Homework - Part 4 - Onward and Upward
The Disciplinarian

The girls were now coming to the end of their stay with Madame, their studies had made real progress and now they were being invited to a private party. Their last week found them very bouncy but they knew that Madame was protecting their bums for the party they were attending and she was careful not to spank them too often or too hard. Finally the day came and Madame told the girls to be prepared by 8pm. They were to dress in the costume that was on each of their beds.
They went upstairs and found that there were fantastic underclothes with lacy white for June and black for Angela. The garments consisted of brassiere, knickers, thong, suspender belt, stockings and high heeled shoes. To cover this was a robe with a hood and a rope belt. They dressed together and giggled as they saw each other in the gowns. They went downstairs and saw that Madame and her husband were dressed in the same way. Madame took a hand of each them and looking them in the eyes said:
"I am going to ask you for one final time if you wish to join us and go ahead with the evening. Once you have left here for our destination it will be too late. Think carefully before you decide."
Both girls had no hesitation in stating they wished to go ahead with the adventure. Madame nodded and led them all out from the house into the car. As they settled in the bac she put blindfolds over their eyes explaining that they must not know where they were going until they had been accepted. Charles drove and they wended their way through roads and lanes until they arrived at the gates of a large house. The gates opened and they continued up the drive until they reached the front door. They parked the car removed their blindfolds, pulled up their hoods, and walked up the steps to the door which was opened before them. They entered the hallway and were met by a hooded figure.

