Ladies Night
The Disciplinarian

It was a fortnight after the night Miranda spent with Florence when a message came from Lady Anne inviting them to her country house for a long weekend. They should arrive on Friday afternoon and remain until Monday morning. Florence rushed round to Miranda to show her her letter and confirm she would be coming. Miranda confirmed she would and Florence arranged to collect her in her carriage after lunch on Friday.
Friday came and Florence arrived and collected Miranda and her carriage took them to Lavender Manor, Lady Anne's country home. As they drove up to the house they admired the facade and saw that there were several other carriages setting down ladies and then driving away. They pulled up and alighted being greeted by Lady Anne while her staff removed their cases from the carriage. Florence told her coachman to return to London and come back to collect them on Monday. Lady Anne took them inside and led them to a large drawing room with a blazing fire where a number of other ladies, some of whom they recognised, were already assembled just standing and chatting as they drank tea.

It was about half an hour later before Lady Anne returned with two attractive men who she introduced as Sir Percival and John Hathaway. She said nothing further about them but invited the whole party into dinner where they were served by girls. Miranda noticed that there were only girls and she had seen no men such as a butler or footman on the premises. Dinner was soon finished and Lady Anne rang a small bell for attention. Everybody stopped talking and turned to face her.
"Ladies and gentlemen. Many of you have been before but let me explain for the newcomers. This is a flagellation weekend. All of you enjoy the rod and two or three times a year I give one of these weekend parties where those of us who wish to indulge can join in without any fear of being compromised. If any of the newcomers have any reservations they should tell me afterwards and I will make arrangements for them to stay at the lodge for the weekend instead of joining us. Now let me introduce our two gentleman guests. Both of them are known to regulars but, for newcomers, these gentlemen offer an extra challenge as they have very firm arms and are able to administer the rod longer and harder than any of us. They are also available in other ways for those ladies who wish to avail themselves of their services. When you return to your rooms you will find that there is a cloak on your bed. Please remove all your clothes and return dressed only in the cloak. Leave now I expect to see you in fifteen minutes back here.

* * * * * *

In a short time the ladies returned to drawing room dressed in the cloaks which had been provided. These were voluminous garments which concealed them from their neck downwards. Lady Anne joined them and told them to follow her. They left the room and crossing the corridor went down a flight of steps which took them underground. There were torches flickering on each side of the lower passage and Lady Anne walked up to a heavy door at the end and opened it with a large key. She pushed open the door and stepped in with the ladies and gentlemen following her. There was a gasp from the newcomers because they could see that this was a fully fledged dungeon with chains hanging from the walls, long benches with straps, a pillar in the centre also with chains hanging and a large range of instruments for flagellation. Around the walls were flaming torches on the walls with loungers scattered around. At the far end of the room was a large bed. Lady Anne clapped her hands and called everybody to attention. Also one wall had a large fireplace with a roaring fire burning in it.
"Ladies, welcome to our playroom. Here we are completely isolated from the world and I like to think out of time itself. Everything that happens here is totally private and nothing we do will ever be reported so you are free to indulge yourselves. Sir Percival and John Hathaway are at your disposal once they have finished with their duties with the rod. Their first business however is to deal with those ladies who have requested their services. I have eight ladies who wish to be dealt with by the two gentlemen and these will draw lots for tonight and tomorrow. New members can put their names down for Sunday evening. The first lady for Sir Percival is Margaret who wants thirty strokes of the birch while fastened to the pillar. Margaret if you will get into position the rest of us will sit down while John fastens you. By the way ladies now we are here the gowns are optional so those who wish to discard them are welcome to do so at any time. New ladies please ask me or the other ladies if you have any questions. Ah! I see that Margaret is in position and Percival is ready to begin."
