The History Teacher
The Master of Discipline

Jessica Bream was a young teacher in the history faculty who had only been at the college for a short time but she had a reputation of being a very strict disciplinarian but one who invariably did well with her students. When the new year started she noticed a young man joining the class who she thought she recognized. Then she remembered, they were only a few years apart in age but Darren had been the paper boy who used to deliver to her house when she was at college. She had not seen him since but he had certainly grown to be a very handsome young man.
Because she was so approachable Jessica was always surrounded by students at the end of the day asking her questions about assignments, or advice on where to find information and about a week after the term had started she finally looked up after they had all left to find one young man, Darren standing a few feet away obviously waiting to see her.

"Yes Darren."
" Miss Bream I was wondering if you would be prepared to give me extra tuition. I must pass this course and I have not studied this period of history before."
She thought carefully, a very attractive young man and if she did offer to help who knows where it might lead. She had had boyfriends before but nobody special, and certainly not as handsome, as Darren.
"Ye-e-s-s.s I think we can arrange something. Would you like to come round to my house at seven o'clock tonight? Bring the books that you need and we will make a start."
"Thank you Miss Bream, I will be there."
When she got home Jessica Bream thought out her strategy. She would feel her way carefully as she did not want to alienate Darren and certainly did not want him boasting that he had "laid a teacher". She would get dismissed and he career would be over before it had begun. She decided to have a long bath to think things through and finally came up with a plan which she thought would still leave the options open as the evening developed.
Finishing her bath she went into the bedroom and looked through her clothes. She though that black lacy underwear with a suspender belt and black stockings should be the foundation. A skirt which reached her knees but could be guaranteed to ride up, a sweater which would accentuate her figure without being too tight. Finally the shoes should have a heel to accentuate her calves. She dressed and satisfied with her appearance had a quick snack while she waited for Darren.
Promptly at 7pm the doorbell rang and there was Darren with an armful of books waiting in the porch way.
"Come in Darren, take off your coat and leave it on the stand. We will be working in the lounge tonight.
Darren walked into the lounge and found a very attractive room with a table in the centre covered with a cloth with a vase of flowers on it. Darren put his books on the table and waited for Miss Bream to begin.
She started with a background to the course work he would need and after about half and hour asked him to hand her a book. As he lifted the book he caught the cloth and pulled over the vase of flowers smashing it. This was the opening.
Miss Bream stood up and said,"I am very cross Darren you have spilled water all over the carpet and smashed the vase you deserve to be punished. I am not sure after this whether I want you in my house again."
"I'm very sorry Miss Bream," he stuttered,"Is there any way I can make it up to you. Please don't dismiss me I need to pass this course." Jessica Bream appeared to think for a minute or two
"If you were younger I would give you a good spanking."
"That's OK Miss Bream I am willing to be spanked." Jessica said reluctantly "Well alright but this must remain between the two of us." "Of course I will never tell anybody, I promise". Miss Bream then said"Right, take down your trousers and lay across my knees I am going spank you bottom very hard indeed!"
Darren quickly stepped out of his trousers and seeing that Miss Bream was sitting on a chair in the middle of the room he draped himself across her knees.
"CRACK! ! !" her hand sped down on his underpants with a touch which shocked him. It really hurt."CRACK! ! !", "CRACK! ! !", "CRACK! ! !" the hand continued to lash down. First the left and then the right buttock received the treatment. Five, ten, twenty and then Miss Bream put her hands in the top of his shorts and pulled the down below his thighs. He was really exposed to her with a fiery red bottom, which was getting redder and fiery by the smack "CRACK! ! !","CRACK! ! !","CRACK! ! !","CRACK! ! !", the blows continued and he was finding that punishment really meant that. Unfortunately at the same time he noticed that his cock was getting harder and he was wriggling to get it comfortable. This in turn lifted Jessica Bream's skirt so that now her stocking tops and suspenders were exposed. "CRACK! ! !","CRACK! ! !", the spanking continued and in wriggling Darren found that his hand was touching Miss Bream's Leg. The silky stocking made him even randier and he was thinking more and more about her beauty as she continued to punish him. Finally she said.
"Now Darren I am going to use the paddle as my hand is getting tired and I shall want you to take off ALL of your clothes and bend over the back of this chair. This is a severe punishment but you did damage a valuable vase."
