Homework Part 3 - Training Continues
The Disciplinarian

The girls were sore but excited after their fucking and caning in the morning but were eagerly awaiting the evening when they would have another session with Madame and her husband. They studied hard throughout the day and made sure that when they came down to dinner they were on time and wearing pretty dresses. Dinner was taken and the conversation was a little stilted as the girls wondered what was to happen. Then it was over and they were invited into the drawing room. As before they waited for several minutes before madame and her husband appeared. Tonight both were dressed in long dressing gowns which concealed their figures.
"Welcome girls. I hope that you are ready for your next lesson."
At this she unfastened her gown and they saw that she was naked underneath. Again they gasped as they saw what a breathtaking figure she had. She laid the gown on the sofa and called June to her.
"My dear as I have explained the rod is not the end but the means to an end. I have watched you as I cane you and I can see that for both you and Angela its effect is deep and profound. I am going to get you, Angela and Charles to beat me. You will see that as the rod is applied so I find a higher and higher eroticism which transcends the pain and allows me find my final sexual goal. I want you to take the punishment cane and give me one dozen strokes. Then Angela is to do the same before Charles will finish off. While he is beating me you two play with other as you did the first night when I discovered you. I think you will find the experience interesting. Remember when I ask for a thrashing that is what I mean so June and Angela do not spare me. You will be doing me NO favours. First though come and feel my bum, the soft warm cheeks, caress the and play with them. Then cane me."
She bent over the end of the sofa as June stepped forwards and gently touched her bum. It was warm and throbbed with life and as she touched it June began to handle it more vigorously until she felt the tension leaving them.
Charles handed her the cane and pointed to his wife's bum before walking over to Angela and sitting down beside her opened his gown. He put Angela's hand on his cock and she grasped it firmly. She fondled his prick as they both watched as June took up the cane. She had always wanted this chance but now she had it she didn't know what to do and the first stroke hardly touched the bum.
"Much harder."
Again she struck and again and, as she saw the lines she raised so she began to enjoy it. The cane thrashed into the meat of the bum and bounced back with the resilience of the cheeks. Again and again she lashed down while Madame was crying out:
"That's better but still harder".
The end of her twelve came and Madame stood up and kissed her:
"That was beautiful my dear once you got started. "
She lay back and opened her legs.
"Before you leave feel between my legs. What do you notice? "
Angela's fingers entered Madame's cunt and she felt the puffed lips, the warmth and the warm wet juices which oozed out. She slid them deep inside and madame cried out.

