Head and Tail - Part 4
The Master of Discipline

In Part 3 they explored their sexuality as June Brown continues to teach James the pleasure of all forms of corporal punishment. Part 4 explores the final frontier before bondage and SM.

JJames arrived at the home of June Brown just in time for dinner. June had promised him that there would be something 'more special than before' for tonight and he was very excited. Since he had beaten June's bottom several weeks ago they had met several times but nothing so intense had happened with hand spanking and the paddle being the usual instruments. After each session their lovemaking had been just as passionate as ever and James had enjoyed every minute of it. he was finding it difficult to formalise his relationship with June Brown. He thought that he loved her but it was love of sex together and, when he was away from her, he had little thought of her feelings and emotions.

June was as caring as usual when she met him and although he quizzed her about what was to follow she would not be drawn. "Wait and see " was the only reply that he could get. Throughout dinner he kept looking at her to try to find the answers he wanted but she gave nothing away.
Dinner concluded she took him by the hand and led him upstairs.As soon as they were in the bedroom she raised her arms and said "Undress me James and make love to me."
James went over to her and gently undid the buttons on the front of her blouse all the time his tongue was darting in and out of her mouth sucking her tongue as she flicked him. She turned round and he slid the blouse off her shoulders and let it drop to the floor. He stood and looked at the well filled brassiere before his hands unfastened the catches at the back - he was more adept at this by now and removed the cups from her breasts. He slid his hands round as he removed the brassiere and caressed her firm breasts. Every time he uncovered them it was like the first time with her breasts upthrust and the nipples standing out from their aureoles. James moved her round and lowered his head down to suck the tips as June threw her head back in pleasure. Rapidly she felt for the buckle of his belt. Unfastening it she loosened the button holding them and sliding the zip pushed his jeans down from his buttocks. Her hands slid beneath his shorts to touch the firm cock which was already rearing upwards. James continued his work as well, unzipping her skirt and sliding it to the floor. June helped him undress and soon they were both naked. James went down between her legs to kiss her pussy and slide his fingers inside her wet warm interior. As he touched her and smelt the ripe animal smell of an aroused woman she gave a little cry and pulled his head closer. She slid back onto the bed opening her legs wide as she encouraged James to enter her. He spread her legs wider until the coral interior with its oozing cum was glistened before his eyes and then with a quick rub of his cock found his target and impaled her on this rampant rod. She cried out as he reached her innermost reaches. She arched her back to draw him, if possible, even deeper in, and wrapped her legs round him. He fucked steadily and she joined him in the in and out movement. Both of them were ready and it was not long before they collapsed with a mutual spend. They rested for several minutes while James waited for her to explain the rest of the evening.
She got up and they had a shower together before they went naked downstairs and June took a key from a drawer in the lounge. She went across to the room opposite which James had never been in before and opened the door. She switched the light on and James gasped as he saw a room filled with strange instruments. In the centre was an 'A' frame while against one wall was what appeared to be a set of wall bars. The opposite wall had an 'X' shaped cross with ropes hanging from the corners. Also there was a table with a whole range of instruments for spanking some of which James had never seen before.
"Here is my private parlour James. Up until now we have spanked but you must understand that I am a submissive who needs to be tied and thrashed. Our spanking has been very pleasant but what I would call 'vanilla' spanking. Now you must take the next stage and decide whether you are prepared to indulge me in my needs. The choice is yours and I will understand if you do not wish to join me but I hope that you will explore with me. As I said the spanking has been pleasant but my needs are much deeper than this and to me pain is the only way into my spiritual world. If you do decide to stay then you will be thrashing me VERY hard, and often, and it will need all your courage to go through with it. Will you give it a try?"
James's mind was in a whirl. He knew that he enjoyed the spanking but he was not sure how far he could go with thrashing June. However he had found the whole experience very erotic and he was willing to test his will.
"Yes I will give it a try. You will need to help me with my choices."
"Thank you. Of course I will guide you at first but eventually you must take control and order me to do as you tell me."
