Homework - Part 5 - Lifestyle
The Disciplinarian

The last day of their stay had arrived and the parents of the girls arrived to take them home. Madame met them and gave a good report on the two girls academic progress and confirmed that she was sure that they would now pass their exams. June's father helped her into the car and, as they drove home, told her that he had arranged a small family party with a few friends for them next Saturday. Her mother welcomed her and she found it was pleasant to be reunited with her parents after her long absence. She was soon back into the swim meeting with her friends and telling them about the work but she said nothing about Madame and her schooling methods except about the actual tuition. The rest was locked in her breast.
Saturday came and she was surprised because when she quizzed her parents they were very evasive about who was coming that evening and told her to wait as it would be a surprise but to dress neatly. She went up and made sure that she was dressed for the occasion when she heard the front doorbell ring. She went down downstairs and when her mother opened it she was astounded to see Angela standing in the doorway with a man and a woman she did know. Her mother welcomed them in and Angela rushed forward and gave her a kiss whispering that she had known nothing about this party As they were having a drink, her father explained that he thought that she would like to have a friend for her first party after returning and, as they knew Angela's parents who had recommended Madame, they had been happy to come. The doorbell rang again and after June's father had opened it she was surprised when Madame and Charles entered. June and Angela looked at each other. Whatever was Madame and her husband doing here at a family party? They welcomed them however and while June's mother handed drinks around the conversation got general before they went into dinner.

When dinner was finished June's father tapped the table and said:
"Ladies and gentlemen Madame has something to say and a gift for the girls. Madame it is over to you."
Madam Fleurette stood up with a particularly enigmatic smile on her face;
"Thank you for this superb dinner and now it is time for me to make presentations to the girls."
She lifted two boxes from the table:
"June and Angela it gives me much pleasure to welcome you to the "Family of the White Stallion". You each receive one of these brooches which are unique to the group."
At that she passed over a small box to each girl who saw that it contained a gold pendant with a white-gold stallion rampant in the centre. They looked at them with pleasure and then looking up saw that their mothers and Madame also had them showing on the breast of there blouses while the men had a buttonhole which was similar in style. They looked round the room for an explanation and Madame continued:
"Yes the group you were initiated into last week also contains your parents. They agreed not to come to your initiation last week so that you would be able to take your test for the Society without embarrassment. Here are two other items for you. This small address book contains the names and codes of the rest of the group and this mobile telephone is programmed only to send and receive to members of the group. Thus if somebody wants to invite you to a party they check you in the book and then key in your security number. This will ring on your mobile and you can make mutually suitable arrangements. You are in a position of great trust with this information as it offers you access to a special circle of like minded people, some you have met and others you will meet. Privacy and confidentiality is everything so guard them well. I know that you are ready to join as Charles and I tested you well while you were with us. Congratulations again."
The rest of the party stood and toasted the girls who sat a little overawed by what had happened. Then Tom, June's father, pushed his chair back and told them to help clear away the dinner so the entertainment could begin. The table was soon cleared by which time June's father had returned with an armful of spanking instruments which he placed on a side table.
"Madame I think that my wife needs some of your fare to start us off so Jane will you join Madame."
Jane, stood and walked over to Madame where she lay across her lap. There was soon the provocative sound of a spanking of hand on bum as Madame dealt faithfully with her. Soon Jane's dress was raised and June saw that her Mum was wearing no knickers so that the red bum cheeks were fully exposed to further treatment. More spanking as her hand cracked down and June could see the reaction as her mother wriggled under the onslaught. She knew what this meant and was not surprised when there was a jerk from her mother as she orgasmed. Madame then told her to strip and June and the rest of the party watched as her dress came off and they saw she was naked underneath. Madame told her to bend over the end of the table ready for the cane. June was enchanted to see the lovely figure her mother still and watched as the cum dripped from Jane's pussy hairs before she bent forwards.
Madame lifted the cane and, although not a punishment cane, she gave her a dozen firm strokes which marked both of her buttocks with red lines. June was enthralled as she watched the caning. She found it hard to believe that her parents were flagellants and yet this was the proof. She was sure that they would have some fine times on their own as well as going to spanking parties together. She came back to the present for her father had now removed his clothes and Angela's mum was applying cream to Jane's anus. Soon Tom was bending over his wife's back and after feeling for the puckered rose thrust his cock into her anus. Jane cried out one as he entered, more from pleasure than pain. Once he was settled Madame took up her cane and thrashed his bum a dozen times causing him to thrust deeper into his wife. She was obviously ready for him and June watched fascinated as he powered in and out of her bum while she cried out in pleasure. Eventually the telltale stiffening took place as with one final thrust his sperm launched itself into her while she screamed with ecstasy. Tom eased out of his wife with a 'plop' and hugged her before she went over to June whispering:
"I am glad that you have joined us."