Darren stood up and stripped off his shirt and then his socks and shoes so that he was now completely exposed to her. He tried to do it with his back to her so that she wouldn't see how erect his cock was. Finally he bent over the chair.
"Legs apart please Darren one each side of the chair legs, and hold on to the rail at the side."
What a beautiful sight was before her a young virile young man with his bottom high in the air as he was bent over the chair. Miss Bream took her stance beside him. "SPLATT! ! !", His knees nearly buckled with the show. The pain shot through his arse as "SPLATT! ! !","SPLATT! ! !","SPLATT! ! !", the strokesweree laid on hard. Yes and he was getting so that his 'hard' was standing out like a tent pole!
Miss Bream stood back and said, " take a moment Darren this is getting me as warm as I am sure that your bottom is I must take of one or two things. Darren was astounded as she stepped out of her skirt and he saw the enchanting figure with the lacy black pants already beginning to get wet with here excitement. Then as she raised her arms to lift her sweater he thought that he had never sen anything so beautiful as the shape from her legs through her bum to her arms,breasts and head.
"You need not think that this finishes your punishment. back over the chair and I am going to finish you off with a dozen strokes from this cane". She lifted a wicked looking cane about three feet long and half an inch thick from the table and swished it through the air."
"Prepare yourself and bend over the chair again"
Darren took up his position but was not prepared for what was to come as Bream took up her stance to his left, tapped his buttocks two or three times to aim and then whipped in a slashing stroke."CRACK! ! !", Darren cried out with shock at first and then as the pain flowed through he felt the weal swelling up."CRACK! ! !", the second one landed this time just above the first "CRACK! ! !","CRACK! ! !", the next two seemed to cut him in half . He was now fighting to stay in control. historyteacher1.jpg - 11234 BytesCould he last out the full dozen "CRACK! ! !","CRACK! ! !","CRACK! ! !", still five to come. Through the pain he was however feeling more and more randy. His cock could not grow any larger and he was sure that Miss Bream had noticed. Meanwhile Jessica was in a world of her own. The spanking then the sight of his rampant cock and now the caning were making her feel more and more erotic and she was surethatt she would cum if she did not control herself. "CRACK! ! !","CRACK! ! !","CRACK! ! !", the next three strokes lashed intoo his bottom overwriting the previous ones so the felt that the whole area was on fire and swelling to mammoth proportions. Finally came the last two strokes and Miss Bream lashed the first of these across the bottom of the buttocks and the final one diagonally to cross the others.
Darren stood up stiffly and saw that Jessica Bream was crying.
"Are you OK Miss Bream?"
"Yes thank you Darren and I am sorry I went too far. Now I deserve to be punished and I would like you to do it. Will you?"
"Of course," said Darren "I think that I will give you some hand spanking and then the cane. Is that hat you want?" Jessica Bream nodded.
"I shall be very uncomfortable but if I sit in the padded chair you can get across my knees."
Jessica did as she was told and soon the strong right hand of Darren was crashing into her buttocks. "CRACK! ! !", "CRACK! ! !","CRACK! ! !","CRACK! ! !","CRACK! ! !", almost immediately her sobbing returned but by now Darren could feel a wetness on his legs from her knickers. His own erection was also getting in the way and there was a lot of wriggling as the punishment continued. Eventually Darren placed his hands in the elastic of Jessica's knickers and pulled them below her thighs. "CRACK! ! !","CRACK! ! !","CRACK! ! !", his hand continued while the other one strayed between her legs. He felt the softness of her quim and the liquid that was pouring out from her orgasm. He now said she must remove the rest of her clothes and prepare herself for the cane.
Jessica stood up and slowly removed first the brassiere which caused Darren to gasp as he saw her perfectly formed breasts stand out without any support and then the erotic sight of the suspenders being unhitchedfromm the stockings, the stockings rolled down and off and finally the flimsy garter-belt as she wriggled out of it. Just like Darren Jessica was now naked and ready for her final humiliation.
Darren thought for a minute and then said"I think I will give you TWENTY strokes of the cane. Take up your position."
Jessica gasped but moved forward to the chair and bent over the back. historyteacher3.jpg - 16221 BytesThis was more than she expected. "CRACK! ! !", the cane sliced into her bottom and raised a white weal across both cheeks. OW_W_W! she screamed out. "CRACK! ! !","CRACK! ! !","CRACK! ! !", Darren was remorseless and as the strokes came thick and fast so Jessica found herself lost in a world of orgasm after orgasm "CRACK! ! !","CRACK! ! !","CRACK! ! !", she found that her whole body was shaking with emotion and the pain wicked though it was was sublimated to her strong sexual feelings. She knew that there were more strokes to come and after the next three her hands were between her legs masturbating herself. Darren watched for his own erection was ready to explode. He stood back but Jessica said urgently "Please the last ten strokes before.........."
She knew what would happen next.

10th October 1999