Homework - Part 7 - Angela's Story
The Disciplinarian

After Angela's telephone call the two girls met and told each other what had happened to them with their first independent experiences. We have already heard of June's so now it is Angela's turn.
Two nights after we received our brooches I received a telephone call from a man who explained that he was from the "White Stallion" and would I meet him and two friends the next day. He would collect me from my home and take me to the rendevous. I told my parents and they were pleased that I had already been called as it showed that I had pleased at the initiation.
Next morning at about ten in the morning I was met by a pleasant-faced middle aged man who showed me his badge before driving me to our rendevous which was a large block of flats in a select area. He parked the car and then we took the lift to the top floor - he called it the penthouse. When he opened the door I saw another man and a lady who I recognised from the Initiation standing in the centre of the room. The lady came forward holding out her hands.
"Welcome Angela. I am pleased to meet you again. I am Mary and this is my husband Peter and our friend James. We were most impressed with the way you and your friend stood up to the Initiation ceremony and we decided we would like to meet you in our own home as soon as possible. My husband collected you and this is James another "White Stallion" member, who we play with and who also wanted the chance to meet you. Unfortunately he missed you at the initiation as he was out of the country. I hope that you enjoy your day with us and to help you settle I will start."

At this she unfastened the front of her dress and then removed it. She stood there in black silk knickers, brassiere and suspender belt. Her black stockings were pure silk and, as she stood there, I saw that she had an lovely figure. She told me to sit down on the settee and then spread herself across my legs so that her bum was ready for my hand. I took as deep breath and "SMACKK!!" my hand came down. "SMACKK!!", SMACKK!!" now I was into my rhythm and I spanked away for several minutes before I stopped to remove her knickers. As she arched her back so that I could lower them so I saw that her bum was already a bright red. The two men were watching carefully and I saw that each had lowered his trousers and pants and was playing with his cock. A quick glance showed that both members were well proportioned and already standing, albiet still not fully active.
"Now Angela I need a good long strapping. Will get a strap from over on the table. Make sure that it is a good thick one as I want to get a really hard thrashing. I know that you can do it. Before you do start however I will strip off and I suggest that you do so as well as I know the men will be ready for their entertaiment when we have finished."
Angela smiled and watched as Mary removed her brassiere before unfastening the clips of her stockings to her suspender belt. She removed the belt and then the stockings until she stood there naked. Her luxuriant auburn pussy hair mirrored the hair on her head. Angela removed her own clothes and there was a murmur of approval from the two men as she finally removed her knickers. She walked over to the table and selected a long thick strap with a handle. She swished it through the air once or twice and was satisfied with its efficacy. Mary was already bent over the end of the sofa and her firm bum cheeks were already reddened from her hand-spanking..
Angela smoothedher bum and then rested the strap on her bum. She raised it and "SWISHHH!!", "SPLATTT!!" brought it down firmly across both cheeks. "SWISHHH!!", "SPLATTT!!", "SWISHHH!!", "SPLATTT!!", "SWISHHH!!", "SPLATTT!!" the blows fell with regularity and firmness. Ten, twenty, thirty. Mary's bum was now turning to a bright scarlet with thick lines scarring it. Angela stopped for a moment and massaged Mary's bum slipping her fingers between her pussy lips. They were wet with cream. She stepped back and "SWISHHH!!", "SPLATTT!!", "SWISHHH!!", "SPLATTT!!", "SWISHHH!!", "SPLATTT!!" the strap continued its relentless message. Forty passed and then it was into the final tranche. Angela found her arm getting tired but steeled herself to make the final three the hardest of all and "SWISHHH!!", "SPLATTT!!", forty-eight crossed the rest from top to bottom, "SWISHHH!!", "SPLATTT!!", forty-nine crossed that one until finally "SWISHHH!!", "SPLATTT!!" the last stoke caused Mary to grunt with its force as it drove her into the back of the sofa. Angela put down the strap and was about to raise Mary up when she was moved aside by Mary's husband who advanced on his wife with his rampant cock erect and taking the sore bum cheeks he parted them pointing his cock at her pucked anus. She cried out as he thrust home but once his cock was deep inside her she told him to 'fuck away'. The other two watched as Peter pounded home in and out with firm thrusts while his wife urged him on. It could not continue and with a final effort he gave a last thrust ans spurted inside his wife's dark interior. He rested for a minute and, as his cock shrunk, withdrew with a 'plop'. His wife stood up gingerly and hugged them all.
"Now James demonstrate your prowess on Angela. I see that you are ready. "
As she said that she flicked his erect pole which vibrated with the touch. He looked at Angela and then lay her on her back on the ground before kneeling on each side. She guided his cock to her pussy li[ps which were wet and itching for a release. He slid home and she felt totally filled and ready as she locked her legs round his back. He fucked away gently at first but soon both of them were moving actively to and fro. She was glad that he was a stayer as she was not yet ready for him to come and it was a marvellous but indefinte time before he finally tensed and she felt him ready to come. With a final thrust he drove up to the top of her vagina before he spurted gouts of spunk which filled her and oozed out onto the floor. They lay their gasping while Peter and Mary laughed and clapped.
