The Disciplinarian

Miranda's husband had left for China with Lord Mornington and she intended to enjoy herself while he was away. After a few days to let her bum recover from the pummelling it had been given she decided to call on Florence. When she arrived it was clear that Florence was happy to see her. She told him her husband was away until the end of the week and if she wished she could stay the night and they would have fun. Miranda agreed immediately and the two girls sat and talked about their experience while at Lady Anne's. Florence asked Miranda if Sir John had done anything before leaving and Miranda told her about the thrahing she had received. Florence wanted to know if it was still visible and she and Miranda went up to her bedroom where Miranda undressed and bent over to show that although the marks were fading they were still there. Florence gasped as she knelt down behind Miranda and began kissing and caressing the still sore buttocks.
"What a terrible time you must have had. Let me help you get it better."

Miranda stood up and turned to her friend and started undressing in her. She slid Florence's dress down and bared her breasts lowering her mouth to them and taking the nipples into her mouth one by one. Florence gasped at Miranda's touch and then cried out as Miranda having pushed her dress, petticoats and drawers down so that fingers could enter into the wet pussy lips. She climbed out of her discarded clothes and dragged Miranda onto the bed so that the two girls were locked together in a passionate embrace.
Their hands explored each others bodies gently massaging, caressing and smoothing their hands across each other. Florence moved over on top of Miranda sliding one leg between Miranda's so that their pubic hair mingled as their pubic bones came together. Florence moved herself on Miranda as they came together and both girls soon found that the sensations surging through them drew them into moving faster and faster gasping and crying out while they kissed with their tongues entering each others mouth and touching. They were so aroused that they could not sustain this level for long and soon came together crying and squeezing each other as their juices mingled wetting their mingling hairs. The girls fell back on the bed gasping for air and still bathing in their ecstacy with persperation streaming off their bodies.
Miranda whispered:
Open your legs wide for me I am going to use my tongue to fuck you!"
Florence lay back and spread herself wide showing her pussy lips to Miranda. They were already puffy with lust and Miranda went down between them so that she could use her fingers to spread them wide and allow her access. The inside of the coral lips were already slimy with the cum from their earlier play and she saw that Florence's clitty stood out hard and clean like a small nut. She used her tongue to tease the tip so that Florence was writhing with passion before Miranda slid her tongue higher and higher until she plumbed the innermost depths of Florence's vagina. To Florence each experience built on the previous one and, athough she had had lesbian experiences before, she knew that this was the most profound that she would feel. Her back came off the bed and her legs locked round the head and shoulders of Miranda in a vice like grip as her orgasm started in her toes and worked right up through her body forcing her to squeeze her own nipples in her ecstacy. She cried out and then almost balacked out with the emotion. She crashed back on the bed exhausted with the depths of her feelings.
"That was so beautiful. I need to rest and then I will deal with you. I have never before experienced such pleasure and would love to offer you the same."
She hugged Miranda and the two girls lay resting naked cuddled together in each others arms gently dozing and kissing while they recovered. Gradually they recovered their equanimity and Miranda asked Florence to do the same to her. She opened her legs and offered herself to Florence who slid down her body and, using her fingers, spread the pussy lips wide. Miranda had a clitoris which seemed to pulse under its own response without being touched so Florence slipped her tongue into whe soft warm interior moving it around and up and down the sides. While doing this she wet her fingers with the cum and slipped them between the arse cheeks searching for the puckered rose of her anus. As soon as she found it she gently slipped one finger in moving it gently in and out while still reaming Miranda out with her mouth. Suddenly Miranda reacted and with a spurt like a man her spend was ejected and covered Florence's mouth and face. Florence sucked and licked it up before movong back up to Miranda's mouth and kissing her with the cum soaked mouth. Meanwhile her finger in Miranda's arse had become two and they were flashing in and out of the tight little hole until Miranda squeezed her with her spincther muscles and cried out with the pleasure she was receiving. Again the girls had to stop and rest because the pleasure they were giving and receiving was too much for their emotions and they lay back just holding hands and dozing.
"We must wash and get dressed as I want to show you so much. Oh Miranda tonight will be so wonderful - just the two of us and a whole night together!"
