Head and Tail - Part 5
The Master of Discipline

In Part 4 they developed their personal chemistry and June drew James deeper in as she introduced him further into the world of SM. Now the exploration takes new and unexpected ways forward.
Although James and June were eager to explore their interests further events conspired against them until after James had left the college and they were free of the restraints that working in the same environment had meant. James had heard from his father whose firm had now offered him a two year contract abroad thus meaning that the cottage was theirs on a permanent basis. They decided that they would spend several weeks of their summer holiday together at the cottage where they would have total freedom to experiment.

Both of them were eager to get away and see if the magic remained and tey agreed to go the weekend after college finished. June arranged to get the food they would need and both of them explored the sex shops and advertisements to find more instruments which they could use.
The weekend arrived and June met James and they drove to the cottage. This time James said nothing as they turned into the drive and soon they reached the cottage wher they unloaded the car. Again they were both a little shy as this was going to be the biggest test. Several nights and one weekend were only 'tasters' and now they had agreed a fortnight together the questions were in both their minds. Had they enough in common to sustain the them for this period of time. For the present both of them were ready and eager so the preparation of the cottage for their stay was soon completed.
James told June to remove her clothes and then prepare their meal. She stripped off while he watched. First her blouse and then her skirt so that she was only wearing her bra and thong. These soon came down and James saw that her nipples were already enlarged while her pussy lips peeped though the thick black fleece which covered them. She put on an apron and started to prepare the food. Her soft warm bum drew James as though it was a magnet and he quicky went into the lounge, removed his own clothes and took up a fierce looking strap. He returned to the kitchen as naked as June with his cock rampant leading him and told June to bend over the work table. She was ready, and eager, and James took up his position to her side before
he landed two blows across her bum cheeks. June wriggled with anticipation and pleasure and cried out:
"Don't stop!"
"SPLATT!!", "SPLATT!!", "SPLATT!!", "SPLATT!!", "SPLATT!!", "SPLATT!!", "SPLATT!!", "SPLATT!!" Twenty eight more stripes were raised across her bum which turned a deep red before he spread her pussy lips and inserted using his fingers to part them he thrust his cock into the hot wet interior which was already well lubricated. He slid home without difficulty and felt her flex her vaginal muscles as she welcomed him in. He rogered her slowly and steadily for several minutes while she cried out with pleasure until finally he could hold no longer and with a final thrust of his cock he pushed deep inside and released a flood of his sprem inundating her interior. June had taken precautions against pregnancy since they had last met so they had no worry of unforseen consequences. Both of them were panting as he slid out and giving her a slap on her bottom James told her to get on with the dinner. June giggled and returned to her work.
They casually dressed themselves in 'T'shirt and shorts for dinner and James admitted that he had never eaten better. Soon dinner was over and they returned to the lounge with their coffee. They both sat down and looked at each other.
"I am yours to command Master!"
James looked thoughtful for a moment and then told June to remove her 'T' shirt and shorts and then come over his knees. He sat down on the sofa and took her across his knees. The earlier strapping had hardly reddened them and he began to spank with vigour.
and as the spanks rained down, so the warm glow and sting suffused her bumand her mind began to drift into a neverworld where the pain and the pleasure mingled. Twenty thirty, forty the spanks went on for several minutes with massaging and caressing indispersed. The previous week james had been thing hard and had decided that this prolonged holiday would give him the opportunity to to push her limits, as well as explore how far he wanted to switch.
Eventually James told her too stand. He had been reading a book that suggested that you always you move the submissive on from one level to the next. His cock was again rigid with the nut pushed out from its cover. He told June to go down on him and to suck him off.
June knelt in front of James and took the tip of his cock in her mouth. She touch the sensitive hole at the end and pushed her tongue in. Then she wrapped her mouth around the sheath and drew it deep into her mouth. Her fingures were rubbing the sides and she was sucking away. To June this was a new experience and she was taking her time in drawing him out but soonJames was ready and with a spurt he shot his cum into her mouth. She sucked and swallowed until she had drained him dry. Then she stood up in front of him with his cum spread around her mouth where she had been unable to accept it all. He kissed and licked the semen away. before hugging her to him. June was glowing and ready for whatever was to happen next
James now told her to bend over the back of the sofa and when she had done spreading her legs wide he took soft rope and bound her arms to the legs of the settee and thenhe fastened her widespread legs her legs wide. Now she was spreadeagled and unable to move. She felt totally powerless, and waited for what was to happen next. .
