Ladies Reading Circle - A Lesbian Couple
The Disciplinarian

In the third part of this series two ladies who were a lesbian partnership from the circle visited me - Brenda and Fiona who although a lesbian couple also enjoyed sex with me making the encounter particularly interesting. I still have more requesting visits and again their varied needs offer new opportunities.

Linda called me at about the same time as the others and explained that she was in her mid forties and had been excited by spanking sites for years but it was only when she heard my talk that she decided that she would like to explore the possibilities. She told me that she was single and had only limited sexual experience and so would leave everything to me. She had no idea what her limits would be so again she would trust me to test them. I agreed and she arranged to come the following Sunday afternoon. I confirmed that i would expect her at 2pm and she should be wearing a loose dress or skirt and blouse. She could wear her own selection of underclothes but NOT tights, - it must be either stockings and a suspender belt or 'hold-up' stockings. She confirmed she was happy with the arrangements and that she would be at my home on time.

The door bell rang at exactly two o'clock on Sunday afternoon and a well built lady about five feet four inches tall was smiling at me. She had long dark hair and a pleasant face. I invited her in and we sat down in the lounge with a cup of tea while we discussed what she wanted.
"I was fascinated by your talk last week and I knew that I had to contact you as soon as possible. Let me explain. I had a quiet upbringing although my brothers and I used to explore each other's bodies although nothing other that play ensued. The problem was that I found that their hands did things to me which gave me more pleasure than I dared show, and when my dad used a slipper on us for disobedience I discovered that my vagina used to get very wet. Since I grew up I have been working in a high powered business which has left me little time for anything but work and it is only in the last year or two that I have found time to explore further. I found your spanking stories site and reading them had brought back memories of my childhood spanking and play and when the Ladies Reading Circle decided to invite you to speak I was eager to listen. I had not understood that you were actually a spanker and, after hearing you, I felt this was my chance to try spanking. I have no idea what I want so I will leave it to you. I have however seen from many of your stories that spanking is erotic as well as painful and I am quite prepared, in fact eager, for this. If you want to go farther than I feel I could accept I will let you know. I guess that as you have had many clients I could trust you to call a halt to the proceedings. But please from now on I am under your control."
I confirmed that this was the way I operated and any session was open ended and went on as long as I, and the client , wished. I then stood up and moving over to the sofa told her to lay across my knees. I suggested that she removed her shoes first which she did and then came across my knees.
I smoothed down her dress and then
"S M A A C K K ! !"
As my hand landed I knew that these were buttocks which were full and soft and ready for a spanking. She wriggled and settled her head into the cushions at the end and I asked if she was enjoying herself and she nodded and purred with pleasure.
Ten, twenty, thirty times my hand landed on top of her dress before I lifted her dress over her back. As I raised it I saw that her black lace knickers had wide loose legs and comfortably fitted over her buttocks. Her black suspender belt held her black silk stockings high up her thighs which were beautifully proportioned and led to firm calves. Her buttocks were well formed and ideal for spanking and, from Linda's demeanour, she was appreciating my ministrations. I spent several seconds massaging over her knickers before I continued spanking
"S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !",
again I kept up the spanking for several minutes massaging and caressing as I did so before it was time to draw the knickers in and bare her bum cheeks. They were full and fleshy and already reddened by my hands. She had dimples on each cheek which flexed as I massaged and spanked. She was wriggling with pleasure and she clearly found the experience to her taste. I pulled the knickers in tight to her bum crack, making sure that they rubbed her pussy before continuing
"S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !",
Now the bare bum was ringing with my hand and I knew that it was time to remove her knickers. I put my hands in the elastic of her knicker waist and gently eased them over her buttocks and thighs before they slid down as with no hesitation she lifted her body to assist me. I drew them down her legs and eased them over her feet. I now used my hands gently first on her feet and then her calves before I reached her thighs. She spread herself a little.
"S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !",
She was enjoying this and after fifty or more spanks and lots of caresses I I could tell that she was ready for more. Her bum was flexing but so were her thighs opening and closing with her emotions. I told her that she should now stand and facing me remove her dress, suspenders and stockings. This was to be the test as spanking on the bum was one thing but to stand naked was a giant leap of faith. She stiffened as I said it but then stood and turned to face me. She smiled as she looked at me sitting in front of her. At present I could see nothing as her dress covered her to her knees. She unfastened the zipper of her dress and , shrugging out of it, allowed it to cascade to the floor. She stood there while I looked at her and admired her pubis. It was prominent and well covered with a dark bush through which her pussy lips peeked. Still facing me she bent forwards and unfastening the clip on her left stocking she eased it down over her calf and then to the ground. She then repeated the action with the other stocking before unclipping her suspender belt and dropping it to the floor. She showed no embarrassment as she did so and waited for my instructions. She was still wearing her bra so I suggested she remove that as well so that she was now completely naked. She unclipped it and shrugged it clear of her breasts. I saw that these were perfectly formed melons with brown aureoles framing her rigid nipples.
