Homework Part 1 - The Meeting
The Disciplinarian

When June arrived home from school she was surprised to find both of her parents waiting for her. They looked very stern and told her to sit down. her father held up her latest school report.
"We are very concerned with this report and your mother and I have decided that you will go to a private crammer for the holiday to get your grades up to standard. We have spoken to Madame Fleurette and she will take you immediately. Please understand that there is no use crying or arguing just go up to your room and pack a case with enough clothes for a month. We will then take you to Madame's house."
June was in shock as she went up to her bedroom and her mind was in a turmoil. She knew that she had been behaving badly at school and that her results had been poor but to lose the holiday and spend it at a boarding school that was appalling. She knew however that her parents were stern and expected obedience and knew that she would obey them. She put some clothes into her case and went downstairs where her father was waiting for her. he took the case and they went out to the car.
They drove without either speaking for several minutes before her said.
"This is for your own good June. You know your mother and I have been concerned with your progress and we both feel that this is an opportunity for you to catch up. I visited Madam Fleurette and she tells me that she only takes two or three pupils at a time but warned me that discipline was very strict so work hard and keep out of trouble."

"I promise Dad and I am sorry I have let you down."
They arrived at the entrance drive to a large house set back in its own grounds and drove up to the door. Before they were out of the car a middle aged lady with glasses and hair drawn back into a bun opened the door and welcomed them.
"Thank you for delivering June. She and I will be alright and I will give you a progress report at the end of the week."
She shook his hand and led June into the house where they then entered a bright airy study/office. The lady rang a bell.
"Welcome June. You and I will get to know each other very well over the next few weeks. First though I will explain the rules here.I am madame Fleurette. My husband Stephen and I take in pupils for extra tuition during th school holiday. We never have more than two or three at any time and these receive my individual attention. Discipline is strict and consists of corporal punishment. The severity depends on the quality of the misdemeanor. At present there is only one other girl Angela and she should have been here immediately I range the bell."
At that moment there was a knock on the door and Angela entered.
"I am sorry madame but I was taking a shower when you rang and I have only just finished drying myself."
"When I ring Angela I expect to to attend immediately. Please adopt the position and you will receive six strokes of the strap for slowness in arriving."
June watched as Angela came forward and bent over the edge of the desk. Madam Fleurette took up a strap from a side table and walked behind Angela. She lifted the gown up her back fastening it in place and June saw that Angela's buttocks were bare and already marked with lines. Madame Fleurette raised the strap and "SWISHHH!", SPLATT!!", it landed on Angela's Bum crossing both cheeks. "SWISHHH!", SPLATT!!", , "SWISHHH!", SPLATT!!", two more strokes fell and June heard Angela moan but stay still. "SWISHHH!", SPLATT!!", "SWISHHH!", SPLATT!!", before the final stoke landed "SWISHHH!", SPLATT!!".
"You may stand now. You will see June that this is how we deal with indiscipline."
Angela stood up and then curtseyed:
"Thank you Madame I deserved my punishment."
"This is June. Please take her upstairs and show her to her room. Explain the rules of the house and then bring her down to dinner at 8:00pm precisely".
Angela led June upstairs and showed her her room. A light airy room it had a large bed, dressing table and one or two unusual items such as a ladder fastened to the wall and a an 'A' frame in the corner.
"Welcome to the family. This is your room. I suggest that you get unpacked, tidied up and make sure that you get down to dinner on time. Wear the dress left on your bed. As you will have seen any infringement and Madame is quick with the strap or cane. I will tell you more later about this place. By the way it's not bad!"
At that Angela left June to unpack. She put her clothes away and saw a gown laying on her bed. It was similar to the one she had seen Angela wearing and after washing she slipped into it. She then saw that the time was already past eight o'clock and hurried downstairs.
Madame, her husband and Angela were already waiting. Madame looked at her watch.
"Not a good start June you are five minutes late for dinner. I will deal with this in my office when we have eaten."
The food was good and June found that she could put Madame's warning out of her mind until they had finished. Madame then stood up and told June and Angela to join her in the study. They followed her reluctantly.
"June you must clearly understand that in this house discipline in paramount and eight o'clock means that not when you decide to arrive. I assume that Angela told you?"
"Yes Madame."
The I have no alternative but to punish you. Bend over the table and hold firmly to the other side and you will receive six strokes with the strap. Now take up your position!"
