licked the come from it slimy surface. Still gasping with her pleasure Amanda eagerly gulped down the glass of wine that wine that Lucy presented to her.
As the girls lay back in various states of undress. Amanda looked at the other two:
"That was fantastic. The night is till young and I think we are in for a VERY busy time."
The other two laughed as they agreed. Soon they were all three naked and went into Tracey's bedroom. Here they found a King size bed which was perfect for them. Tracey also had fitted wardrobes with glss panels which showed the girls in all their glory. They stood giggling and admiring each other as they posed before them before collapsing on the bed. Tracey showed them the insides of the wardrobes and when she came to the final one she laughed
"This is my VERY private one !"
They cried out as they looked inside. On the shelves were an assortment of dildos, paddles, straps and bondage items, while hanging up by their laces were several canes, whips, martinets and crops. There was also a selection of massage oils. As they lay there chattering about what they had been doing since they last met Tracey explained that she often entertained lesbians who wanted to be played with and punished and that these were the instruments that she used. She took some of them out and the other two girls fingered them.. Amanda was the first to speak. "I want to be spanked as well. Like Amanda I have tried to get boyfriends to spank me but they always say they don't want to hurt me so it finishes up as a few slaps on my bare bum. What should we do?"
Tracey looked at them both and then seeing they were serious she told them that she would handspank them first, then use the strap, paddle and cane.
"I will spank PROPERLY but if I see that you are not enjoying it I will stop. Please be clear that although lots of girls do find they enjoy being spanked others discover that actually being spanked is not for the. However we will see. Amanda you come across my lap and I will start with you. Amanda lay across Tracey's lap and her soft warm bare bum was in front of Tracey's hand.
"S M A C K K ! ! ", "S M A C K K ! !", "S M A C K K ! !",
Tracey's hands rose and fell five. ten, fifteen, twenty times and Amanda squealed as her bum stung but she urged Tracey to continue.
"Fantastic! I love it ! Don't stop !" Tracey went on spanking whil Lucy was laying with her legs parted and a thick blue dildo flashed in and out as she watched the others. As Amanda cried out with pain and plesure Tracey worked even faster and she could wait no longer before bucking and urging she gave a final thrust and poured her come down and over the dildo. At the same time Tracey gave Amanda six hard sharp spanks
"S M A C K K ! ! ", "S M A C K K ! !", "S M A C K K ! !", "S M A C K K ! ! ", "S M A C K K ! !", "S M A C K K ! !",
The effect on Amanda was electric as she cried out calling out the she was coming. Tracey thrust her fingers between Amanda's legs and deep into her pussy and with a few thrusts brought Amanda to her climax !
The three girls lay back gasping with pleasure and their efforts unable to speak for a few minutes. Lucy spoke first:
"That was marvellous watching Tracey spanking you. I could almost feel it and now I am waiting for my turn. I was so turned on that I had to use the dildo. Tracey are you ready to spank me?"
Tracey just nodded and tapped her knees. Lucy went over her lap and waited tense with anticipation. She had not long to wait and soon
"S M A C K K ! ! ", "S M A C K K ! !", "S M A C K K ! !", "S M A C K K ! ! ", "S M A C K K ! !", "S M A C K K ! !",
Tracey's hand rose and fell. Just as with Amanda she spanked away five, ten twenty strokes and Lucy found the same as Amanda that she was enjoying both the pain and the pleasure.. She pushed her fingers between her legs and played with her clitoris as Amanda spanked away.
Soon the three of them held up their hands and called that they surrendered. Tracey laughed and said
"I give up for tonight girls. How about retiring to bed for the night - tomorrow is another day and I think we know what will happen !"
The other two agreed and all retired to bed.

There will be a Part 2 to this story