Extra-Curricular Lessons
The Master of Discipline

"Please the last ten strokes before.........."
She knew now what would happen.
* * * * * * * * * * * *
After he had dealt the last ten strokes Darren lifted her to her feet and put his arms around her. "Would you like me to put some cream on that sore bottom?" he asked.
She nodded and took him by the hand. They were both still naked and she led him to the stairs and up to her bedroom. When they arrived she took the cold cream from her dresserextracurricular1.jpg - 10989 Bytes and told Darren to massage it into her bottom. She flopped face down on the bed and Darren rather gingerly took a handful of the cream in his hand, spread it on her bottom and began gently to rub it in.
Jessica Bream sighed,"We shouldn't be doing this, you are still one of my pupils". But she knew in her heart that it was to late to stop now.
Darren massaged and rubbed the bottom his fingers gradually moving nearer the the join in her legs. Me worked the cream into the crack between the cheeks of her arse and smoothed it down until he felt the hairs around her pussy. He stopped here. Should he carry on and, after a slight hesitation, when she showed no signs of stopping him he slid his fingers closer to the pussy until finally he had one finger at the entrance. He could feel that she was very wet and she was beginning to to get agitated.

"Do you want me to stop?" he breathed softly in her ear. But she shook her head and in her turn grasped the erection which was standing up proudly between his legs.
As his fingers edged their way past the entrance to her quim she began gently to massage his cock. Up and down, then a drum with the fingers, then up and down again. extra_curricular2.jpg - 6670 Bytes Darren was beginning to get agitated with this and before he knew it he had exploded with his cum shooting high into the air and all over her.
"I am sorry Jessica. I have never been in this position before and could not hold back."
"Don't worry Darren. It was bound to happen Just clean yourself in the bathroom and then come back and we will be able to continue where we left off. I am sure that one cum from a boy as active as you is not his limit and I want you in my pussy before we finish."
Darren slid off the bed and with his hand around his cock rushed off to the bathroom very embarrassed as the cum dripped down. In a few minutes he returned looking fresh and clean but with a red face.
"I am sorry I didn't want that to happen."
"Jessica laughed,"Don't worry, it happen to everybody especially when they get over excited."
He looked at her with amazement, "Even to girls?
"Yes",Jessica said, "Especially to girls. Unlike you we can have more than one orgasm while the man is just having the one."
She stretched herself out on the bed. "what would you like to do next?"
Darren though for a minute and then said,"I have never seen a lady without clothes on can I look at you?"
Darren slid down between her legs as she spread them for him.
"Of course you can," she replied,"I am yours to command. Where to you want to go first?"
"Don't be afraid. Feel wherever you want to. Nothing you do will hurt me."
extracurricular2.jpg - 6354 BytesDarren gently opened her legs as he moved his face nearer the slit of her quim. He gently pushed first one finger inside and the a second wriggling them as he advanced.
Jessica moaned."Don't stop! Keep working like that! You're are making me cum again! KEEP GOING! O God! This is so good DARREN I am going..t.o.o.o............."and her words were cut off as her back arched and she screamed out twisting and turning her body as she did so.
For a moment Darren was frightened and hen he saw that she had subsided and was panting heavily.
"That was fantastic," she said,"now let me help you".
In her turn she slid down to Darren's groin and gently took his cock into her mouth. She slid it backwards and forwards slowly sucking and licking all the time. The cock got harder and harder as Darren now felt his spunk beginning to gather and he tried to slow her down.
She stopped for a minute and said,"Let mus rest a moment I don't want to waste all of that lovely cum too early."
They lay back caressing each other gently and kissing with lips apart and tongues touching until Jessica sat up. "Right she said I want that huge monster inside me again - and you must not come to soon."
She lay back holding the petals of her vagina open for him as he raised himself above her. Slowly he slid into her and she felt that he was filling her up to her throat his cock was so long.
Darren then started to move slowly at first and then as Jessica began to join him with upward thrusts he moved quicker and quicker.
"Give it to me harder"
Darren grunted and seemed to impale her even more with his thrusts until Jessica gave a long cry
"Don't stop I'm cu.m.m...m...i...n...g".
Again she screamed,"O God keep fucking me I'm coming again."
Finally Darren was ready himself and with one final thrust he spurted load after load of cum into her slowly relaxing on top of her.
"That was magic", he said,"I didn't believe that sex could be so wonderful"
Jessica rolled from under him and said that she must visit the bathroom and they should both get into their clothes and return downstairs.
Fully dressed and in the hall Darren gave Jessica a final kiss and said, "This is just the start of a long, series of extra-curricular history lessons I shall need. Will you be available?"
"Any time" she smiled.