This was the call for them all and soon there were eight naked people in the room. As June removed her clothes she found that following her initiation she was not shy at all and when she saw Jack, Angela's father coming towards her with his cock already part erect she soon paired. Jack had her across his naked legs spanking her bottom firmly with his large firm hand. She felt the sting in her bum which was so much part of the pleasure and also felt his cock harden between her legs as he became more excited. He spanked for several minutes before seeing that they were both ready he lay her down on the carpet and opening her legs entered her with his thick long cock. She felt him drive inside so that his cock filled her even more than Charles. He rested for a moment on his elbows before powering in and out with great thrusts which made her gasp. She soon found his rhythm and wrapping her legs round him pulled him even farther in as she joined in the back and forth movement. The excitement of the evening soon had him ready and she felt him stiffen before the fantastic ejaculation which shot his sperm into her warm interior. He waited inside her for several minutes while his cock subsided and then withdrew and they lay side by side for a moment as he watched his wife being fucked steadily by Charles with an energy and application which suggested that he would still be going in a few minutes time. Her father was rogering Angela while Madame and her mother were playing the sixty-nine preparatory to using the double dildo Madame firmly grasped. As June watched she saw her mother take the dildo spread her pussy lips and slip it inside her before offering the other leg to Madame where it was gratefully accepted. She was sure that she and her mother would be using this before many days had passed. Soon the two women were pushing away at each other as they rode to their fulfillment.
Eventually everybody was exhausted and they lay back gasping and resting. After a pause Jack stood up and, with his cock still standing out from his pubic hair, poured glasses of wine for each of the party. He raised his glass:
"Welcome home girls. I don't think that you can have expected such a welcome. May it be the first of many we can all participate in. Although this has been a private party once your details are with the rest of the group you can call or be called by any of the group at any time. I would recommend that you do NOT stray outside the group for your sexual pleasures."
Slowly the wine had a reviving effect and one by one they began to stir themselves. June found herself being hugged by her mother without any embarrassment on either side.
"Welcome home daughter and I am so glad that you are ready to join us. Now I want you to use this strap on me two dozen times hard - remember hard. Usually it has been your father when you have been out with your friends. I expect that you have already found out that in this group we do not tap and the cane and strap are applied firmly."
She stood up and picked up a thick leather strap handing it to June and then bending over the end of the sofa. June found it strange but was ready and taking up her position lay the strap across her mother's bum before lashing it down hard. She soon got into a rhythm and thrashed the bum cheeks time after time while her mother urged her on. She had almost lost count but then decided that it was time to finish and gave three mighty cracks which leathered her mother's buttocks and turned them a very bright puce colour before she dropped the strap. Her mother stood up and hugged her daughter before laying her back on the floor and opening her pussy lips.
"That was superb. You have learned a lot while you are away. Now I am going to pleasure you."
She sunk down until she was between June's legs. She pushed them apart to give more access for her tongue and she was soon exploring June's pussy. For June the feeling was exquisite as the tongue touched her clitty and flicked up and down across it before entering her musky interior. She stopped her mother for a moment and made her turn round so that the play was now mutual and she was able to see and kiss the fleshy lips which protruded down. Her tongue sunk into her mother's pussy which was slippery with cum and soon she found that they were both giving and taking in a mutually pleasurable way until they reached a simultaneous climax and collapsed beside each other panting and gasping with their efforts.
As June looked across she could see Madame being given a good thrashing with the cane by her father. There was no doubt from the marks that this had been a sustained piece of work with at least a dozen red lines scarring her buttocks. Madame was clearly enjoying it however and was sucking of Angela's father at the same time. Each stroke of the cane forcing her mouth farther onto Jack's cock until he took her cheeks and with a few rapid thrusts shot his load down her throat so that she coughed and spluttered with the massive amount he spurted. Her father meanwhile had delivered two mighty whacks with the cane which had sunk into the bum so deeply that they disappeared before returning to the surface and Madame rose to her feet crying out with pleasure while her mouth was still dribbling Jack's cum.
June watched her father as he parted Madame's bum cheeks gave one or two rubs to his cock and then thrust his firm pole deep into her anus bringing more cries before she settled down to enjoy his fucking. Angela winked at June and taking up a cane walked over to Tom and beat him a dozen times while he was rogering Madame. Even he could not keep it up and with the final cane stroke from Angela he pulled Madame back on to his cock and spurted into her.
It was now time to end the evening and after everybody was cleaned up and dressed they kissed and parted leaving June and her parents on their own. Her Dad smiled
I am glad that you enjoyed it. Now it is time for bed but I am sure that we will have lots of fun in the future!"
The rest of the group left with good wishes and promising to return for another session in the future.
Further Adventures of June and Angela are in the next volume of Homework