Head and Tail - Part 2
The Master of Discipline

In Part 1 we discovered how the local headmistress Mrs June Brown had seduced one of her pupils James Fanconi. This is the sequel as they explore their sexuality.
A week later June made another arrangement to meet James. She had thought out very carefully how this one would go as she wanted to introduce him to the full range of spanking pleasure. One of the best things about her husband had been the long involved spanking sessions from hand, paddle, strap and cane, and even once or twice a birch, which they had enjoyed to the full and had heighted their erotic feelings for each other. She was sure that James would join in but knew she must not alienate him before she had him fully aroused. She therefore decided that she would set the implements out on the table in the middle of the room so that James could see them when he entered but she would not mention them until after they had had dinner and were relaxed.
James arrived on time and everything went to plan until they were settled with coffee after the meal. Then June said
"By the way James did you enjoy the spanking as part of the sex we had last week?"

James thought for a minute and then nodded,"Yes, that really helped to turn me on. I am not sure that I could have fucked you the second time so quickly without".
June smiled and said,"I thought so. My husband and I used to use spanking as something to make us even more sexy. Would you like to try it again? I promise you that it is not the same as being caned at school."
James agreed and June said,
"Right I think that I had better start with you first. Let me take off your trousers and then come and lay across my lap."
She undid his belt slipped the zip and slid off his trousers before sitting down and laying him out face down on her lap. He waited and then
"Smackkkk! ! !",
down came her hand on his underpants followed by several more to each buttock. Then she smoothed out his pants and gently massaged his bottom.
"Smackkkk! ! !","Smackkkk! ! !",
she continued for several more smacks before slipping her hands into the elastic at the top of his underpants gently easing them off his buttocks and rolling them down to the bottom of his thighs leaving the lovely buttocks fully exposed to her gaze. He wriggled as she pulled them down further. Her hand slid between his legs and fondled his ball sack before she started spanking again. "Smackkkk! ! !","Smackkkk! ! !","Smackkkk! ! !",The blows were a little harder now and he began to feel a gentle glow and tingle in his buttocks as her hand sank into the soft flesh and they turned a gentle red. She continued for several minutes feeling his cock getting harder as he tried to get comfortable. Suddenly she said
"Right now its your turn. I will take up the same position and you can start by spanking me over my dress, then lifting it, then on my knickers before pulling them down and giving me twenty more smacks."
James sat down and June took up her position across his legs.He smoothed her dress and then started gently. He soon lifted her dress so that he could see the globes of her bottom each side of the white lace knickers. He spanked away for several minutes before he pulled the knickers tight to the centre so that the reddened cheeks were open to his gaze. He continued spanking, the bare cheeks as they bulged out froom her tight knickers and gradually he began to spank a little harder
"Smackkkk! ! !", "Smackkkk! ! !",.
June began to grunt quietly as she relaxed under his blows. He stopped and played with her bottom running his fingers up and down the cheeks massaging her all the time until he slid his fingers under the elastic and worked the knickers below her thighs.
"Smackkkk! ! !","Smackkkk! ! !",
his hand still beat her bottom cheeks but now his fingers were sliding between her legs every few strokes and finding the lips of her vagina wet from the effects of the spanking.
James stopped spanking and said
"What next?"
"Now you take off the rest of your clothes and I will use the paddle on your bottom. I will take off my dress while you bend over the back of that chair."
James watched as she lifted her dress over her head and saw her thighs and calves tighten as she stretched, her breasts, still captured in their brassiere pointing skywards and ,as the dress came off, she shook her head to clear her hair from it. The bush between her legs looked to James like a forest to be explored but he knew that he must follow her agenda so he bent over the back of the chair holding on to the seat. June raised the paddle and
"Swat t t ! ! !"
it smacked down on his left cheek raising a sting
"Crackkkk!!" "Swat t t ! ! !", "Swat t t ! ! !",
rhythmically she applied the paddle, not too hard, but enough for him to feel. She stroked his reddened buttocks running her hands up and down the sides and into the area below.
