Homework - Part 9 - The Inner Circle
The Disciplinarian

After their exciting evening over breakfast Anne and June are now developing the programme for introducing clients
Anne stood up and told her that today they would spend the day learning all about the instruments and how and when to use them.
"By the end of the day we will BOTH be very sore but I am sure that tonight we can ease that away. Let us lockup, switch off the telephone and start."
She led June through to a part of the house she had never visited before and opened a door at the side. As they went in June gasped because the room had ladders, 'A' frames, 'X' frames, chains, and benches while on the wall were whips, paddles, straps, canes and birches. The whole array left her in awe.
"Although we have a small dungeon upstairs so that while offering private sessions you do not have to leave the apartment this is the main play room and only the Inner Circle and invited guests are allowed in here. We shall spend the day here while I teach you about all the instruments. This is why I said we will both be sore because the only way is to try them so we will both strip for action. The idea is that I deal with you first and then you deal with me to get the feel of the instruments. I can advise you on technique with some you have not seen. Are you ready?"

June undressed and looked up at Anne.
"Bend over the 'A' frame and after a few minutes of hand spanking I will use the strap. Remember that the start is ALWAYS hand-spanking as this is what prepares the bottom for it ordeal. You must also remember that all spanking and discipline is sequential. This means that we start gently and then get harder and harder using more powerful and fiercer instruments. You must be attuned to the requirements of your clients as some will reuire more than others."
June bent over and within a minute or so felt the strap making its stinging contact with her bum. Anne kept up measured strokes as she talked June through.
"Not too quick but have a pause between each stroke. Make sure that you cover the bum well. Vary from soft to VERY hard without warning. Stop and massage. Now it is your turn on me."
June stood up and changed places with Anne. She looked at the firm white bum, still marked from last night, and tried to remember all that Anne had said. She felt the tingle in her own bum as she kept up a steady rate watching Anne's bum change to a fiery red.
"Enough for that":
said Anne as he stood up,
"Now we will change to the paddle. And so it went on for a couple of hours swapping from spanker to spanked and using the various instruments. Eventually Anne said:
"I think that is enough for now so come with me. Taking June's hand she led her through the curtain at the end to a small pool with couches around the sides. She led the two of them to one of the couches and then turned and kissed June on her lips.
"Now it is time for play and you must learn to pleasure both men and women with your hands using massage and eroticism. Remember that spanking and flagellation is only part of the total experience.!"
She told June to lay face down and then June felt the warmth of her hands as she massaged oil into her back and bum. Anne's experinced fingers caressed and massaged her whole bodyaking sure that the oil reached all parts and as she worked on the bum and thighs so her fingers explored June's pussy and anus. She then turned her over and oiled her breasts thighs and pubis while June sunk into a state of total relaxation. Anne massaged and caressed, caressed and massaged all the time making sure that her fingers stimulated June. June felt Anne's fingers inside her exploring the soft inner walls of her vagina before using her thumb to massage her clitoris. June got warmer and warmer with this treatment all the time providing greater access to her body. Eventually she cried out and shuddered to a massive orgasm. Anne then kissed her and said:
"Now it is your turn and I will help and advise you!"
June took over and rubbed the oil into Anne making sure that she explored her body as well until finally Anne told her that she had finished her first lesson. She then took June's hand and they stepped into the pool. The water was about three foot deep and warmed and the two ladies kissed and played exploring each other's bodies under and out of the water. Eventually they returned to the side and climbing out rubbed each other dry with the fluffy towels laying around.
"Well done June. That was fantastic. You will often be asked to join our members here so do not forget the one principle which must govern your life from now. You are here to provide pleasure for the men and women members. Every whim must be catered for. You are also here to teach the new recruits what is expected of them. Now let us go upstairs and we can rest on my bed before we make dinner." The story now takes a different turn and will be continued further. The story now takes a different turn and will be continued further.