Margaret was already fastened to the centre pillar with her arms wrapped round it and her legs also straddling round. She was a well built lady with a full fleshy bum and powerful thighs while large breasts were squashed against the pillar. Percival had taken a long birch from the water bucket. It had two dozen twigs, about which still had buds in place. The end was tightly tied and wrapped with leather to allow a good grip. Percival touched her bum and then raising the birch brought it down "SWISHHH!!!", "SPLATTT!!". There was a sigh from the audience as it landed crossing both bum cheeks. The birch seemed to bounce off the buttocks and faint red lines showed up across them."SWISHHH!!!", "SPLATTT!!", "SWISHHH!!!", "SPLATTT!!", "SWISHHH!!!", "SPLATTT!!" the blows landed with a measured stoke which gradually began to turn the bum a bright and then a fiery red with a myriad of thin lines criss-crossing it. "SWISHHH!!!", "SPLATTT!!""SWISHHH!!!", "SPLATTT!!". By now he was into the second dozen and the red marks were round the sides and small blisters were forming where the buds scarred her. Percival stopped and taking a cloth wiped away the blood spots. Returning to his place he then continued with the birching which was now looking very severe "SWISHHH!!!", "SPLATTT!!". "SWISHHH!!!", "SPLATTT!!" stoke by stroke he built up the pressure on her until eventually she cried out but there was no let up and the final strokes were as firm as the first ones had been. Now Margaret slumped in her bonds and two of her friends released her and led her over to a lounger where they ministered to the bloody bottom.
Miranda looked round the room and saw that more than half of the ladies had already removed their gowns and were performing various actions. Florence had a dildo inside her which she was manipulating while Lady Anne was being Frenched by another lady who was down between her widespread legs, others were playing with themselves while some still just watched. Lady Anne stood up and confirmed that it was now her turn and she would expect four dozen strokes from the punishment cane from John Hathaway. She would be fastened to one of the benches which would then be erected to an angle. She moved forwards and lay down on the bench. Miranda noted that there was a ridge across the width of the bench which helped to push Lady Anne's buttocks high into the air. Percival fastened her arms at full stretch at one end and John did the same to her feet. A strap was then fastened across her back so that she couldn't move in any direction. The two men then swung the bench so that it was nearly upright with Lady Anne spreadeagled along it and completely exposed. Miranda watched as both men took up canes and saw that they were four foot punishment canes Sir Percival stood to her left and John Hathaway, who was left handed, stood to her right. They touched their canes across her buttocks and then "SWISHHH!!!", "CRACKKK!!!", "SWISHHH!!!", "CRACKKK!!!" first one and then the other brought down the cane with Sir Percival striking first rapidly followed by John. "SWISHHH!!!", "CRACKKK!!!", "SWISHHH!!!", "CRACKKK!!!" , "SWISHHH!!!", "CRACKKK!!!", "SWISHHH!!!", "CRACKKK!!!" , "SWISHHH!!!", "CRACKKK!!!", "SWISHHH!!!", "CRACKKK!!!" - every stroke was a double one with the one - two offering no respite. The two men were remorseless and the white buttocks soon turned red and then a fiery and brilliant colour before , as the two men took a rest at halfway, the redness was changing to a dark purple colour with ridges forming across the bum. Everybody had stopped what they were doing to watch in awe the punishment Lady Anne was receiving and accepting, apparently with equanimity. "SWISHHH!!!", "CRACKKK!!!", "SWISHHH!!!", "CRACKKK!!!""SWISHHH!!!", "CRACKKK!!!", "SWISHHH!!!", "CRACKKK!!!" the second half had started and across the bruised bum the ridges and cracks would soon split open and blood seep out. "SWISHHH!!!", "CRACKKK!!!", "SWISHHH!!!", "CRACKKK!!!","SWISHHH!!!", "CRACKKK!!!", "SWISHHH!!!", "CRACKKK!!!", by the final strokes even Lady Anne was finding the pain intense and cried out with a mixture of pain and pleasure as each cane stroke landed. At last it was over and Lady Anne was released and taken to the bed where she lay face down while two of the ladies cleaned the blood off and smoothed some salve into her battered bum.
By now it was time for a break and the two men were taken by several of the ladies and stripped of their clothes. There was no doubt the effect of the caning on them and everybody present could see that their cocks were standing out proud and firm from their loins. One lady went down and started sucking Sir Percival while another presented her buttocks to John drawing his cock towards the fig of her pussy. He thrust home between the puffy lips and was soon hammering away into her while her friend bent over beside her and invited him to switch. It was fascinating to watch as he kept up the momentum thrusting into the other girl without losing his place. he kept going for several minutes before switching back to the original lady where he gave three final thrusts before shooting his load into her and laying across her back while they both recovered.
Miranda meanwhile was approached my an attractive lady who stood in front of her holding up a dildo and harness.
