Family Punishment
The Disciplinarian

There was a knock on Angela's bedroom door and her maid entered.
"Please Miss Angela your father wants to see you and Miss June in his study immediately."
"Thank you Agnes we will go down now."
The girls looked at each other and wondered why they had been summoned as their father is not somebody who calls them to his study regularly. They were also surprised when They saw their mother also entering.
Father was sitting behind his desk and had some documents in front of him. He looked up as the trio entered his study and pointed for them to stand in front of him. He kept them waiting for several minutes before he spoke.
"I have just been reading the bills I am expected to pay following your latest visits to London. I note that although your allowance is substantial you are constantly overdrawn. Can you please explain?"
His wife cleared her throat and said:"
"Well dear we could not stay at Rachel's so we had to stay at a hotel and the Savoy seemed the most appropriate. Also we were buying gowns for the girls coming out party. We are also invited to the Royal Garden Party and that meant more clothes. So I am afraid that the costs just mounted.

"Madam, the costs didn't just mount they have escalated to massive proportions and show that you have made no effort to restrict yourself. I have therefore made a decision. I spoke to Major Phelps who found that using corporal punishment on his family has had an excellent effect in keeping them within their limits. He has very kindly offered me one of his canes and I intend to find out if it has the same effect on my family. You will go to your rooms and dress in your nightwear before returning here in ten minutes. There is NO argument so please do as you have been told."
They all left looking very chastened and apprehensive and went upstairs to change out of their day clothes and into their nightgowns. They had never been caned before and were sure that it would be very painful. When Angela was clothed she met her mother and sister and they all returned to the study. Father was standing behind his desk and he had pulled a table into the centre of the room.
"Welcome back ladies. You will all be caned naked - don't gasp girls - Angela you and June will receive eighteen strokes of the cane and your mother, who should certainly have know better, thirty-six strokes. You will not stand up or put your hands behind you or the stroke will not count and be repeated. Is that clear.
The girls nodded in agreement:
"Yes father."
"Right Angela you will be first so remove your gown and nightdress and take up your position bent across the table. Hold fast onto the far edge."
She looked at her sister and mother apprehensively and slowly removed her clothes until she stood naked in front of him. He tapped the table and she moved forward, bent over the cold table end and gripped the far edge tightly.
He gave a couple of light taps on my bum before "WHIPPP!!", CRACKKK!!", she heard the sound and felt the pain instantly. It was like a red hot bar placed on her bum cheeks. She cried out and jumped up holding her buttocks.
"No, No. I can't bear it"
Her father just looked and tapped the table.
"Back in position and we will start again."
She took up her position again gripping even more tightly.
the pain of the first stroke was throbbing through her bum as the next ones landed.
lines of flame seared through her buttocks. She had never been caned before and the shock was immense.
the blows fell with regularity and her father had no compassion. He continued
until her buttocks were aflame and the throbbing went right through her. There was also a pain in her stomach where it was driven into the table as each stroke landed. As the cane landed however she began to feel a different sensation. Her pussy started to itch and she felt a warm glow suffusung her thighs overlaying the pain of the cane. She also felt liquid oozing down the inside of her thighs as she got warmer. Sh didn't understand what was happening but this pleasure carried her through the rest of the punishment. She had given up counting
until a blow even more evil than the ones before crossed the ridges already forming signalled the end.
Slowly she stood up and walked stiffly to the wall to join her sister and mother. She tried to conceal the liquid which oozed between her thighs and prayed that the others would not notice it. A brief smile flitted across her mother's face as she looked and saw. They were looking down at Angela's tortured bum aware of what was to happen to them shortly. Their father tapped the cane on the table and beckoned June forwards. She removed her nightgown and moved slowly over to the table. She bent forwards and their father saw what superb buttocks she had, firm but fleshy, and ready to be for the cane. Although Angela was not wishing her sister the pain she was looking forwards to seeing the cane sink into her bum cheeks and also wanted to see if she would react in the same way that she, Angela, had.. Father wasted now time.
he lashed down the first two sharply and the others saw the lines leap out of the bum , first the white and then the red as it changed to a flame colour. "WHIPPP!!", CRACKKK!!", "WHIPPP!!", CRACKKK!!",
they could see that he was as severe with June as with Angela and they watched the lines build from the centre out - some above and some below but always crossing both cheeks like a flaming avenging angel.
again Angela lost count but she watched and saw the tell tale movements and the trickle of come oozing down the inside of her thighs. June was crying out with the pain although she faithfully hung on to the table edge. Finally it finished and we saw what Angela had not seen on her own bum. The bruises which had been white and then red were now turning to purple and swelling. June stood up and moved over to Angela's side and hugged her and her mother whose turn was to come. The girls mother protested to their father that she should not be caned in front of them.
"The girls spent the money which you allowed them to do so let them see what happens to you and they may think harder next time. Clothes off and in position!"
The girls had never seen their mother nude before and when she had removed her gown and nightdress saw what a superb figure she had. She was tall and stately with large breasts with golden aureoles from which her nipples stood out like nuts. Her mons was prominent covered with a thick thatch of dark hair with her prominent pussy lips nudging through. Her thighs and calves were wll formed and carried her frame well while when she turned round they saw she had a superb bum which was full and fleshy with dimples at the corners. She moved forward to the table and bent over it. Her white bum cheeks tautened as she took up her place. My father meanwhile had taken up another cane and I saw that this was rattan with bands down its length. It was smooth and obviously well used. I guessed that this was another from the Major's collection.