James thought for a moment and then told June to go over to the 'A' frame and bend over. He saw the leather restraints and fastened her hands and feet with them. He decided that if she wanted to be firmly disciplined he would do his best. He went across to the table and selected a long thick cane with ridged bands along its length. He brought it back to the frame and after swinging it through the air a couple of times he lined up June's full well fleshed bum. "SWISHH!!", "CRACKK!!" the first blow landed sinking deeply into her bum cheeks. The white line created soon changed to red. "SWISHH!!", "CRACKK!!", down the cane fell "SWISHH!!", "CRACKK!!", "SWISHH!!", "CRACKK!!". Each stroke was driven into her buttocks with the full power of his arm. She encouraged him not to slow down and "SWISHH!!", "CRACKK!!", "SWISHH!!", "CRACKK!!", the reddened area grew greater and the lines more prominent. The cane rose a fell for ten, twenty, thirty strokes and as he watched he saw that the pain which had been apparent earlier had now disappeared and her whole attitude had changed as she encouraged him to continue. Her body language was calm as she absorbed the cane strokes into her scarified bum. After thirty strokes he looked carefully at her bum and saw that the whole area was inflamed and the strokes were blending together into a purple mass.
She encouraged him to continue.
He decided that he would give her twenty more strokes and so wiped the sweat from his hand before continuing. "SWISHH!!", "CRACKK!!", "SWISHH!!", "CRACKK!!".still he lashed in hard and raised the weals higher and the purple area filling in the whole of the bum. He counted the last few strokes out in his mind as they landed and and when he reached the last strokes "SWISHH!!", "CRACKK!!", "SWISHH!!", "CRACKK!!". he made sure that these were even firmer.
June was crying out now and as he finished she turned her head and said:
"Now James is a new beginning I want you to bugger me!"
James was not sure what she meant and June fetched a jar of cream from a table . She spread her inflamed buttocks wide
"Push some cream into my anus and then use your fingers to make sure that it well lubricated. James did as her was told and felt that special feel as his fingers explored her sphincter. He noticed that it was tight but drew his fingers in . As he did so he saw it flex with his fingers.
"Now James put your cock in there. It will be tight at first and I will find it painful but once it is inside it has a special warm feel. In you go!"
She spread her bum cheeks wider apart.
He looked at his cock which was standing out rigid in front of him with its inflamed purple tip ready for work. Rubbing it a few times and lubricating it with saliva he parted her bum cheeks and reached her entrance. As we pushed she cried out with the pain. He slipped two fingers into her puckered anus gradually widening it before pointing his cock to it. He pushed his cock gently into the hole and eased it home spreading the muscles as it went deeper and deeper home into her dark depths. He rested on her scarified bum before moving in and out. As he did so she cried out urging him on to greater efforts. He pushed harder and faster until eventually he stiffened and spurted into her. He lay across her back for a few moments as his cock shrunk back and eased out. He then stood up and and released June from her restraints. She turned round and hugged and kissed him:
"Thank you James, that was fantastic."
He took her hand and led her into the lounge where she rested across his legs and he rubbed cream into her tortured bum. She purred as his hands soothed her soreness. When he had finished he sat back and she curled up beside him.
"James as you will see I need much more spanking that is usual. I also need even more from you. As a submissive I need you to TELL me what to do. I also need to be tied up, buggered, fucked and punished whenever you decide. Remember when YOU decide not when I wish to be dealt with. Also you must not stop even if I ask you to. I appreciate it will be difficult for you at first but I have been watching and I am sure that as you are dominant you will soon enjoy the experience. Only you and I will know what is happening and except for not damaging me physically or mentally you are in total control. Please understand that at school I must be in total control and now I away I need to be controlled. Are you happy for our relationship to continue on those terms?"
James kissed her and smiled:
"Of course I will. Do you mean that I can telephone at any time and order you to be ready for me in some way I will state?
"Yes, that is so. You are in charge and I am submissive to everything you tell me to do. Even if you cannot visit I will carry out your orders."
James dressed and went home with his mind in a whirl. He had the most beautiful lady in the world at his orders. He decided he would test her that weekend. His father was abroad but they had a weekend cottage in the country and he decided to take June there where they could be unobserved and he could exercise the control she wanted him to have.