"Push your fingers in and out."
She did so moving faster and faster as Madame encoouraged her. She felt her fingers being squeezed by madame's cunt muscles until with a final squeeze her back arched and giving a 'Caw'" madame shuddered and collapsed.
Madame lay their gasping for a few minutes.
"Now it is Angela's turn. Come Angela hand my husband's cock over to June and take up the cane."
Angela walked forward. She had seen how June had caned Madame and was determined to do better. Madame presented her bum now reddened and marked and Angela took her place and used her fingers to feel madame's pussy. She was astounded at the heat and the wetness but then remembering what she had to do she lifted the cane over the bent buttocks and thrashed it down. She felt such power and remembering the way her bum was still sore from the session this morning she intended to take it out on Madame. Two, three, four strokes by stroke she thrashed home. Madame was now moaning and squeezing her body against the the back of the sofa. Six, seven eight Angela was perspiring with her efforts and found that her arm was weakening when she wanted the stroke to be at its hardest but she did her best and brought out a cry from Madame. Angela finished the caning and stepped back.
"Excellent Angela. You girls still have far to go but you have made a good start. Now watch my husband."
The girls went and sat down on the sofa while Charles took up an even more fearsome cane and swished it through the air a dozen times. His wife kissed him and took up her position. Her bum cheeks were flaming and the girls could see their handiwork but now they sat in awe as they watched a Master at work. Charles took position and measured his wife's bum with the cane giving it one or two gentle taps before with a flick of his wrists he brought it down "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKK!!!" searing into her bum with a power they could only dream about. "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKK!!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKK!!!" the strokes rained home and the girls saw that their powder-puff efforts bore no relationship to the force Charles was applying. "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKK!!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKK!!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKK!!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKK!!!" there was no let up from the rain of blows and the girls could see, although not understand, that Madame was going into that trancelike state where the true flagellant finds their Nirvana - where the pain and the pleasure reach their common goal and transform a brutal beating into a unique erotic experience. "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKK!!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKK!!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKK!!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKK!!!" there was no let up and the girls had lost count was it twenty or thirty or forty before finally with one tremendous "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKK!!!", Charles threw the cane down and spreading his wife's tortured bum cheeks thrust his rigid cock into her anus. She screamed with pleasure and kept crying out as her husband thrust and thrust faster and faster until he could hold no longer and with the final powerful thrust spurted his jism into the dark warm interior. Both of them were panting and exhausted as he came away with a 'plop' and they both collapsed on the 'chaise tongue'.
The girls watched in amazement and awe as they took in what had happened. Their heads were whirling and they found that they found their breath coming in short pants as they had been so personally involved. They looked at each other and knew instantly that this was the way they wanted their sexual experience to develop.
Madame took a glass of wine for herself and handed glasses to the girls before looking down at them quizzically.
"Now you have seen the pain and pleasure of flagellation. I promise you that we will guide you carefully through until you fulfill your destiny. Look at my bum cheeks and inspect the marks then I want June to rub some cream into them. Angela, my husband awaits you."
She bent over in front of the two girls who felt the hot bum cheeks and traced the raised marks scarring them. Her bum was scarred with thick purple lines which stood out proud. Then Angela stood back and walked over to Charles who held out his hands to her.
"First a dozen with the cane and then I will introduce you to a real cock instead of the dildo you had last night. Bend over and prepare yourself you are now entering into the world of flagellation."
Angela bent over and knew that following the caning in the morning this would really find her needs out. "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKK!!!", - it had started and she knew she would need to be at her strongest "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKK!!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKK!!!", she wanted to rear up after these but gripped the back of the chaise firmly "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKK!!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKK!!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKK!!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKK!!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKK!!!" one by one the strokes fell often crossing the marks of the morning but ,as Madame had stated, she suddenly found that she was floating outside her body and, although the caning was paining her, the erotic side had taken her over lifting her to a new plane of pleasure which made her scream in ecstasy as the "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKK!!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKK!!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKK!!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKK!!!" last strokes fell. She lay across the back of the chaise tongue sobbing gently until she felt Charles soft fingers parting her pussy lips and his cock nudging in. With one thrust which caused his pubic hair to scour and sear her bum he opened her and she felt his cock slip deep inside her quim. She immediately noticed the difference between the hard hardness of the dildo and the warm soft hardness of the real cock. Charles settled himself and taking her hips in his hands began to drive in and out. Angela knew then that she was what she needed and the warmth and passion which the cane had engendered was ready to spurt from her as he rogered her. As he fucked her she soon found that she could pick up his rhythm and work with him to make his thrusts go deeper and harder than than she thought possible. Eventually she felt the warm glow work from her toes flush through her body as she came with a great shudder her juices joining those of Charles as he spurted into her. She felt the warm sperm mixing with her own spend before he gently slipped out from her. Giving her a kiss he sat down with her and they watched June and Madame.
They in their turn had been watching Charles and Angela and Madame clapped:
"Well done Angela now we must deal with June. June I want you to massage and caress my bum using the cream to help you. Once you have started you are in control."
She lay across June's legs and waited. June took some cream out of the jar beside her and gently smoothed it into the purple ridged buttocks. She felt Madame tense under her as she rubbed. Her fingers moved back and forth across the bum and down the inside of Madame's thighs and then saw that her legs part. Remembering what had happened between her and Angela she slipped her fingers between her thighs and felt them open wider. She touched Madame's pussy and was surprised because she found a very prominent nub which reacted quickly to her touch. She rubbed slowly and gently with her thumb and felt Madame bucking under her. Then she explored the inside of Madame's pussy while Madame writhed under her hands. First it was one finger then two and finally three fingers which explored high inside while Madame spread her legs even wider to accept them. She bucked and writhed pushing herself down onto June's hand while June reamed her out with her fingers finding that the exploration was more erotic than when playing with her own pussy. Madame cried out and reared up as she finally came and June felt the warm flow on her fingers.Sshe then removed them and smelling first the special scent of arousal then licked the cum from them. Madame stood up and sat June on the edge of the sofa. She spread June wide and went down bending forward and taking her tongue to June's pussy. For June, inexperienced in sexual matters the exploration of the experienced woman licking, sucking and tonguing her clitty and vagina was enough to sent her into wild raptures as she locked her legs round Madame. Through glazed eyes she watch as Charles stepped over rubbing his cock to firmness before parting his wife's bum cheeks and thrusting it in. Madame gasped with the entry but still explored the insides of June deeper and deeper with her sensitive fingers and tongue forcing cries of passion from her. Charles meanwhile was rogering his wife with a steady stroke the urgency having been dissipated by his involvement with Angels. Event ally for all parties the end had to come and Charles gave a final thrust before spurting into Madame's dark and secret interior. Madame in reaction pushed her fingers high into June bringing her to the climax she had been needing.
The trio untangled themselves and Madame kissed and hugged June before ejaculating:
"That was magnificent you and Angela are truly ready to become members of our private club. Are you ready to go farther ladies. The journey I promise you will be exciting, painful and erotic and is not for the fainthearted but for the true aficionado it takes you to highs you can only dream about. Would you like to join us next time or is this as far as you wish to go? Whatever you decide we shall honour your decision. Go and talk to each other tonight and give us your decision in the morning."
The girls retired to June's room where they lay back and talked about the evening and their experiences. For both of them there was no choice to make - they knew that inexorably they were being drawn into a way of life that they wanted. With a final kiss of agreement Angela left for her own room and an exhausted sleep.

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