Homework - Part 8 - The Inner Circle
The Disciplinarian

June had passed all her examinations and had found that membership of the "Family of the White Stallion" had opened doors and even found her a suitable post. She worked for Peter in his business and was able to leave at any time when she told him that she had 'White Stallion' business. She still kept up her friendship with Angela although she had not progressed as far as June. Both girls enjoyed their nights together when they could have an uninhibited private relationship. During it they explored each other bodies and sexuality avidly and promised that they would never be separated. Eventually the took a flat together. This was very useful because as they were both in the 'Family' they were not worried when the other went away for the day or night. They loved every minute of their experiences and although once or twice they had been flogged heavily it had not dimmed their enthusiasm for the rod.
It was late one afternoon when June received the telephone call. It was Peter
"June I shall require you over the weekend. Can you come on Friday and stay until Monday? I promise you will not regret it."
She had no hesitation in agreeing and they arranged to meet at the tube station as usual. Peter was waiting for her when she arrived and as they drove away from the station he started talking:

June, you gave been with the 'family' for nearly a year now and we have been receiving good reports about you from everybody you visit. I am therefore taking you to visit the Inner Circle, of who I am a member, who have a proposal for you. I can say nothing more until we arrive but please understand that you are under NO obligation to accept the proposal and if you refuse I will take you back to the station and you will continue as before. Is that clear?"
June wondered what it could be about but was happy to agree.
They drove out into the country and reached a driveway she could not recognise and through some gates which were opened for them. They continued up a long driveway until they reached the main doors and Peter stopped; they left the car and he led her up to the main doorway. where she was met by a familiar figure. The man with the beard who had been at her initiation nearly a year ago.
"Hello my dear, I am so glad to hear of all your success with the 'family'. Now go into the room over there and remove your clothes then put on the robe you will find on the chair. If you wait there I will come for you."
June did as instructed and stripped naked before dressing in the robe provided. She tied the sash and waited already tingling with anticipation over what awaited her. After about five minutes her guide returned.
"Come with me and do not be frightened. I promise you nothing will happen that you do not agree to." She followed him out of the room and along a corridor to a larger room which was brightly lit. There was a table at one end and sitting behind there were seven people, four men and three women. She recognised some of them from previous encounters but some were new to her. She walked forwards to stand in front of them. The lady in the centre spoke first:
"Welcome June. I am glad to see you again and remember our last meeting with pleasure, and pain. You have been brought here to offer you a position with the family. Do you understand?"
"No madam."
"No! As some of our group have not met you before will you please remove your cloak and turn round so that everybody can see you naked."
June slipped off her cloak and turned round as requested. There was an appreciative murmur from the members at the table.
"Thank you. You will now be caned by two of our group so that they can see your abilities. Will you bend over the frame in the centre of the room while we join you."
June stepped forwards to the 'A' frame and bent herself over the padded top gripping the cross bar on the far side. She felt several hands caressing her bum before the members stepped back. A lady stepped forwards with a long thick cane which she rested on June's bum. "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!" June felt the well known burning sensation across her bum and stet herself for the rest "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!" the lady made sure that all of the strokes were dealt with accuracy and force so that June was under no illusions about the rest which would hurt "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!" her bum was measured and tested searching for weaknesses before she stopped and handed the cane over. She caressed June's bottom and then again the rest inspected as well as feeling between her legs where her lips were vey wet before a man stepped forwards. "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!" three quick hard one before a short pause then "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!" another three at regular intervals. "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", still he lashed her bum "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", surely there would not be many more and then "OH" "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!" the last two were harder and crossed all the rest.
When he stopped the rest of the party helped her to her feet and they all congratulated her on the way she had dealt with the cane. They then returned to their table and asked her to leave them for a few minutes. The bearded man returned her to the ante-room and told her to wait. It was not long before he returned and called her back to the others. .With her bum burning she stood before them and waited for their decision.
"June before we finish our deliberations we need one more thing from you. We need to test your ability with using the strap and the cane. I have volunteered for the cane and your mentor will receive the strap. Are you ready for this?
The Chairwoman stood up and moved over to the frame removing all her clothes before bending over. She had a full bum which was white and fleshy and ready to receive the cane. June took it up and "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", applied it with a firm flick of her wrist. "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!" she made sure that every one was delivered with force and by the time she had finished giving her a full well worked three dozen strokes the lady was ready to call enough. She stood up and showed the rest of her group her bum before dressing. Now her bearded friend dropped his trousers and underpants and replaced her across the bar and June made sure that he also felt the full force of her arm as she lashed his bum two dozen times with the strap. He stood up smiled and thanked her before they all retired to the back of the room and again they talked together. June stood there waiting for their decision. She was called forwards.