The next day he made an appointment to see her at school and, when she saw him, he explained what he proposed. She agreed eagerly and they arranged to meet on the Friday evening. Before he left she bent over, lifted her skirt and showed him the marks he had made the day before.
Friday evening came and James collected his rucksack and walked to the place where they had agreed to meet. June drove up and after James had shown her where to go they set off. At first they were both rather quiet and inhibited. This was different to their previous meetings as now they would be together for two full days and nights. James was trying to think of ways of taking control. They turned down a side road he pointed out and then into a narrow track with overhanging trees.
"Our cottage is at the end of this lane! Stop the car get out and remove all your clothes then bend over the fallen tree on the left and wait for me".
June stopped the car and, as James watched, she undressed until she was naked and then, as instructed, walked over to the fallen tree. She leant across the tree and waited and waited and waited. Suddenly she felt a searing pain across both bum cheeks and knew that it was the first stroke of the cane..
"You agree that I am in total control this weekend?" He brought the cane down hard across her bum three times forcing her to cry out.
"Not James but SIR!"
"Yes Sir.
" I think that this requires a reminder so after each stroke you say 'Yes Sir' Thank you Sir'. Is that understood."
"Yes Sir, I understand Sir!"
James measured her up and saw the three flaming lines. he decided on three more bring the cane down
on her bum while she thanked him before telling her to stand up, return to the car, and continue driving to the cottage as she was.
They soon reached the cottage which was isolated from any other houses being in the middle of a thick wood and surrounded by a high hedge. June parked the car and then, still unclothed, she helped James unload the supplies. James showed her around the cottage before she put an apron on over her nakedness and began to get their dinner.
As she was cutting up the vegetables she felt James's hands around her waist and when she looked she saw that he was also naked and his cock was fully at the present. he had a cream jar in one hand and told her to bend over and spread her legs. June prepared herself and felt the cool cream as his fingers penetrated her anus. They were both ready and, parting her sore buttocks, he slid his cock into the eager interior. She felt the instant pain as it spread her muscles on entry but then pleasure as he filled her. Both of them were ready and within a short time they were crying our with pleasure as her fucked her hard an long. This was a release of tension for both of them and from this moment they knew the weekend would be a success. A final thrust as he spilt his seed inside her and then he lay panting across her back. With a plop his exhausted prick relaxed and released from her anus. He stood up and June kissed him.
"Thank you Sir. A perfect start to a perfect weekend. Now let me get on with dinner." After dinner they they explored the cottage and June saw the master bedroom. They were both a little shy because, although they had made love and fucked many times they had never actually slept together. They both knew what was in the others mind but after making up the bed and putting hot water bottles in to warm it they returned downstairs. and went into the lounge. As it was a cold evening he had lit a fire which blazed merrily away. They were both dressed simply, he in a shirt and trousers and she in a blouse and slacks. They took their coffee with them and sat together on the sofa with the soft light from the fire the only illumination. June spoke
"Promise me you will continue as you started. This is exactly what I need. To hand control over and leave everything in your hands. Punish me as often and as hard as you like but also love me"
James looked up and told June to remove her clothes, fetch the cane and to bend over the end of the settee. June removed her top and slacks and naked walked over to the table. She selected a thin whippy can and brought it back to James. She handed it over to him and bent over the the end of the sofa. The lines from earlier in the week still showed and also those raised when she had been beaten on arrival but James now knew enough about her to understand her needs. He took the cane and swished it through the air a few times before walking across to her. He smoothed her bum with his hand and then "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!",
he lashed it home.
Time after time it lashed down and as James watched he saw her body and bum flexing as she absorbed the pain. One dozen, two dozen, three dozen he lashed the cane home while she cried out with the pain but did not move. At last he finished and dropping his trousers he spread her scarified bum cheeks and with a single thrust pushed into her anus. She cried out with the pain but then as he fucked her bum so she called out with pleasure
"Harder Sir, harder, PLEASE James, don't stop!!"
