Ladies Circle
The Disciplinarian

Sir John was away when the long awaited message arrive from Florence for Miranda.
Dear Miranda,
Following our final conversation when we last met. I will meet collect you at 11:00am next Tuesday. Do not worry about your husband as he will be away in Scotland for the shooting with Arthur.
Your 'affectionate' friend
Miranda was waiting for her friend when the carriage drew up at the door and she went out and Florence welcomed her into the carriage.
Florence gave her a quick kiss and said:
"I know this may seem mysterious but you will find out the reason why shortly. I will say no more about where we are going. By the way how is your husband at present? It is fortunate that they all prefer the shooting in Scotland in August so leaving us ladies on our own."
Miranada was puzzled at the remarks but continued with the small talk until they reached their destination - a large house set in its own grounds and well back from the road. As they approached several other carriages were coming and going and, as they arrived, Miranda saw several other ladies entering the front door where they were greeted by a tall imposing looking woman.
They alighted and went up to the door where Florence introduced Miranda to their hostess Lady Elizabeth deVilliers.
"Excuse this informal greeting my dear but the servants have been given the day off for obvious reasons"
When Miranda looked puzzled Lady Elizabeth told her not to worry as all would become clear shortly.
The Miranda and Florence removed their coats and entered the drawing room which was a large room with attractive furniture and a number of chairs and chaise-longue around the sides of the room. There were a number of family portraits on the walla but, the unusual thing, was the number of mirrors which reflected from every wall. Miranda recognised some of the ladies but others were introduced to her by Florence as they stood around drinking tea. Lady Elizabeth entered and clapping her hands brought them to stillness.

"Ladies I suggest that we all sit down now and introduce the new members to our little circle and explain what we offer. I must point out that everthing which happens here is confidential and must go no further. Those of you who are new to us have been brought by friends who are prepared to vouch for you and think that you will enjoy our activities. What are these you may ask? I was widowed several years ago and found that although I did not miss my husband I did miss some of the things he could offer. I enjoyed the rod and aftermath. I also enjoyed, to be indelicate, the feel of a cock inside me. I found shortly afterwards when I appointed a housekeeper Mrs Anne Prince, who sits over there, that I did not need a man for any of these and, in fact, found that I achieve at least as much satisfaction with Mrs Prince as my husband. Since then one by one you ladies have joined me in our activities and we have found a mutual attraction in meeting our own sex and exploring our mutual pleasures. Again for the benifit of the two newcomers let me explain what will happen. Several of our members have faults which they wish to offer for correction. This correction is carried out by Mrs Prince following a decision by the group as to the severity of the punishment required. After this we shall all have the opportunity to indulge ourselves in our several pleasures. Those that wish to be spanked, strapped or rodded may do so with Mrs Prince or each other. There are several strap-on dildoes on the same table which are available for use and the watchword is 'pleasure'. So ladies let us start - only first names please - Joanna stand up and explain."
Joanna, who was an attractive blonde lady of about twenty five years stood up and looking round started:
"Friends I have to confess that last week I allowed a certain gentleman who shall be nameless to take liberties with me which went beyond the bounds of propriety. I feel very guilty and hope you will agree that two dozen with the cane from Mrs Prince will deal with adequately with me. Thank you."
Lady Anne looked round the room and everybody nodded their agreement.
"Right Joanna remove your clothes and take your position across the table and wait for Mrs Prince. Remember that punishment has to be severe to be effective."
We all watched as Joanna removed her clothes until finally her stood in just her drawers and stockings. Fumbling with the tie to her drawers she finally unfastened it and pushing the drawers down over her prominent buttocks they slipped to the floor. Now she could be seen in all her glory. Not only in person with large breasts and bum and a prominent mons cover by thick black pushy hair but also by viewing the mirrors she could be viewed from every angle. She stepped forward to the table where a cushion had been placed for her stomach to rest on and, bending over stretched out her arms to grasp the far end. Her firm white buttocks were exposed to everybody's view while the fig of her cunt peeked through the angle of her thighs.and a lovely sight they looked. Mrs Prince who by now had rolled up her sleeves stepped forwards taking one of the canes from the side table. She swished it through the air as she moved to take up her position at Joanna's side. Everybody else was leaning forward eagerly waiting to see the first stroke meet the snowy buttocks. "SWISHHH!!", "CRACKKK!", the cane met its target and as it sunk in made a white line across both cheeks. As the cane was lifted so the whiteness turned to red. "SWISHHH!!", "CRACKKK!","SWISHHH!!", "CRACKKK!", two more and these were just above the first leaving three angry lines. "SWISHHH!!", "CRACKKK!","SWISHHH!!", "CRACKKK!","SWISHHH!!", "CRACKKK!", Mrs Prince knew how to cane and this was no token but a fully fledged thrashing. "SWISHHH!!", "CRACKKK!","SWISHHH!!", "CRACKKK!". Joanna had still made no move but it was noticable that several of the ladies around the sides had lifted their dresses to provide access to their private parts and already a number of pairs of drawers littered the floor."SWISHHH!!", "CRACKKK!","SWISHHH!!", "CRACKKK!","SWISHHH!!", "CRACKKK!", the lines were building up and Joannas buttocks were a fiery red with their treatment when Mrs Prince stood back and put the cane back on the side table. She then helped Joanna to her feet and passed her to one of the ladies who had prepared a lounger for her to lay face down on.
