Jane Learns A Lesson
The Master of Discipline

Jane Newlove liked her job at the High School. She had recently been appointed as one of the Secretaries and found that the work was very interesting. She was however rather afraid of the Headmistress Mrs Greaves who seemed to be very fierce and was extremely demanding in her requirements. On a number of occasions Jane had had to fetch girls from their class to see Mrs Greaves and each time the girl had been very subdued on the way to the study. Once they had entered and the door had been closed Jane had been surprised to hear cries and sobbing over the voices and the girls had usually been crying when they had come out of the study. One of the other secretaries explained that Mrs Greaves was very strict and caned the girls if their behaviour was bad or if they did not work hard enough. Jane was relieved that she was not a pupil but one of the staff. She had never been spanked by her parents but was sure that it was painful.
For Jane the term was progressing well although she had made a number of mistakes which had brought down the anger of various members of staff. None of them had been major but the accumulation of these incidents had brought her name to the attention of Mrs Greaves. The Headmistress looked Jane's file and saw that much of the problem was carelessness which, if allowed to continue, would mean it would be necessary to dismiss her. The Head was reluctant to sack members of staff if the problem could be worked out and she decided that what Jane needed was a short sharp shock.

She called Jane into her office one Friday afternoon and when the girl was standing in front of her she looked hard at her before starting. "Miss Newlove, I am concerned about the standard of your work. When you were appointed you started excellently but the standard has deteriorated and I am now receiving complaints from other members of staff about your carelessness. I am willing to accept that you are young but I really have very little alternative to dismissing you without a reference."
Jane gasped," I am sorry Mrs Greaves, but you see I am inexperienced and the amount of work I keep getting asked to do by the staff has overwhelmed me. I promise I will improve."
Mrs Greaves looked thoughtful. "If I agree to give you another chance you must accept my punishment for your slackness. Do you agree?"
"Yes Mrs Greaves, anything!"
" Right then I am going to give you twelve strokes of the cane. It will hurt but not be as painful as dismissal. Do you agree?"
Jane was shocked but the alternative of being out of work was unthinkable so she just nodded and stuttered "Ye-e-es Mrs Greaves.
"You will return here at six o'clock when everybody has gone home ready to accept your punishment. Good afternoon."
Jane walked out of the room in a daze. Nothing had prepared her for this. She did not know what to expect but was sure that it would be unpleasant.
At five minutes to six Jane reluctantly returned through the school gates and made her way to Mrs Greaves' study. She saw the light was on and gently knocked on the door.
"Come in Miss Newlove" called Mrs Greaves and Jane opened the door and entered.

"Good, I am glad that you are prompt. You know why you are here and you have agreed to accept my punishment. Please sign this form to show that this is with your agreement. Nobody else will know about this and afterwards the slate will be wiped clean. You start afresh. Do you agree?
Jane nodded and taking the pen offered signed the paper which was in front of her.
"Now", said Mrs Greaves,"we will get down to business. Take of your skirt and tights and bend over this chair."
She pointed to a chair in the middle of the room. As Jane walked over to it Mrs Greaves went to a cupboard in the corner and took out a fearsome looking cane. Jane blanched as she saw this and wondered if it was too late to back out but finally saw that there was nothing to do except take her punishment.
"Right Miss Newlove bend over the chair. Hold on tightly to the bar. I am going to give you twelve strokes of the cane and I want you to count each one. If you stand up or put your hands behind you I will not count that stroke and you will receive it again. Do you understand?"
"Yes Mrs Greaves," said Jane from her upside down position.
embarr_for_the_secretary1.jpg - 8245 BytesMrs Greaves laid the cane across the bottom and tapped it once or twice before bringing it down with a whistle and a crack across Jane's bottom. She felt a searing pain through her buttocks as though a lance of fire had been laid across them. She screamed. This was worse than she had thought - the pain seemed worse than any toothache - as the results of the first stroke began to burn themselves onto her buttocks. She felt the throb immediately as the pain hammerd home
Mrs Greaves said calmly,"Remember to count."