"Now let us have a drink and some sandwiches and then I am going to test Angela's bum. She certainly knows how to spank as my bum confirms."
She stood up and turned round so that everybody could admire her spanked bum before taking a bottle from the sideboard and charging all of our glasses. It looked strange to see four naked people sitting their drinking wine and eating sandwiches but we were very relaxed and enjoyed each other's company.
After half and hour or so we were refreshed and ready to continue. Mary stood up and said that it was now the turn of the men to test our metal. They would toss for partners and whoever they selected would be spanked, caned and fucked. The idea was enthusiastically received and our knickers were hidden in a bag and Peter and James selected one pair each. Peter collected mine and James was left with those of Mary. It was agreed that we would both be dealt with together and the two men sat on two settees and we spread ourselves across their lap. We, and they could watch each other as the spaking progressed..
I had not long to wait before Peter started spanking and, almost in unison, I heard James spanking Mary. The sound of "SMACKK!!", SMACKK!!" echoed around the room and in a very short time my bum was tingling with the blows that followed quickly one after the other. Because we were already naked there was no clothes to remove so the spanking was all on the bare bum. Pater soon began to explore my pussy and I heard Mary squeal as James investigated her. This must have gone on for as long as twenty minutes and my bum was feeling quite sore but the rest of me warm when Peter said that he thought that it was time for the cane. James agreed and Mary and I stood up.
Two chairs were placed facing each other in the centre of the room and the two men selected their weapons while we prepared ourselves over the the chairs. We looked at each other in apprehension as the men stepped forwards and took up their respective positions. With a nod to each other "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", the first strokes fell. I had a feeling that this would be a long and painful session and I was not wrong. "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!",the men vied with each other to lay on the hardest and both Mary and I were being thrashed without mercy. Ten, fifteen, twenty before the final five to make it an 'Eton butcher's' were laid on with enthusiasm and accuracy. No stroke was out of place and no stroke failed in its purpose. After twenty five they stopped and I felt Peter part my ravaged bum cheeks while his finger prodded my anus and pushed in. I twitched and then I felt his cock probing the puckered hole until it found its target and then slowly he pushed home. I looked up and saw that James was doing the same to Mary and then they competed to see who could keep going longest as they fucked and fucked. I slid my fingers down to my pussy and played with my clitty which was warm as James powered in and out. The sensation was different but equally as enjoyable as being fucked in my pusy and although i was exhausted by now I urged him to outstay James. In the end they mutaually agreed to end and with a final thrust home I felt a surge of hot sperm inundate my insides. Mary had received the same treatment and we came together. The two men withdrew and lifted us up and congratulated us on our stamina.
Mary then took me by the hand and said that it was time for us to go and shower. The bathroom was huge and the shower stall was large enough for both of us. Mary started the shower and we went under together. We took up shower gel and massaged each other as we applied it. Mary was superbly built and she obviously enjoyed my body as we played and caressed each other. Mary took my face in her hands and kissed me with her tongue sliding between my lips. I carressed her bum with my hands and then slid my fingers inside her pussy. She squeezed her legs together to hold me in and then slid down between my legs so that her tongue found out my clitty.and rubbed it until I cried out. We finished our shower and dried each other and then returned to the living room. Here we found the tow men were not wasting time but Peter was over the back of a chair while he was being fucked comprehensively by James. I had never seen two men doing this before and looked surprised but watched as Mary put her fingers to her lips and creeping to the table took up a long firm cane. She stood by James and with firm and even vicious strokes gave him a dozen across his bum. James cried out but it also urged him to even greater efforts so that Peter was crying out with pleasure. I was surprised that James had the energy after his efforts with mary but clearly he had plenty of stamina. Even the best things could not last and there were half a dozen short digs before he finally collapsed over Peter's back.
When he had withdrawn Mary told Peter that having had the pleasure he would now receive the pain and she told him to remain in position as I would give him two dozen with the same cane she had used on James. James laughed as she saw me take my position and then "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", I started lashing down across his unmarked bum. After the first dozen I decided that I would strike harder and as Mary nodded and winked at me I took the cane more firmly and "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", went into then final dozen. These certainly caused Peter discomfort as he wriggled until the cane but finally it was finished and I helped him to his feet.
Now it was time for us all to rest and take stock with another drink and sandwiches before we all agreed that we were now so shattered that we would end the session. Mary and Peter thanked me and James offered to drive me home and we all agreed to do it again in the near future.
I returned home and told my eager parents the details of my experience. They were glad that everything had gone well and asked if they could see my bum before they retired upstairs. I lifted my dress and they caressessed my marked bum before they retired. I soon followed and saw that their door was open. I peeped in and saw that my efforts and comments had had a profound effect as mother was spread across the bed and he was up between her legs giving her a good firm rogering. Read Part 8 - The Inner Circle