Ladies Reading Circle
The Disciplinarian

Dear Sir,
I am the Secretary of a group of ladies who meet regularly to read and discuss literature and recently a number of members have been reading erotic literature at specials meetings. While investigating the internet we discovered you two websites and besides the spanking examples shown on we have also found
We are very interested in your insight into the sexuality of ladies and my members have asked me whether you would be prepared to come and talk to us about how you approach your writing. After there would be a question and answer session.
By the way we are about eighteen ladies of all ages mostly aged between thirty and sixty-five years and are broadminded.!
I hope that you will visit us and ad to our knowledge.
Yours sincerely
Anthea Williams (Secretary)

I was happy to agree to the visit and telephoned to finalize a date.
The evening came and I drove to a large house situated in its own grounds. As usual I had my bag with all of my 'toys' in the back in case they were needed in the talk.. I was met at the door by Mrs Williams.
Welcome. You are The Disciplinarian and for this evening we will call you that and we will all be first names to avoid any embarrassment if you are happy with that. Put your coat in the side room and after you have freshened up I will introduce you to the ladies who, I might add, are VERY eager to meet and listen to your talk. "
I put my coat in the cloakroom and after a visit to the bathroom I was ready to meet the ladies. Anthea met met outside and led me to a large drawing room where over a dozen well dressed ladies of all ages were sitting on settees, chairs and some on pouffes (like bean bags). Anthea drew me into the room.
"Good evening ladies I am pleased to introduce The Disciplinarian who will talk to us on spanking. I believe most of you have read his websites so when he is finished please don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have. I understand that a man who is used to spanking ladies bottoms is not likely to get embarrassed at any questions we might ask. I will now ask him to begin."
"Good evening ladies. I usually see ladies on a one to one basis and more inimately than here but I will do my best to explain my function and safeguards.
Clients contact me and I deal with them anonymously. I do NOT ask their surname and I have no record of the telephone number they have called me from. To me a client is Amanda, Fiona etc. Usually they set up a special email address so they can contact me privately and I can reply for example amandsub@ or margsub@. This allows for total confidentiality. All clients have my email and mobile telephone number. Regulars are given my private number to enable them to contact me for long discussions (more about this latter in time). I no longer travel to clients except in exceptional circumstance and all visit me at my private bungalow which as all the facilities abailable.
Why come to ME. Let me quickly explain my background. I started visiting spanking clubs many years ago where there would be several men spanking women after a scenario had been set up such as nurses stealing drugs etc . I found that I was not happy with this approach so asked the club leader if it was possible to meet a submissive on a one-to-one basis. I was introduced to Mel one of the best who also spanked men when they reuired it. For the next two years I travelled to mel's house once a month and she and I spanked each other with the various instruments while she instructed me in the best techniques with each of them. I learned not only how to use them but also how to 'read' reactions so that i did not under, or more important, over spank, people. I still visieted spanking clubs sometimes and it was because of the appalling way men spanked the subs, hitting it the wrong place being the worst, that I started my website. If you look at The Disciplinarian you will see advice on methods, where to spank, instruments etc and I am proud that I am consulted by ladies and their partners all over the world for advice. My website also brought me many clients and if you read some of the examples you will find that I have had a range of experiences.
Just one final thing about potential clients. There are two main groups interested in spanking. Those I might call the active and those who are fantasists. The former come and get immersed into the experience while the latter find that fantasy is not the same as reality. I discover within a couple of minutes which category a client comes into and I will immediately advise the fantasist that spanking is NOT for them. I will also add one final group. This is the lady who has no bottom. I had a lady who visited me three times becase she was desperate to be spanked but her bottom was so slight that even a few handspanks bruised her. I had to tell her that spanking was not for her.
Now into the main thrust. Many man and women were spanked as children or were NOT spanked as children but heard about it and in later life they find an interest which often just ends in reading sites such as mine but in some cases find that spanking fulfils a need.