James took the 'jackrabbit' from the table and inserting the two arms into her cunt nd anus he switched it on to full power. At the same time his thumb rubbed her clitty and the three erotic joint experiences made her cry out with the ecstacy she was experiencing. James stopped the 'jackrabbit' and removed it from her. He now blindfolded her and gently massaged her bum
While looking in the sex shops he had found a strong long punishment cane and her now intended to us this on June. He was going to test her limits and see how much she would take.. He took up his position and
"C RA A C C K",
the cane whistled down and took the breath out of June as she felt a searing line across her buttocks. This was harder than she had experienced before.
"C RA A C C K","C RA A C C K",
the next two followed and they were just above the first one making the whole area painful. She wanted to shout out as the pain rose. The strokes fell on alrady punished areas and she could feel the weals rising and hardening. This was more like it and she allowed herself to slide into the Nirvana that only the flagellant achieves "C RA A C C K",
twenty, then thirty James adjusted his grip then
"C RA A C C K","C RA A C C K", "C RA A C C K","C RA A C C K", "C RA A C C K","C RA A C C K",
Blow after blow rained down on June's tortured buttocks with each stroke adding its own bite and line to the experience. As the fortieth whistled in. her body was no longer attached to her mind and on the one level she felt the full force of the pain while on the other the pleasure of acceptance was allowing her to drift along
"C RA A C C K", "C RA A C C K",
this next one must be the last. James drew the cane back and
"CRA A C C K",
with a firece whip of the wrist it carved its line diagonally across the rest drawing out pain from each of the previous strokes as it landed - it came down with extra force and she finally cried out as it burned a line across the rest. Her buttocks now felt as though they were on fire and she could hardly stand up when James unfastened her,
He helped her to her feet and then took her over his lap again as he rubbed soothing cream into the tortured areas. Her whole bum was one purple mass which was ridged were the cane had landed and was overlaid with the extra effect of the criss crossing. For June she knew that she was now on a voyage of exploration which would lead her to new, and painful, experiences with, she hoped, James at her side. For James the control he had exercised over June he understood was one to be fostered.
They lay there for a few minutes and then went up for a shower and bed. By now they were like an old married couple so there was no reluctance to sleeping together and the events of the day encouraged them into a good fuck which lasted for several minutes before exhausted they setled down to sleep.
James had one other idea in his mind from something he had read and after they had had breakfast the next morning he inspected June closely and informed that her that he would be shaving her pussy hair off. She was shocked as she had never contemplated this but accepted it as part of her submission. James told her to lay a large towel on the kitchen table and then lay back on it with her legs parted. She did so while he fetched what he needed. First a pair of scissors, then shaving cream and finally a razor. June looked apprehensive but lay back and waited.
James took the scissors and began to cut away the thick forest which surrounded her pussy. It took him several minutes but eventually he had reduced the area to a black stubble. He brushed water onto her mons and then squeezed plenty of shaving cream over the area and between her legs where the hair still showed. She watched as he took up the razor and tensed as he brought it close. But it ran smoothly over her skin and she heard the sounds of the hairs coming away. More cream and more shaving before her told her to widen her legs even further so that he could shave there. She did so and soon the last of the hair was removed. James etched a larg sponge and removed the last of the hair and shaving soap and then dabbing the bare area with the towel dried it off. He took a mirror and holding it up so that she could see they looked at her bare mons. She gasped as the last time it had looked like this was before puberty and now she saw a fat shiny white mons with engorged pussy lips clearly visible.
James removed his trousers and she saw that his cock was fully roused. He said
"I suggest that we give it a try!"
She giggled and assented and within seconds he was launched inside her. June found the feel was different as the hair around his cock now rubbed against her smoothness but the feel was pleasurable and she energetically reciprocated his movements so that they soon came to a mutual spend.
The rest of the day was spent in mutual play as June's bum recovered from its battering.
The next evening they were browsing through one or two of the magazines they had collected at the sex shops and while looking through one on spanking June saw an advertisment in which a couple were advertising for a like minded couple to join them for a weekend. The advertisement had said. "Must have interest in SM and willing to join us in exploring all aspects of the subject. Must be open-minded and not averse to sharing"
They decided that they would contact the couple and after a telephone call to the number provided and a long talk they agreed to meet the next evening at a pub they all knew to see if they would progress further.