He was so aroused that he fucked and fucked while she joined him in working him deeper and deeper. They fucked for several minute before he finally could hold no longer and shot his spunk into her depths. They were both panting and there was a gentle 'plop' as his soft cock left her. Her anus oozed with his cum and they fell back onto the settee in each other's arms. They kissed and said nothing. as they rested.
After a few minutes in each other's arms James looked down at her.
"That really turned me on. I enjoyed the spanking before will you cane me now. I want to feel it HARD across my bare bum. Like you did at school but even harder."
June smiled and told him to prepare himself.
James stood up and took up his position over the back of the settee. His buttocks were firm and white with dimples on each side. June took up the cane he had used on her and tapped his bum twice:
James flinched at the bite of the cane on his bare bum as the pain seared through him. He prepared himself for more and surely he needed his fortitude.as June took him at his word.
"WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!",
The cane continued to thrash down. By now his bum was afire but he was determine not to show any flinching
"WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!",
He was in agony but at the same time he began to ascertain what June felt as he caned her. The same warm glow pervaded his insides and the pain and the pleasure mingled in one huge erotic impulse which manifested itself in him finding it difficult to control his cock. "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!",
He had no idea how many he had received but stood up. His rampant cock swung from its hairy nest and taking the cane from June he bent her over and spreading her bum cheeks rammed himself home into her anus. She cried out with the pain but then helped and urged him on. James was so turned on that it was almost like rape but in this case aided and abetted by June. She cried out urging him on to even greater efforts and as the perspiration dripped off him he gave her a fucking such as she had never received before. With a final thrust he shot his load into her dark depths while she screamed out in ecstasy. He lay across her panting as his softened cock plopped out of her.
June kissed him and said
"That was wonderful. Come let us have a shower . How lucky I was when I caned you at school and took a chance."
They walked naked upstairs and entered the shower. As the water rained down they soaped and massaged each other until June saw James' cock rising again and laughing said that it was time to dry off and go to bed. They dried each other stimulating themselves even more and then rather shyly they climbed into bed. For James it was a new experience, to be in bed with a women with the whole night before them; while for June it brought back memories of times gone by when she and her late husband had shared a bed and enjoyed the bed sports.
Now was a time to explore intimacy without any barriers. Were they just lovers and participants in SM or were they genuinely attracted to each other. James was finding that his original idea of 'a bit on the side' was changing and their relationship was taking a new course as they came closer together. They hugged and kissed and then after a gentle, but satisfying, fuck they curled in each others arms and slept the night away. Sore bottoms but relaxed bodies and minds.
They work together soon after dawn and looked at each other. James leaned across and kissed June.
"Hi, lover. A new day. New experiences!"
June smiled at him and kissed him on the nose.
"Last night was wonderful can today be even better?"
They both got out of bed and as they stood looked at their tortured buttocks. Both of them had bruising from yesterday but both knew that they would be prepared for whatever transpired today.
James looked at June who was waiting for instructions
"As you are take secateurs from the kitchen and walk over to the birch trees in the corner. Cut thirty long twigs and bring them back to the kitchen where I will be waiting.
"Yes Sir"
At this naked as she was June collected the secateurs and walked across to the stand of birch. James watched from the window as her well marked buttocks bounced across the grass. She looked back and smiled. James then went into the garage and fournd a ball of fishing twine which he took into the kitchen.
Meanwhile June had reached the copse and guessing their purpose she gatherered an armful of twigs. They wre about three feet longs with buds along their lenth. Some were thicker tnan others but she knew that when she received them they would be painful. Her bum already tingled in anticipation of the effect they would have on her. Meanwhile he had one or two other surprises for her. They had breakfast and June washed up before James told her to go to the sideboard and open the box she would find there. June went over and opened the box finding that it contained something she was not familiar with. She knew about diloes, and in fact had one, but this was transparent with beads inside the tip and a switch. It also had a little extension which she did not know. James explained that this was the new dildoe a 'jack rabbit vibrator' and she should sit on the table with her legs apart when he would demonstrate. June sat up and opened her legs. James started the vibrator slowley and inserted it into her cunt. She gasped at the cold but soon found that the stimulus was so erotic that she was having one orgasm after another. James pushed the switch round so that it was full speed and she arched her back as the layers of pleasure surged through her body. Eventually James switched it off and removed it from her just smiling and saying that they now had some business to complete.