"June we have always wanted a 'special' submissive lady to take part in all of our meetings and following the reports we have received and the way you have carried yourself today we would like to offer you the post. This would include the use of an apartment upstairs, a car and a substantial salary. You would be expected to be available whenever one or more members wants to visit you here or call you to visit them. I understand that you can also offer other delights. Do you wish to take the appointment?
June stood and thought for a short time but knew that this was the life for her and the chance of an apartment, training others and being involved in spanking and sex was very alluring and she agreed.
"Good you may move in when you wish. I am Anne Devenish by he way and I will escort the other ladies and gentlemen out and then show you where you will live. When you are installed you will have a list of the members with their names, code names and the telephone number for contacting each one. This a great privilege and the list will remain locked in a safe which only you or the Inner Circle will have access to. When you have seen your apartment I will drive you home and explain to your family."
She escorted the others to their cars and then returned smiling at June. She took her hand.
She led June upstairs to a door opposite the top of the stairs. She unlocked the door and led June inside. This appartment is where you will live my dear and where you will entertain some of us. I am sure that you and I will be good friends."
June looked around asaw that it was a very well frnished apartment with several doors leading off a central hall which led directly into the lounge. The lounge was well furnished with carpets, sofas, pouffes, low tables etc. The lighting was subsued. After showing her this and the kitchen she led her to the bathroom which had a large bath set in the floor, shower cubicale and a jacuzzi. The last room the visited was the bedroom where June gasped at what she saw. It contained a large four poster bed with a soft deep mattress, several couches and soft carpets. The walls were hung with long pier mirrors which reflected everything which happened in the room . Anne smiled and said:
"I am sure that this will be well used by all of us !"
Behind the mirrors were sliding doors which showed cupboards containing every instrument that she would need as well as a large selection of clothes and costumes for fantasy play. Finally Anne opened another door at the side and again June was amazed to see a fully fitted dungeon. Besides the flogging bench in the centre there were 'A' and 'X' frames and a ladder fastened to the wall. There was much else but Anne moved her on.
"Let us return to the bedroom and continue there."
They returned to the bedroom and Anne took June in her arms.
"Tonight is just for us my dear so let us make the most of the opportunity.
As June watched Anne slipped out of her gown and June saw that she was naked underneath. She was a tall slim woman in her forties who had large firm breasts and buttocks. Her bum was already marked from the caning she had received and, as she turned round, June saw that her pussy was covered with a bright ginger fleece. She looked at it and saw Anne laughing at her surprise.
"Yes this is my natural colour but I always wear a dark wig at the meetings because my real colour is betwen me and my lovers. "
She lifted her hands to her head and removed the wig. She shook her hair out and June saw that she had a magnificent auburn head of hair. June shriugged out of her own gown and the two women admired the marks they had received. Anne drew June onto the bed and, lying beside her, kissed her gently slipping her tongue between June's lips. Her hands were gently massaging June's breasts. She said to June
"Look up"
June looked up to the top of the bed and cried out as she saw their two bodies spread ot on the bed. The whole of the inside of the canopy was another large mirror which reflected their play. Anne continued:
"You don't know how much I have been wanting this. I have seen you at parties and heard about you but wanted to wait until you and I could have a proper meeting. Now you are living here we can take our pleasure when we want. My own apartment is in a separate wing of the house. Another time we will visit it together."
June was as ready as Anne and before long they were exploring each other's bodies kissing and touching everywhere and finding the laughter spots and those which hurt. June slid down between Anne's legs and, pushing them wide, parted the auburn fleece so that she could get to the puffy pussy lips. She found that Anne was already fully aroused and her vagaina was covered with a thin film of cum she had already released in her excitement. June smelt that special musky smell which only an aroused woman can produce as she parted the coral lips and breathed into their depths. Anne's clitoris was as large as a nut and stood out from her labia as June sucked and licked before using her tongue to stimulate it. Anne lay back with her legs drumming the bed crying out with pleasure as June worked away. Anne arched her back and spread her legs wider apart so that June could search out her insides and her cum spurted out into June's face as she had a fantastic orgasm. As Anne came down from her high she collapsed onto the bed sobbing with emotion.
After several minutes of rest while she recovered she climbed off the bed and fetched back a strap on double dildo which she fastened round her waist. She slipped the small prong into her own pussy before tighteneing the fastenings. The dildo reared in front of her andJune saw that it was huge, both long and in circumference, and knew that once this penetrated her she would be filled as never before. Anne anchored the small end into her own pussy and told June to kneel on the bed. June took up her position with her bum sticking out and her head down and she felt Anne's fingers fumbling at her engorged pussy lips before they gently spread them wide. There was a nudge and the bulbous head of the dildo found her entrance before penetrating deeper and deeper into the eager interior. June gasped as it seemed to fill her to her extremities and she found her breathing difficult until she adjusted. Anne took June's hips and pulled them towards her so that the dildo was locked deep into the slippery interior rubbing her clitty as it passed over it . The dildo was ridged and, as it drove into her, June felt them stimulating her warm pussy walls. Finally she was filled and Anne settled behind her grasping June's hips.