June moved slowly forward and bent over the table as instructed and Madame came behind her and lifted her gown. There was an intake of breath.
"You are wearing knickers! Angela did you not tell June that she must wear NOTHING under her gown?"
"I am sorry Madame but I forgot."
"Forgetfulness will not save your bottom. prepare yourself while I deal with June. remove those knickers June and then take up the position again." June slid her thumbs into the waistband of her knickers and slowly and reluctantly eased them down over her bum and thighs eventually sliding them to the ground. She steppe out of them and bent over. She felt the coldness as Madame fastened her dress up above her buttocks. She waited tensing as she felt Madame stroke her bum before after a short pause "SWISHHH!", SPLATT!!", the strap landed making her gasp. The pain as it landed ran right through her body. "SWISHHH!", SPLATT!!","SWISHHH!", SPLATT!!", "SWISHHH!", SPLATT!!", the strokes followed with regularity with firmness each one building on the sting which suffused her bum "SWISHHH!", SPLATT!!", "SWISHHH!", SPLATT!!", until she had receive the full six. Her bum tingled but she had not felt too much pain. She stood up and let her dress drop.
"Angela clearly you have not told June that she must thank me when I have finished. Your misdemeanors pile one upon another. Six of the cane I think. Remove your dress and adopt the position." Angela unfastened the buttons at the front of her dress and slipping it off her shoulders stepped out of it. June saw that she had a lovely figure with firm breasts and her prominent mons was well covered with blonde hair to match her head. Madame meanwhile had collected a whippy cane with which she pointed to the table. Angela bent over and held fast to the other side. Madame lined the cane across her buttocks and sfter one ot two taps "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!" June saw the cane draw a white line which soon turned red across the firm bum cheeks. She paused for the pain to take hold and then "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!" the next three lashed home each leaving its own individual set of marks. Madame did not waste any time and two "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!" powered home leaving sets of lines parallel to each other. Angela tensed as though she knew what was to come now and "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!" she gasped as the final stroke thrashed home and crossed the other lines adding its own special pain as it sunk into the well reddened bum.
"Angela stood up.
"Thank you Madame I deserved the punishment."
"Take June upstairs and explain fully the rules of this house. Then go to bed and I will see you both at breakfast." Angela took up her dress and climbed the starirs with it grasped in her hands. June followed closely behind and saw the cane marks which were now slowly turning from red to purple The two girls entered June's room first before Angela went to her own returning with a pot of cream.
"We need this to take the sting out of the punishment. Shall I do you first. Turn over and I will rub some of this in.
June turned face down and felt Angela's soft hands smoothing some cool cream into her stinging bum. As she massaged so Angela caressed her thighs and the backs of her legs. June felt a strange sensation and almost involuntarily her legs slowly parted giving Angela greater access to explore. June felt Angela's fingers feeling the inside of her thighs and then an electric shock as they touched her clitty. Without knowing what she was doing she opened her legs wider and felt the finger tips exploring further. Slowly they moved into the soft interior which was getting wetter by the minute. June did not know what to do but she was responding in a way that encouraged Angela. She brought her head close to June whispering:
"Shall I continue?"
"MMMMMM! Yes please!"
June responded, nodding her head. Angela continued her exploration until she felt June stiffen, shudder and then gasp as she came with a sharp breath and her cunt was bathed in a creamy liquid. She turned June over and spread her legs wide before kissing her on her lips slipping her tongue in while her fingers continued to play with June's clitty. She then slipped down the bed and going down between June's widespread lips oozing with their spend she touched her clitty with her tongue. Her lips then sucked before she pushed her tongue into the warm moist interior. She sniffed the scent of woman's arousal and her tongue explored the interior of June's pussy drawing the liquid which oozed out into her mouth. June was now in such paroxysms of pleasure that she was almost fainting with her emotions. But at the climax the door opened and there in the doorway was nemesis in the form of Madame Fleurette.
"What is happening here. Girls it is quite disgraceful and obscene and I will deal with you both severely in the morning. Angela return to your room. June I am disappointed at the start you have made and hope that this will improve. Now go to sleep."
Angela left for her own room and Madame Fleurette switched June's light off and left her. What would happen in the morning she did not know but was fearful.