Let me deal with men first. I have few of these but usually they want to be flogged hard. Many were caned at school and this is the only instrument they require. Many of course attended public schools where caning by staff was common until recently when it was banned. It seems that they have a need for continuity and the cane deals with this. However as I have said I have few men. By the way most are NOT gay but need the cane. Many of them prefer to be caned by a lady and this is where the Domme (Domenitrix) come in. This is not my style so I will now finish this part of the talk..
Now we come on to the ladies and here I need to divide and sub-divide. The first group are those who come for erotic spanking, then those who require erotic and punishment spanking and finally those who come only for punishment.. More of these divisions after answering the question Who comes? The range is wide and I have ladies who were spanked as children by their parents, ladies who have never been spanked, those who have answered advertsiments in magazines offering 'spanking' , those who read my stories and find that it stirs what I might call an itch and those who are business leaders who get very stressed and find that being under the control of somebody else and receiving a good thrashing relaxes them.
How do they find me? Most have gone to the internet for 'Spanking' sites and mine comes up. I am one of few in the UK and, after reading my examples and stories decide to contact me.
How do they get to me? Many email me or telephone my mobile number to arrange a visit while others are brought by husbands or boy friends. Strangely in many cases these latter are not interested in spanking the lady so he arranges for herto be brought to me. This type of gentleman may or may not stay and watch. I have men who say they will go across to the pub for a couple of hours while i deal wither wife/partner while watch.
As I am dealing with an audience of ladies the rest of this talk will be aimed at you. The question you all want answered is WHAT HAPPENS !!.
Let me take you through a typical first visit. We will call the lady Frances to make her real. When she calls me to make an appointment I I confirm that there is no charge and that she should wear either a dress or skirt (not slacks), she can wear knickers or a thong and stockings but not tights - you will undestand why as I proceed
You have booked to visit me on Thursday afternoon and the nearer you get the more nervous you become. As One lady said to me 'As I drove up I asked myself what was I doing driving to a rendevous where I will get my bottom spanked - but I wouldn't miss it for the world!'
Frances arrived at the time agreed and entered my bungalow. On arrival for the first session I took her hands and said as I do to all new clients.
'Welcome. Now you are here you are under my control but nothing will happen that you don't want to happen. Is that clear and do you agree?' <
She sits down and we discuss why she has come and any ideas she may have of what to expect. I make it clear that I am not into scenarios. 'Doctor/Nurse Head/schoolgirl etc as I have found from experience that when this does not work the client has no idea how to proceed.
I now sit dow on a long settee with cushions at one end and Frances now comes across my knees. I spank her bottom twenty, thirty or more times, both cheeks equally, while I talk to reassure her. At the same time I am massaging her bottom cheeks. The massaging as you will see in my website is very important as it keeps the blood circulation and prevents heavy bruising.
After a short time still spanking I lift her dress over her buttocks and up her back so that her knickers are exposed. The coolnes as I raise the dress Frances notices it. I now spank over her knickers. Fast and slow, hard and soft still with lots of massaging of the buttocks. Twenty, thirty, forty or even more and Frances shows by her reactions that she finds the experience not unpleasant. Her bum stings but also it raises other emotions as she flexes her thighs and calves.
I now draw her knickers into her bum crack so that both buttocks are exposed. By now they are pink and it is time to spank on the bare for the first time. Still the same pattern, fast & slow, hard and soft and massaging. At the same time I draw the knickers in repeatedly so that her vagina is rubbed by them. It is important not to lose the rhythm but to make the whole experience run smoothly with no stop/starts.
Now is the first moment of truth and I ease her knickers down over her buttocks and slip them off her feet. Now we have the full target area uncovered and ready for more spanking. Her buttocks are much redder and a deeper colour than before but still she accepts the spanking without flinching. By now the dimples on each side of her buttocks are flexing as I spank. My massaging also continues apace.