"Welcome friends. Please go into the side room where your friends are waiting for you."
They went into a large room where about half a dozen other people were chatting, because they had their hoods up it was impossible to tell whether they were male or female. They were given a glass of wine and invited into the circle of people where the small talk gave nothing away. The girls waited for something to happen and after a few minutes a figure stepped forwards and welcomed them all.
"We have two new visitors to our party. Tonight is their initiation and how they perform will decide whether they join us in the future. I might add that they have been well trained by Madame and her husband so I have no worries on that score."
At that point he bowed to Madame who was obvious even hooded. She nodded in acknowledgement.
"We will now uncover."
As soon as he said this the girls saw that everybody was removing their gowns and they stood revealed as an equal in numbers of men and women dressed in an assortment of clothes. When they saw June and Angela with their lovely figures and breathtaking underclothes there was a murmur of pleasure and a gentle clapping. A tall slim man stepped forward, he was middle aged with a small pointed beard and he welcomed the girls.
"June and Angela we are glad you decided to come. You will be the centre of attention for the next couple of hours as you will be tested by each of us. Once your initiation is complete, if you have succeeded, you will be welcomed into our 'family' and be able to to join any of our meetings or meet our members privately. To start you will each receive five strokes of the cane from each member. Then you will be fucked by each of the men in turn before the ladies take over - what they will do to you is up to them. If you are ready we will now begin. June will be first. Remove your underclothes and lay across that frame you see."
He pointed to an 'A' frame which had been drawn into the centre of the room. June was helped by the others to remove her brassiere and knickers while one or two of the ladies felt her breasts and pussy as she moved forwards. She bent over the frame and was strapped down by her ankles and wrists so that she could not move. She found that there was a padded cushion of hairy material which settled across her pussy and, when she moved, gave her an intensely erotic feeling. She knew that this would be another stage in her experience exploring her sexuality and, although worried about the number of cane strokes which she calculated as forty, was prepared for her initiation through the pain. She settled herself while she heard the cane whipped through the air. She had no idea whether it was a man or woman who would be starting and as she was asking herself the very question "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!" the first stroke fell. "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!" nothing to worry about here as she had received many more severe beatings from Madame. She felt a cool hand fondle her bum before "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", a new hand took over. She found that she could distinguish this person from the first by the placing of the stroke and the whip of the cane "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!". That was the second person and by now she felt the tingling in her bum which the cane always produced with its early strokes. She rubbed herself against the pad and felt the warm glow which ran through her buttocks and thighs as she was sliding into an orgasm. Another rougher hand smoother her bum and "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", by God that was harder. This time she knew it was a man and his strokes seared into her while the earlier ones had just caressed."WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!". She now found that the change of spanker had changed her attitude as he had been more powerful and more experienced in spreading his strokes.She saw one of the females step forward and take up a different cane from the table. June had no idea of the significance but she soon felt it as "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", the first two strokes were driven with a power and finesse even beyond the previous man. The first had been high on her bum which was relatively untouched while the second much lower and near to the top of her thighs . "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", she wanted to cry out after this one because it was so vicious "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!" "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", the last from the lethal lady fell and June felt her come behind her and after caressing her bum whispered:
"Well done my dear. Halfway there!"
June needed the encouragement as her bum was beginning to feel sore. She readied herself for the second half and was relieved when the first person was very gentle while the second was not much harder. She guessed however that this was just the 'hors d'ouvres' to the rest and sure enough "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", a searing pain surged through her when the first stroke from the next person landed and drove her into the frame. "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!" each stroke was harder and more telling than the previous ones and she knew that she would need all of her fortitude for the rest of the session. Yet even as she was masssaging her pussy against the frame she found that her mind was taking over from her body and, although the strokes were hard, the dreamlike state of the flagellant had taken over and it was as though she was looking down from afar on her body being beaten. Although she was not aware of it the rest of the group were nodding to each other for they recognised the state and knew that they had been joined by a kindred spirit.
The last five strokes landed but to June they mattered not as she drifted in her euphoric state and when she was finally unfastened and helped to her feet she was ready for the rest of the test. She was led to a bed in the corner and one of the men lay back on it pulling her down on top of him with his cock thrusting into her pussy. A second knelt in front and offered his cock for her to suck while the third parted her sore bum cheeks and, after applying some cream, rammed his cock into her anus. She was now plugged in all three orifices and while she sucked avidly on one and bucked on the second the third was ramming into her with enthusiasm. All of this took away from the pain she felt in her buttocks and it was not long before she found herself swallowing the jism as the man with his cock in her mouth ejaculated. She spluttered but managed to swallow most of it. The one in her arse also came violently shooting what felt a full load into her anus and she then came down on the last member as he also ejaculated into her pussy. They left her and she found herself laying there covered in cum with it oozing out from her mouth, anus and pussy.
She lay back exhausted for several minutes before she found three ladies lifting her up. They smiled and led her through a door at the end of the room when she found herself in a room with a heated pool. She was taken into the pool and then found the most exquisite sensation as she was bathed by the ladies. Their hands were everywhere as they cleaned her from the spunk which had covered her and left her feeling fresh and clean. They explored her body with soft warm hands and she could not contain herself as the massaging and caressing continued. They then took her back to join the others where she found that, far from being left on her own, they now placed her on the floor and joined her. Immediately one was over her face with a warm soft pussy, well covered with a downy covering. hovering over her mouth. She smelt the musky smell of an aroused woman as she came down on her and she tongued the clitty and slipped her tongue inside the soft interior lips. She had had a master teacher in Madame and was able to give a good reaming out to her partner. Meanwhile she found that her own pussy was being explored by an active mouth and tongue and she reared as her 'g' spot was pleasured by the same person. Again she was so emotionally overcome that she almost swooned but, after a massive orgasm by herself and the person who was tongue fucking her which again left her covered in juices, she found herself helped to her feet and after being given a glass of wine by the gentleman with the beard he welcomed her to the group.
"I think that we need have no hesitation in welcoming June to our little circle and hope that she can join us at our regular sessions. I can also promise more rest and play after this inaugural initiation. Now June join the rest while Angela is taken through her paces. Angela please.........."
And he pointed Angela towards the frame.
As Angela enjoyed the same initiation as June and with the same result I am leaving her story unwritten. Suffice to say that she received the same ringing endorsement and welcome.
The rest of the night passed quickly and it was a weary couple of girls who returned home with Madame and Charles.
"My dears you have done us proud tonight and I add our welcome to our little group. Unfortunately we both missed much of the action but if you feel up to it Charles will join you Angela for the night and I will join June. Tomorrow will be a holiday."
The girls were still on a high and this was an invitation which had never been offered before so that they were eager to take advantage of it and were soon undressed and waiting to welcome their overnight guests.

Charles and Angela went upstairs to her room and, leaving the door open so that they could hear what was happening next door. Charles removed her clothes and then stripped himself and Angela could see that he was ready for her. She knelt in front of him and took his cock in her mouth gently sucking and licking it. Soon it was ready and she lay back with her legs spread for him and with a firm thrust he pushed deep inside her. She felt his warm firm cock slip past the muscles inside her which she was learning to use and her legs tightened round her back. They were both ready and the night before had just primed them and soon they were pounding away at each other crying out as each gave the other a total pleasuring. It was not long before she felt him tensing and she squeezed her cunt muscles to tighten on his cock. As he came she screamed her pleasure and squeezed again and again to draw every ounce of jism from him. He collapsed as her legs loosened and slowly withdrew before they lay back satiated.
Meanwhile in the other room June and Madame were head to toe and they were licking each other out. Fingers slid in and found their target. Both moved in unison and they came together. Then Madame left June for a moment before returning with a 'U' shaped instrument which June saw was a double dildo and and spreading her legs Madame slid one leg inside her pussy before laying on top of June and sliding the rest inside her. She moved on June who reciprocated and the two ladies gave each other a superb and ery satisfactory fucking before they also withdrew and lay back side by side resting quietly after their exertions.
The night had finally ended in the four sleeping the sleep of the well fucked. The next part is Lifestyle and is part 5 of this story