Lady Anne then stood up:
"It is now my turn but before I ask Mrs Prince to deal with me may I suggest that we all get more comfortable as I notice that some of you had problems reaching your private parts. remove your clothes and then I will explain why I am being dealt with."
At this everybody stood up a with much laughing helped each other to undress and place their clothes out of the way. Miranda noticed that there were a full range of shapes and sizes form the superb form of Joanna to the more angular Lady Anne. As they undressed so they began to pair up and Miranda soon found that Florence had joined her on a lounger at the side to listen to Lady Anne:
"I have to say that this was an extremely nughty thing and at least two dozen with the strap and another dozen with the birch is called for. I lost one of my brooches and I accused one of the maids of stealing it. Even though she professed her innocence I had her beaten and then two days later I found it attached to another dress. I hope that you agree that this is the correct punishment for me. I would ask that Mrs Prince shows me no mercy and I would like to be fastened down so that I cannot move and even if I cry out she must not stop. Is this agreed?"
Everybody confirmed that they agreed and Lady Anne walked over to the table. She was tall and had prominent breasts but her bum was the best part as it was large and fleshy and clearly suitable for the punshment it was to receive. She bent over the table and spread her legs so that Mrs Prince could fasten them to the table legs. Then she did the same to the hands making sure that they were firmly held. Lady Anne was now spreadeagled in such a position that she could not move from her position. The strap that Mrs Prince took up was made of thick leather, about two foot six long and three inches wide. It was supple and had obviously seen plenty of use. "CRACKKK!!" we were shocked at the venom with which it came down across her employers buttocks "CRACKKK!!", "CRACKKK!!", "CRACKKK!!", Mrs Prince did not hold back and by the thrird or fourth stroke Lady Anne had a bum which was blushing a bright red "CRACKKK!!", "CRACKKK!!", "CRACKKK!!", still they landed and Miranda could see that the ridges the edge of the strap made was crossing other made by earlier strokes. AS she watched she felt Florence put one arm around mher while the other played like a feather on Miranda's thighs before plunging into the forest of auburn curls which coverd her pubis. "CRACKKK!!", "CRACKKK!!", "CRACKKK!!", she was getting excited watching but the touch of Florence was having an even more profound effect and she could see that other pairs were also involved with each other even while watching the punishment "CRACKKK!!", "CRACKKK!!", "CRACKKK!!","CRACKKK!!", "CRACKKK!!", "CRACKKK!!". Mrs Prince clearly knew what her employer needed and was going to give it to her in full so that by the time the last stroke of the strap met her buttocks they were turning purple with the effect. but it was not over yet and everbody stopped as Mrs Prince put down the strap and collected a birch fom a bucket at the side. A dozen thick supple twigs still with buds attached were fastened at the end by a thick leather handle.
Mrs Prince moved over to Lady Anne swishing the birch backwards and forwards to remove moisture fom the tips. It landed with a swish and a sigh across the purple bum cheeks. Again it fell and yet again. Everybody knew the cumulative effect of the birch and could see that the discomfort was getting to lady Anne as she tried to wriggle. Florence was meanwhile thrusting her fingers into Miranda faster and faster to keep time with the birch and she knew that she must come soon. Miranda's own fingers were also active and Florence had spread herself to give Miranda easier access. By now Lady Anne was crying out to Mrs Prince to stop but inexorably she lashed the birch down. We stopped our activities to see the final two powerpacked strokes thrash across the centre of her buttocks and these two final strokes raised the blood blisters which seeped blood onto the birch. There was a final scream from lady Anne and she collapsed across the table writhing with pain and also the pleasure which she clearly got from the flogging. Mrs Prince unfastened her and taking her in her arms guided her to a lounger where she applied some cream to the lacerated cheeks.