James wante to make sure that he would be ready if they decided to proceed further and so he told June that she was to spank him over her knees first and then give him three dozen strokes of the punishment cane he had bought. He was not sure if he had bitten off more than he could chew but decided that it was a reasonable figure.
They removed all of their clothes, June clapped her hand as she sat down and he lay across her lap adjusting his cock as he did so to get it settled comfortably. He found that resting on her newly shaved pussy was very erotic and this did not help him. Then her hand started its spanking
a dozen stroke fell and then another dozen followed by more until his bum stung all over. He was beginning to feel very randy as the rain of blows landed. June then told him to get up and bend over the end of the settee ready for the cane. He took up his position and waited before
"CRA A C C K",
the cane whistled home. As a headteacher June ceratinly knew her stuff and
"C RA A C C K", "C RA A C C K", "C RA A C C K", "C RA A C C K", "C RA A C C K", "C RA A C C K", "C RA A C C K", "C RA A C C K",
the cane lashed home. Twelve and still twenty four to go
"C RA A C C K", "C RA A C C K", "C RA A C C K", "C RA A C C K", "C RA A C C K", "C RA A C C K", the blows were landing with precision and power and he was not sure as his bum began to burn that he would be able to take the full amount. He felt sick in his stomach but was determined to continue
"C RA A C C K", "C RA A C C K", "C RA A C C K", "C RA A C C K", "C RA A C C K", "C RA A C C K",
The last blows fell and then he felt a searing red hot burning sensation as she made the final stoke cross the others diagonally., as he had to her. He cried out and June dropped the cane and took him in her arms. She felt his hard cock nudge her pussy and turned round bening over the sofa back:.
"Quick in my arse!!"
She parted her buttocks to give him ready access and after applying cream to his cock and her anus he thrust deep into her. She called out as he fiercely took her but once he was fully installed she was ready and eager.
"Fuck me!, fuck me HARD!!"
Obeying with a will James was soon bucking in and out, drawing almost clear and then thrusting home while June urged him on before he finally felt his sperm welling up and with a final thrust that lifted June off the ground he spurted into her. So much cum that when he eased out it oozed from her bum.
For both of them this was the end for the time being and, they inspected their weals, laughing and running fingers across each others marks. Then they they showered, dressed and drove into the nearest town for lunch.
The rest of the day and the next passed quietly as they recovered from their canings and they waited to meet their new friends. They had no idea what would happen but lots of options passed through their minds and also as they discussed the meeting.
Eventually it was time and they arrived at the pub. They went in through the door and saw the couple sitting at a side table. The man had a flower in his buttonhole to help with recognition. They walked across to the couple smiling.
"Hi, I am June and this is James. You must be Carol and Peter."
The other couple acknowledged who they were and James brought drinks for them.
There was silence for a few minute and then Carol said
"Shall I start?"
The others nodded.
"Well Peter and I have an SM relationship and we felt that we would like to meet other couples who were in a similar position. Although Peter is the dom in fact we do switch and we decided that now was the right time to find another couple with similar interests. We are not looking for a group at present but just a couple with similar interests to ourselves.
June answered
"James and I have a very close relationship with him in charge and we also would like to join with another couple. James has a cottage close by which is very secluded and we are able to accommodate another couple who are interested in the same as us."
Peter added
"It is important to us that the four of us are free with each other. Although I and Carol are together and you and James when we are together it is all of us and not two couples. Do you agree?"
James and June looked at each other before James agreeing
"I agree. We are all young and still experimenting and having another coupl to join us will add variety. Are you free tonight? If so why not come back with us and we can see how it goes. If it doesn't work out then nothing lost. If it does then we have not wasted an evening."
Carol & Peter lokked at each other and nodded.
"No time like the present. You lead and we will follow."
They finished their drinks, left the pub and driove back to the cottage. Carol and Peter joined them inside and june showed them around.. James brought drinks to the lounge after an awkward hiatus they soon started taing. At first it was about general things but soon they talked about spanking and their own experiences. Carol explained that she had been spanked as a child by her father and found the she enjoyed it. When she and Peter met he had known nothing about it but had soon learned how she liked to be dealt with.