He fetched the birch twigs out of the bucket of salt water where they had been steeping and selecting some he handed her ten. He thenshowed her how to wind the fishing twine round the top of the twigs so that the ends were bound tightly. As they worked she noticed that the three birches were of different sizes with the lightest twigs on the one she was fastening and the thickest on the one James was dealing with. Soon the three birches were ready and the tips placed back in their water. James now told her to go out to the garage, taking the birches, and wait for him. June walked out and saw that the garage was empty. She waited for James.
After a few minutes he arrived and she saw that he had some rope. He told her to go to the far end of the garage and grasp the clamps fastened there. He then tied her hands firmly in position so that she could not move them. He told her to spread her legs wide and using a spreader he fastened the apart before again fixing them to clamps on the door. Finally he blindfolded her. This terrified her as she now had no idea what was to happen, or when. She hear James moving about and then
"SWISHH!!!", "WHIPP!!!",
the lash of the birch crossed her buttocks. The pain was not much but the shock was intense.
"SWISHH!!!", "WHIPP!!!", "SWISHH!!!", "WHIPP!!!", "SWISHH!!!", "WHIPP!!!"
three more and she felt that ants were crawling all over her bum. James massaged her bum cheeks.
"SWISHH!!!", "WHIPP!!!", "SWISHH!!!", "WHIPP!!!", "SWISHH!!!", "WHIPP!!!"
he continued and then she understood the effect of the birch. It was not as bruising as the cane or strap but the large number of individual twigs created a hash of marks which soon became painful.
"SWISHH!!!", "WHIPP!!!", "SWISHH!!!", "WHIPP!!!", "SWISHH!!!", "WHIPP!!!"
still he whipped her and her bum was now a fiery furnace but the intensity of her erotic drive now drove her into that state of Nirvana which is only available to the true flagellant. Her body accepted the pain just as her mind left its corporal state and drifted free.
"SWISHH!!!", "WHIPP!!!", "SWISHH!!!", "WHIPP!!!", "SWISHH!!!", "WHIPP!!!" , "SWISHH!!!", "WHIPP!!!", "SWISHH!!!", "WHIPP!!!", "SWISHH!!!", "WHIPP!!!"
She had no idea how long he had been beating her when James stopped abruptly. He removed the blindfold and released her hands and feet. She was in tears but they were tears of happiness and acceptance as well as pain and she knew that she had to hold on to this special man.
James took her hands and hugged her leading her back to the cottage where he took her across his knee and gently massaged some cool cream into the ravaged buttocks. She could feel that his cock was ready and told him to lay back on the floor. He did so and June knelt on either side of his body guiding his rampant prick into the central orifice of her body. She was so awash that it slid in easily to her very depths and soon she was riding him for all she was worth. James lay back and watched as she bounced up and down with her breasts jiggling in time. He tried to hold on so that she would get the maximum pleasure but eventually he could wait no longer and saying
"I'm cumming!"
he shot his cum deep into her. June just sat there and waited maximising their joint orgasm as she milked his cock with her vaginal muscles. Then she eased herself off and lay beside him.
"James, that was the finest thrashing I have ever received. I did not know that the birch could be so intense. Now I will get lunch before we return to London and our homes. I just hope that we can return here again and again." James looked at the beautiful body with its prominent mount of venus and the proud engorged cunt lips peeping through the thick fleece of her pubic hair, He turned her over to look at the ravaged bum cheeks before drawing her up and saying that they could continue for ever as far as he was concerned. he would be leaving college at the end of the month in any case so there would be no conflict between her duties as an educator and his as a pupil.
They had a shower and dressed before going down to lunch. June decided to eat standing up as her sore buttocks would not stand even the support of a cushion. After eating they cleared everything away so that no trace of their visit was left. June took a soft cushion to sit on as she was driving and they returned back home at the end of a perfect weekend.

Now James is leaving college he and June spend more time together in the next part. They also find a like-minded couple who invite them to join them for a short holiday

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