There was no more punishment arranged for the day and now it was a time to indulge. Florence collected a strap and one of the dildoes and telling Miranda to bend over the end of the lounger she proceeded to give her a sharp baker's dozen before presenting her own bum for similar treatment. This now stimulated them and Florence fastened on the dildoe before presenting it to the gaping pussy of Miranda. Both girls were so slippery that it slid home with no effort and they began the two and fro movement which was so pleasurable. Suddenly Miranda saw two other ladies, Alice and Margaret looming up - one with a dildo strapped to her.
"Would Florence like me up her arse"
She asked.
Florence nodded and stopping her heaving for a moment spread her bum cheeks so that Alice could anoint her before Margaret presented the tip and gently thrust home. Florence groaned as the dildo was lodged but then continued to ream Miranda out while Margaret worked at her bum. Meanwhile Alice had come to the side and was kissing the mouth and nipples of Miranda who found the extra stimulus very pleasurable. She was not used to having several orgasms quickly but suddenly found that with the double attack she was so flushed and warm that she was coming almost continually crying out with the pleasure. Soon she felt Florence also come as the dildo in her arse did its business and all four of them collapsed on the floor watching other couples as they played. Alice asked Miranda if she would fuck her and when Miranda ageeed helped her to fit the dildo. Meanwhile Margaret and Florence had also reached an agreement whereby Florence caned Margaret first and then fucked her. With the dildo fully lodged Alice and Miranda watched as Florence got a whippy nursery cane and with Margaret bent over gave her a round dozen cuts. She then fastened the dildo again and lay on her back with Margaret coming down on top of her. It was fantastic to see the multiple pictures the mirrors created of the activity and especially the spread thighs and wide open pussy of Margaret as she came down on the dildo. The lips were thick and puffy with her passion and the coral interior was clearly visible as she eased the tool into her. It seemed to go in forever until she squealed and said that it had reached her backbone. Alice and Florence continued their play and Miranda found that she enjoyed fucking away at Alice while she played with Miranda's bum and slipped a finger into her anus.
"Would you like me to give it you up here when we have finished" Miranda who was busy nodded and worked even harder to satisfy Alice. Eventually she and Alice were ready to end their session and with one last thrust Miranda pushed the dildo to the top of Alice's pussy while she cried out with the pleasure. They lay and rested just kissing until Alice helped Miranda to unfasten the dildo and fixed it around her own waist. She bent Miranda over and using the cream which ws still beside them pushed some into Miranda's arse using first one finger and then two to make sure it passed the puckered hole. Miranda held her bum cheeks open and felt the dildo nudge up and down as it looked for its destination. Eventually it found it and Alice pushed away. Bit by bit Miranda felt herself being stretched as the dildo went home until she thought she could accept no more. She then felt Alice's pubic bush resting on her bum and knew that she was filled. Gently Alice moved in and out bringing the tip right to the end before pushing it home again. Miranda found that she enjoyed this way her bum was being stretched and pushed back to help Alice. Her fingers meanwhile were in her pussy and also rubbing away at her clitoris. She found that the pleasure she had achieved before was just a preliminary to this and the hot flushes she had felt earlier were multiplied many times with her legs feeling weak and her pussy so alive with her feelings that she almost fainted in her ecstacy. She cried out to Alice:
"Faster! Faster! Oh God keep going don't stop."
Everybody else had stopped to watch and they gathered round the two girls entralled with the passion each was drawing out of the other. Even Lady Anne had joined them and she she was pushing a dildo in and out of herself as she called:"
"Come! Come! Quickly EVERYBODY fingers in and work yourself so that we all come together."
The rest of the ladies slipped fingers into their own or their neighbours cunt and worked away with a will fingers slipping in and out of the slippery tunnel. Alice drove on and on and by now Alice was gasping and perspiring freely her head flailing from side to side as she saw the busy hands. Miranda felt a great welling up inside her and cried out to Alice:
Alice launched herself for the last time and Miranda screamed as she felt herself split in two with the final thrust of the dildo. Alice slipped it out with a pop and unfastening it collapsed beside Miranda while the rest of the ladies stood round and clapped. By now Alice and Miranda were exhausted and covered in perspiration and Florence and Margaret brought them towels to dry them off kissing and hugging them as they did so.
