Homework - Part 2 - The Initiation
The Disciplinarian

June and Angela had been studying for several weeks under Madame's tutilage and with the application of strap, paddle and cane had made rapid strides in their schoolwork when they were told that this evening Madame was so satisfied with their progress that they were to join her and her husband in their drawing room after dinner. Each girl should wear her favourite dress. Although they had met her husband it had been in passing and there had been littl e contact between them.
Dinner was over and they were told to move into the comfortable drawing room with its sofas and chairs. They sat down together on the sofa wondering what was going to happened next when, after a few minutes, Madame and her husband arrived. She was dressed in a long gown and her hair was loose hanging down her back framing an attractive face and making her look much younger than when teaching them. Her husband was also wearing a long lounging gown. He had brought a bottle of wine and smiling he offered the two girls a glass.

Madame began
"You may be wondering why we have brought you here this evening but having developed your school studies to an adequate point it is now time that we develop your more personal side. I have been watching carefully since the first night when I caned you for making love to each other and Charles and I have decided that it is now time to teach you the elements of lovemaking. You are now at the stage where you will have boyfriends who would like sex and we feel that it is important that you explore and find your own expression first. This will allow you to control your wishes and desires and not be overwhelmed. You first need to understand that although I have beaten you with the cane and strap for your own good there are other reasons for these instruments. I would like you to watch carefully."
At this Charles walked over and sat down on a chaise-longue while his wife joined him laying across his lap. The girls watch enraptured as he began to spank her over her gown. As he spanked he also massaged and caressed. Madame was laying with her eyes closed and she had taken his left thumb into her mouth sucking as he spanked. Charles then lifted the dress over her buttocks and they saw that she was wearing black lace knickers, suspender belt and black silk stockings over long well formed legs. The spanking got harder and faster and the girls could see that Madame was profoundly affected by it as she was wriggling and her calves and buttocks were flexing and releasing in harmony with the strokes. Charles stopped for a minute while his wife stood and stripped off her gown. Now the gown was completely removed and the girls were in awe at the superb figure, now only covered with flimsy underclothes which enhanced her figure. She unfastened the brassiere and the firm breasts were tipped by thick nutlike nipples which were standing out from the brown aureoles surrounding them. She then bent over to slip down her knickers and they saw she had firm calves and thighs and superbly formed buttocks which were designed to be spanked. When she turned round the girls saw her prominent mons thickly covered with a bush of hair which was as black as night with her engorged pussy lips peeping through. She smiled at the girls and went back across her husband's knees. Soon the crack of his hand rang out with renewed vigour on her reddened bum cheeks and the girls saw his hands caressing and massaging the inside of her thighs as well as her bum. Her legs parted and she groaned as he explored her insides with gentle fingers her back arched and she cried out as she was wracked with a massive orgasm. She collapsed resting across him for several minutes, turning her head and smiling at the girls as if to say 'this is what it is all about'. She eventually stood up and bent over the end of the chaise tongue. The girls again saw what a superb bum she had and how the firm but full bum cheeks had dimples which flexed as she stood there. He took up a slim cane and walked over behind his wife. He gently caressed her bum fingering the bum cheeks before standing to the side he lashed the cane down across her bum. Once, twice, three times - in all six times it fell leaving vivid red lines across both cheeks before he put it down. His wife remained in position and the girls watched as Charles unfastened his gown shrugging it to the ground. They saw he was naked and a magnificent cock long and thick, stuck out from a forest of red hair, the plum headed large knob already purple. He took it in his hand and parting his wife's buttocks the girls watched closely as he prodded it forwards until it reached the puffy pussy lips. He rested and then guided it until it was inside the pussy before he thrust it firmly into her so that she cried out with pleasure as it lodged deep inside her. He stood quietly for a moment or two adjusting himself to her position before slowly thrusting in and out. The girls watched in awe as they saw that ihis cock seemed to disappear into the depths before being drawn back right to the edge. His movements got faster while Madame was pushing back to help him. In and out with the heel and toe movement he thrust with the motions of both of them getting more frenetic as their passions built until finally he stiffened and with a final powerful push he shot his sperm inside her while she cried out with lust. They stood like that for several seconds before he withdrew and the girls saw that the proud pillar of a few minutes ago was now just a shrunken worm.