At seven o'clock she showered and slipped the gown over her naked body fastening the buttons down the front before going down to breakfast. While eating Madame said nothing but as soon as the meal was over she told the girls to report to her study. They would remove their gowns and stand naked facing the wall with their hands on their head until she was ready to attend to them. They looked at each other and then left for the study. Once inside they removed their gowns and waited as instructed. Soon Madame arrived and called them to her.They came forward and she looked them up and down:
"I am afraid that this time it is serious and I must deal with you both severely. You will each receive twelve strokes of the punishment cane and watch the other one receiving it. Angela as you were the instigator it appears I will deal with you first. Bring a chair into the centre of the room and fetch me the punishment cane."
Angela moved the chair into position and then went to the cupboard from where she took a long thick cane which had ridges along its length. This was the feared punishment cane and it dealt great pain whenever used. She handed it to Madame who whipped it through the air once or twice.
"Into position now Angela. remember crying out or moving and the stroke does not count. June take up your position so that you can see clearly."
Angela went to the chair and bent over so that her bum positioned exactly for the cane to have its maximum effect. Madame motioned June to stand where she could see.
June stood at the side with her hand as at her sides as she saw Madame take up the punishment cane.
"No calling out and no moving or you will receive extra."
Angela tensed as madame tapped her buttocks once or twice and then the cane swpt down - "WHIPPP!!", CRACKKK!!" June saw the cane bend as in sunk into Angela's buttocks with an audible sound. As it was lifted she saw the white line across the bum rapidly turning to a bright red colour. Angela gasped. Madame took her time before "WHIPPP!!", CRACKKK!!", "WHIPPP!!", CRACKKK!!", two more strokes fell and left their own trails across Angela's buttocks. By this time the first line was turning purple and a ridge was forming. "WHIPPP!!", CRACKKK!!", "WHIPPP!!", CRACKKK!!", - each stroke was placed with precision leaving tracks which were parallel to each other as they climbed the buttocks. After the sixth stroke Madame went across and felt the buttocks.
"Stand up and go to the side while I give June her first taste of this cane - you will receive the rest after she has received her first six. Take up your position June and remember that the same rules apply with no moving or crying out. June you take your place. I shall expect you to take your punishment as well as Angela."
June moved over to the chair and bent over its back gripping the seat tightly. "WHIPPP!!", CRACKKK!!", "WHIPPP!!", CRACKKK!!", OH! this was terrible as she felt the pain lance through her when the first two strokes seared her bum. "WHIPPP!!", CRACKKK!!", "WHIPPP!!", CRACKKK!!", - it was like a flame burning into her and she found it difficult not to cry out. She waited with her knees trembling for the can e to fall and then "WHIPPP!!", CRACKKK!!", "WHIPPP!!", CRACKKK!!". She wanted to scream as the fiery line seared her bum but although the tears welled up she remained silent.
Madame went to her side and felt the marks.
"No damage and you are ready for the rest. Return to your place and Angela over the chair again. Angela moved back into position and as she bent over June could see that the marks were now forming lines of red and purple ridges which puffed up her bum "WHIPPP!!", CRACKKK!!", "WHIPPP!!", CRACKKK!!", June winced as she saw the cane strike on the the same area where it had fallen before and she saw Angela wince but slide her body against the top of the chair. "WHIPPP!!", CRACKKK!!", "WHIPPP!!", CRACKKK!!", - these two fell on the top of the thighs before the final stroke crossed the purple mass of weals which had been raised.
"You may stand up now Angela and stand where June is. June you take your place. I shall expect you to take the rest of your punishment as well as Angela."
June bent over and waited and waited until the burn of the rod seared her arse. "WHIPPP!!", CRACKKK!!", "WHIPPP!!", CRACKKK!!", a moment respite as Madame felt her bum. Then "WHIPPP!!", CRACKKK!!", "WHIPPP!!", CRACKKK!!", - only four to go and she gripped her tongue between her teeth "WHIPPP!!", CRACKKK!!", "WHIPPP!!", CRACKKK!!", - she must hold on. But what was this she began to note a strange feeling between her legs and she rubbed herself against the top bar. "WHIPPP!!", CRACKKK!!", "WHIPPP!!", CRACKKK!!",- thank you that is the end but what was it that she was experiencing. She pushed her body against the bar of the chair and a warm, erotic feeling surged through her.
"You may stand up now June. Both of you will work standing up today which I am sure will be more comfortable.
"The girls both curtseyed:
"Thank you Madame we deserved the punishment."
They gathered up their dresses and leaft the room for their studies.
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