Once their mother was in position their father started
- from the first stroke it was clear that this was to be a punishment caning. The stroke landed with a short but vicious flick of the wrist.
He did not let up and the girls saw their mother's bum turn to a fiery red and then a deep purple colour. He had warned that he would give her thirty-six strokes and although he was getting tired halfway through he had no intention of stopping. He told the girls to go and hold their mother down as she was beinning to move. They went and took hold of her arms keeping her still. When they looked into her eyes they could see the pain she was enduring and how she was biting her lip to prevent from crying out.
The purple marks were turning to weeping wounds now where he was covering the same area again and again "WHIPPP!!", CRACKKK!!", "WHIPPP!!", CRACKKK!!", "WHIPPP!!", CRACKKK!!", "WHIPPP!!", CRACKKK!!"
but eventually even our mother's punishment was ended and my father threw the cane into a corner remarking that he hoped he would never have to use it again. Their mother was still bent over sobbing softly and she had to be helped to stand by the girls as she was so stiff and sore.
"I hope that you have all learned your lesson but be under no illusions that I shall be even more severe if it happens again. Now go to your rooms and get cleaned up ready for dinner."
They put on their gowns and went upstairs. The had hardly got to their room before their father followed them upstairs and went into his wife's room. He had only just got inside before his wife was at the front of his trousers unfastening them and pushing them down. His underpants followed, hauled over a cock which was standing like a ramrod. His wife kissed it:
"That was the hardest thrashing you have given me George. Now I need some recompense get that big cock inside me. Hurry I am so randy!"
George shrugged out of the rest of his clothes and his wife was waiting on the bed with her legs spread wide and her pussy lips full and engorged while the hairy nest was covered with the come that she had spurted during her caning. George moved forwards and guided the tip of his cock to her pussy. One nudge and her was fully homed helped by the slippery interior.
"God that fills me. Now George roger me! Harder George, harder!
George did his duty and thrust with a will, in and out, in and out while Frances urged him on. Faster and faster they moved until with ssuddenly his back and buttocks stiffened and he gave one final thrust. She felt the warm come inundate her and mix with her own juices as they oozed out of her and onto the bed. Her husband's cock softened and eased out of her. She squeezed it as the creamy come continued to ooze from the tip.
"Fantastic as usual. I shall give you a thrashing tonight to make up for this afternoon. Look at what you have done to my bum! It was interesting though to watch the girls when you caned them. Did you notice the way they moved and the juices running down their legs. I think that they found it erotic. A couple more canings and I think they will be hooked. Now my bum wants a good rubdown with that cream! "
George pulled her down on top of him and began applying cream from a large jar kept on the side while his fingers massaged her sore bum. She was soon ready again and rubbed his cock until it rose to its full height. She then turned over, kneeled across him, and impaled herself on it crying out as the tip searched out her innermost recesses. She rested like that before starting to rise and fall gently. George lay back with his hands behind his head watching his beaautiful wife as her full breasts with their engorged nipples rose and fell in time with the rest of her body. He also saw the mingling of their pussy hairs as his cock disappeared into its natural home. He held himself erect but otherwise relaxed as he knew that his wife liked to prolong this junction.
Eventually even she tired and as she moved faster he knew that the time was now so he joined her in thrusting until they both came in unison with the sperm pouring out of him and into her inner recesses as he ejaculated. She dropped for the final time and felt her own juices oozing ou to mingle with his before finally collapsing across her husband's body - both of them totally exhausted.
They lay like this for half an hour and then Ruth raised herself on her elbow and whispered:
"Are you ready? It's my turn now!"
They both stood up an Ruth went to the tallboy where she found a rather vicious looking cane. George rubbed his bum and grinned.
"I see you have it in for me tonight."
She tapped his bum with the cane.
"In position please Sir!"
George bent over the end of the bed and his wife took up he stance. This was not new and she was very proficient and George was well aware that he would know he had been caned when she had finished. There was little talking between them and
the cane lashed down. Soon George's bum was covered with the marks of the cane but his wife had no intention of stopping yet
by now she had landed two dozen and still went on
Finally with the thirty-sixth stroke she stopped and threw the cane down.
"There George, honour is satisfied and I see that you are ready so in my arse I think!"
At this she bent over opening her bum cheeks. George stood up slowly and painfully but it was clear that he was ready for the fray as his cock stood out like a pole in front of him with pre-cum already oozing from the tip. He moved forwards and after applying cream thrust home. Ruth cried out with pain as he entered her but she soon adjusted and welcomed his whole length inside her. The earlier bout allowed George to pace himself and it was several minutes before the two of them came to their final throes. George took Ruth's thighs in his hands and with a final push she felt herself inundated with his come whil her own juices trickled down the inside of her thighs. Now they were finished and after cleaning up they retired to bed where the slept the sleep of the well fucked.
Frances mused as she slipped into sleep that there would soon be a chance to push farther forwards with the girls education!