As she did so I asked whether she was enjoying the experience and she said
"Yes I am and I do not feel embarrassed with you watching me - in fact I am enjoying the experience of you being in total control and me just doing as I am told. Up until now nothing you have done has upset me in any way."
I told her to walk round the room while I admired her figure. As I have said she was about five feet four in height and had firm buttocks and thighs above shapely calves. Her breasts were firm and full and ripe for a man's hands. her hair was dark and fell well below her shoulders. As for her pubis this was well formed with her dark bush covering her mount. As she was not yet fully aroused her pussy lips were secreted within the forest. She clearly enjoyed being admired as she moved about the room. She bent over my computer and ,as she was in that position, I saw the fig of her pussy with full lips displayed. Now it was time for more spanking and I told her to return across my knees. She took up her position and I began
"S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !",
I kept up up a steady barrage for several minutes caressing her buttocks between strokes before I started to massage the inside of her thighs and calves. She obviously enjoyed this and opened her legs wider to give me greater freedom. As I spanked and massaged so I allowed my fingers to stray higher between her legs. Soon they parted even wider to allow me greater access until after a short time I felt the juices which an aroused woman produces. I knew then that she was ready for me to explore further and after ,a dozen more spanks, I gently moved my fingers up until they touched her pussy lips. She started but gave no other reaction except to widen her legs to offer even fuller access and I soon found her clitty. She may not yet know it but she was clearly a very sensual woman. Every touch added to her pleasure and soon I was gently rubbing her erect clitoris with the ball of my thumb. It was like small penis and my rubbing soon brought a reaction from Linda. She was panting and gasping and her hands were opening and closing as they grasped my legs as she began to react. I stopped rubbing and, using two fingers inserted them into her hot sticky interior and with a very few thrusts Linda was bucking and gasping as she shuddered to her first climax. I removed my fingers and Linda came down to earth. She turned over and lay back relaxed and facing me..
"God, Is it possible that I have missed all this for so many years. Tell me this is just the start and there is more to come?""
I promised her that we had only just begun and that over the next few hours we would explore her sensual limits as well as her spanking interests. I suggested that she just lay back and relax for the next half hour or so. As she did so I gently played with her breasts and pussy. She obviously enjoyed this as she talked about herself and asked me questions. "I lost my virginity when I was a teenager and didn't enjoy the experience so I was put off sex. As I explained earlier because I was so busy with my firm I didn't have time to meet young men and so I guess my libido almost disappeared. Recently I discovered your spanking stories by accident when browsing the internet and did enjoy them. I soon found that as I read them I was fantasising about what it would be like and discovered my pussy was getting wet while reading them. Soon I started removing my knickers and playing with myself. Eventually I printed the stories off and used to lay naked on my bed as I read them. I dreamt of being spanked by you and my bottom stinging from your hand. Eventually I was masturbating as I read them and so it was an exciting moment when you came and spoke to us. I knew then that I must call you and arrange a meeting quickly. Don't tell me what is to happen next as I want the excitement of following an unknown path to an end which I hope I shall enjoy."
I told her to stand up as I was now going to take some photographs of her. There would be none where she would be recognised and she could see them and vet them. I told her to face away, bend over and part her legs. I knelt down and looked between her legs. Her pussy lips were by now full and looked like a fig framed by some wisps of hair. I took up the digital camera and snapped three or four pictures. I told her to part her bum cheeks and saw her crinkled anus. I did not try to touch but again took several pictures. Then I shot some pictures looking down on her soft bum cheeks. As she was bent over I spanked them a few times just to redden them and took some more pictures. Then I took some full frontal ones first from a low position and then looking down. Linda was enjoying posing and encouraged me. She certainly intended to make the most of her visit.
I could not believe it when she took my camera and piece by piece removed my clothes. This was not in the script !. First she removed my shirt and then my trousers. She looked at my underpants where there was a large protrubence holding them out at athe front. She laughed and kneeling down she eased my pants over my cock and let them fall to my feet.
""I like this"
she laughed taking it in her hand. My cock was rigid and the purple knob had burst out of its sheath. She gently massaged it and said that it looked ready for anything. and maybe she could find a place for it after she had taken some pictures. I stood there while she took several shots of my cock. Then I was she pushed me on my back and taking over knelt over me. She gently massaged my cock to make sure that it was full and then guided my cock to her pussyr. I felt the hair around it as it engulfed me and she slid down until I was fully lodged inside her.