"Hello, I am Frances, Florence has told me about you and I would love you to join me with this. Would you like me to fuck you?"
Miranda smiled up at her and nodded. She put out her hand and took the dildo from Frances. As she bent forward to fasten the harness so she smelt the excitement in the pussy juices of Frances and before doing anything else she burrowed her face into the bush and slipped her tongue between the lips touching the prominent clitoris. Frances gasped, sat down, and spread her legs wider to allow greater access and Miranda pushed her face in with her arms grasping around Frances's thighs. She saw the coral interior, slimy and full of spend before using her tongue to lick round and massage the inside of the pussy sucking the cum. Frances cried out and her hips bucked as she came with a massive orgasm. They both rested before strapping the dildo around Frances. Miranda was impressed as this dildo had ridges aaround it, as well as apprehensive, as she saw the size she was going to have inside her. She bent over with her head and arms on the seat of the lounger and held her pussy open while Frances presented the tip to her lips. Gradually Frances inserted it and Miranda felt herself spread wide open as it pushed into her. She gasped as it thrust higher and higher while it continued to widen her pussy almost beyond bearing. The effect as it touched the sides of her vagina was exquisite and turned her legs to jelly. The girls rested and then Frances started the in and out motion helped by Miranda who pushed up against her. They were so exited that they were gasping and perspiring with their efforts. and Frances cried out as she felt a warm firm object part her bum cheeks and slip into her anus. She looked back and saw that John was behind her smiling as he fucked her bum. The three of them in tandem managed to keep up the rhythm for long minutes before Frances felt John shudder and give a final thrust with his spunk inundating her bowels. He slipped out with a plop and stood back. Frances was so affected and weak in her knees that she only push a final time into Miranda. The two girls collapsed laughing and hugging each other before removing the harness of the dildo.
"That was surprise but I love a cock up my arse, don't you?"
Miranda agreed and thanked Frances for the firm fucking.
"That dildo is SO big I didn't think that it would go in but the way the ridges rubbed the sides of my pussy was very special. Look over there we are being beckoned by Florence and her friend."
The two girls crossed over and Miranda hugged her friend and introduced Frances, while Frances in turn introduced Margaret. The four ladies looked around the room and saw that everybody was busy either playing with each other, spanking or fucking with dildoes. As they sat there the two men came over and offered their services. Miranda said that she wanted to be strapped and Margaret handspanked by the men so Sir Percival took up a strap from the side and bending Miranda over the arm of the lounger proceeded to give her a dozen sharp straps across her bum. Miranda wriggled and then, kneeling before him, took his cock in her mouth. After his actions it was at rest and she gently tickled the tip with her tongue before frotting her hand up and down so that gradually it cam to stand again. Florence meanwhile was playing with his balls and had taken them fully into her mouth sucking and squeezing them Soon he was at full stand and offered both of them his help if they would bend forward. Side by side they bent over the end of the lounger and Miranda felt his firm cock penetrate her and give two or three thrusts before drawing out and moving to her anus. His cock was primed with the juices from her cunt and he slid home without difficulty. He moved slowly and quietly until he was fully lodged and then became faster and more urgent while she had her fingers between her legs and into her pussy. She suddenly heard the plop as it came out of her and the grunt as it penetrated Florence but her fingers were now so busy that she was close to orgasm when again she felt him penetrate her. The action of penetration and her fingers brought her to a climax and she cried out in ecstacy while Sir Percival withdrew and returned to Florence. For her it was a magic moment as he ejaculated into her and she felt the warm cum permeate her insides. The two girls thanked Sir percival and turned to their friends. Both has very red bottoms where John Hathaway had given them three dozen each with his hand and he was now between the open legs of Margaret thrusting deep into her. Frances was perched over Margaret's face with her pussy over her mouth and Margaret was giving her a good tonguing while Frances was playing with her breasts. The others sat and watched as the climax was soon near and a few sharp final thrusts and John was finished while Frances shivered as she came from Margaret,s tongue.
By now the evening was winding down and Lady Anne rang her bell and said:
"Ladies and gentlemen I think it is time to wind our evening down and retire so I will say goodnight to you all. You are welcome to stay here or return to your own rooms as you wish. Sir Percival will be joining me. Goodnight."
As soon as she had left the rest of the party dispersed and Miranda and Florence looked at each other before taking hands and returning to Miranda's bedroom.