"Swat t t ! ! !", "Swat t t ! ! !", "Swat t t ! ! !",
still she went on raising the strength and tempo so that there were forty then fifty until finally at sixty "Crackkkk!!", "Crackkkk!!", "Crackkkk!!" the last three really hurt and made him shout out. His bum was now glowing like a beacon and besides the colour he could also feel the effects of the spanking. As he stood up its other effect was obvious as the purple knob of his cock was standing out clear of its sheath.
"All finished for you and I can see those cheeks look so rosy and a certain part will soon want attention! First however you must do the same to me. Start slowly and gently and then raise the force and tempo. Do not worry about hurting me my bottom is tougher than you think."
She bent over the chair and James gently stroked the beautiful bottom, hardly reddened by his earlier swats, as he prepared to use the paddle. head_and_tail2b.jpg - 9771 Bytes
"Swat t t ! ! !","Swat t t ! ! !","Swat t t ! ! !","Swat t t ! ! !".
She called over her shoulder,
"HARDER my dear, HARDER !"
James raised the speed and force as she had done with him. Again he stroked and massaged her bottom as the cheeks became inflamed with the landing of the paddle. As the bottom became redder so he began to lose control and wanted to beat it hard. June didn't cry out but after sixty strokes James stopped. He said that these would be the final five so prepare
"Crackkkk!!", "Crackkkk!!", "Crackkkk!!".
Now she cried out
"No more, Please!"
and he stopped and started to massage the bottom gently running his fingers into the crack and between her arse cheeks as he probed for the vagina which was so so wet that the liquid was dripping down the inside of her thighs.
"Quickly James have me here",
she said urgently and pulled him down on top of her as she grasped his cock in her hand. As they landed on the floor so spread her legs wider while she guided his cock between the lips of her cunt. His eager cock slid quickly into the pussy lips up to the hilt and he started to thrust hard into her.
she cried out and they started working together with James pounding her into the floor while she was trying to force him up in her excitement. There movements were eager and passionate and there strokes matched as they came together and moved apart thrusting and lifting, thrusting and lifting until June cried out
"I'm, cumming, I'm cu.m.m..i..n g" as she shuddered in ecstasy. At the same moment James shuddered flushed hot and felt the cum pouring out of him in great spouting jets as he ejaculated into her waiting cunt. He felt her cunt lips sucking on his cock as they milked the last ounce of sperm from him. All passion spent he subsided and rolled off her and they both relaxed in the afterglow.
They spoke together, and laughed as the same words came from both sets of lips.
June said,
"The spanking makes it even better. Let's go up to my bedroom and we can use the strap so that you are ready for the next time."
James answered that he was not sure whether he could possibly give a repeat performance but June reassured him "Yes you will my dear in less than half an hour I promise you. Up to the bedroom and prepare yourself while I get cleaned up."
He followed her into the bathroom and watched as she lifted one leg and used her syringe to douche herself. before she took a quick shower. They went into the bedroom, both of them naked and they looked an magnificent couple. Only just over thirty June was in the full flush of her womanhood. Her buttocks, still red from the earlier spanking,head_and_tail2c.jpg - 7696 Bytes flared out from her back in a provocative fashion while her cunt was hidden in a black bush which contrasted with the whiteness of the rest of her body. Her breasts stood out with the nipples hard and pointed standing out from the aureoles like nuts. James however still had the slightly half formed look of a boy who was growing into a man quickly. His chest was hairless but his cock sprung hard and proud from a thick bush of pubic hair and his thighs were fully formed and capable of any action needed. June turned round and hugged him.
"This is the nicest thing that has happened to me for at least a year. Now we are going to take our time and I will teach you how erotic spanking can be. Even the cane is a wonderful instrument here. Face down on the bed and I am going to paddle you first to get those bum cheeks tingling and reddened."