"That was wonderful, I am so glad that you have joined us."
Lady Anne called everybody to order and told them that their were plenty of dressing gowns to cover themselves while they went into the next room for a light cold lunch. It was a happy band of ladies who went to lunch chattering about what had happenedthat morning. Lunch was cheerful with appointments to meet being exchanged between them. Miranda found that at least three ladies she had never met before had invited her to join them for a day or night in the future and Florence, Alice and Margaret also made assignations.
After lunch the ladies went back to their play and Miranda found that she was very popular with the members. She spent several minutes using her tongue on a middle aged lady named Fiona. She had large full pussy lips and a prominent clitoris which pushed out from between her thich blonde pussy hair. She lay back on a lounger and spread her legs wide ready to accept Miranda's tongue. Once Miranda had started Fiona could not keep silent and she wriggled and writhed in her passions until finally her body lifted and locking her legs around Miranda gave a 'caw' of plasure as she shot a liquid spend which caused Miranda to splutter as it covered her mouth and face. Fiona apoligised but said that this always happened when she came. Miranda wiped her mouth as she heard Lady Anne tell the ladies that it was time to dress as their carriages would be arriving soon. She thanked everybody for attending and gave them the dte for the next meeting.
The ladies left for their carriages which waited for them and when they were leaving Florence asked Miranda if she had enjoyed herself. Miranda laughed and said: "It was wonderful. I know now that I enjoy all kinds of sex and also the rod. I am sure that the next few years will be full of incidents especially as my husband will be travelling to China on an embassy with Lord Mornington and wives are not allowed. Thank you for introducing me to them I know I have made many new friends who will help me with my education. My husband returns from Scotland at the weekend and will stay for three days before leaving for China next wekend. Why not call and stay for a few days when he has left?"
Florence agreed and Miranda left the carriage at her front door.

* * * * * *

Sir John arrived home three days later and confirmed that he would be travelling without his wife to China.
"So madam, I feel that you need a reminder of who your husband is before I leave so as I must go to stay with Lord Mornington for the next two days I think that tonight is the time for the reminder".
Miranda knew what this would mean. A good thrashing followed by anal sex but at least it would be over for several years while he was abroad. She sat there with her head lowered and agreed with him.
"Upstairs then and prepare yourself for me".
She walked slowly upstairs and when she reached her bedroom disrobed slowly dreaming of the pleasures she had enjoyed with the ladies but, always at the back of her mind, the apprehension that her husband's appetites always produced.
The door opened and her husband walked in flicking his boots with a new riding crop. He looked her up and down as she stood there naked in front of him and then pointed his crop at the end of the bed. She walked forwards and bent across the edge. She was releived that the marks from her visit to Lady Anne had disappeared. Sir John looked at her bum cheeks and vowed that before he had finished they would have a very different appearance.
He stepped forward and lay the crop across her bum. "CRACKKK!!", "CRACKKK!!", "CRACKKK!!", the first three strokes landed in rapid succession with the white marks soon changing to red. "CRACKKK!!", the first three had been sighters but now the target had been lined up the next strokes were landed with the full force of his arm and it showed with the way the crop disappeared into the softness of her buttocks with each impact "CRACKKK!!", "CRACKKK!!". The pain was cutting her in half and she knew that each stroke would add to this sensation. She tried to remember the pleasure of the ladies circle as the pain coursed through her body and she lost herself in her dreams. Her husband had no mercy and by now her bum was a mass of weals and the raised marks turned purple. Sir John brought down the crop for the last strokes "CRACKKK!!", "CRACKKK!!", "CRACKKK!!" making them so hard that he drew blood and Miranda cried out in agony.
Sir John threw the crop away and unfastened his trousers.
"Prepare yourself Madam."
Groaning Miranda bent forward again and drew her tortured bum cheeks apart so that her husband's cock could penetrate her. He found the puckered hole and pushed forwards until with a grunt he was fully lodged. Once in position he drove in and out while his wife cried with the pain of his pubic hairs rasping on her sore buttocks. The in and out motion continued for several minutes while he drove in so hard that he almost lifted her of her feet until finally he gave a couple of thrusts and spurted hard into her. He pulled out and lifted his breeches.
"I hope that this reminds you of what will happen if I hear of any problems while I am away. I shall be leaving early in the morning and I shall expect you to see me off."
He left the room and Miranda called her personal maid to come and help bathe her wounds. As she was being eased and her buttocks having cream applied to them and rubbed in so she dreamed of what the next few months would bring.

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