"Wonderful. I have been waiting for this for so long. You know your's is the first cock to enter me for more than twenty years.and it feels wonderful.So different from that first time when it was so painful. "
She sat there for a few minutes before beginning to rise and fall gently. Her breasts and hair bobbed up and down in time with her movements and I tried to think of other things so that I did not explode too soon. Linda needed a chance to enjoy this fuck and I tried to hang on.but soon I warned her that I was ready to cum. She smiled and speeded up until it was clear that she was ready as well and with three final thrusts she came down and I spurted my spunk into her. She sat there while the cum oozed out and her vaginal muscles relaxed and contracted until she drew every drop from me. She eased out lay down beside me and gave me a kiss.
"Wow, I think I could come to enjoy this. Can we have a drink and then I need lots more spanking?"
We had a glass of wine each and then I recommenced spanking with my hand with Linda across my knee for a short time but soon it was time for the harder stuff and I took her into my office. She looked around and tested my spanking bench.
"Is this where it all happens?"
"Yes. From now on you will be across here for the paddle, strap and the cane and here is where I find out whether you are a real spankee or just enjoy a little erotic fun. First I need to fasten your legs apart with the leg-spreader. This is so that you cannot tighten your bum cheeks in anticipation of a stroke. I will not fasten you down for the present so just bend over and hold on."
She bent over and I took up my leather paddle.
"W H I P P P !!", "S P L A T T !!", "W H I P P P !!", "S P L A T T !!",
I gave her a one two across both cheeks.
"W H I P P P !!", "S P L A T T !!", "W H I P P P !!", "S P L A T T !!",
I settled into a rhythm and soon saw her bum cheeks turning a bright red. After twenty or so she was ready for a massage and I went behind her and massaged her bum cheeks before slipping my fingers into her pussy. She was really wet and clearly enjoying herself.
"W H I P P P !!", "S P L A T T !!", "W H I P P P !!", "S P L A T T !!", "W H I P P P !!", "S P L A T T !!", "W H I P P P !!", "S P L A T T !!",
two dozen more before I told her to rest. As I was still naked she saw that my cock was at the present and standing up she gently massaged it.
"I am really enjoying this. Will you be spanking me harder? I hope so!"
I warned her not to be too vigorous with my cock as I had ideas for its further use. I confirmed that she would now find every level getting harder. I told her to bend over again as I was going to use the strap. I decided to start using the lighter strap and give her up to fifty strokes.
"W H I P P P !!", "S P L A T T !!", "W H I P P P !!", "S P L A T T !!", "W H I P P P !!", "S P L A T T !!", "W H I P P P !!", "S P L A T T !!",
I landed strokes at regular intervals and after every dozen I stopped and massaged. By now her bum was looking a very deep red and it was time to test her anus and I was going to use a butt-plug to hold her buttocks apart. I took out a medium one and greased it well with KY jelly. I parted her bum cheeks and saw that the puckered anal rosette was flexing. I greased my finger and slipped it in. She gasped but did not complain so I worked the finger backwards and forwards. in her anus before adding a second finger to spread the hole wider. I decided that before I used the butt plug I would try the anal vibrator. I greased it well and then starting the vibrator I gently presented it to her anus. I pushed slowly and the vibrations stirred her in pleasure and I gently slipped it in. She gasped as it spread her anal muscles but soon cried out:
"Keep it going it is like nothing I have experienced. It is fantastic. More ! More !
I slid the dildo in and out for several minutes before finally withdrawing it. I now presented the butt plug and pushed it home. Linda's anus was relaxed and she accepted it easily. Now it was time for my heavier tawse. This would really test her bum and I intended to make sure that she felt it.
"W H I P P P !!", "S P L A T T !!",
The tawse landed with a thump and Linda gasped.
"W H I P P P !!", "S P L A T T !!", "W H I P P P !!", "S P L A T T !!", "W H I P P P !!", "S P L A T T !!",
I was making sure that she knew she was being punished. Every stroke raised a mark on her bum and the two cheeks were turning from deep red to purple and they took hold. I gave her twenty with this tawse before stopping. I removed the butt plug then lifted her up and she rose stiffly. I removed the leg-spreader.
"Wow that was a real going over. Can we now try for sex again? I see you are ready."