And as the first call of "One Mrs Greaves" echoed so the second stroke landed, this time an inch above the first. She felt the cane land and sink deeply into her buttocks and as it lifted so the pain took over. The agony was intense - Jane was not sure that she could continue and this was only the second stroke.
"Two Mrs Greaves".
Again remorsely the cane hammered down finding another place to land and making the throbbing even worse as her whole bum was aflame.
"Three Mrs Greaves"
Was it possible for her to feel so much pain as each line was in a different area and her whole bum was exploding
"Four Mrs Greaves."
Her whole body was shaking now as the fifth and then the sixth stoke followed.
"Well done Miss Newlove, you are halfway through and you are doing very well. Now I am afraid that your knickers must come down for the last six." The Head knew that humiliation was part of the punishment and this would be aggravated by the last six on the bare bottom.
Reluctantly Jane put her fingers into the top of the knickers and pushed them down to her thighs. Even sliding the cotton over her buttocks was painful as the effects of the first six strokes were now having their full effect.
"Hurry up girl and get bent over again." snapped the Head knowing that it would not be kindness to allow Jane to slow down and Jane quickly resumed her position.
Mrs Greaves was quite ruthless in her dedication to the school and its reputation and was going to make sure that that Jane suffered the full punishment she deserved. She did not want any repetition of her carelessness so the caning must have a salutary effect. She liked her and wanted to keep her and if this was necessary to bring her to be aware of her responsibilities sobeit.
As Jane bent over the six weals across her bottom were quite clearly deliniated on her flaming bottom and he Head was going to make sure that the next six 'filled the gaps'. She measured her stroke and with a sharp crack the cane sunk into the soft bottom cheeks. Quickly a white line appeared which soon turned to red. Jane felt this even more as it crossed another stroke already received and she cried out. She gripped the back of the chair more tightly.
"Seven Mrs Greaves."
The thrashing continued but for Jane there was a change. Although each stroke was painful she was eager to accept it and ready for the next one to land. "Eight Mrs Greaves."
She waited now knowing that a change was coming over her and that the pain also included a frission of erotic pleasure. "Nine Mrs Greaves."
She felt it strike across earlier strokes and again cried out with the pain but she also felt that the warmth which had happened to her was accompanied by a warmth in her pussy and a wtness which seemed to slide down the inside of her thighs. "Ten Mrs Greaves."
By now Jane could hardly call out as the sobs from her throat were welling up and stopping her speaking but at the same time the warmth was now all enveloping and she was held in an erotic fog.
"Call out louder. I cannot hear you". Mrs Greaves spoke sharply. She knew that thesse last two would be the telling strokes. With all of her pupils she tried to make sure that they remembered their punishment and the last two stokes were always laid on even harder than the rest. She adjusted her position and tapped the buttocks gently once or twice before whipping in the hardest stroke yet. Jane screamed loudly and called out that she could take no more.
embarr_for_the_secretary2.jpg - 4102 Bytes"Last one coming prepare yourself" and Jane bent over again waiting for the final stroke.
It was delivered with an unerring eye and a firm wrist as the stoke landed diagonally across the other weals creating a pain that was so exquisite that Jane almost fainted.
"All over. Stand up Miss Newlove, you have taken your punishment well and this is the end of the matter. I wish you luck in your post in the future and I am sure that we can expect a high standard of work from now on."
Jane slowly stood up rubbing her livid buttocks. She couldn't speak at first but eventually said "Thank you Mrs Greaves I did deserve the punishent and I promise that you that in the future you will have no cause to regret keeping me."
Jane dressed herself and returned home a sadder and wiser person but not certain that there would never be any reason to complain about her in the future.
meanwhile Mrs Greaves put the cane away and told Jane that she would give her a lift home as she was in no condition to walk. Mrs Newlove suggested that Jane got in the back and kneeled on the seat to protect her sore bum and so they left the school car park. As she drove along Mrs Newlove said
"If you are not in a hurry to get home I suggest that you come with me and I will massage some cream into those cane marks."