The two girls washed and dress and went downstairs. Florence showed Miranda the rest of the house and also introduced her to her personal maid Mary who had not been seen at either the previous visit or earlier today. Florence explained that Mary often joined her when her husband was away but she had kept her away from Miranda until she saw how their first meeting would turn out.
"Mary will join us tonight if you agree and she will add some excitement to our activities."
Miranda confirmed that she was happy and they then put on their outdoor clothes and spent the rest of the day visiting shops, taking tea with friends and generally enjoying each other's company.
Evening came and the cook had produced a full and varied dinner for them wheich they ate with a good appetite while the wine ade them just a little merry. About nine o'clock Florence and Miranda looked at each other, smiled and holding hands went upstairs. When they arrived Mary was waiting for them in Florence's bedroom. She curtseyed prepared to help the two ladies undress and put on their nightclothes. Once they were attired for the night Florence told Mary to join them and they watched as she removed her clothes. She had a good figure and soon she was down to drawers and stockings. Miranda watched her final disrobing with interest and soon a firm well fleshed bum was exposed with a pussy well covered with a black fleece which continued through her legs and bum.
"Mary enjoys the rod and we are going to take turns in caning her before she does the same to me - I think you had better wait for another time when your bum is fully recovered. Now Mary fetch the cane from the cupboard and then prepare yourself."
Mary crossed to a tall cupboard and removed a whippy cane cane from it which she brought over to Florence. When she arrived at Florence's side she kissed the cane and handed it to Florence before bending over the end of the bed.
"Mary enjoys being beaten hard so do not let up. I will start with the first dozen to show you."
Mary was fully prepared by now and her white bum shone from the shadow of the bed. Florence raised the cane and lay it gently across both cheeks before "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!!" she brought it down across the two globes. As it sunk in Miranda saw the white line appear as if by magic before it quickly turned to red. "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!!", "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!!" the cane lashed home and more lines sprung up on the surface. "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!!" "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!!", Mary made no move as the strokes fell. Florence went over to her and gently massaged her bum before taking up her stance again "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!!","WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!!","WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!!". The first dozen had been comleted and Florence lifted Mary hugging her and slipping her fingers into her pussy.
"Feel her Miranda! She is ready for you now. Remember you must be as hard as I was as she enjoys the pain as well as the pleasure which follows."
As Miranda took up the cane and placed herself beside Mary who was agin bent over with bem looking angry from the first caning she saw that Florence was sitting on the bed with her legs apart and her fingers in her pussy. She was playing gently with herself as she watched the caning."WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!!" "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!!" "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!!" Miranda had remembered Florence's warning and made sure that her strokes were as firm as the earlier ones. As she lashed home she could see that the marks were already beginning to cross each other and that the weals were raising firm lines. "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!!" "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!!" "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!!" By now she could also see that both of the other two were reaching pitches in their emotions and with breath coming shorter she saw that Mary was leaking juices down the inside of her thighs while her bum cheks and thighs flexed."WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!!" "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!!" "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!!" it was clear that an explosion of orgasm was coming at any second so Miranda lay on the last two strokes with ferocious power "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!!" "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!!" making mary cry out with the pain and orgasmic sensation while Florence also flopped back on the bed having come in unison with Mary. Miranda gently massaged and caressed Mary's bruised buttocks while Florence pulled them both onto the bed to join her. She kissed Mary and told Miranda that she had never been in a session before where she could play while watching Mary being caned.
Now it was time for kissing and cuddling with Mary receiving congratulations from both girls. Florence now said that it was her turn to be caned and that Miranda should start and Mary finish off. Again she would receive two dozen and they should be laid on with firmness.
She slid off the bed and handing Miranda the cane, gave her a kiss and whispered:
"Don't spare the rod".
She then took up her place bending over at the end of the bed. Miranda eyed her bum and smoothed it with her hand before "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!!" "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!!" "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!!" she lay three quickly across the exposed bum. Florence gasped. "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!!" "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!!" "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!!". Miranda stopped for a minute while she massaged and caressed Florence before "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!!" "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!!" "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!!". The marks were very clear now and Miranda decided that she would attempt to cover the same area as before with her last three and lashed them down resting between each stroke as she knew that this added to the pain"WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!!" "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!!" "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!!". The first dozen were finished and Florence stood and hugged Miranda kissing her before calling Mary over.