In, out, in, out she pushed while June cried out with pleasure.
"Fuck me, fuck me. PLEASE don't stop!"
Anne settled back to a steady rhythm and her own pussy was feeling hotter as she continued thrusting in and our of June. By now both ladies were perspiring with their efforts and were soon on a high while the bed creaked as their movements became wilder and wilder until, for June, the end came with a surge which warmed her right through as she felt the pleasure and weakness take over. Finally she collapsed under who gently removed the dildo from June's vagina and hugged and caressed her before she unfastened it from her own waist.
She lay beside Anne looking into her eyes.
"I am so glad that you are here and I am sure that we will have a wonderful time! Will you cane me hard again to finish the evening off?"
June nodded and Anne added
"I need it and will explain why afterwards"
Anne went to a cupboard and removed a superb ridged cane from it. She came back and handed it to June. As June picked it up she saw that it was a fearsome weapon. Nearly four feet long it was made of a black bamboo and had a knot every few inches. This wa a sublime but frightening instrument which was only suitable for afficionados such as themselves.
"Hard remember!"
She then bent over and prepared herself.
She rested the cane on Anne's bum. "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!" Anne felt the well known burning sensation across her bum and set herself for the rest. This is what she needed after the stimulation downstairs and the pleasure June had already given her. June made sure that all of the strokes were dealt with accuracy and force so that Anne was under no illusions about the rest which would hurt dreadfully
"WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!" Anne's bum was measured and tested again as she eagerly awaited the pain of each stroke bulilding and building; Still the strokes came
"WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!" "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", still June lashed her bum. Now the purple weals were turning black and soon blood was oozing from the places where crossing points had broken the skin

Anne was now in her own Nirvana where the pain and the pleasure had no meaning but blended into one: "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!" the last two were harder and crossed all the rest.June was tired but as requested had thrashed Anne's already ravaged bottom with three dozen hard strokes before throwing the cane down. Anne took the dildo from the side and inserting in her pussy she rammed it in and out for several minutes before finally her body bucked several times in her final orgasm. She lay for several minutes without moving while June laid down beside her. Finally Anne kissed June and whispered in her ear:
"That was the most fantastic thrashing I have ever received. As you have probably guessed I am a flagellant and we have our own special group of ladies who meet monthly for just such experiences. The normal SM group cannot cater for these ladies. Will you join us - even if it is only to be the caner."
June thought that the experiences were coming thick and fast but she had dicovered that she enjoyed flogging as well as being flogged so had no hesitation in agreeing."
The two ladies went into the bathroom where they showered. June weould have liked to try the jacuzzi but Anne's buttocks wold not allow her to sit down . After drying each other they eased ointment into each other's bums massaged it in gently before retiring to sleep.
The two wrapped their arms around each other and slept the night away.
In the morning June found that she was on her own and explored the apartment. She found it was very well provided and superbly furnished. She knew that she would now be living in luxury but was aware, particularly after last night, that there would be services to be provided and she hoped that she could reach their high standards. She also wondered whether she would become a full flagellant.She then had a long hot bath and dressed herself with minimal underclothing but a warm dress. She then set out to explore the building and going downstairs found Anne in the main kitchen. Anne welcomed her with obvious pleasure and they sat chatting for several minutes as Anne explained the arrangements.
"This is my house and several years ago I decided to form the club because of my interests in spanking and sex. I was lucky to meet Madame and Charles who helped me as gradually we built up our numbers. Each person had to be closely vetted before they were introduced to other members and to keep anonimity we used the idea of the brooch, address book and pager. When the mobile telephone came in this was a bonus and one of our members who is a technical genius was able to make this special handset programmed so that it would only respond to the call of one member to another. As you have seen our vetting procedure is very strict and eventually we set up an Inner Circle to help with the organisation of larger parties. This is where you come in. We discoved from reports we received how enthusiatic you were, and also how professional, and we needed a special submissive who would be the focus. I am not suitable because of my position and age although, as you are aware, I am deeply involved in the physical side. Besides your figurehead function you will also have a further role. Madame and Charles cannot deal with all requests from ladies to join us. In this permissive society we are finding that more and more single ladies would like to join. You will have the very important job of meeting them and testing them for suitability. You will meet them at a flat we keep for the purpose in London and either I or another member of the Circle will be with you for back-up. You know our standards and will report back to the Inner Circle about suitablity. The final decision will be OURS in the Circle but your input will be very important. Do you feel up to it?
June thought it over as she drunk her coffee and then said that she was sure and would be ready to start whenever required.
"Good. By the way the special flagellant group I told you about is not mentioned here as it is only for a select group of ladies who require special treatment. I want you to come as a flogger at first but eventually if you wish you may well be able to join us in receiving treatment. "
The next part continues June's introduction to her new post