Up to this point everybody receives the same. This softens up the buttocks (rather like tenderising meat), prevents bruising and, for the erotic spanker, leads in one direction while for the punishment spanker it is the preliminary for a hard thrashing which is better received after these preliminaries
Frances is an erotic spankee as I can tell by her actions as I massage the back and inside of her thighs. She opens her legs a little wider to allow me access and I find that the inside of her thighs are wet. (I am sure I do not need to explain what this is). I continue spanking and massaging all the while allowing my fingers to stray higher up her thighs until eventually I touch her pussy (I hope I may call it that to you ladies). Frances reacts and goes rigid but does not reject me and,after some more spanks, I gently rub her clitoris. By now she is very erotically involved and after lots more spanks and my fingers exploring her vagina I give one or two more thrusts and she will almost certainly have an orgasm. From then on it becomes more personal. For some clients this is the end as they just want han-spanking and their orgasm. For others and let us assume Frances the next part.<
I tell Frances to rest for a short time and relax as she recovers. Then it is time for her to go into my office and be introduced to mt spanking bench. Once here she is told to remove the rest of her clothes. Once she is naked I use a leg spreader to keep her legs wide apart. This is necessary as once I use the insruments clients want to tighten their buttocks. This is bad as it knots them and makes bruising easy to occur. She then bends over the bench and I warm her up with my hand spanking again before taking up a lightweight strap. This is excellent for building the effect as it stings but does not bruise. I probably give thirty to fifty strokes. The number may surprise you but I have never had a client who asked me to stop. I still massage throughout and also feel between the legs to check whether she is still erotically motivated.
Finally it is time for the cane. It may surprise you that almost all clients opt for this and here is where skill comes in. I never quote a number of strokes and I have to use it so that each stoke has the right effect and before it they say ti themselves this is the last yet after it has landed they can say in their mind 'You know I think I could take one more'.
The end comes and I take Frances back into the lounge naked and she goes across my knees but this time to have baby oil massaged into her buttocks for several minutes. This allows her to totally relax and often the client is reluctant to get up, dress and leave. I never expect much comment except thank you as they go but I find time after time that within a few days I get a telephone call asking if they can come again and amost always 'You know I think I could take a few more strokes of the cane next time. To me this is success as they have enjoyed their session and spanking is part of their sexual fun.
If you wish to ask me questions I will do my best to answer them honestly.
"Is it essential that we strip completely?"
"No, but that is the choice of most ladies. Most of the ladies who visit for erotic spanking enjoy this as part of the experience. One of my punishment ladies likes to leave her T shirt and bra on. For most of the punishment ladies it is part of the humiliation in having to be naked and stand with their hands on their head.
"How do we contact you?"
"Your secretary has my email address and my mobile number. If you use the latter I always suggest that for the first call you use 141 so that your number does not show up on my mobile. This is aded security as there is no way then I can respond without your agreement. By the way although all the experiences on the website are genuine and agreed with the ladies or couples concerned I never use a correct name - although how many Margarets, Annes etc are there so nobodt can posibly be identified. Again if I quote to you the experience of others no names are ever mentioned."
If I came to you could I tel you how I wanted to be spanked?"
"No very likely. As I said I do not used scenarios and all clients are under MY control. If you decide then you are in control and spanking does not work that way.
"You say you do not charge. Is there a reason for this."
"Yes I used to charge when I travelled spanking but now I no longer travel I feel that clients need their money to travel to me. By the way I shall be staying for refreshments and will happily talk individually to any of you."
I spoke to a number of ladies while we were eating refreshments and several expressed interest in contacting me. It was clear that many of them were finding the possibilities attractive although from the comments there were questions from ladies about whether partners or husbands would see marks if they visite me. I reassured them that these could show or not according to their wishes.
The Secretary then thanked me for my interesting talk adding that she was sure that one or two would probably contact me. They clapped and i left the house.
I had hardly got home before the telephone started ringing and by the end of the evening I had five ladies booked for visits. Four were for erotic spanking and one was for a full punishment spanking.
I will end this here and the next two stories will tell of some of the visits.