Jane did not know what to say but agreed that it was very kind of the head and she had nowhere to go s she lived on her own.
They drove to a large detached house with a private driveway and after parking the car Mrs Greaves led Jane into the house.
"Now let us get down to easing you. Take off your knickers my dear and I will be down with the cream. Jane removed her knickers and waited until Mrs Greaves returned. with a large jar of cold cream. She st down on the settee and told Jane to come across her lap. When Jane was in position she lifted her skirt and smoothed some cream over them.
As she lay there with Mrs Greaves massaging the cream in Jane felt very warm and soon she felt that juices were running out of her pussy. Mrs Greaves ignored it and massaged away but gradually her fingers massaged Jane's inner thighs. She parted her legs to allow Mrs Greaves greater access and found that the massaging was now high up her inner thigh until a feather of a finger touched her pusy lips. She moved slightly but it was only to open her legs even wider allowing greater access and Mrs Greaves soon found that the wet pussy was eager to receive her fingers. As she massaged she gently rubbed, soon finding the clitoris and massaging it with her thumb. Jane was now so immersed in her own sensuality that she encouraged the contact and soon she felt the warmth spread through her body like a fire until with a cry she came. Embarrassed she tried to get up but Mrs Greaves held her gently down.
"Don't be ashamed nearly everybody who is spanked has these feelings including me."
Jane was startled. Mrs Greaves had been spanked? Was that what she was saying?
"Yes my dear as soon as I saw your reactions while I was caning you I knew that you were one of us. Be honest did the caning have an erotic effect on you?"
"Yes Mrs Greaves aout halfway through. Although it was very painful I felt a warm glow and by the end I felt wetness running down my legs."
Mrs Greaves laughed.
"I knew I was right. Now Jane let us find out more about each other. You enjoy spanking and so do I. How would you like the chance to spank me tonight?"
Jane was speechless but nodded her head.
"Don't be afraid dear. Now let us get out of these clothes."
As she slid it she unfastened her jacket and removed her blouse. She then removed her skirt and Jane saw that she had on a suspender belt and stockings over firm thighs and calves. She slipped her fingers into the elastic top of her panties and slid them down. As she did so her firm buttocks were exposed. Now her brassiere came off until she was nude. Jane did the same watching Mrs Greaves until the two were facing each other totally naked. Strangely neither of them was embarrassed and both seemed to accept it as a natural progression. Jane saw a very attractive lady with an excellent figure who had a prominent mons covered with a thick dark fleece and firm full breasts with prominent nipples standing out firmly from the brown aureoles. Mrs Greaves in her turn samw a young lady just blossoming into full maturity. Her buttocks were generous and although she was not tall had good breasts.
"Do you think that you can cane me? After I have beaten somebody I am alwas eager to get one myself but the chance has never occurred. Will you do it?"
Jane nodded and Mrs Greaves took a long, thick cane from the corner.
"Hit me hard and do not be afraid that you will hurt me. Get revenge for the caning I gave you this evening!"
She handed the cane over to Jane and bent over the arm of the sofa. Jane had to admit that she enjoyed the sight of the exposed buttocks and promised herself she would really lay it on. It was not as simple as that however and she found that the first two strokes were just taps and Mrs Greaves had to tell her to hit harder. Eventually she got it right and was pleased to see the lines forming across Mrs Greaves bum cheeks as she gained experience. She soon got into a rhythm and the cane thrashed through the air make its characteristic "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!" as it landed. and sinking deep into the soft cheeks. She did not know how many she had given but after what must have been twenty or thirty Mrs Greaves told her to stop.
"That was excellent my dear. You have soon learned what to do. Now it is your turn to cream me. This was a new expeience for Jane in every way as she had a naked woman across her bare legs. She took the cream and massaged it in and as she did so she tried to remember what had happened to her and she began her exploration of Mrs Greaves inner thighs.