Madame stood up and called the girls to her. As they reached her she put her arms round them and whispered:
"Now you will find out the pleasures of the rod which far outweighs the pain. Remember it is the pain which draws you to the climax which ends in that final orgasm only a cock can give. Would you like to try? All life should be pleasure and we believe in living it to the full. We would like you to join us"
Angela and June looked at each other and nodded.
"Please yes. Can we have everything that happened to you?"
"Yes but my husband will not be able to deal with you both without a rest so I have an alternative which I am sure will be acceptable. Now let us begin. Angela you come with me and June you with Charles."
June walked over to the sofa with Charles, he tapped his knees and she lay across his lap. She felt his cock stirring through his clothes as he settled himself and began spanking. As the rhythm of the strokes built up she could understand the pleasant relaxed feeling which gradually took over. Soon she felt her gown lifted and the cool air on her bottom, as she wore no knickers, before he bagan spanking on her bare bum. This was no punishment but a pleasurable spanking in which each stinging stroke was compensated for as he caressed and massaged. She felt her buttocks go tense and legs parting to allow him access to her and it was not long before his fingers found her sensitive nub and began gently to rub it between spanks. She began to get warmer and warmer and felt the juices oozing out of her pussy and running down her legs to coat his fingers. She had never experienced anything like this and didn't want it to stop, although she was eager for the next stage. His spanking became harder and his fingers explored higher inside her and rubbed up and down until she could contain herself no longer crying out as she had a shuddering orgasm.
Charles lifted her to her feet and removed her dress until she was completely naked. She saw that Madame was doing the same with Angela.
"Now girls it is six each with the cane before Charles will fuck June. Angela you and I will watch before I deal with you."
Charles told June to bend over and she did so waiting and feeling his hand caressing her buttocks before, with a shock, she felt the whip of the cane across her buttocks. Five times it landed and she felt more cum pouring out of her because this was like nothing she had experienced before. She wanted the cane! She needed the cane! She had to have the cane! One last crack and then Charles turned her round and kissed her.
"This may hurt my dear but only for the first time."
He backed her up against the seat of the chaise tongue before parting her legs wide. She saw his wife take his cock in her mouth and moisten and rub it until it was firm and ready and then present it to her pussy. She felt the warmth as it touched her and then the gentle spreading of her cunt lips as it entered. As he pushed so she widened to accept him until there was a pain and he came to a full stop. She wanted him to continue and knew that this was the moment of decision. She put her arms round him and pulled herself against him. There was a sudden searing pain and then she felt him slip higher into her. She was no longer a virgin! Charles stood there and waited until she had composed herself and then began the rhythmic thrusting which agitates the inside of the vagina walls already slippery with the cum and gradually turns warmth to passion. She felt him drive and withdraw, drive and withdraw until she picked up the rhythm and thrust against him She felt herself pushing back until Charles stiffened and gave one final thrust which seemed to penetrate to her very soul before the warm inundation of his cum as it spurted from him high into her. She lay back and felt his cock shrink and slowly withdraw from her. She was now a woman. Angela clapped and hugged her while Madame smiled saying:
"Welcome to womanhood June. Come Angela"
She led Angela to the sofa and took her across her knees spanking gently at first and then more firmly until eventually she lifted Angela's gown above her buttocks and spanked on her bare bum massaging and caressing as she did so. June saw that Angela, like her, had soon opened her legs to allow Madame access to her pussy. She saw Angela stiffen as Madame's fingers explored her until she also came to her orgasm. Madame then told her to stand and remove her dress. Angela shrugged out of it and stood ready. She was then told to bend over and again Madame took up the whippy cane giving her six sharp strokes. Angela clearly had enjoyed the caning as she prepared for the next stage.