"Shall I show you our last session "
and at this she unfastened her skirt and slipped it off, she then lowered her knickers and showed a well lined bum. The marks were still fresh and they jusged that she must have received two to three dozen. June then stood up and joined her and removing her slacks and knickers she compared her bum with Carol's. Both agreed that she had ben caned the hardest..
Carol piped up
"Now you have seen our bums gentlemen I sugget that you offer us some solace. First let us get dow to our skins then how about me seeing what James has to offer while Peter looks after June.. Shall we toss a coin to see who goes first as I am sure that we hall enjoy watching the others.
The rest of them agreed and within a few seconds they were all naked. The toss drew Peter and June first and Carol led James to the settee where she gently used her hand to make sure he was fully perpared for their turn.
Peter led June to the rug in the centre of the room and she lay back waiting. He had a well proportioned cock neither too long or too thick so as to cause discomfort. June settled back and rubbing his cock she guided it to her entrance. Peter thrust home and then settled back for a long sustained fuck. He was clearly an expert and soon had June crying out with pleasure as he reamed her. His thrusts drove her into the carpet and she bounced back as she reciprocated. For both of them the session was not long enough and soon June felt him spurting into her while she came for the third time. Peter lay panting while june rested underneath him.
"Wow that was good. Now James it is your turn with Carol."
For James it was a novel experience as this was only the second lay he had fucked but he made sure that he was well primed. Carol was looser than June and had obviously been fucked more but her experienced cunt muscles drew him in. She wrapped her legs round him and squeezed saying
"Now lover don't let us down!"
James also started slowly and steadily going deep and found her joining him as he gained confidence. He tried to think of everything but fucking as he was trying to sustain himself and he pounded in and out for several minutes before he could not hold on any longer. It then all happened quickly and he rapidly thrust several times before ejaculating deep inside her. Carol bucked as she joined him in his orgasm and hugged him tight. They finished both gasping with their efforts and then moved apart before sitting up and smiling, first at each other, and then at their partners. June and Peter clapped and called out "Bravo" as they walked acros to join them.
James looked at Peter
"I think that these ladies deserved to be punished after their behaviour. Don't you?"
Peter laughed and agreed and he and Carol watched as James took June over his lap and spanked her bum with about fifty hand spanks.
"Now its your turn!"
and Peter took Carol and spanked her bum until she squealed with the strokes of his hand.. June meanwhile spoke quietly to James. When they had finished June looked at them.
"I think that we know we would like to meet you regularly. James agrees can you come and stay next weekend? If you do make sure that you leave plenty of bum area to work on as we have lots of instruments.
The other couple laughed and agreed that they would arrive on Friday evening. They then dressed and left for their own home.
June and James looked at each other and agreed that they had had made interesting new friends.. They went to bed and gently made love before sleeping.
The days flew as the week continued. They spend days in the country visiting stately homes and gardens, while on other days they went to the sea and rang and playe on the beach. All the time they both thinking of the next weekend and although they spoke about it they made no deep plans and were prepared to see how it unfolded.
Wednesday evening when they drove home James made June strip and walk over to the tree which had branches stickin out in a 'Y'. She walked to it and James fastened her arms in position to the arms of the tree before tying her legs to the bottom. Now she was completely exposed and waiting his pleasure. He walked over with the punishment cane in his hand swishing it through the air before
"CRA A C C K",
it landed across her bare cheeks
"CRA A C C K", "CRA A C C K", "CRA A C C K", "CRA A C C K", "CRA A C C K" the cane lashed in and gave her ten sharp strokes. Then James unfastened her hands and feet and laying a blanket on the grass removed his own trousers and lay back with his cock up and told her to pleasure him. June bent over him and took his cock in her mouth. She then licked around his ball sac and ran her tongue up the sensitive vein until she took the whole into her mouth. When it was at full stand she knelt on either side of his body and impaled herself on it. As she sunk down she gasped with pleasure while he moaned as he felt the soft interior accept him. She sat looking at him for a minute before she moved up and down riding him as she would a horse, wriggling from side to side to give extra pleasure until she felt him tensing under her and soon he gave a final push against her with his gouts of sperm going deep inside her. She used her fingers to give herself a final orgasm before easing off James and standing up. James joined her and they collected the ropes, canes and blanket before driving back to the cottage.
They were very excited about what the weekend had to offer and so they decided that they would restrict their activities to hand spanking and sex until the other arrived on Friday evening.

The six and next part of this story will be available shortly