"Now Mary, you know what is needed. Make sure that I receive it!"
To Miranda Mary seemed brutal with the way she struck "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!!" "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!!" "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!!""WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!!" "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!!" "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!!" with each stroke carefully placed and measured for the maximum effect. By now Florence's bum was more than just red and bruise marks were beginning to show but there ws no mercy from Mary. When Florence wanted to remonstrate she shook her head and went back to her task. "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!!" "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!!" "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!!" Miranda could almost feel the strokes herself as she played with her pussy and the sound went through her. "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!!" "WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!!" it was nearly the end and with only the final stroke Mary came down with force crossing all the previous marks and making Florence cry out in agony."WHIPPP!!", "CRACKKK!!!". The end was reached and Florence lay across the end of the bed sobbing with emotion before the other two lifted her onto the bed. Mary fetched some cream from the sidetable and began to massage her mistress's tortured bum. Miranda kissed and caressed her, nibbling and gently blowing into her ear. Gradually Florence relaxed and turning to Miranda said:
"Thank you both. Mary knows I need this sometimes and having you help made it even more special. I don't understand my body it craves the punishment with the exquiste pain it induces even though I also feel fear before and during the caning. I am afraid that one day I shall ask somebody to go too far and I will be damaged. Thank you again my friends for your help. Mary I know what you want now and I will ask Miranda to do it. Will you get the dildo out of the cupboard and strap it on Matilda and she will roger you while I lay and watch."
Mary collected the dildo with its harness form a locked drawer in the cupboard and helped Miranda strap it on. When in place it looked a formidable instrument standing out from Miranda's thighs like a pole. Mary lay back on the bed and spread her legs wide showing the puffy pussy lips gaping and ready for the dildo. She sucked the end to wet it and then Miranda went down on her sliding it in firmly but gently until it was pushed as far home as possible. Mary groaned as it reached her innermost recesses. Miranda now negan the familiar heel taps which drove the dildo home and then drew it back gradually increasing her speed as Mary, and Florence, egged her on. Mary was pushing up in opposition so that the in strokes went to her very heart while the out strokes just caresed her clitoris. The session went on for several minutes before with sudden urgent upward movements Mary showed that she was ready to come and Miranda speeded up until with a strangled cry of pleasure Mary drummed her feet on the bed her ecstacy. Florence meanwhile had been palaying with herself and she joined Mary by bringing herself off at the same time. Only Miranda was left out as she withdrew the dildo from Mary and collapsed on her back on the bed with the dildo still sticking up from her.
The other two girls unfstened the dildo from Miranda's waist and Florence now fastened it to herself while inviting Miranda to present her pussy to it. Miranda decided to kneel and offer Florence a superb view of her bum although she opened her pussy to accept the dildo. Access was easy as the wooden dildo was smeared with cum from Mary and it slid home without any trouble. Like Mary its final position drew a groan from Miranda because it seemed to go farther in and farther up than she had ever been pierced before. Florence now negan to move and using her expertise made sure that not only the top but the sides of Miranda's cunt were massaged and it ws not long before Miranda felt herself getting warm and then hot while the thighs and calves tingled. Mary went underneath her and began to tease her nipples with her tongue, sucking and striking, so that Miranda did not know where she was recieving the most pleasure. As she got warmer so she started bucking against Florence until she also reached that moment of sublime pleasure which comes from a total orgasm. She pushed her hands into her mouth to prevent herself crying out as the paroxyms surged through her body and she felt a last final thrust from Florence which semed to reach her womb. It was all over and the three were satiated. The dildo was removed from Florence washed and replaced in its box. Mary said goodnight and taking her clothes left for her own room and Florence and Miranda lay warm and satisfied in each other's arms to sleep the rest of the night away.
Next morning after breakfast Miranda took her farewell of Florence and returned home glowing with the pleasure she had given and received and promising herself that life would never be the same again.

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