As Angela stood up June saw Charles walk across to his wife with a strange harness. He went round behind her and strapped it round her waist. As soon as it was in position June saw that it was shaped exactly like the cock she had enjoyed a few minutes before. It also had a smaller appendage at the rear which she saw fitted into Madame's cunt. The harness was finally adjusted and Madame was ready. She told Angela to spread her legs and with her husband's help slipped it into the ready aperture. Angela was as ready as June and accepted it eagerly pushing forwards when she felt it reach the hymen. She cried our with the pain but then felt it spread her wider and wider as it went home. Madame rested for a moment or two and then started to power in and out ensuring that each thust was fully lodged. June could see that for Madame this was also an erotic experience as the smaller dildo was lodged in her pussy and every thrust into Angela also heightened her pleasure. She seemed to go on forever with Angela crying out with pleasure as the dildo searched her out until Madame gave a final thrust and both came off at the same time.
Emotionally for both girls this was a watershed and they knew that they would never be the same again. Madame and her husband smiled at them.
"I suggest that you share a room tonight so that you can talk through what has happened. Tomorrow is another day and work will be top of the agenda. But tomorrow night you will join us again.
The two girls left and walked up the stairs both were naked but didn't seem to notice. When they reached June's bedroom they both entered without hesitation and went across to the bed. They looked into each other's eyes and then fell into each others arms as they collapsed on the bed.
"What a fantastic evening. I am still tingling all over."
June burst out as they laughed and kissed.
"Would you believe it? Wasn't it marvellous to see Madame naked and what a figure - and her husband's cock! Wow! I am going to have some of that tomorrow night. What was it like?"
"It was superb. As he slipped into me I was so slippery that he had no trouble until he reached my hymen and I was so turned on that I knew I had to push him through it. It stung at first but then his cock rubbed up and down inside me soothing me and I felt so tight as I tried to grip his cock. When he stiffened and came I almost passed out it was so 'cool'. The warm spunk pouring out inside me eased the pain and I feel so well now. You will love it when he fucks you tomorrow. I wonder what Madame will do with me?"
The two girls slipped down into the bed and with their arms around each other slept the rest of the night away.
In the morning they quickly showered and dressed before going down to breakfast. When they arrived they could tell it was another day as Madame had their previous day's work in front of her. She tapped the folders and said:
"Eat your breakfast and then I think that we have a painful session in front of us. As soon as you are finished report to my office. You will NOT need anything under your gown."
The two girls looked apprehensively at each other before eating up. They finished and went along to Madame's office where she was seated at her desk waiting for them.
I am very disappointed in the assignments you have produced and, as we are now well into your course and should know my standards, the punishment will be severe. remove your gowns and stand over against the wall. June, your work is the worst so I will deal with you first. You will receive twelve strokes from the punishment cane. Take up your position."
She pointed to the chair in the centre of the room. June moved slowly forwards and bent over stretching her body and gripping tightly onto the crossbar. Madam took a cane from her table and through the corner of her eye June knew that this was the long thick cane with ribs along its length. She had only seen it before but knew that when she felt it today she would need all her fortitude. "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", the cane hissed down searing her bottom with a line of fire. "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", God this was worse than she had believed possible. Only four gone and her bum was in torment "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", still the strokes landed with unerring accuracy each one finding a new spot to torture. "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", - nearly there now - she would try to shut her mind "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", the last one was delivered with extra force and crossed the tracks of the rest making her gasp out with the pain. Madame went behind her and smoothed her bum cheeks, her cool hands easing the throbbing.
"Stand up June and move to the corner. You will face the wall and NOT touch your bum while I deal with Angela. Position Angela!"
Angela moved to the chair and took up her position knowing that she would go through the torment he June had endured. "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", no time was wasted and the cane drove home the message as it lashed down. Four, Five six - halfway now as she thought as she gripped the chair more tightly. She tried to rub her pussy against the back of the chair to give her something to think about but still she could feel the burning in her buttocks as the cane beat a tattoo "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!",on her bum. Only three more and she shut her eyes and thought of last evening as "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", the final three powered in. Her buttocks burned with pain inflicted on them and she stood up slowly and stiffly.
"Thank you Madame I deserved to be punished."
The girls said in unison.
"Thank you ladies I shall expect better standards today. By the way we are inviting you to join us for drinks after dinner again tonight. I think if you dress similarly to last evening that will be fine."
Dismissed the girls put on their gowns and left to continue their studies. The house was more bewildering with punishment and pleasure mixed - but they knew that they would have it no other way!
Part three of Homework - Their Training continues - follows shortly