James laid face down and waited before
the first smack of the strap. They came thick and fast after that
"Splatttt", "Splatttt", "Splatttt", "Splatttt",
none of them very hard but making his bum tingle with pleasure until June stopped to smooth the buttocks and caress him between his legs. She bent over and kissed his bum cheeks whispering,
"I hope that this turns you on!"
James nodded in agreement he was so excited that he couldn't speak and just waited to see what would happen next. June's hands slid down between his legs and gently massaged his balls and he had to ease his position so that his cock could get comfortable.
"Thirty more James and these will be harder."
James could not have cared if she had told him she was flogging him to within an inch of his life.
"Splatttt", "Splatttt", "Splatttt", "Splatttt",
the blows rained in right, left, right, left and still , as they fell, every one was adding to the erotic feelings June had aroused in him. He no longer cared about how hard the spaning was. Eventually she stopped and he tried to get on top of her. She pushed him away.
"No James now it is my turn. I want you to give me sixty with the strap and even if I tell you to stop still keep going. Then we shall fuck."
She turned face down on the bed. James took up the strap and smacked her buttocks once
This was not like the paddle or the hand the strap had a mind of its own and covered both cheeks. head_and_tail2e.jpg - 5187 BytesIt also left a line mark rather than the red mark left by the paddle. Again
"Splatttt", "Splatttt", "Splatttt"
"Harder James, MUCH harder," she said urgently, "I need to feel the strap sinking into my buttocks"
James began to make the blows harder and June started writhing on the bed , her legs and thighs clenching and unclenching as the strokes lashed down
"Splatttt", "Splatttt", "Splatttt", "Splatttt",
after ten he stopped to massage her bottom and his fingers strayed through the hair around her quim.
"Keep going" she said.
After twenty James again gave her a massage and this time his fingers went into her vagina which he found awash with liquid and still she had not called out.
the thirtieth blow landed before he got a cry out of her and he stopped.
"Carry on James I'm OK. I asked for sixty and I want sixty. Now hit harder."
James brought the strap up and
"Splatttt", "Splatttt", "Splatttt", her buttockswere turning purple with the strokes but they were also heaving now and she was holding on to the pillow as her sexy feelings welled up inside her. Her other hand was between her legs feeling the nub of her clitoris and rubbing it furiously. James was also beginning to find that this beating the bottom of a gorgeous woman was turning him on and his cock stood out like a tent pole as his blows became even harder.
"Splatttt", "Splatttt", "Splatttt",
they were into the fifties now and June called back
"Make these five REALLY hard!"
James slashed down putting his strength behind the blows and June now cried out as her fiery bottom felt the full force of the strap.
"Smackkkk! ! !","Smackkkk! ! !", Smackkkk! ! !","Smackkkk! ! !", Smackkkk! ! !",,
the last five fell with all the power that James could muster.
June cried out
"Now James Fuck me James, fuck me hard".
James needed no urging and quickly turned her over and thrust his hard cock into the place eagerly waiting for it.
In, out, in, out they thrust at each other with June squeezing her cunt lips around James's cock to stimulate it. They twisted and turned on the bed. First one on top and then the other until June wrapped her legs round his back and squeezed - James found it easier to pace himself now and slowed down while June had orgasm after orgasm until with a final thrust they came together and James's cumm spurted up into her vagina in large goblets.
June screamed quietly
"It's so good. It's so good. Oh God I needed that."
James had also relaxed and lay on his side with his flaccid cock still within June's vagina. They rested for a few minutes before June said,
"James let me up I must go to the bathroom. It would never do for us to make a baby.""
She stood up and walked naked out of the bedroom with the paddle and strap marks glowing on her buttocks.
James lay back and thought that he could never have such a wonderful experience again. Whatever happened would always be second to today. He then stood up went downstairs to find his clothes and get dressed. June followed him down and kissed and hugged him.
"Thank you James that was wonderful. But next time we will improve even on this.

"(Whether they did you can read in Part 3 of this story