I took her into the bedroom but before anything else I told her to lay back with her legs wide spread. I went down and, for the first time in her life, she found that pleasure could be had from a tongue. I started with her feet and used my tongue on them. I then drew my tongue up the inside of her calf and thigh before reaching the top of the inside of her thighs. She was cying out with pleasure and spread her legs wider. She used her hands to open her pussy lips to me but I gently tongued her clitty. I smelt that special musky scent of an aroused woman and I now sucked and nipped her clitty with my teeth. She squealed and bucked as I did so and my face was awash with her spend as she offered a magnificent spend. I sucked and took it on my fingers before offering it to her mouth. She sucked my fingers. I then drew her towards me and standing at the end of the bed I took her legs over my shoulders and slid my cock inside her ready cunt. She was so wet and hot and I slipped home as though I was greased. I pushed as deep as I could and she groaned with pleasure. After the earlier session I was sure that I could hold better so started by withdrawing to her lips and then thrusting deeply. I kept this up for several strokes before deciding it was time for a real fuck. I now powered in and out thrusting deeply into her while she bucked against me. In this position I was able to keep control for several minutes before warning her that I was coming. I felt my legs and body reacting so gave four or five more deep thrusts before I boiled over into her. Linda screamed out and wrapped her legs around my neck as her cunny muscles drew me deeper inside her while she again milked me to emptiness. I stayed in position as my cock began to subside and then eased myself out. Again we lay back on the bed. I could not believe that this was happening. Linda had come to explore spanking and no she was finding that sex and spanking were closely knit for her. I could not remember a more satisfactory session.
But still we were not finished but before continuing I suggested that we had a shower as we were both hot and sticky and soon the two of us were gently playing as we washed each other. We then dried rested before eating a light meal. I then said to Linda that this would be the ultimate test. She would now receive the cane . No number of strokes nominated and I would make the decision when to stop. She agreed happily and after coffee we returned to the office. Linda bent over and I checked her buttocks. She needed some warming up and so I gave a thirty or forty handspanks to prepare her. I then took up the cane. I hate tha lightweight cane as it cuts and so I took my heavier instrument. I tapped her bottom twice as I lined up. Her bum cheeks were a superb deep red already and ripe for the cane "W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K !!",
the stroke whistled home and I heard a sharp intake of breath from Linda.
"W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K !!",
I lashed down the second and a white bar joined the first line across her bum. I massaged her and felt her quim. She was awash with spend
"W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K !!", "W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K !!",
she gasped and drew in her breath but accepted the cane
"W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K !!", "W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K !!", "W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K !!",
I continued until I had given her a dozen strokes and then telling her to remain in position I slid my fingers into her anus movig them backwards and forwards. The anointing my cock with KY jelly I presented the knob to the puckered hole. I pushed forwards gently and Linda cried out but didn't move. I took her hips in my hands and pushed forwards slowly gradually filling her. My cock went deep as she accepted it and then she said.
"Don't stop it is different but I am enjoying it !"
I prepared myself and grasping her hips tightly drove in and out. She was a tight fit but enjoying it andwhen I took one hand off her hip and moved it to her clitoris which I rubbed hard as I buggered her. I held as long as I could before stiffening and shooting my full load into the dark interior. Linda cried out her pleasure as she felt the inundation.of her dark interior. I gasped with my efforts as I lay across her back. My cock shrunk and left her with a plop and some of my cum oozed out of her anus.
Linda stood up and hugged me.
"This has been a wonderful introduction. I have heard of anal sex but didn't think that I would enjoy it. What a difference to ordinary sex but just as enjoyable. Can I finish up with twelve more with the cane and do make it hard."
She bent over and I took up the cane again.
"W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K !!", "W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K !!", "W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K !!",
I lay on the strokes as she requested and the marks covered the first dozen.which were already clearly deliniated. I tried to find space but inevitably< some of the new strokes landed on these earlier ones.
"W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K !!", "W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K !!", "W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K !!",
It was ended and I helped Linda to her feet.
"Wow! They were teasers. I don't think I could have taken any more."
I took her hand and led her back into the lounge and put her across my knees. This time however was relief as I gently massaged baby oil into her ravaged buttocks. I continued this for fifteen minutes while she relaxed onder my hands. Then she sat up and looking at me said
"I know you have worked very hard today but can you find it possible to give me one last fuck before I leave. I would like to drive home with this memory. I led her back into the bedroom and told her to lay back. She looked magnificent with her legs parted and the puffy lips showing through her dark pubic hair.. I parted her legs and slipped my fingers between the fig of her puffy lips as I guided my cock home. I knew she would enjoy the feeling of . I was getting tired but thought I could manage one more session and once I was was lodged I kissed her breasts and nibbled her firm nipples before I started fucking her. The missionary position created a perfect base for our final fuck and I rammed in and out while Linda bucked against me driving my cock even deeper. Both of us were getting tired and it was not long before we both came. This time I had little spunk to inundate her with but her pleasure was enough for me. I withdrew and lay back and Linda gave me a kiss before asking if we could rest for half an hour before she left. We lay back with a blanket over us and slept for nearly an hour before we dressed and Linda got ready to leave. She shook my hand
"Thank you Alan. This has been momorable in every way. I was nervous when I came but everything that happened i have wanted to happen and have enjoyed. You have given me a perfect re-intoduction to sex and spanking. I am sure I will call you again soon."
Linda left with me exhausted after her visit but with a pleasurable memory. I am sure she will be back