"Go on Jane, don't be araid!"
She opened her legs for Jane to explore and soon Jane discoverd an cliity as large as a nut which was exposed and she began to rub this. Mrs Greave gasped out,
"Don't stop, I need this. Keep rubbing and lide your fingers inside.
Jane did so and soon she felt Mrs Greaves arch her back and the cry out and collapse back. She wept
"Thank you Jane I have needed that for so long. Thank you again. Shall we go and have a shower now?
The two ladies walked up the stairs together and went into the shower cubicle which was large enough for both. Mrs Greaves turne on the water and gently soaped Jane all over. She paid special attention to her pussy and Jane felt the warmth returning with the exploration of Mrs Greaves fingers. She shuddeed and came before in turn soaping the well formed breasts of Mrs Greaves. She did not know why but she put her mouth to the prominent nipples and took them in sucking and nibbling on them Mrs Greaves hugged her before, opening her legs she drew Jane's head towards it. The scent of Mrs Greaves pussy excited Jane who enjoyed the opportunity to open the pufy lips and explorethe coral interior. She saw a pink tinged opening already shining with Mrs Greaves spend. She saw the pulsating clitty and touched it with her tongue. Mrs Greaves cried out and pulled her deeperin. Jane's nose went deep inside ans she scented that special women's smell As she explored was like most ladies who had only seen her own, and then through a mirror, and this chance was a first. She opened the lips wider as Mrs Greaves spread and slipped her fingers inside exploring the coral interior. Eventually they turned the water off and retired to Mrs Greaves bedroom to dry each other off. As they did so they played and It semed natural to slip into bed together. Now naked with another woman for the first time Jane found that she was hugging and kissing Mrs Greaves who reciprocated. .
Now came the time of exploration and throwing back the covers they handled every part of each other's body. June found that she was not at all embarressed. Mrs Greaves got out of bed and went to a drawer she brought out something that Jane had never seen before but as it came closer she saw that it was 'U' shaped. One leg like a man's penis while she did not understand the other part.. It had a set of straps. Mrs Greaves said:
"Jane will you call me Karen. I am sure that you have never seen one of these before but let me explain it is called a double dildo and as well as taking the place of a man's cock the other leg fits in my pussy so that it stimulates me as well. We all need the stimulation a cock offers and this is the safe way and is perfect when two ladies sre together. If I fasten it on you will you allow me to fuck you with it?"
Jane was not shocked and immediately agreed. She lay back with her legs spread. She was not a virgin but had only had one or two unsatisfactory experiences when she was younger. Karen strapped the dildo round her waist and Jane saw her spread her pussy to get the other leg inside her own pussy. It stuck out it front of her with the penis bobbing up and down. Jane lay and opened her legs wide. Her pussy was wet with spend sn she guided the head of the dildo to the head of her pussy. Karen stood between her legs and pushed the dildo home. Jane gasped as she felt it filling her. Karen began to fuck away, Gently at first, while Jane felt her pussy being stretched as it went deeper than she thought possible. In and out, in and out the dildo rammed and both girls were soon gasping with exhertion and the pleasure they were receiving. They continued for several minutes with sensation running up and down their arms and their bodies - from warm to hot - to screaming the sensations built until they had to climax and the cried out in unison with Karen collapsing onto Jane as the both spent.
It was late evening now Karen offered to drive Jane home and after another quick shower Jane left for home. On the drive they were very quiet but Karen said.
"I hope that you enjoyed the evening like I did. I hope that we can do it again. Please understand that I am not a lesbian but am bisexual and enjoy relations with ladies as well as men. Would you like to come another time when there is a man present. I can promise you a much harder caning and real sex."
Jane thought for a few minutes and then said:
"I have never had a proper relationship with a man and I would enjoy the chance to join the two of you."
"I am glad and I will tell you at school when we can meet again. Remember though you must keep up your work standards or I cannot help you..